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10 Articles Needed ASAP


I am looking for a professional writer to write me 10 articles asap!


*Absolutely NO article spinning. All articles will be checked with Copyscape.
*Spelling, grammar and punctuation must be completely correct.
*Keyword density should be at 2-3 percent(keywords provided upon hire)
*I retain 100% exclusive rights to the articles. You agree not to reuse or redistribute article content for any other purpose.

I will provide you the topics and the keyword for each topic.

Article only needs to be between 350 – 450 words.
Real easy!

Job needs to completed within 2 days!

Please dont apply if you cant deliver on time.
If all goes well there will be more work for full time.

Please repsond and apply with your bid per article and when you can deliver.

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Article Writing

I need a specialist in writing niche articles, which means that the articles will be posted in thematic blogs. The size of the article is 240-260 symbols, plus several links you have to indicate to it. the price for one article = $2. The project is over on Sunday, I will need several writers to complete the load of 100 articles. Only unique articles passing copyscape will be accepted, plagiarism will be checked at the special software. Topics: US hotels, fashion, collections, anime fims, rock concerts, exotic countries. Candidates who want to work on the project should indicate the topic on which they want to work, and the amount of articles they will be able to post daily

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Writers Needed1

I need writers. Native writers will have more chances of winning this bid. For 500 words, you will earn $2. Topics will vary greatly, but you have always some time for research. Payment via paypal

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Article Require

Dear Hillary,

I am friend of Kusuma. I need article for 800 words/ $ 3 per article and the article should have 8 keywords on it and I need the article within 3 days.

– unique and original
– able to pass CopyScape
– keyword-rich (2-3%) and SEO optimized
– free of spelling or grammatical errors
– informative and entertaining

* Payment will be made via paypal on completion of each set of articles.
* You will be paid after your first 10 articles. are completed
* I shall provide you with the article topics/ keywords/
* articles must be 100% original & copyscape free.
* Must be able to interact with me once or twice daily online via email or messenger.
* Bid and pm me with a sample of your work. It must be your work.

A waiting for your response.


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Keyword Research, Article Writing And Ezine Submission

As discussed, Private for Shagtm.

Keyword Research, Article Writing and Ezine Submission for 120 articles in the Internet Marketing Nitch.

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Research Statistics On 2 Topics – Bullying And Multimedia

I need someone to conduct thorough reseach on two topics related to a new product I am developing. I dont need it in a formalised format – just the facts (dot point format is ok) and the source of the information.

Topic 1 – Bullying facts
(My focus is on children 4 – 8 years old so please be sure to include substantiated facts on what can happen if we dont educate children on the harful effects of bullying from an early age)
What are the statistics on bullying in young children
What is bullying behaviour known to result in (the harmful effects)
What are the statistics on boys vs girls
How does it vary from one country to the next.
What are parents doing to help children who are being bullied – what help is out there?

Topic 2 – Interactive multimedia for young children
What resources are being used in classrooms (online interactive resources) with young children (under age of 8)
Are parents buying that sort of thing for their kids?
How much are parents prepared to spend on educational resources for their children.
How many children under the age of 8 are using computers? or know how to use computers?

The research conducted should be international with a focus on the USA, UK, NZ, Canada and Australia.
The completed report must be in English and the source of information must be referenced.

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Create Article From Content Writing

We have a unique product that needs about 5 articles to be written. The keyword for the product is unique so it shouldnt be hard to do. The industry that we are in is Vitamins.

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Article Writer Needed (Interesting Topic)

Need Article writer for 12 articles on specific keywords. Articles need to be 1000 words each and pass copyscape.

I will send details on the keywords needed and topic to the writer. Im not looking for a keyword stuffed articles. Need to be interesting, and informative.

I have more work if you are successful with this project.

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Need 7 Ezine Articles

I need 7 quality articles related to my keywords. Each article needs to be 500 or a little more words in length. All 7 articles must be original and unique and are structurally and grammatically correct. I will provide keywords that each articles should cover.

I will pay $2 per article for a total of $14. Payment will be via PayPal. Four of these articles are for a dog training website, one article will be for a pregnant mothers product, one article will be for weight loss for women, and the last article will be for fly fishing. All of the 7 articles will be about different topics so you will need to do research regarding dog training, pregnant mother product,weight loss for women, and fly fishing. Once chosen for the project I will send you a Word document with the headlines and keywords to use.

I need these articles written in 2 -5 days. Also I need an English speaking person who is excellent with the English language and English grammar. These articles need to make sense when read. These articles need to be copyscape free. I will not pay until I have checked the articles for copyscape. Send samples of your previous work to be considered.

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Keyword Relevant Article

I needed 400 words articles for my site page, around 20 articles I required. My budget is $30 for 20 articles. My keyword is "government seized cars auction" . Please write a sample article to review your ability.

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Research Paper On 2 Topics

Its not a complicated paper to be done should not take more than 1 or 2 days max each topic should not be more than 4 pages and not less than 2 pages

The two topics are

Beowulf /Windows – Clusters

P2P:Napster/Gnutela, Bit-Torrent

the outline for the papers

Introduction: The main highlights of the topic and why this topic was chosen.

Body: Review points related to the topic. Assume that the reader is not at all familiar
with the topic being discussed. There is no need to discuss complex underlying technical
details. However, the relationship between Distributed Computing and your topic should
be emphasized.

Conclusion: Closing statements. Mention periodicals and other sources used in the
course of your research.

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BULK ARTICLE WRITING PROJECT—75 ARTICLES IN 5 DAYS. Writing Teams needed preferably !!!

We at Poweronics are looking for writers/team of writers for a bulk article writing project of 75 articles in total.
The project consisits of 50,300 words articles for Ezine submission and 25,500 words articles on specific topics/keywords.Pay is $0.75 for 300 words articles and $1 for 500 words articles.Payment through paypal ONLY after checking/approval of articles.
It has to be done in MAXIMUM 5 days so we will prefer writers/team of writers who can deliver in this time.
More work will follow after these 75 articles, for suitable bidder/provider chosen for this project.
Please bid MAXIMUM $63(0.75×50=37.5$ and 25×1=25$)or less,if feasible.
Bids above this amount will be IDNORED.

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—BULK ARTICLE WRITING PROJECT—225 ARTICLES. WritingTeams are needed preferably.

We at Poweronics are looking for writers/team of writers for a bulk article writing project.
The project consisits of 150,300 words articles for ezine submission and 75,500 words articles on specific topics/keywords.Pay is $0.75 for 300 words articles and $1 for 500 words articles.Payment through paypal ONLY after checking/approval of articles.
It has to be done in 5-10 days so we will prefer writers/team of writers who can deliver in this time.
More work will follow after these 225 articles for suitable bidders/providers.
Please bid MAXIMUM $188(0.75×150=112.5$ and 75×1=75$)or less.Bids above this amount will be IDNORED.

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+++Reviews and Articles Needed+++

Hello, please read through all the information given before bidding.

Job Description

What you will be doing is typing articles for a unreleased website, that will be opening sometime in the next three months. I need articles to be listed on the site as it is starting up. The article topics you will be typing will be provided by me. 10 of the article topics are listed at the bottom of this project.

Job Statistics

Time Limit……….7 days
Articles Needed………50
Article Length………450 – 500 words
Pay Type……….a one time payment of $40(or less, depending on bidders) once job is finished
Contact……….email or gmail talk


– Must pass CopyScale/CopyRight Frag. I will be submitting the articles to EzineArticles for grading. I do this so I know that the article is not stolen from someone else and it is in proper English.
– Spell check your work. Proper English grammar. Any errors will just delay things.
– You agree that the rights of the articles are given to me
– SEO is needed for all articles!
– Project must be finished in 5 days or less AND you must email me at least 10 articles a day.
– Type the articles in MS Word. I use MS Word 2007.
– For each article you write, include a 1-2 sentence summary. (This does not include the total amount of words in your actual article)


1)You type articles on topics I have already picked and send them to me through email. (A minimum of 10 a day, for 5 days) For some articles, you may need to find information about the topic. So research might also be a task. Varies with different bidders.

2)Once I receive the articles, I will submit them to get graded by EzineArticles. This may take 1-3 days.

3)After all 50 articles have been graded and approved, I will send your $40 payment via paypal.

Extra) If I liked your work, I may rehire you. Before the site is released I need 500 articles. So I am looking to rehire.

Article Examples

*Here are 10 out of the 50 articles I need typed, just to get a basic idea*

Review on the Medication Vyvanse
Review on the acne system called Murad
Review on the New 2010 Volvo XC60
Review on the 2007 Audi a6
Review on the medication Focalin
Review on the Blackberry storm
Review on the TomTom GPS
Review on Mastros Steakhouse Restaurant
Review on MIO GPS
Review on the pioneer plasma screen tv (any size, bigger = better)

Good luck to the bidders.

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30 Medical Articles needed. $2.00 per article, 350-500 words per article:

I need good writers to write health / medical related articles. I will provide the topic. Need you to write new articles by yourself. All finished articles must 100% pass copyscape. I will refuse to pay if this requirement is not met. The articles must have correct grammar, punctuation and spelling, the content must be concise and must exhibit a coherent theme.

The articles must be content rich, original and informative.
Articles must be 100% manually written and not rewritten using any software (I can easily see the difference between a manually rewritten article vs. software rewritten article)

Keywords need to embedded naturally in the article 3 to 5 times.

This job is based on Copyright laws and guidelines; copyrights will be fully transferred to me after you receive the payment; you will NOT be permitted to reproduce, reprint, resell, or lease the articles to your other clients

Your Areas of Expertise Should Include: Article Writing, Content Writing, Keyword Research skill, health related working or writing experience.

My budget is $2 dollar each article, 400 words or more. You need to submit all 30 articles to me within 2-3 days.
I will give you a test article to write when you win the bid.

Please place your bid for 30 health articles writing.

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