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CL Posting


I would like to post my ad under Computer Service and Creative Service in 20 different cities. 20 ads per day. 6 days per week.

Nothing pay for Ghost Ad but Flagged is ok.

Please PM me your price. I am looking for someone who can do this for us long term. The last guy stopped after a week. Please only reply if you know how to do it. Thanks!

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Need Bookmarking And Forum Posting


I need a company or individuals who can provide us a services in forum posting and bookmarking. All is to make one xml file and sent it to us. we have lot of sites. So, you need to bookmarks in different bookmarking site only one or two in one site and other and same is for forum posting.

Let me know your price and how many forum posting and bookmarks u can provide in one day or week.

Note: Also specify me how you index your bookmarks in search engine after submitting.

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CL Posting Craigslist

I need a team of people to post on CL in HOUSING / apts/housing for rent section

I pay $0.10-$0.20 per post

i need 100-200 posts per day 7 days per week

you must know what you are doing

you must have pva etc.

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CL Posting For Urgent

Its a urgent for me and need a 5 sample for it. every CL posting is $1. need 30-50 Ads per dasy

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CL Posting – All Day Tuesday

As Discussed.

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Craigslist Posting

Needs posters on craigslist for two different posting job, experience a must and must have your own cl account and ips.
30-40 ads per day, not paying more than $1 for each ad

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Looking For Professional Craigslist Posting Service

Hi there we are looking for professional craigslist posting service

-No ghosting (will not be paid)
-PVAs must be provided by you
-Looking to do about 50 postings a day

Please let me know your rate, and when you can start

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Craigslist Posting = 50+ Ads Per Day/Create Nice AD Banner

I am looking for an experienced Craigslist poster, who can also create (A Stand-Out) Nice Click-Able Ad Banner, (that directs to my website).

I need 50+ ads posted in multiple cities within the USA per day. You will be posting ads in Several different cities in the Financial and Real Estate Sections. I will provide you a list of cities.

I will provide you a basic text for the ad. Your software must be able to supply keyword, etc. to make them stick.

I will not provide you any PVA or IP proxy. You need to have them ready.

Payments will be on a weekly basis (at the end of each work week).

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Craigslist Posting Project 100+ Ads Per Day

I am looking for an experienced craiglist poster who can posts adds in multiple cities for me within USA. You will be posting ads on 12 different cities in the Housing (Vacation Rental) section & the Services (Travel & Vacation), along with For Sale (tickets & general). I will provide you a list of cities once you submit a bid.
I will provide you a basic text for the ad and URL rotating pics. Your software must be able to rotate, keyword, etc. to make em stick.

I will not provide you any PVA or IP proxy. You need to have them ready.

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Post 3 Ads On CraigsL Per Day

I need 3 posts a day in 3 different Housing subcategories in Mobile, Alabama, DAILY!

This area (Mobile Alabama housing) could be hard to post so I need a very dedicated and experienced person who can do the job without ads getting ghosted.

Must have experience posting on Craigslist. Ghosted ads and flagged ads need to be replaced and reposted or else ghosted ads will not be paid.

Report to us daily.

Pay rate $2.50 per post ( $7.5 for 3 live ads everyday )

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Craigslist Posting

Craigslist Suppliers

To post listings on Craigslist

Require own accounts and ip solution

1-250+ postings per day

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Looking for the following:

– Experienced Craigslist poster
– Have your own IP solution and PVAs
– Must have capacity to post 50 ads per day in 25 different cities
– Post in USA major cities, housing section and autos for sale
– I will provide ads
– Reliable and experienced only, must be available by messenger 8h day
– Will pay for live ads only, no ghost or removed ads
– long term if good performance

* Let me know bid per 100 ads.
* Let me know your posting method and your IP solution

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Experienced CL posters for Casual Encounters

Please Note : Only serious bidders bid on ths project.

Dear GAF Professionals,

I am in need of serious craigslist posters. Long term project, looking forward to post 2000+ ads by the end of this month, so in total you can make more than $500 every month.

40-100 ads/day.

Important Points :

1.) Ability to post atleast 500 ads/week

2.) Payment will be based only on live ads and not on ghosted or flagged ads.

3.) Everyday reporting for the postings in .xls fromat

4.) Ability to Switch IPS and your own PVAs

5.) Adding your own content(only text no images) to the adds to make it more SEO friendly and attractive.

6.) Prior experience in the casual encounter, free stuff and general category is preferred.

My budget is $0.15 – $0.25/ posting depending on your quality of work. If your expectations are higher than this please do not waste your time in bidding.

Payment option :

Weekly payments via Paypal.

PM for more details.




I am also looking for someone who can generate around 5000 response each day to the ads posted. My budget for the responses is $20/1000 responses.

Happy Bidding.

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Craigslist partner wanted

Looking for a partner to split profits 50/50. Y

You need to be able to post 300 ads per day with your own ips and accounts.

Make up to $5,000 a week!

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CraigsList Post requried – $1 per live ad

I need one CL Poster and have to post 30 ads per day.

title/description will be provided you have to use your own IP/PVA etc..


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Craigslist Poster – Experienced

We are looking to post roughly 50 ads daily in 40 different cities on craigslist Sales jobs area for a period of 4 days = 250 posts and need somebody ASAP.

We would like to do a 2 day trial at first and will give you repeat work after that.

The ad must last 12 hours – if it is flagged or removed it must be reposted.
It must not be ghosted.

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high volume craigslist poster

Post 100 ads per day (mon – friday) in Craiglist services sections. This is a continuous process

*Must have own pva accounts
*Must send buyer daily posting results report
*Must follow posting instructions exactly
*Post must last 12 hours live without being flagged/ghosted to be paid

Please submit your bid for each week of work (500 posts)

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Experienced Craigslist Poster

We are looking to post roughly 50 ads daily in 40 different cities (heavy traffic cities we want posted twice/day) on craigslist Sales jobs area for a period of 6 days = 300 posts.

The ad must last 12 hours – if it is flagged or removed it must be reposted.
It must not be ghosted.

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CL Posting

I have a 4 different ads x 15 posting per day x 7 days
to be posting in CL (NY only). I need a someone who can write the title & content (few sentences) and meets CL TOU.

I need a person ASAP!!

please send me an email for more details.

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Mass EMAIL Sender and YOUtube poster to post 1000 videos on youtube all with my link

IM Looking for someone experience can send out mass emails 10,000-100,000 emails. And it isnt spam these are scrubbed can spam compliant email addresses. Sender must be able to get the email into the recipients INBOX no unexperienced sender

I also need someone to post 100- 1000 videos on youtube with my link attached. Experienced posters only please

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Adult traffic.. 1000-3000 vistors per day..200-600 free sign ups per day

We need a steady high volume of quality traffic for our adult website. Traffic must be real with unique IP from US. Every 1:20 visitor needs to be a free sign up as well. We will supply you with the website and you must bring real traffic to the website whatever method you can with and atleast 5% free signup ratio. PM regarding signups… Signups can be fake but traffic must be unique and genuine. PM for details

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CL Craigslist Poster

I need someone to Post 2 different ads in Different categories on Craigs List.

Locations: all cities in FLORIDA, USA

I understand the Ghosting Craigs List does and you can not have any duplicate type things in ad like , email and/or same phone number, links, etc.

You must have a way to get around Ghosting (ad not appearing)

I can provide 100 to 200 different images per day from one of the photo storages like photobcket etc the Image I understand can not be linked to an HTML web site either because this again would be duplicate info so the image can not be linked —

YOU tell me what you can do to get 100 to 200 ads a Day Posted thats 4 to 8 ads per day in each city above:

I dont pay upfront for this plan:

Lets start making money – if you are experienced Craigs List Poster please bid on placing 1,000 ads on CL for me.

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I am looking for experienced craigslist posters who can post 100-300 ads/day in for sales, housing, and community sections. You must have PVAs and USA IPs.
Ill not pay for ghosted ads. Ads should be live for 24 hours. Ill pay 0.25 cents per post.

Need 67 ads per day * 30 days (mon to sun) *0.25per ad = $ 502.5 per month.

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POTENTIAL Project: Need to post 70 ads per day for Canada’s and USA’s sites Kijiji + CraigList CL


I want to have QUOTES for a POTENTIAL project.

Your quote will help me to know if my project can be profitable or not, and if I can afford to go forward with it.

Help me fill my posting needs!

10 posts for Canada cities on
25 posts for USA cities on

10 posts for Canada cities
25 posts for USA cities

So, its 70 posts total for a day or 2100 posts in one month.

Depending on your price and how many postings a day you can do, I MAY want more posting in more cities and/or more than once a day.

Im looking for experienced Kijiji and CL posters, and I may need your expertise for consultation before doing the posts. Im also looking for a cheap quote price.

Tell me what is your price and what part of the project you can handle(Kijiji AND/OR Craiglist – Canada AND/OR USA).

Please quote for a block of 500 ads. This is for a POTENTIAL job.

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Special Post to razib1099

As Per discuss

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Need EXPERIENCED Craigslist Poster

I need an EXPERIENCED Craigslist poster CL Poster. I just recently put up a website that I am trying to drive traffic to. It is a simple blogspot page, and I need these ads posted in the services section of major cities in Craigslist, CL.

You MUST be EXPERIENCED, have automated systems or programs that can post 150 ads a day for 5 days. Ads must STICK for a reasonable amount of time. YOU need to have your own set up to make this work, PVAs, Multiple Emails, Technology to prevent ghosting and flagging and ability to allow a clickable link to be posted in the ad. I will need your suggestions on whether it should be a picture link or url link.

If you DO NOT have that ability to do the above stated please do not respond. I JUST set up the website with no other advertising so it will be VERY easy to track the success of this campaign.

What I need: 150 ads per day for 5 days in the services section (marketing, business) of major cities. I will pay $0.06 per ad at the end of the week via PayPal.

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Posting of Classified Ads on Kijiji and CL(500 postings)

We need someone who posts 500 Free Classified Ads on Kijiji — see

The ads are almost always the same but in different areas and categories. We will provide you the text of the ads to post. You use always the same login.

The postings should be made on, but dont worry, well show you exactly by screen shots how to do it. After you are done, send us a report with URLs of your postings.

I need craigslist ads to be placed daily about 200 ads daily. Which would be about 5200 ads per month.

This could be an ongoing job for continous postings. If you are interested in long term cooperation this project can be good start for you.

Thank you for your bids!

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Need a Craigslist Poster

We require a cost-effective professional expert Craigslist posting service NOW!

The project is long term and will grow in time. I need you to post ads every day to the US cities. PVA-s maybe needed if posting is in the jobs or services section…


1. You must be able to post at least 25+ posts daily…
2. You have all the systems in place for successful posting (US IP-switch, gmail addresses, etc).
3. You can achieve a high stick rate with your posting methods.
4. You have good knowledge and experiences on CL posting.
5. You are well organized and pay attention to details.
6. You are able to answer my IMs and communicate in good times.
7. You agree to do a small free trial.
8. You provide daily verified links that stick at least 12 hours
9. You provide the PVAs if needed to post in a given section..
10. You need to be able to post to all sections on CL except erotics…

* I will provide you with all the unique headlines and ads.
* My budget will be about $1.00 per posted ad.
* This is a very good opportunity for the right service provider – high-volume and long-term!
* Payments through Paypal, and ePassporte communication through email and IM.

In your bid please confirm that you understand and are able to fulfill the requirements and also give me as much information about your service as possible.

Bid well!

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Im looking for Craiglist and Kijiji posters who may have to post atleast 100 ads in craiglist in all the states daily and in kijiji the same…

It will be in housing section

Kindly bid per post, 100 postings in a day is minimum…

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