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Joomla Re-Fix

Hello guys,
i have a Joomla base website which i like the design very much, but the back end not organize so well and i want to have someone expert with Joomla to arrange all the component to be more easy to use.

1.Check and fix XHTML validation code.
2.Check and fix CSS validation code.
3.Check and fix JavaScript/error console "Firefox "
4.Make sure all the site is SEO friendly
5.Fix the back end to be more clean and easy to use
For example: Left panel in 1 category and top panel in another category. Blog category, content category.
6.Check if mobile device view can be better
7. install a nice extension for better use.

* Dont bid if youre not a professional with Joomla!!!


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Secondary Market For Online Goods

We are looking for a developer to design a site according to an example from an existing site that is running in the US. The site is a secondary marketplace for selling online goods. It is required to make the site international, meaning it should enable change of language easily in order to match all language and language format (right to left also). The site should use Pay Pal as the payment system.
More information will be given to developers that will be found suit,

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Graphics For Electronic Website


I have already made wordpress-template, however the subject of it should be changed to Electronics (TV service) template. Meaning the atmosphere and filling have to be changed to fit the new subject.

The following tasks should be done:
1. Design 5 – 7 Banners for companys services (the edges of banners should be transparent & rounded and fit the template)
2. Design 1-3 empty buttons/bullets
3. Design/choose wallpaper by the color of company logo

The template can be seen at:
Note that its in the middle of language transfer (to Hebrew) a language that is written from right-to-left so its still doesnt look so good, but its irrelevant for the current work.

Its important that the Project will be ready ASAP (up to Thursday) and the designer will be good English speaker.


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Make Zencart Template To Arabic Layout (all Right-to-left)

Now we have ZC 27377 template, but need add Arabic language.

Now we have added Arabic language.
Arabic language is okay now. but remember that Arabic is right-to-left language. So if every thing in English is from left to right, the Arabic must have the opposite. Including images and text layout.

only max. 30USD

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Mouseover, Onclick (left And Right)

Hey I need a programmer, who know joomla and who know how to write code that will fit into joomla. I use joomla Joomla! 1.5.22 Stable .
I need to insert a code in my joomla website. I have some merchant code in the joomla content and visitor copy the code. But I want a site to pop up once a right or a left click is made on the code. Basically, I want to send the visitor to a site once he try to copy the code. see the link below for typical example. Once you click on any code, the code get copied to your clipboard but another site is pop up. A mouse over the code will have a message bring up a message just as the one on the link. I should be able to do it for image too, not just text and code.
Here are the requirement:

It should be compatible with joomla (all version), all joomla component, module and plugin, all, no exception
I am not sure if a simple html code could do it but I would prefer html if that is possible, otherwise java then
Once the work is done, I will test it with my site and see if all the requirement are met before i make any payment
No payment will be made if the code does not do what i want it to do.
I would need your assistance in how to insert the code in the web, so a simple "How to Do" should follow the job done
I have no more than $50 for this job. So bid accordingly, bid will likely go to lower bidder for sure but I need someone who know joomla et who know php and would not mess up my site with a non working code.
In no circumtance, you will be given an admini password. Please do your testing accordingly with your own site.

***If you already know a code that can do the job and you feel you want to be awarded but do to your rating, you can personal message me your code and I test and it work, I will awarded you the project right away. Otherwise, I will wait and get it to the best bidder (experienced and lower bidder).

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Volusion Template Interation *U.S. Developers Only*

Task: Template Integration


Details: This is what the home page will need to look like. I would then like for the ecommerce section to be the main content box (biggest blue box) with the navigation of the left and the other buttons to the right.

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Coupon Site

I want a small website to be developed in PHP.
the details for the site are as below:

Home Page:

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Joomla Webdesign

Hi there

I have a joomla website which is up and running but it needs a few things redone to it.

Things need moving around so too speak.

This is a site selling sex toys so if it is not a site that you would work on than dont read any further!

The name of the site is

It is basically a site which i have created from a template and I have spent a bit of money already on it, and dont want to start all over again.

There are automatic product feeds set up and paypal is set up etc etc.

But cosmetically a banner needs adding as the which is on it at the moment is terrible.

Also as I mentioned before certain things need changing around and stuff which is displayed on the left needs to go on the right hand side etc etc.

I presume that the coding of the template will need to be rewritten.

Not sure how much work is involved.

If anyone is interested than I can send through a detailed example of what I need changing.

The other thing which needs looking at is the SEO – now I realise that this can be a large job but I would like just a very basic seo chheck to be performed after the first project is completed.


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Outlook Addin

I require the development of an Outlook 2007 addin. Written in C# .Net

The add in should be distibutable via MSI installed per machine so will distributable via SCCM.

+ Word count field in email form
Word count to be displayed in the email header under the subject field. To be updated when clicks word count option or does ctrl+S (if possible)

Word count when printed
Word count to be printed whenever a document is printed

Print for editor incl word count
Special format required when copy is printed for the editor. Font is courier new, 12pt, double line spaced. Needs a margin on left and right. Word count MUST be printed at the top.
In Notes we have an action that creates a new (temporary) document in the correct format and presents the user with the print dialogue box. When user clicks ok the document is printed and the user returned to the original document. The original document is unchanged.

Word count column in drafts and sent views
The word count of all documents in the drafts and sent views should be displayed in a column in both views

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The Expenses App

Dear All,

There may be errors in the language or to explain some of the command

We want a program to manage expenses of my shop, so we can know the value of disbursements from each account separately, as well as expenses of each item separately, Expenses such as water, telephone, consumer goods.

Features of App:

1-Support Arabic Language or right to left, introduction of the Arabic language from us.
2- App designed to be easy and beautiful.

Note: There are some options I have not written like printing and others because they must be each program.



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BigCommerce Template Customization

I need someone to customize my BigCommerce template, uploading logo banner, chaging font and colors of panels, creating email template and creating a favicon. It should be fairly simple for the right candidate and i would need it completed within a week. Would prefer previous BigCommerce experience and proof of work.

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Joomla Based Site Tweeks

Joomla based site…need new graphics for heading…paypal checkout page installed for virtuemart shopping cart..left/right columns width adjusted…banner section added to footer…copyright added to footer

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Vivvo Template Modify

I have a Vivvo Template(4023) that must be modify to work with my vivvo website (version 4.0.3)
Simple modifications :

– Positioning
– Edit tabular menu to show all categories
– Change font color and size

You should have vivvo CMS experience
Language is Arabic (Right to left style applied before)
Must be completed within 48 hours
Maximum budget is 35$

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One To One Chat For A Matrimonial Website


Please visit Here I want a chat system through which Platinum members can chat directly to any other member whoever is online.

Chat option will come on the profile page of the other members, and it will show whether that person is online or offline. Once it is online, direct one to one chat box should appear after click like facebook on the bottom-right or bottom-left of page.

No special login required for chat.

If you have some questions then please feel free to ask me.

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Product Gallery Showcase

Need a gallery to showcase products.
It will pull images and some descriptions and title from OSC ( Os Commerce or CreLoaded ).
The gallery will showcase all the folders, and show all the products ( scrollable to left and right to see more products under each folder ).

Please show me what you have done for the gallery showcase. And need someone that is experienced with both Flash and OSC/Creloaded

Great thanks! 🙂

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Heading For The Web-site

A heading is needed for the web-site

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Joomla Customisation – For SRInfoWay

Part 1
When a user clicks on Retailer, if they are logged in, it will take them to an article Retail Home Page (this article has been created, and has permissions for only registered users).
If they are not logged in, clicking on Retailer will take them to an article, Welcome to the Retail Page (created, and visible to public).
Part 2
The Welcome to the Retail Page would have a neat little plug in / form with the same functionality as the login module on the left.
I know that Part 1 is simple, but Part 2 Im not so sure.

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Sampling Distribution

Hi nuclon,

please read your notice clarification board for your post: Introduction to sampling distributions of mean ii have left a reply as to why i am the right man for the job.


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