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Genocide: Stages of Extraordinary Evil

Referring to Colorosos book and to news reports, analyze types of evil associated with genocide and discuss how evil is practised in the context of genocide and symbolized in the news reports.
Drawing on the Cambodian and Bosnian segments in Scared Sacred, comment on the consequences and legacy of genocide.
Why and how do ordinary people become embroiled in the extraordinary evil of genocide?
What is the significance of Velcrow Ripper (the filmmaker) telling these stories, and of the individual, creative, responses to evil?

2. Environment: Finding "Sacred Balance" in a Culture of "Consumerism"

Discuss the relationship between humans and the earth.
In your analysis, include the concepts of consumerism and the sacred balance.
Discuss the type, or types, of evil that factor in human contact with the earth.
Support your discussion with references to at least two authors we have encountered in the course readings.
Illustrate your argument with an in-depth analysis of a news report (cbc,,NYtimes,..globeandthemail), drawn from one of the six media sources assigned for this course. Identify the symbols and assess the perspectives presented by the journalist.

Approach to the subject: scholarly tone, use of course terminology, critical analysis of media sources (worth 25% of total)
Precise description and informed application: attends to context and meaning, application of course concepts and readings (worth 40% of total)
Critical thought and originality: synthesizes various sources and arguments to reach new conclusions, evaluates the significance of the discussion (worth 25% of total)
Writing and presentation style: appropriate use of sources, well-structured presentation, consistent focus, precise word choice and logical sentences (worth 10% of total)

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Online Interactive Training

HR Online Interactive Training

HR provide training to staff on web, staff can access on web and take course.

A. Back End
HR Officer can provide the interactive training on web. They can schedule the course and provide the course online.

B. Front End
staff can enrol the course online. And they can ask question directly to trainer.
staff can do exercise after finish the course

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Turn Training DVDs Into Downloadable VIDEOS For Internet

I have a 3 DVD course that I sell on the internet. All 3 DVDs total 6 or 7 hours long. I need to take them and turn them into one video file, in a format that users can download and view on either PC or a Mac. I need to make the file as small as possible. It has 7 lesson plans, that the purchaser can jump from one to the other as needed. (Need to break the file into lesson/chapter sequences) It will need a simple intro and menu, so users can jump right to a certain chapter or scene.

The reason I am doing this is so I can put the course on clickbank, and people can download, the whole 6 or 7 hour course.

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Modeling Course Work

Hi there,

Please found the attach file for this course work. Everything and all discription what is required for the course work is on the attac file call: Bitcamp ltd, couse work.

On this project I am offering £ 100 GBP

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Instructional Design SAP LSO

Description: Sr. Instructional Designer or team to work with SAP Learning Solution (LSO) LMS

Our client is migrating from current LMS to SAP LSO 6.04. We need an Instructional designer to analyze all eLearning content types to convert and create prototype of each eLearning course type to track with SAP LMS. All courses must be set to "Complete" and "Pass/Fail" with SCORM API. SAP Learning Solution 6.04 is implemented and tracks SCORM 1.2 and 2004 and AICC 4.0. Content will require updating from current version, and re-purposing or retooling within its native sourse application. Each course will then be given to a developer to re-work. The consultant will continue to monitor progress, nd update course until all courses complete. Estimated 400+ courses.

The ideal eLearning Consultant will possess the following:

– Bachelor

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Course Name : System Analysis And Design

I need someone who can take the online course on behalf of me.

Course name : System Analysis and design

I have attached the course syllabus containing all the topics in the course.

I will send the login details when you need it.

You will have to do the assignment, and assessments when it comes.

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HTML form to PDF

I need a simple HTML form script with the following fields: name, email, date and course title, and convert this into a PDF document which needs to be sent to the email address in the form.

Reason: I want to automate the process of people who are requesting a "certificate of completion" after they finished a training course. I want to send them a link to the form webpage so that they can complete the details; name and email address (course title and date are fixed fields). After submitting the form the details should be automatically converted into "Certificate of Completion" document (certificate background image see attachment) and send by email to the requestor.

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Edit My Copy


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Course Management

HI we are looking for a developer who can provide the following costing:

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Install And Configure Buddypress On WordPress Site

Hi There,

I am starting a babysitting agency where young women in Australia can sign up to my website, create a profile which is specific to certain fields that I have in mind (ie. Name, prior babysitting experience, do you have a car etc) upload a picture and possibly a resume and enter onto an online database that is only viewable by parents who are members. The girls who sign up then should have the option of registering for a course I am holding which will only require them to enter their email address, phone number, full name and pay a fee for the course (must have the option of using visa, mastercard and paypal) which will then be emailed to me so I can put them in the class) Once they complete this course, I want to be able to put a "reccomended" stamp next to their profile.

I also want for parents to be able to sign up, create a profile PAY for a three month membership (they must have the option of using mastercard, visa and paypal) which will be directly debited from their account every three months unless they opt out. These parents should then have the ability to search my database of babysitters and message them through an online contact form to set up an interview.

Lastly, I want to create a sign up form where anyone from the public can sign up to my site to get access to the videos, articles and forums that I intend to post. This registration form should be less complex as they will only need to enter a username and password in order to sign up, and then to pay a small fee (once again, they must have the option of using paypal visa and mastercard) which will, once again be directly debited from their account every three months unless they opt out. If a parent or babysitter already have an account, they should simply be able to update their subscription to get access to this content.

I recently completed work for a company in which I was building sites such as this so I am aware that there are plugins which can achieve what I want pretty easily but I just dont have the time to do this myself so I will need someone else to do it for me. All I need you to do is install and configure all the necessary plugins and possibly create a few pages for the registration forms to go on. I have already installed a few plugins and do not expect you to use these ones if you know of any better ones. I will also expect for the person I hire to consistently maintain communication with me as this website represents a huge part of my buisness so it is very important to me that it is done quickly and efficiently.

Kindest Regards,

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Create Membership Site On WordPress

I have a website on Word Press called about watercolourpaintingbasics.
I have many video tutorials teaching watercolour painting.
These videos are uploaded to WordPress. I want my customers to sign up for their membership and then recieve a video every two weeks.. This needs to be integrated with Word Press, Paypal and Aweber.
I have already created the optin page and sales page. But they are showing on the google page and so the people would not have to pay but can already get it – so this needs fixing so that the customers can only get this data once they have paid.
I need you to set up this site so that my customers can join the course and get drip fed the tutorials once every two weeks.
Obviously potential customers will start at different times but all need to do the course in the correct order of tutorials. They will pay automatically every 14 days.

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Moodle Customization

I need a website in Moodle for a Real estate school.

Need to develop a moodle integrate payment system to accept credit cards.
Need to install moodle certificate plug-in to give certificate after course completion
Need to install a pre-designed moodle template.

I should be able to add classes to moodle and be able to edit
add power points and pdfs, plus quizes and a final test

Students should be able to

Choose class, pay , enroll, take course and get a certificate after successfully finishing the courses.

Also I should be able to bundle courses together and offer discount to students. When students purchase a bundle they are enrolled in multiple courses.

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Online Training Courses – Sales Letter, Articles, Flyer…

Hi! I need to hire a writer(s) to write for each online course (SEO optimised)

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Need CIM "Marketing Project Mgmt" A/B Grade Case Studies

Hello Bidders,

I need very specific case studies – that are submitted to the Chartered Institute of Marketing – Marketing Project Management (MPM) course – and that have earned A or B grade. These are very specific case studies that are submitted as part of the course work deliverable of the MPM course.

I am looking for 2-3 case studies – preferably from the 2009-2010 sessions.
Please keep the bid reasonable and I will select before the bid closes.
If you have any questions, please contact me via PM.

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Online Flash E-Course

We are a college and online learning company, and I require Flash based e-learning courses to be run inthe UK.

An example of what I need is on the below link, and this particular course is one I intend to have developed (using the exact same syllabus). You just need to enter any name to access the demo, and there are 7 modules with a couple of topics in each module (each topic has numerous slides):

I can provide syllabus, some photos and videos, text, and Ill need to arrange the voiceover.

So its a price for creating the course, including the graphics and assessment quizzes/games, with ability for results to be caputured in LMS (probably Moodle, unless you suggest otherwise?).

Courses will be varying lengths, but this is the one I need first.


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LMS System


need an e-learning portal done

-Course and course content would need to be displayed in hierarchical structure.

-Quiz,assessment systems with model answers.

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Java Server Faces Private Course

I need a teacher and couch to learn faster Java Server Faces 2.
The course can be made through Skype and will produce an easy project as workshop.
The covered topics are from modifying Java classes to be coupled with Faces, to .ear file building and deployment, so all the complete cycle.

Fast learning student already well founded on Java on the other side.

Good English required. Italian language would be preferred but is not necessary condition.

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Need Continuing Education / Test Taking Website Built.

I want to put together a continuing education website.
With this website I need it to;
Let a student register – name, ss#, license #, address and email.
They preview courses available before registration.
When someone pays a course / test it should give them a pdf file school course (they could print) and test (I created) with options multiple choice questions (test part they cannot print only online) Make it so it can auto grade the test and at the end state pass if 70% of questions were correct? If no pass they can take it again and again with no change of order of test questions. Test questions will range from 25 to 50 multiple choice questions.
I also have a cram course that I want students to buy and download in a pdf.
Need to set up an e-commerce to collect the payment for the tests and cram crourse.
Once a 70% is achieved it needs to create a printable certificate that populates their name and course name.
There will be 2 different website both the same just different tests. One is for Insurance and one is for real estate and will have about 8 courses and tests and room needed to grow.
Need to set up email for a future time to be sent out as reminders for different events such as licensing due. (this is not a must have

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E-Learning Online Course Development

I have a 90 page "Responsible Sevice of Alcohol" course manual that I need converted into and online course.
Im looking for someone who has experience in developing interesting and engaging online course content for an e-learning Moodle platform.
Do not bid unless you have previous experience in developing high end e-learning courses as will I need to see examles of your previous work.
Project will need to be completed in 7 days.

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Automated Script Fill In Form And Press Submit Every 1 Mins


So I missed the course deadline and now I am not on the list to take the course I wanted to take. Usually, people will drop the course when they change plans later.

Once they drop it, a space becomes available. To register, one must put the course number in a box and press Submit.

I was hoping someone can make a script that would input the course number and press submit every 30 sec – 1 min until it actually worked because someone dropped out.

Once you press submit an error message comes (because the course is full now) but you are brought to the same page so the script can just do it over again and again.


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Online Course.

I am looking for people who can have taken online computer courses, and having good knowledge of computer languages.

In a simple language, I will pay you to study and attain good marks. I will provide you work as per your skill set at present I need someone for following courses

IT Project Management –
The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with project management using Microsoft Project and its applications in IT and Gaming.

Application Design Using GUI and Database-
The purpose of this course is to familiarize the student with object-oriented programming using C# and its applications in database access using ADO component-based design approach.


Please are many such course that I have so I want only serious people who would like to work with me long term.

I will prefer people with IT Experience or Degree.

I will be able to give more information about the courses on demand. If you already have an experience of working on courses you might not need to see it. It will contains, assignments, postings, and tests.

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Asterisk And ThirdLane Expert Needed

We are seeking an Expert in Asterisk and ThirdLane, The objective is to conduct a training course for a normal windows PC users to qualify them to be as such experts in Asterisk and Thirdlane. By the end of the course the trainees should be mastering Asterisk and Thirdlane, and that would qualify them consequently capable to fit as a technical support for ThirdLane.

In order to be regarded to this job you need to:

1) Be a Master Expert of Asterisk and ThirdLane.
2) Capable to conduct a training course to a normal windows user to make them master Asterisk and ThirdLane for the sake to qualify them as a technical support team for ThirdLane and Asterisk
3) Deliver tips and tricks to integrate Asterisk and/or ThirdLane with other applications, Also work around to resolve any issued may come across.
4) Have a high speed internet connection to conduct the training remotely with Video conference.

******** For Those who might be interested to travel to us and conduct the training on our site, they are most welcome and we will be paying the traveling fees back and forth to Egypt plus the accommodation. ******

Please bid for the whole course fees and estimated to for accomplishing the task,


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Online LMS System Website

Looking to develop an online Learning Management System that allows students to get course delivery online. Will also require each static course to be converted to online delivery

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Need Casual Games


Anyone with completed or almost completed casual games please contact us for a buyout with source code.

Types were looking for (other genres are considered too of course):

– Diner Dash type games
– Match 3 games like Bejeweled and Jewel Quest
– Hidden Objects games
– Zuma/Luxor type games
– Bookworm (word games) type games
– Fantasy Games
– Clones of games.

Commercial quality graphics, sound and code only please. If you have a game and want more money then the budget then please dont waste both our time by bidding with the message "of course you know this will cost more then my bid". Answer is that we are only interested to buy within the price range set and well give successful candidates priority in future GAF projects.

We consider Browser games, PC Windows and iPhone games.

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Course Management System

Course management system to provide for;

Calendar show available and unavailable training slots
Calendar where people can book themselves and others onto a course

Reports to show who has booked on and who has not and course completion rates

Ability to sent regular email notifications
Ability to export reports
Ability to query all trainees and identify all those who need training
Ability to send emails to all trainees identified as needing training

User management system / access management
Role management system for users
Ability to assign courses for completion to different user roles

This is an extranet facility so it needs to be able to interact / upload data from a third party site. How this interaction works need to be defined and supported. It needs to be secure and effective.

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Illustrated, Painted Photographs For Game Project.

We have several high quality photographs that need to be turned into stylized painted images. The style that the images are done in must be matched.

This is a super cool project.

We can give you an example reference and an example photo and of course we will give you each of the photographs. Each of the images is of a single posed actor.

You will need to fill out a Non Disclosure form and of course a contract for the work.

Each illustration that is accepted will be paid $100 Dollars. There are approximately 15 illustrations and we may give them to multiple candidates.

The designs once submitted will be fully owned by us and can never be used without our consent.

Happy Bidding!

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You Only Need To Call To The U.S.A,

Very simple, I sell a piece of clothing on ebay, but buyers are not satisfied, I am willing to

work with buyers to resolve this problem, but can not contact the buyer,
So I need you to give buyers a call to tell him, you can help me to communicate with buyers,of

course, I am very willing to solve this problem for buyers,
of course ,Of course, if you help me solve this problem, I am happy to pay.
Please note that do not cause inconvenience to the buyer, I need you to communicate to buyers

satisfaction, can not let buyers find objectionable,
If you are willing please contact me, I may not wait until the end of the project will be

decided in advance, please contact me quickly,

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WordPress Site Changes Needed

I have an existing WordPress site that needs some updates and additions.
Need to do the following:

-Change several links with an old affiliate link to a new one
-Add a couple banners with new affiliate link
-When person signs up – need to have an automated email mini course sent (17 day mini course)
-Needs a database to track the new subscribers name and email address
-Add icon to top of page (in the tab)
-One of the page sections needs to be fixed – the formatting is incorrect and the affiliates need to be changed

Budget is $25

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Submit 38 Articles To 5 Directories

I have 38 articles on my ezinearticles account – I just need someone to re-submit them to 5 directories. its just a copy and paste job. the resource boxes must of course have hyperlinked anchor text. I just need you to slightly change the anchor text for each article submission and add the keywords as tags.

You will of course have article submission software.

Please advise how much you would charge. I need this done soon.

The following directories:
[Removed by Admin]

I have logins for these sites – so you just need to add my details to your article submitter.

Regular weekly work possible.



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USA Real Estate Expert Assist With Online Course

I am searching for a Real Estate expert to assist me with the completion of an online course. Must have extensive real estate knowledge as well as a current real estate license for USA.

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Java Project – Threads

For my project I need a Java program that creates 4 different threads. There will be a parent class that will be a "chef." The chef class will have 4 child classes that will represent different dishes (appetizer, main course, dessert, drinks). Each thread will respond to a central clock tick which will represent the time the chef starts cooking the dish to when it is served. The main course should take the longest to cook, followed by the appetizer, than the dessert, than the drinks.

Comments should be included to explain the code.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration!

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