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C# Application Window With 4 Tabs – PriceSheets

This project is for development of a single window form with four tabs. The purpose of this window form is to allow users to maintain product price sheets. A product price sheet contains a list of products with different types of pricing. This window will use SQL Server database tables. The attachment contains alot of details and please note that the design shown in the screen prints will be provided along with some code as mentioned. I always pay extra for early completion and improvements. Provider will be provided with SQL Server tables mentioned in SPEC, visual studio project and specification.

TAB1 – This tab is where the user will create new price sheets, delete existing prices sheets or open existing price sheets for editing from a Gridview control.

TAB2 – This tab is where the user will selects the products that apply to the selected price sheet. This tab cannot be selected until a price sheet is selected from TAB 1. This tab will consist of a TREEVIEW displaying a hierarchy from a SQL server table (this code will be provided), 3 list box contols, a gridview to display products for the selected treeview node.

TAB3 – This tab is where the user will select an additional criteria to limit the price sheet to certain price types and/or receivers. This tab will contain 2 list box controls to allow users to select price types and receivers. The list of price types and receives will be obtained from a SQL Server Table.

TAB 4 – This tab is where can create a Price Catalog from the selections made in TABS 1 3. There will be 2 buttons. The [View] button will display the report in the window. The [Print] button will open the print dialog window for the user to print the report.

Delivery Expectation:
Provider will be provided with application window form show below so none or little design is needed.
Provider should be experienced with creating text reports.
It is recommended but not required that the provider user use DevComponents software. A full functional trial version can be downloaded here –
Must be developed in C# and compatible with Visual Studio 2010
All source code must be at least unit tested.
All source code must be provided including any stored procedures when final milestone payment is made.
Must be developed using two tier application layer. All the SQL Server calls will be made in Data layer called DAL. This will be provided.
Writing performance efficient code is critical for this window. This window must open within a 2 or 3 seconds.

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Web Application CRM

We are looking to have a web based CRM developed SaaS model.

Reference competitor systems: , ,

Clean Web 2.0 UI and fast loading application.

You will also be responsible for creating tutorial/knowledge base.

The CRM Software must be 100% bug-free and tested prior to launch.

The software will be free for about 3 months for users to do beta testing. Once we are ready for full launch we will need a sign up system so user can sign up for 30 day free trial,etc. Full administrative backend tool,etc.

We are looking for a long term relationship as this is a big project. Please give us your BEST bid, we will also pay a bonus once our company generates revenue.

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I Want A Web Application

I want to develop a 99% fully automated web application from ground zero.

Gathering requirements for the proposed business solution
Analyzing the problem
Devising a plan or design for the software-based solution
Implementation (coding) of the software
Testing the software
and Maintenance and bug fixing is needed.

I will need to work together with someone to complete this documents.
Use Cases

Iterative and Incremental development is going to be needed for fast development.

I will pay per hour until completed.

I need excelent job please, only real serious professionals.

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Web Hits Wanted To Convert To Sales

I am looking for valid hits from american visitors for my website

I do not want automatic hits but valid hits from unique visitors

I am looking for the best offer on unique hits and that person will win the job.

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Web2.0 Application

I am looking for website similar to Please bid.

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Indian Traditional Matrimony Web Application

We need an indian traditional matrimony website like,

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Web Application


We are a Licensed Portuguese Travel Agency Norja Travel Services

We looking for a freelancer to build a multilingual application to include on our website, that allows to publish PDF files to our web server.

We receive a number of PDF files from tour operates with holiday packages that we want to offer at our website as PDF files, so we need an application, that when we upload a PDF to our server, we classify this PDF with the following filters:

Tour operator
Theme ( Beach, City, Snow, Golf,…..)
Price from
Price Range
Available period
Departing from:

At administration it should allow to add, remove or edit all filters if needed

Then this PDF would be included into a mysql data base.
This DB would include all filters.

We need a application that provides a quick way of uploading the different PDF files into the different categories.
Maybe a simple upload application with a drop down menu for every filter that has been previously included, like calendar to select dates, themes, and all the others…
At the time of selection if there is some new data ( for example a new destination ) we need a option to include a new parameter into DB.

Then after the selection of every different filter we would upload the PDF.

We also need a croon job in DB when the available period of certain PDF offer runs out, that PDF would automatic be removed from DB on expiring date

The front home page of the system would have dynamic menus ( By dynamic menus I mean a certain option would only appear if there is data to be showed ).

It is also necessary a search that allows users to see offers based on the filters:

Tour operator
Theme ( Beach, City, Snow, Golf,…..)
Price from
Price Range
Available period
Departing from

That would allow visitors to search and find the different PDF files offers.

So a client can for example search for a certain period, in a certain location within a price range.
This search would show a number of results of PDF files matching the criteria.

Then client can then make a short list of different PDF by adding or removing from short list a certain PDF, and submit that list in a contact form with:

Client: Name, Surname, email, telephone, mobile, best time to be called, preferable contact method, select travel date, if there is any flexibility on departing date, preferable country destiny and location, number of adults, children with ages, infants with ages, price range and a message text field.


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Social Web Application

I need the back-end and front-end of a web application.

The back-end can be in either or ruby.

Users would log in either with Facebook Connect, Twitter OAuth or email.

They would be able to vote on objects that would contain one picture and some info. (dates, locations etc)

The main page would display the objects with the most votes in order. (Filters can be applied for dates, locations, etc.)

When voting, users will get an ajax prompt to share with friends.

Super Users would be able to register only via email, these super users can create these objects that are voted on. Super users would need to be approved by an admin.

Finally, category pages are creating (sort of like a profile page) only by an admin. These pages would have pictures, videos, information, a location etc. (These are linked on the objects that get votes)

The design must be simple with emphasis on typography to follow web trends.
HTML5/CSS3 is encouraged.

Please provide a clear understanding on the project and any sample work in your bids.

More information can be provided via pm.

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Development Of A Complex Back-office Web Application

A highly skilled coder is required to provide additional modules for an existing web application. As well as excellent coding skills we are looking for an individual with good analytical skills, an excellent understanding of optimised database design and a good command of English.

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GIS Web Application

We need to develop a web application with two faces – one for an "admin" user who can add/edit, and another for any user to just "view"

the application will be simple, and very similar to what is shown here:

we would prefer that the application be made in with Esri ArcGIS, however we are open to other suggestions.

The map will be nearly identical to what is above – the base layer is exactly the same (the layer which is shown with black lines when you zoom in close enough – with platts labeled "A-447" and such…

The second layer which is visible in the example, is the "highlighted" areas which are in RED. These are certain shapes/features which we would like to be able to ADD intuitively and easily via some add/edit interface. we should be able to chose the color size/shape etc. of what we want to add, and be able to edit the data which is associated with it (a table with various text/numerical fields)

the additions made to the map should be able to be saved, and views immediately from a "viewing" web application, in which the interface is very simple to what is given above.

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Redesign Jsp Web Application + Extra Functionality

We need somebody to change the look and feel of the UI of an existing web application. The web application uses JSP and is written using Eclipse, and running in Tomcat. There are about 20 pages in it with forms. The forms are saved using hibernate to a PostgreSQL database.

There is a template page holding the menu which needs to be changed. Every content page needs to be changed so that the layout of the fields could be improved.

Extra functionality that needs to be developed:
– A hint system: Hints need to be shown when hovering over a question mark that is placed next to the form fields. The hints are stored in the database (table is already in the database and can be loaded with hibernate).
– 3 extra pages: One shows a treeview of files and directories. These files and directories are loaded with an existing method in an existing class. This page is the most complex. The other 2 just hold some basic forms.

We will provider the complete code and an example (in image format) of how the new UI should look like.

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Web Application For Crawlers

Please find the requirement for our web application for crawlers.

1. I have a list of websites who have daily tenders within them.

2. The application should typically work like this. Whenever there is a new tender uploaded, I would like the web app to show me the link of that tender directly.

3. These links should be within the sectors of the tenders only. For instance one web application should detect tenders in all categories, say for starters printing and finance tenders. These tenders can be found in the same list of websites but I want the web app to show tenders according to category as uploaded on these sites.

4. The web application should have extensions to make it into several sectors and should be flexible to detect the change in the layout of the source websites. Say for instance, onbid changes the way in which it shows, the web application should detect the changes and still show me.

5. Out of the free services, infominder shows me accurate changes while the rest are either delayed or do not show changes. Therefore, you can take some logic out of infominders software.

6. Please quote your details for this requirement including cost and the time frame which you feel is feasible.

Thank you once again

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Flash Punch Your Face Web Application

I need a flash application the does the following below after uploading a image of a face:

1st punch caves in the face around eye pop out and has small blackeye
2nd punch caves in face in mouth pops out and has bloody lip
3rd punch caves in face at nose and pops out with bloody nose
4th punch caves in face at eye again pops out with a worse black eye
5th punch caves in face mouth pops out swollen lip and possibly missing tooth
6th punch caves in face in nose pops out with busted bleeeding nose
7th punch caves in face pops out with more blood everywhere
8th punch caves in entire face and buries fist in face
then they get to watch it in slow motion and then they are done.

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Web Application For BBC

The Fan of the Month website is an application.
People can submit their picture and vote to become the Fan of the Month.

The month is actually divided in 2 parts:
– During the first part of the month, the submissions are open. People can upload their picture but can

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OSX Screenshots Required Of Web Application.

I need someone with photoshop skills to re-take some screenshots for me. The shots must be of Safari on Max OSX.

If you go to youll see the following screenshots I need you to take.

1. You need all the screens on
2. The screen on which is from
3. And on the home page, I need the 4 smaller images near the bottom
4. You also need to create the image at the top of the 3 screens 2 behind the front screen i.e.

Your images must match mine in size and shadow depth.

You need to create the screenshots using safari with the menu removed, i.e. so you can see just the address bar like I have in my screenshots.

You need to use photoshop to resize the images, please dont use anything else as theyll look crap and Ill know straight away.

You also need to add the shadowing as I have done. Also if I show a popup bubble in a graph, you must show that too. i.e.

The winning bidder will be given a log on to the site and they can go away and find the screens to take the images. You must send me the images with the same names I have used as I want to just copy them in.

The reason Im re-taking the screenshots is that some of the screens have now changed so they are out of date on the site.

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ECommerce Web Application Rate Comparison Engine

I am seeking an applicant to help with a new project to develop a back end database / software application for online retail websites.
The project will require you to:
Come up with the Design/ Application/ Database
Plug In for client integrations
Rates Calculator
Multi Vendor APIs via FTP, CSV etc.
This is an immediate start for an applicant, would suit new graduate with potential future employment – lifecycle management, or Senior freelancer who will be given full scope but full control over application architecture and implementation
Will consider other skills such as Ruby, Rails etc, but Python preferred.

If interested please send your resume by reply with sample work

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Wireframe / Prototype For Web Application

Black & White, no colors nor css needed (yet), as its only the first stage of the project

Time limit: 1 week since starting date

Project goal: restaurant administration software, including:

– ingredients / products
– product costs
– product stock
– orders
– waiters / shifts
– tables / customers
– cashier / payments
– users

End user is from Chile, so Spanish should be the main language of the web application, so well provide English / Spanish translation for UI elements.

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FaceBook Web Application

Dear All,

I need a web application coded and designed in a full-screen vertically as it will be displayed on a 42" Plasma Screen. (Or maybe smaller, I will need the software architecture working nicely and will confirm the size at later stage. Meanwhile, please work on it based on a 42" Plasma Screen)

The function of this web application would be:
1. User login to their facebook account.
2. Take photo using web-cam attached on the 42" Plasma Screen
3. Upload it to facebook.
4. Tag their friends.
5. Log Out.

The coder / designer must have eye-of-details, I am a perfectionist and everything has to be aligned properly. I need the concept to be clean and simplicity.

– The condition of your bid:
Your bid must be reasonable for the experience and time needed. Do not over bid or you might lose the chance to work on this project and other future projects. If you are really good and can do this with confidence, then go ahead and bid what you are worth. I prefer not to give projects to big teams. (You may still big if your offer is competitive). I prefer to work with single skilled freelancers, or maybe a group of 2.

– The condition of delivery time frame:
72 hours after you accept the project. No errors. No bugs. No excuses. Fully working and functional.
We can talk about the web architecture and to work on the design sketch before you start working. (I can show some existing samples on Internet)

– The condition of payment (By Paypal):
Confirmation of project – 30%.
85% Complete – 50%
100% Completed without any errors – 20%

Please write a brief opinion about this project via PM, and include your qualifications and all other similar previous work. This will help me to make a better decision when considering bids. If you provide me with samples of previous work that are not related to this project, I will not be able to take you seriously. Thank you for understanding and good luck.

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Web Application For Fan Selector With Dynamic Graphs

Need a web application developed which will do the following:
1) Allow the routine uploading of a spreadsheet which contains various industrial fan/blower models with numerous specifications
2) Automatically index all of the models for use in the "selection" screen of the application against the various criteria
3) Create a "selection" screen which will offer the user various criteria to select for a fan which upon clicking "submit" will present the user with the different model options that match that criteria in an active table form
4) Upon clicking one of the the options the user will get to see additional details/specs of the fan, an image of that specific fan as well as "air flow" graphs that would have to be dynamically generated
5) The user should have the ability to create an account for themselves and create "jobs" under their account. They can then save the results to any of the jobs that they have created, or create a new "job" on the fly once the output is presented
6) The user should be able to print out a) all the options presented b) a specific option presented with the details of the criteria selected and specs
7) The user should be able to "send" the details of the selected blower with quantities and contact information to the site owner requesting a quote
We have a pc client application available for review if you want to get an idea of what were looking for. Additional details will be discussed upon successful bid.

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Improves UI For Web Application

Current web application is written using and google map. The UI is dull and boring. We are looking for individual to improves the look and feel and the application. There are around 10 html pages in the application.

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Real Estate Website & Application

I would like to have a real estate website and web application wherein customers can search for apartments for renting, buying, etc….

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Web Application Developer


We are looking for one or more programmers to work with a small team on an web based application project.
Initial project engagement 2 weeks at 40 hours per week.

Please note this is a project for individuals and they must be within a 4 hour timezone of the UK.

The initial engagement will for a 2 week trial period, with the potential for ongoing work for 12 months or more.

Fees: to be paid at an agreed hourly rate and based upon agreed working hours.


* Experience of writing a range database driven web based applications using a LAMP stack.
* Experience of SQL databases (PostgreSQL or MySQL)
* Solid Linux/Unix skills
* Experience of programming in Python, and preferably with practical experience of Django (or at least a similar frameworks)
* Some C/C++ programming would be a benefit
* Experience of architecting solutions that can scale down to a simple development environment yet scale up to significant levels.
* A good understanding of HTML &CSS.
* A Good understanding of Javascript, preferably of using Jquery.
* Knowledge of underlying network protocols. E.g a proper understanding of HTTP, and experience of media streaming protocols (e.g. RTMP/RTSP)
* Client side experience (Flash/Silverlight) is an advantage
* We prefer dealing with individuals rather than companies.
* Can be anywhere in the world, but must be able to communicate daily over Skype/IM in English and be available for at least some of the UK working day.
* Experience of using source code version control and bug tracking systems (we use subversion and trac)

Please note successful completion of a paid for programming test will be required.

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Customized Network Marketing Web Application

A professional network marketing (Multilevel Marketing) web application that has both Member page and Full Admin Control Panel. The design of the application should be stealth and the website easy but efficient. My full features that would be specified and allowance for future modification.

Full Genealogy view setting, Downline and Upline view. Commissions and more. Detailed features of the website and application will be sent to the programmer that understands this project.

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Quick Application Needed To Convert Articles To Videos

Hi Freelancers,

Looking for excellent coders in php/.net/java who can deliver me the software which can convert the Article to Video Presentation using Text to Speech API,Microsoft PPT API and PPT to Video Convertor API.

Interested people can PMB your portfolio so that for the suitable candidates i can give you the entire details of the project

Thanks & Regards

09/18/2010 at 16:52 EDT:

The Budget for this project is 100$

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Web Application

I need someone who can design a web application for me. need to be able to accept input and output. i need someone with experience in flash.details would be sent also

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Data Driven Intranet Web Application Mock-up

Web application mock-up required.

A data driven internal web application is being built on J2EE 6 and will use richfaces 4.0, when it is released.
The web application is intended to replace a data driven legacy application. The legacy application handles, addresses, agents, contacts, vessels, supply ordering, spares ordering, and employees. It also has handles basic messages, such as basic email capabilities.

The customer likes both google mail & richfaces look and feel so that is a no brainer. But page flow, navigation, menu structure, page layout & dashboard layout is an issue. I need someone to spend time using the legacy app and create a mock-up for us to base the new app on.

if you need more info please ask.

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PhotoBook Web & Window Base Development

I would like some expert on both Website Development and Windows-Base Program Development to do similar project like the following links.

Please make sure you know there has some software download from those websites in order to tailor made the Photo Book.

You dont need to concern about the printing job as we are the printing company which can adopt the format upload by the client.

The payment gateway will be paypal initially.

Please optional quote me if you can do the iPhone Apps Version.

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Reverse Auction Web Application On Lamp

We are looking to develop a new kind of reverse auction website developed in CakePHP (or your desired MVC framework)

You need to have experience working with auction sites and understand bidding and feedback as used in many auctions, sites that have have some of the features we will implement – , , , ,

Must have skills

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Web Application Image Blog

Simple Web site
Admin login to create/edit/delete/disable user
4 groups and user can be assigned to 1 or all 4 groups by admin
Admin upload images (about 60 images) – Images are linked to one of 4 group
New image uploaded overwrite previous files.
This images will be displayed on content page
if user have access to group A, then only images for group a can be seen
When user login, the pull down menu will list all images and user select to view. Image displayed in max size possible.
List by image filename without extension.
if user have access to 2 group, 2 pull down menu can be seen/enabled

I need a cross line cursor on the image when user move over the image. The cross line MUST be to the total weight and height of the image. Use standard cursor when mouse move out of image area/frame/picturebox

Comment post by admin and user
Admin can post note for each image which will be displayed when user view the image. Admin also can post text note for the group.
User can post note for each image (permission admin control)
Admin can clear notes

All the feature listed above is MUST

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Web Application Developer

We are looking for an application developer for the development and maintenance of our website and related systems. Core development will be focused on file and print handling and the individual will participate in design and development improvements of these systems.

What you will gain:

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