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Image Streaming For Website

To create some code or lift from somewhere else, a widget to stream our images from flickr into our website. Its a regular html tabular style website built with dreamweaver.

id like the images to appear larger, formatted better and when clicked on, enlarged in some manner – but not to link back to flickr.

Not to include any logos of third party suppliers

A widget i can feed different images dependant on tags or something similar

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Website Design

Hi need a very simple website like this one
I will provide the images and the link to go with each image, plus the code for the search box.

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50 New WordPress websites NEEDED

I need to have 50(fifty) websites created with WordPress. I will tell you the domain names and the niches. You need to create the logo, add images, link video and link the clickbank products, write 10 unique aritcles (or outsource them). Here are examples similar to the types of sites that I need: (these are not my sites and are only examples):

Please ask questions before bidding. I am looking to flip these sites, so please impress me with other options or ideas that you have plug-ins for….I need to see examples before you would start.

This could be a long term relationship.

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