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PSD To HTML. Convert PSD Design To Html + CSS

We are a group of young developers that are excited about our startup.

The startup is primarily a website. We have a psd design of the website, however, we need someone with psd-html conversion skills to turn our beautiful psd layout into a beautiful website. This is a simple project, with the opportunity for further contract.

Wage will be set based on experience, bid and turnaround time.


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Convert PSD To Xhtml And Css

I have a PSD that needs to be converted to valid xtml/css

Requirements (A must)
1) Slice and convert to xhtml/css
2) Have the designed w3c validated
3) Design should work on all major browsers and operating systems
4) Fast turnaround Should be handed in 2-3 days max

P.s I only have the homepage so I need you to come up with another 2-3 pages out of this main PSD. E.g would be a pages for:
1) Myaccount
2) Shopping Cart

Please in mind that the above two pages are to be done using th same main PSD theme so no new deisgn are needed.

I am looking for best bid/quality combo so send me your best proposals.

We will start right away

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Convert 532 Spreadsheets Into One

I have 525 individual spreadsheets that I would like combine into one spreadsheet.

Most of the individual spreadsheets have identical structure however some have slightly different structures as the reporting methodology changed part way therough our project or users did not provide data for all sections.

I require someone with the Excell skills and/or data entry patience to combine all data into one spreadsheet (example outcome attached plus one of the individual spreadsheets).

Questions welcome

I would like this work completed within 3 days.

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Clean-up HTML & Convert To Joomla

"Coming Soon" page / links are skewed and needs some HTML / light design tweaking. Convert to Joomla. See: American

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Convert Smarty Made Website Into WordPress

Hi All, Please PM for more details.

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Convert Swf Page In HTML5

Convert web page into HTML5 content

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Convert Png To Jpg In WordPress Blogs (for Cosmin)

This project is for Cosmin

Convert all png images to jpg in my 3 WordPress blogs.

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Convert Fortran 77 To C++

Old program wrote in Fortran 77 need converted to C++

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Convert ASP Site To PHP

I have a website that was programmed in ASP.

You can either convert the whole website into a USABLE PHP website or re-program the site for PHP.

All the files will be provided via ZIP.

No bids over $100 please.

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Convert A Function To C#

All you need to do is just converting the attached function to "PURE" and "CLEAN" C# codes (not using vb reference).

After finishing you need to send me a demo exe file so I can test it out before paying you.

Because the project is very easy so maximum bid should be from $30-50.


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Convert HTML To WordPress

HTML to WordPress.

1 layout
19 pages

PM me for site address and details.

I am hiring because I dont have time to do it (its for my client).

Easy job. Looking for someone I can trust.

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Convert HTML5 Book Into PowerPoint For Instructor Material


I am a web application architect who happens to also teach at a university. Ive created a new course in HTML5 that I will begin lecturing in May. The book I will be using is located at It is a 200 page book with 10 chapters. Im looking for someone to convert the each chapter into a powerpoint presentation.

Basically, I need someone to summarize all the technical content. The book is perfectly layed out with sub-chapters. Each chapter should generate approximately 50 slides. At the end of the project you are generating black and white 500 slides.

I require the person to have good writing and basic web development skills.

Below is a list of each chapter:

Chapter 1 – Introduction / Main Structure
Chapter 2 – Text
Chapter 3 – Forms
Chapter 4 – Video and Audio
Chapter 5 – Canvas
Chapter 6 – Data Storage
Chapter 7 – Offline
Chapter 8 – Drag and Drop
Chapter 9 – Geolocation
Chapter 10 – Messages, Workers, and Sockets

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Convert HTML To WordPress

I need a website with 10-12 pages converted into wordpress.

Current website is in html.

Should be easy and quick project for an experienced person or company.

Prefer low budget candidates and who can show daily updates and a very very fast turnaround.

Project will be awarded before this weekend.

J Mathew

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I need to convert a PSD-design that ive made into CSS.
Its a fairly easy task, but due to time limitations from my part – i need someone to do this project.

As its a simple design, and my budget is rather limited – i will go for the one with the lowest bid.

If you are bidding for this project, make sure you can do it in valid XHTML/CSS as this is a requirement.
Failure to deliver in that standard, will lead to no payment.

Good luck to everyone!

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Convert HTML Table Web Page Into Tableless CSS/HTML

Convert existing HTML Table Web Page into Tableless CSS/HTML

All sections (EXCEPT for "Perfect for all occassions") must expand vertically to be filled with text. If done properly and in a timely matter, other projects will be offered as well. This design will be converted into a WordPress template to be handled by our PHP programmers.

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Convert Existing Site Into A Joomla Site

I want to convert the site into a Joomla site. I have installed Joomla at and I have the login stored for it.

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Convert Existing Flash Banner To Adwords Accepted Banner

we have a set of banner, 4 sizes
we need to convert each of it to 3 formats, flash, gif and jpg which acceptable by google adwords (regarding to animation, filesize, etc) (so total is 12)

link to existing banner will be provided upon request on pmb

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Trill Convert 2 Templates

project for excellent coder Trill.

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Convert Joomla Theme To MojoPortal Skin

I need to convert 2 Joomla themes from to MojoPortal Skins. Let me know if you are interested and give me a quote on how much it would cost. Thanks so much!

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Convert Website From Joomla1.5 To WordPress

convert the following website from joomla to wp:

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Front End/UI For Web Site

We have a project that requires someone to be able to convert a psd concept into working html. This will mean we need you to provide us with very good breakdown into divs and also should convert to tiles. The end result should allow us to make simple small change pages ourselves. Also, the website is for multilingual use, so a css or other means of being able to switch from language to language is needed.

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Convert Html Site To WordPress MUST BE COMPLETED TODAY

Hi There,

im looking for someone to convert my html website into wordpress.

the budget for this is $75 dollers as all the images and that are there already all you have to do is covert it.

the website is take a look im sure it is very easy to do i will also require that the new wordpres site has:

dropdown menus.

facebook and twitter buttons

add this and it will need to work fully i.e if i add a new page it should auto add this into the menu without me doing ti manually also it should also keep the sites style.

this must also be completed by today within a few hours.

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Convert From Dreamweaver To WordPress/Joomla CMS Site

We are looking to convert our Dreamweaver based website to a WordPress (preferred) or Joomla CMS based website for easier future modifications. Feel free to view our current website at . The WordPress website must be made in a way that is easy for us to be able to add our personal items, content, as well as easy to update flash files onto the site.

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Project For Imszone. Convert 10 PSDs To CSS/XHTML

This project is for IMSZONE thank you.

Convert 10 PSDs to CSS/XHTML. Cross-browser compatible IE7, IE8, IE9, FF3, FF4, Safari (last version), Chrome (last version)

Files required are HTML, CSS, all images and PSD sliced for each design.

*******You can not post any of these designs/PSDs or any part of this project in your portfolio or history of work. All credits and rights are property of our company**********

Funds will be put in escrow. 50% released after successful and verified receipt of first 5 designs. Final 50% will released after reception of all verified files corresponding to 2nd batch of 5 PSD designs.

Thank you!

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Convert Static Website Into CMS

My Client have static website. Now client want migrate to a cms to easily manage the website in future.

The project is is need to complete ASAP. Please contact, If you already have

I will pay once website converted into CMS (Joomla or WordPress) and working fine.

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Conversion Of CMYK PDF To RGB PDF

Hi there,

I have a 56 page print-ready CMYK PDF document that I need someone to convert to an RGB PDF. I dont have access to the original files, just this PDF.

I am looking for someone to take the CMYK file and to convert it to an RGB PDF which I can then compress on a Mac to make it smaller for emailing.

I would like this done as soon as possible.

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259_K Convert Website To CSS/HTML

Conversion of site to CSS / HTML for nighthunter.

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Convert Eclipse Project To Maven

A current project that is created in eclipse should be converted to maven2. Including removing jar files and replacing them with dependencies.

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Convert Html Template To WordPress. Modify Joomla Template

I need to convert a Simple Html Template (divs, header, leftcolumn, rightcolum, bottom) to WordPress Template and i need to do minor modifications to a Joomla template and create sections and categories for a Joomla menu.

Im looking to pay 30$-50$ for this.

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Convert Html Template To WordPress Modify Joomla Template

I need to convert a Simple Html Template (divs, header, leftcolumn, rightcolum, bottom) to WordPress Template and i need to do minor modifications to a Joomla template and create sections and categories for a Joomla menu.

Im looking to pay 30$-50$ for this.

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Project: Projetc 32 – Convert Psd To Html – OKPERFUMES

I have a big demand of work by month and I need someone to convert mys layout at psd to html/css

My work needs some care:

– the CSS do not use * { } tag
– All layout images need be load to css
– the html need work well in commun internet browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8, FF, safary, opera)
– all input fields need a fixe size

if you can do this, please bid me!

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Technical Design Project- Convert .NET App To PHP Doc


Technical Design Project- Convert .NET App to PHP Doc:

Take existing .NET software, install it on your machine, see how it works, take guideline from me and create a Technical Design document to convert the app into PHP. It is not a 1 to 1 conversion. There are pieces of the software that will needs to be changed / improved.


Delivery will be a document that will contain the following information:

– PHP Site navigation
– What each page will look like and will do
– Site security which will include some users able to perform certain actions in the software
– Data Model and how it will work

Total number of tables: 8 or so
Total number of screens to document: 8 or so

The goal is to hand this design document to a developer and he knows what exactly is needed to be built.



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