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Virtual Assistant


We are an ecommerce site looking for Virtual assistant who can help us:

Update blog posts (must be a good copywriter)
Write product descriptions
reply to our online chat from customers
Send email marketing weekly
Answer customer phone calls (must speak English good with clear accent)
Answer customer emails
Research blogs related to our site and send link requests

You will work 8 hours a day starting 9:00 am eastern time to 5:00pm eastern time 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.
Bid on how much you will like to get paid on a weekly basis.

Its a full time job please bid only if youre going to dedicate to this work.

All interviews will be held with skype. Please add your skype username.
Please include the word lakg to your bid reply.

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Cl Post For Only 2 Cities 5 Days A Week

We are a full household cleaning service. If you can post live ads to CL for only 2 cities please bid. 20 Ads per day. We can provide payment twice a month, we are looking for someone reliable. Postings will be on the Household Service Section. please bid

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News Writers, Rewriters, Needed

News portal seeks very responsible writers.

Applicants must have excellent english.

Writers will be responsible for selecting, researching and writing 200+ word news stories (unbiased, factual accounts of current events and stories in the news). This is a general news site, so you will have a lot of leeway in picking out stories about US and world events.

Writers will also create a headline and set of keywords.

Knowledge of basic SEO and effective headline writing are required.

All writing must be original (except for properly attributed quoted material).

Stories, headline and keywords will be entered through WordPress, I can teach you how if you are not familiar with WordPress.

I can not over-emphasize that our writers must be very responsible individuals. You must be able to write and proofread your own work and submit the story with correct grammar and spelling. I am generous and supportive of my writers, but I expect respect and responsiblity in return.

The pay is $1 per story. You will be required to submit 3 good stories a day, five days a week. This is just for two weeks to start, but the goal is to establish a long term relationship. Please enter the correct bid amount for two weeks of writing.

There is also a bonus involved – and if you can select popular, traffic generating topics and write an attention grabbing headline – you can make a whole lot more money. Leave a private message for me requesting the details.

You will also receive credit for the story in the byline, great for writers trying to establish themselves.

Those that include an example of thier work on a previous news story will get the highest consideration.

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Public Relations

We are looking for a London based Freelance PR Agent with knowledge of the high end interior design industry – to be employed for two days per week for a trial period of 3 months and there after on a permanent basis

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Project For Marjan

Project for 35 500 word articles at $4 per article to be done 5 days a week = 5 500 word articles a day …



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50 PR4 Links

Hey Guys,

I need 50 PR4 links from USA sites only.

– No more than 2 unique links can be from the same Top Level Domain (TLD) / website.
– Links must come from websites with English text content
– TLDs must be English specific (.com .net .org .ca

– Text links only
– The links must be from Page Rank (PR) 4 or above for them to be counted

– "No-Follow" links will not be counted
Temporary/rented links will not be counted. They must be permanent
, static links
– Links must be from web pages that are indexed by google (i.e. not blacklisted/banned)

– No links must from link-farms or link exchange sites
– You will be responsible or replacing links that are 
removed within 3 months. They must be replaced by you within a week (7 days) of being notified by us.
– Links must be manually submitted. Do not use automated software, bots or other spammy techniques
– Must only use White Hat SEO techniques

Look forward to hearing from you

A good project will result in lots of work.

Scott Law

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Build A Website For Makeup Artist

Required to build a website for a makeup artist using Joolma or another CMS version. Website needs to be creative, and professional looking and match the makeup artists work and personality, website will be around 5-6 pages with a photo gallery page also.

Will be required to do up 1-2 mock up version within 2-3 days and have whole site compelted within 1 week after that. All content will be provided for you to complete in one go.

Will be required to then complete another 5-6 page html website for another MUA, not cms. will have flash header etc, photo gallery.

Budget for both sites is $50. do not bid more as your bid will not be considered if you do. can beconsidered for more similar jobs afterwards

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Cut & Paste Between Sites (5 Days A Week-long Term)

I have a data entry job, more cut & paste daily, 5 days a week copying adds from one website to another, on average 30 adverts 5 minutes each if done right so about two or three hours work, i can do quicker but i have local knowledge, so i need some one who will accept this project long term and learn some geography. site ref ->

cut & paste to = only reply if you can comment on job specifically



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Writing Assistant Phillipines Only, Must Be Extra Sharp

I need someone to help me take notes (sometimes from audios or webinars) and assemble ideas and possibilities for ongoing writing project or in some case to write little reports or white papers. These are short reports, usually 1-4 pages and need to be written in a particular style which I can easily train someone to do if they are sharp and ready to learn. Dont need someone working on this full time but do need someone who is available 5 days a week and who is a very eager and thoughtful and productive writer, preferably someone with some college hours in psychology. Someone interested in personal development and spirituality is really ideal.

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Capthca Teams Needed

Experienced Capthca Team needed.
This Job has a very fast server.
Company MUST have over 30 workers per shift.

Shifts are like these time frames:
Shift 6am to 12pm – Needs over 30 fast data entry workers
Shift 12pm to 6pm – Needs over 30 fast data entry workers
Shift 6pm to 12am – Needs over 30 fast data entry workers
Shift 12am to 6am – Needs over 30 fast data entry workers

Each shift is important!
Each shift has to be worked!
The job is ready now!
This is a 24 hour day and night project and only for the
company that can do ALL hours of each shift time listed.

The time frame of the project is 11 months and is ready right now.

The captcha is automatically reposted,
You enter in the capthca and hit enter then new capthca comes up.
Stats are showed on same page.

– Working time IS 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
– When you reply with bid you must provide the following information.

1. Number of Workers per shift, provide your shift times and the number of workers for each shift.

2. How you can take payment?

3. Provide me with bid per 1k capthcas entered, (daily capthca is 10k to 20k per hour)

Remember if you do not provide the information I ask for I am not going to reply back.

All work is provided on custom link for your team to work. Tracking is done to make sure each hour is worked and to make sure the speed fits your teams speed.

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