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Coupon Site With Forum

Looking for coupon site with forum

Updated daily by RSS feeds, webmaster, and forum members

3 pages plus 1 forum page

Must be written in PHP

Already have OScommerce template installed for main pages
Already have phpbb forum installed

Must be SEO friendly

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Development Of A Social Coupon Website.

Develope a social coupon aggregator WEB site as follows:

1) site would allow registered users to post their own deals, by region, city, state.

2) banner advertising would be used for revenue generation

3) We would like to integrate Facebook like functionality, such as ability to comment on, and

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Want $100 Adword Coupon Fast Today

I need Google AdWords coupon codes

Please bid for 10 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

Scammer Get Lost From here

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Want Adword Coupon Fast

I need Google AdWords coupon codes

Please bid for 50 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

Scammer Dont Bid Here

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Google AdWords Coupon Codes Needed

Need Google AdWords coupon codes that have the Value of $100

Please bid for 50 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

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Google AdWords Coupon Codes

I need Google AdWords coupon codes that can be generated at following address:

Please bid for 10 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

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Finish A WordPress Plugin

Only apply if you have done wordpress plugins. ( budget for this is $25 as its just a fix )

Only apply if you are going to complete it. I have already wasted 5 days on another programmer I wont do it again.

The background is I had someone else create me a wordpress coupon plugin through elance because they said they had done a lot of wordpress plugins. They completed it up to 95% done then asked me to test it.

i.e I can install, activate, add, edit and delete a coupon and get it to show on the front end

But there are a few things that are not showing correctly in different browsers and instead of them completing it they have just pulled out. Leaving me high and dry with nothing to show except a broken plugin.

I NEED THIS DONE ASAP within the next 2 days. Again its pretty much 95% done. Main things are

1. A few text rewordings in the admin area and some text to paste in.
2. Making sure a person cannot copy the code on the front end without clicking
3. Browser compatibility – has to be checked in firefox, i.e, opera, safari, chrome
4. Making sure a long coupon code is fully visible on the front end ( right now its being cut off )
5. That the coupon disappears from the front end when the expiry date is reached.
6. Make sure that when a person hovers over coupon they see " Click to copy and open site" Need some way of displaying that. I can show you how 2 other coupon sites have done it and leave you to decide on how to display it.

You can view these videos to see where the problems are and see the plugin in action.

If selected, You cannot distribute, give away, sell or use this plugin in anyway – all copyright belongs to me.

03/18/2011 at 10:15 EDT:

Sorry correction ( Budget is $30 )

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Coupon Website Design

Looking for a designer for a three months project to make a coupon website. the designer will first create a wireframe of the full website including the admin sections, not just the frontpage. He/she will then work with the php developers in creating the final html/css for the website.

1.) be online and easily reachable on IM and email
2.) Initially provide a wireframe on the full website
3.) work with the php developer in creating the html/css for the website
4.) willing to make many iterations and do fine tuning
5.) 3 months project

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Magento Coupon Rule Customization

I would like to have the standard shopping cart coupon rule processing customized.

Today i can only give for example 10% off on X items

I would like to be able with in one cupon code to do
10% off on X items and
20% off on X times

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Google Coupon Voucher $90 & $100


i need someone who can provide adwords voucher $90, i take 100 voucher perday, with price $2.05 each.
i will pay via milestone. it must have warranty & and work worldwide .i will order daily. If available also voucher $105, $100 is prefer.


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Google Coupon Voucher $90


i need someone who can provide adwords voucher $90, i take 100 voucher perday, with price $2.5 each.
i will pay via paypal. it must have warranty .i will order daily.


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Build A Online Booking Calendar For Small Hotel

I want to have a online facility for my clients to automatically check availability & book themselves in to my hotel, the process would need to work as follows.

1. My customers all pre purchase a "coupon" to stay at my hotel – they get these automatically emailed to them as soon as they have paid – there is normally 12 months to use the "coupon"

2. they log onto my site, they would need to register themselves as a user & then from there they would be able to check availability & make a booking.

3. They would need to imput the unique id code from their coupon as a way to verify they are entitled to make a booking, once they have submitted the booking it has to check the unique id against the list of id that i have to verify the client & from their that id would be crossed off as a used id.

I would also like my staff to be able to log in & make manual bookings for clients
I would also like a instant confirmation to be sent to the client – this would be mailed merged with their personal details etc.
The calendar has to look very clean & fresh for the customer, so there is no hassle in booking in.
I would also like to have the ability for reporting down the track.

This would have to be made so it can in effect plug into my website ( currently being built)

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Design A Coupon

We need a coupon designer. This is a quick project

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Small Coupon App

Simple coupon app able to updates contents by us, and collect end-users simple contact like email/device number.
Open source are welcome.

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Iphone Coupon App

Any experience programmer here can help me to develope a straight and neat coupon app for my marketing campagin.
Need contents update by us that allow direct donwload by end-user to redeem particular services.

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Deals/Coupon Site

Partners currently looking for a developer in or around the New Yok City area, to build a deals/coupon site. We will require experience with building mobile sites, as incorporation of social media links. We are not the most knowledgeable with web design terminology, so we will likely require a small degree of patience (however we know what we are looking for). We will also need to be shown how to do basic site maintenance, such as updating deals, pictures, ect.

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Need To Get This Code Easy To Copie!


i need to get this Coupon Code easy to copie on my site

when you press on the coupon on the transfer page, it have to be so you just can press ctrl-c and get it copied..

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Web Data Submission Needed For A Coupon Website

Can you find a hottest coupon online for women and write it on a blog? (wordpress, for USA)

If so, please give me a quote per one coupon.

good luck!

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MLM Project Using (Magestore Affiliated Extension)

Dear Freelancers,

I Need to ajust my magestore extension, here its the idea:

ITS A MLM kind of version,


the Magestore affiliate extension offer option to anyuser log on the website and create a profile, with that profile you can send a batch email (for your email list), all friends on that list will receive a link or coupon, that coupon will give to that friend 20% off for the entire store, and that anyuser will receive a commission of 30%.

the extension working fine, but that its the thing i need:

X = Refer user (partner)
Y = Seller user (affiliate)
C = Customer (friends)

X sign up to a Partner Member after that he has a option to send a link to Y, Y sign up online to be affiliate Y can create a coupon online or a link. Y send a link to C (anyfriend). C receive a coupon or a link, with that he will receive a 20% discount. Y will Receive a commission of 30% (after 20% discount price applied), and X will receive a 5% commission.

Any question please call me at skyper

We also have a full time position here in las vegas, nv (usa)

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Web Data Needed For A Coupon Website


I need someone who can find coupons and submit them directly to my website

It must be good quality (up to date, deal of the day, something that everyone must be interested in)
It must fall under one of the categories listed on the website

Womens Shoes

Womens Clothing

Womens Bags

Womens Accessories

Baby & Kids

Health & Beauty

Kitchen & Houseware

Please give me how much you would like per one submission

If possible give me one sample of the coupon so that I can evaluate.

Good luck!

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Quick PHP Scraping Project


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Joomla ChronoForms Discount Coupon

I need a discount coupon code added into my registration form. It is a joomla website and I am using ChronoEngines Chronoforms for the form creation. It is already integrated with paypal pro. I need the user to be able to enter a coupon code (referenced from the forms database) to be validated and then have the amount field discounted properly based on the code entered.

I need this project completed within the next 48 hrs. Joomla experience required, Chronoform experience prefered. The website is under construction, but the current form is viewable at

Thank you.

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Long Time Writer

I need a writer that will post 10 coupons a day on my coupon site.
This will consist that you will surf some sites to find new coupons each day, and post them on my site in a sentance about that coupon offer. The sentace should have aboce 100 words.

for example :

Now you need to have a good deal on your next shoe purchase, I would recommend that you use these Off Broadway Shoes coupons when you shop. The coupon will be valid for only one day. That will be on February 21st 2011 with n exceptions. This is a really good deal that everyone can enjoy. I have been waiting for a deal like this and I was so delighted to see one. Now you can actually grab this deal with a minimum purchase of $39.90. We have just added this deal to our lists of hottest deals so please enjoy it as you please.

And the coupon is here :

I will deal mostly with printable coupons but in some days when you cant find enough printable couopns you can add normal coupons also, for online stores.

Also you will have to create new categories for that company. In this example for "Off Broadway Shoes" , you will have to gather an image and put it on the server, and write something as a description for that company. One the category is made you wont do this again, for that company. But as many new categories, the better it is. The image for the company is easy to find, and details about that company can be found on their site usualy, or on other resources on the web.

The website runs on wordpress.

I will show you my site in PRV, and also example sites and site from where you can gather new coupons daily.

I want this to be a long term deal, more than 1-2 years, so maybe i will choose more bidders for a trial period, i dont know yet.

So i am looking for someone serious with good english skills.

The price i am offering is 200$ a month.

Please send me samples of your writing with your bid.

Thank you.

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Movie Site

Hi everyone,

i have a movie site that need few update.

Here the list:

1- When i create a new product i have a field call : Email Address Extra: This field must send a copy of the email that the admin received when a client rent or purchase a movie.

2- Can we find an easy way to be able to rent with 0$, i mean some movie will be free, rent without any charge. Could we arrange something ?

3- When we rent a movie with a coupon, there is no details that is sent to the admin except a small email saying that a movie as been rent with a coupon. Can the admin receive the detail of the movie

4- Paypal issue when we use the credit card instead of using a Paypal account, when we are redirected to the site, the movie does not start.

5- In the admin, their is a place call static page, we are not able to change the content of those 3 pages, can we arrange that ?

Need a real good php coder that can fix the problem with the site online.

Please let me know your bet,

Good luck to all.


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Magento – Coupon – Fixed Amout With% Restriction

I need a customization or an extension for my shopsystem (Magento 1.4.2)

What I Need:

I want to create a promotion in my shop that gives a $50 fixed-amount discount
on coupons that I will create at the backend of Magento.
So far, so good, but the discount given to the costumer never could be bigger than 50% of the price of each product that would be in his car.

For example:
If Im buying :
1 Item X – $15,
3 Item Y – $5 ($15)
2 Item Z – $25 ($50),

The total amount of my car is $80. In a normal cenary if I use a dicount-coupon of $50 amount the final price after the discount will be 30$. What I need is to restrict this on 50% of each item.
So the example above would be this way:
1 Item X – $15 -> restrict to 50% of price and only give a $7.50 discount in this item.
3 Item Y – $5 -> restrict to 50% of price and only give a 3 * $2.50 ($7.50) discount in this item.
2 Item Z – $25 -> restric to 50% of price and only give a 2 * $12.50 ($25) discount in this item.

The total discount amount in this case: 40$, So the order total price after de discount would be 40$.
The $10 amount that would last would have to keep as a credit for this coupon for a future use.

The discount has to be showed besides each item of the cart in the cart screen.

Thats it.

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Coupon Site And Mobile Site

Before you bid ! Note our budget for this project is $6834. We want quality! Not an indian website with broken links. THEREFORE PM A DRAFT, of YOUR LOGO idea for GrabOne. Do not place a bid unless you can upload a draft. The grabone logo will have a one inside the white space in the G or do you have a better idea? We will cater to females so keep this in mind. Other info:

Merchants will be able to create different type of coupons including text, barcoded, image or a combination of the three and publish them to be displayed primarily on cellular phones and also my website. The general public with be able to print coupons or present them on their cell phones to merchant stores.

Web-based Admin Backend Features:
– User management, authorizations and messaging
– Fee management
– Merchant Account Confirmation and activation via cell phone number
– Master Data Management (Categories, Logos)
-Language selection
-Currency management (assigned by country if possible, so that merchants and clients don

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100 $ Google Adwords Coupons For Sale

$100 Google AdWords Voucher / Coupon Code

Hello everyone.

I would like to sell $100 Google AdWords Coupon Code I dont use AdWords for advertising, so I have no use for this coupon, and figured I could sell it really cheap and at least get something out of the deal. Okay, so here are the details:

Amount: $100
Coupon Code: 19 Digits/Characters. Will be sent to buyer upon payment.
Usage: Never been used before.

Terms: This credit must be applied to a new AdWords account.

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Google Adwords Coupon Codes

I need Someone who can either sell or generate coupon codes. You may use this link:

An expert on Google adwords will know how to generate multiple coupon code from here. We will not show you how to do this, the bidder must know how to generate codes. We will purchase hundreds per month.

Our adwords account is an English account.

Or alternatively we will pay you for Google Sponsored listing positions, for example the keyword Virtual Receptionist we will pay monthly to be on page 1 in Google Sponsored listings. If you know how you can get our company listed in the sponsored listings in for Virtual Receptionist on page 1 top 3 for less than $100 for a full month then you will be successful.



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Open New Window When User Highlights Text

Visitors are coming to my website and highlighting and copying the coupon codes I display there.

When someone highlights the text coupon code, I want a pop-under window to appear that will load my affiliate link.

They get the coupon code they want and I get credit for the sale.

I need this to work in in FF, IE and Chrome.

Please dont just reply that you can do it. Instead, please show me you can by sending me a link to a live version of it.

Looking forward to your bid.

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