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Crack The Code For US$1000!

I will pay US$1000 for the first person who can crack this code. The US FBI is looking to solve a murder and all they have are these notes.

The first Freelancer to crack this code walks away with US$1000!

In your PM please have the answer. First person to get this right wins!!!

You must be able to demonstrate how you have broken the code!

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Crack A Peice Of Software


I have a trial version of a peice of software which runs on .net

I would like it cracking.

there is a limitation of 20 days and also every 6 messages sent a martketing message is also sent I want this limitation removed

above is the link to the software

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Crack Simple Software To Work Without Onlince Licence Check

I have a software which is a ebay auction software and i also have a valid licence for it But i need this software to be working without licence check. When i open this software it connects to the company server and checks if my licence is valid. If not it will say "Your licence is expired" and will not work… even if my internet connection is not working the program will not start. So i need you to skip this check or remove this check at the start…. because later the program is not checking anything then it is working fine…

Please bid on this project and i will send you the download link to the software. You need to install it and test it if you are able to crack it… after you confirmed you can crack it i will give you the project.

many thanks

01/17/2011 at 15:48 EST:

The company of this software is making new updates like every 1-2 months so i need a way to patch the new .exe file then….the protection will always be same they are just doing some fixes to the .exe file. So after you successfully cracked this application you can teach me how to crack it then i can do it in future update files….

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Software Cracker

Hello i own a few copies of some software and game, as time goes, they seem be unresponsive to my CD-drive, if any software developer could help me make crack or exact copy of the application which runs freely on its own, please apply

you must be highly knowledge and skill at crack up software or application

as well as knows familiar with online application


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Looking For Some One To Crack One Small Software

Looking for some one to crack one small software

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Looking For Someone To Crack A Small Software

Looking for someone to crack a small software, remove the registration function part, and free it.

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Looking For Someone To Crack A Small Software

Looking for someone to crack a small software, remove the registration function part, and free it.

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Need Someone To Crack Software

I need someone to crack a software here is the link to the software

i need the ultimate version.

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I Need To Crack A Rar Archive (Rar V2.9-3.xx)

I need to crack a rar archive (30 mega in size with 2 files inside)

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Reverse Engineer Wanted! Unpack & Crack Vmp2

Hello everyone

If you have high experience/knowledge debuggin,unpacking and cracking software, send PM.

I need some one be able to unpack and crack an app protected with License via HWID and packed with vmp2.x
I want to run it on any computer without license.

Paying 150$ when i see it done and working.

I will send soft via PM. / Send PM with your experience about reverse enginnering.

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Raw PCM Audio Crack

Well we have a file writen from a PIC processor wich is 18F26K20 model. We have a dumped files wich are in a file format only, they dont have any filetype structure but they have sound in them wich is in RAW PCM Audio. I need a person who can decrypt the file and bring it in a state with this parameters |80 Kbps, 10000 Hz, 1 channels, 0x1 = MS PCM, , , Supported| so we can access the audio information.

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Crack Wpa


I just shift my house and I dont have internet yet, I need someone to help me crack wpa key, I have downloaded aircrack, I dont know what to do next, you will walk me through on msn.


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I Need Someone To Crack This Software

I need someone that can crack this software! I already have 1 version but I want to use it 4 computers here is the software

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Money Plus Home & Business Ed. Crack

I need a simple crack for the software in object.
The SW is in end of support from Microsoft.
So I only need to unlock the trial version to continue to use it.

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I Need KIJIJI Autoposter – Crack-howto Info- Whatever- KIJIJ

I need kijiji autoposter – crack-howto info- whatever

before i release escrow I will need to be able to check the software u give me or the code or the how to process and make sure it works.

I need to post ads in kijiji automatically hands free on a schedule. there is software out there for this around 100-200 but can u get for me for less?

Let me know

thank you,

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Torrent Submitter Crack

Need cracker who can crack Torrent Submitter.. Will pay 10$..

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Myspace Friend Adder… Clone Or Crack

I need similar sofware or crack

or anything similar

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Need A Joomla Component/Plugin To Display XML Feed Info

I need a Joomla 1.5 component that will display data from from several XML files to be displayed on different pages.

Concept: This is a small Concert Listing Site for NC, SC and GA.

Basically, all I want to do is display information contained in an XML file in a list on the page. The XML file contais an external link to a ticketing site where the user would then complete the transaction. I would like for this to be searchable by Venue/Date/City/State/Artist.

My Joomla knowledge is Average to Advanced, but im not much of a programmer. Not sure if what im asking for is even possible but thought id throw it out there for you experts.

Please let me know your thoughts or if you would like to take a crack at it.

Heres the API info:

The following attributes are used to generate the appropriate XML file. (different XML file for different search criteria, so ill just d/l the ones I need daily)

Required Filters:
auth = [Your authentication code] ***(ill provide auth codes when you accept the job)

Sample URL:

Optional Filters:
country = [US|CA]
This filter allows you to segment the data by country.

Canada = CA
United States = US

Sample URL:

testMode = [0 or 1]
This option allows unlimited requests per day and returns a limited set of event data. Otherwise, data requests are limited to 200/day

Sample URL:

zip = [US or Canadian Postal code]
This filter allows you to segment the data by zip code or postal code.

Sample URL:

radius = [ 10|25|50|100|150|200 ]
This filter allows you to segment the data by selecting events within a radius of a zipcode or postal code.

Sample URL:

limit = [integer]
This filter allows you to limit the number of events returned.

Sample URL:

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Software Protection Testing

We are wanting someone with Reverse Engineering knowledge to attempt to "crack" our licensing system if successfull advise on better methods?

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NT Hash Crack


I am locked out of my computer. My IT guy found an NT Hash but cannot crack it.

Please post PM and I will send the hash. Payment by PayPal in 10mins after the result sent back to me.

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Google Captcha Crack Needed


we would need a script/function – preferably in PHP – which would be able to automatically read a captcha (OCR) which you can view here (remove "" – signs to view the full url):

We are well aware that this captcha ain´t a really easy one (else we would have probably been able to do ourselves) so we are willing to pay a fair price for that, but your script would need to meed our requirements:

1) No really long processing times for each captcha like 1 second on average would be ok on a dedicated box assigned just for that script – the faster the better

2) Reasonable accurancy, like if 1 out of 5 captchas is correct that would be the minimum, 1 out of 3 even better, and of course if success rate would be higher than 50% that would be great allthough we are aware of the fact that that might be unmanageable so it´s not really needed.

3) Preferably PHP should be used even though this obviously isn´t the best language to do the job. In case one would want to use another language please contact us beforehand about that so we can make sure that our boxes are running these.

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I have a pdf file that i purchased from ebay containing a list of high pr sites. Unfortunately the password is lost. I require somebody that can hack/crack this PDF file.

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URGENT: Security Test: Ethical Hacking On Our Website .ASPX

Hi There,

We have a website that we would want you to try to hack into. Our organization is currently testing our website security.

The website only has USERNAME and PASSWORD. Only if you crack it that you are able to access the website database.

Should you able to hack to our website you will get USD1000 immediately. No questions asked.

We simply need you to tell us how can we improve on our website once you are able to penetrate it.

This is a highly private and confidential project. We will screen through your profile/portfolio before we award the project to you.

I look forward to hear from you.


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ReCaptcha Cracker C#

Im developing an applicaton, and need a class put together thats able to crack ReCaptcha captcha images. I have no time to develop one myself, hence why I am posting here.

I dont need an app developing, just the class file/s. I do expect to see a working example.

I need it asap. The developer must be familiar with ReCaptcha and captcha and cracking them.

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2D Blanking Process Simulation

I need the complete solution on 2D Blanking process simulation and crack propogation simulation for my thesis work.
I would like to know if anyone is interested on a given model for the 2D Blanking simulation.
I am planning to publish the paper on the results of my work. Hence I am ready to put the name in authors list.
I would prefer the bids with more specific description of…
1. Approach to solve the problem.
2. How will you simulate the crack propagation?
3. Which software you will use for analysis?

I will need the complete code.

This work need to be done ASAP…..

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Crack Passwords In 2 RAR Files


If you have experience, good dictionaries and computer power please find 2 passwords for RAR files from

I suggest brute force method after you use your all dictionary (I dont know how long passwords I use to pack these files)

I will not pay more than $30 for this easy job


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Replica Of Recipe Site Portal

Need someone to build a recipe portal site like this:

Before you send me the bids .. Please look at the following::

*) Tell us what is the best way and how will you crack this proejct using PHP, javascript, mysql,css (+ whatever)

Timeline: 1 week

Budget : 200$ (Negotiable)

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