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Research Websites And Create Database In Excel

I need a person to research some specific childcare websites based in Australia and collect specified data on businesses. The data then needs to be keyed into a simple excel spreadsheet for future telemarketing.

Data includes. web address, business name, businesses address(es), contact name, contact email, contact phone numbers + various service description fields.
We estimate aprox 300 results.
Must be able to complete this project in 10 days.
If you are successful in this role, there will be many other research opportunities with us.

You must have an excellent understanding of the English language.
Be familiar with researching / searching English website content
Be resourceful
Have excellent working knowledge of excel
100% accuracy of data entry / attention to detail.

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Twitter Automatization Program


I want a software i can run in my PC whit an icon on my screen

the software need to do this:

1) log on on diferent twitter accounts at the same time

2) allow me to chose a twitter acount and make a data base of the followers of the account i chose

3) make diferent messages and change messages

4) each account i chose to send messages to the follower list that i chose send one mention to this follower only

5) never repeat a mention to the same follower only one mention

6) because i have diferent accounts for example 10, and i select a follower list of a user that have 1000 followers, then the system has to separate this follower list in 10, so each account will send 100 mentions to complete the message to the followers complete list.

7) the automatic mention can only send one mention per minute, i dont want to break twitter rules, 60 mention per hour by each twitter account that i have.

8) if it is posible to send more mention by hour tell me i dont know exactly the twitter rules but i know i can not send to many a short period of time.

9) when the task is finish the system has to alert me to chose a second twitter account and begin to send the mentions to thhis second list.

10) if a user repeat in the second list it has to do not send the message to this user i dont want to send 2 times the mention to the same user, so the system has to create a database to check it do not repeat.

11) my pc runs windows vista basic

12) the number of follower of the users i chose may be different between 500 followers to one million followers but i will work whit diferent accounts.

i hope i explain cleary the project if i didnt send me a message

thank you

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Flex Excel Sheet Upload

I have a running FLEX app that is clean coded and functional. It shows all of the countries and users can select variable and zoom the selected and get other information. I want to add the functionality where a user can login and upload an excel spreadsheet and add a variable to be mapped. The uploaded excel spread sheet would conform to simple parameters and then be posted for checking and upload.

You can see the working app here:

let me know of your interest

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Job Offer Posted On .ru .ua .cz .sk .hu Forums / Newspapers

We need somebody to post our job offer into newspapers , forums and databases in the folowing countrys.
.ru .ua .sk .cz .hu .de .rs

We provide you with the text .

Pleace state witch country you can cover.

Your bid is for 100 confirmed posts.

Playment is done via Freelancer after job is done.

You will provide an textfile with links to the Posts.

NO Spam !!!

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DataBase / Excel Help

I have about 32000 records in an excel file. Each record has about 15 columns.

About 12000 records are duplicate and a few records even appears 3 times. I can remove the duplicates by sorting the records by "name feild" and then find duplicates by formulas.

But, the problem is that in the duplicate records, the other 15 feilds are not same for all duplicates.

For eg.

Cell number A1 and A2 are duplicate, But Cell A1, A2…and B1, B2 are not same. Some data is in row A and some data is in Row B.

I need help in merging those records. For eg. if Row A1 is blank and B1 has the data, then I need the B1 data merged into A1. If both feilds have data, then I need data combined from both feilds.

This should be very easy who know the excel and database things.

Once this is done, I may also need you to do a cleanup with the database and convert to mysql format. But, this will be another project.

Let me know if you dont understand anything. Easy $30 for someone who is capable.

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Facebook API

We need (2) widgets done for Facebook API. We have a flash calendar system and would liek to give our clients ability to post the calendar as a tab on their facebook page through FBLM. We would also like to create a smaller calendar widget that can be posted through their news feed.

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I need someone to configure some services in a VPS (Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, several choices from VPS vendor)

– Setting up a openvpn server.
– Install Django + Apache + Python 2.6 + Mysql
– Restore a mysql database (1MB size), create 3 users
– Create 2 system users + 2 groups.
– Load a very small django app which has been already tested in a local ubuntu linux box.

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Facebook / Iphone / Twitter Application Expert

Hello World,

If you have done several applications for facebook or iphone please share with me your past work.

I have a few websites where my members can post up their items. I want to have application(s) where people will be able to search and post items, and share with friends…..I will explain more in detail if I feel you are the right person/team.

Thank you.

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Excel to website content

I have a excel database of 33,000 zip codes with town and city name.
I need to create a web page for each of these, but because the will only be two different types of different data i need a way of creating more content for each page.

I am thinking of using various inserted data like, rss or google maps.

Please bid on the prodject based on making these pages and also making xml sitemap, good link structure and also mod re write for generated pages.

I will also only give to exerienced person that can prove similar type of work.

This must also include basic page design and completion within 14 days.

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Create short clipps/slide pictures

Create 10 clips and post them each to most importatnt 8-15 videosharing sites … Regards

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Forums Poster

Im need someone that can post multiple times on diffrent forums daily. You need to be able to speak VERY good english!! I will provide you with the forum, you just signup and make the post of what I tell you to post.

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Social Bookmarking

Looking for someone who can post to social bookmark sites for us.


and others that are pr5 or better that allow follow tags

Must be able to improve ranking of each to atleast 50 (diggs,shouts,props ect.) using different email addresses and ips. Mutliple urls and keywords will be provided.

Will pay by paypal, per keyword.

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Financial Profile on Social Networks

We need to create profiles of our Financial Website ( on all the major social networks on the web. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The profiles need to be attractive and have many fans and followers. All the information can be taken from our website

Dicussion boards must be on the site as well, where people can post their financial opinions and thoughts.

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