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IPhone & IPad App For Children

I am building a simple children application where users would get to match vehicles to their correct destination

Each screen would display a vehicle with 3 choices of destination. For example, a police car with a hospital, police station and fire station. If the user drags the police car to the police station, it will trigger a correct answer and the screen will display the words police station with applause. Otherwise, if the user drags it to the wrong destination, it will trigger an error sound.

I would have at least 20 such vehicles for the user to play. The first 5 would be free while there will be an in-app purchase after the 5 vehicles to unlock the rest of the app.

Developer must have experience in successful application development and in particular, in app purchase functionality. You will also be required to test the application aggressively for bugs and be responsbile for any updates due to programming error if required. I will keep 20% of the payment in milestone upon successful publishing of the app for a period of 14 days to ensure that the app is free of programming bugs.

Please submit your best 3 apps that you have developed for consideration.

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Iphone SIP Dialer

Create Iphone SIP dialer,

-runs in back ground recieving calls with push notifications
-Multiple Call support, Call Waiting, Conferencing, transfer
-G729 Audio Codec
-Voicemail Button that calls a voicemail extension
Missed/Recieved Calls
Intergrates with Iphone Contacts

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Iphone 2D Game – Game Art, Levels, Models, Characters


I need 2D artist to create :
-5 different cartoon-style levels for Iphone 2D game (based on the photos I provide),
-8 different cartoon-style characters for the game (also based on the photos I provide),
-a map with those 5 different locations (somthing like a map in FlickFishing),
-cartoon-style Home screen (Play, Practice, Options, Help, etc)

Please provide some examples of your previous work.

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MMORPG WoW Classic

Looking for Programmers who can work for me

Its a Free Classic Wow project
based on the Emulator Mangos.

We need the programmers to fix the bugs in the core btw game and make the core more stable. The Server works with the client and its possible to play the game but there is to many bugs!

We also need a Website programmer to create a awesome page for this project. We just looking for 2-3 Programmers

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Updates For My Iphone Apps

I would like to update my iphone app based on what users have been telling me to update. The names of my apps are the following, so you can find them on the store. You can download the free versions so you will know what Im talking about. The names are:

Ultimate Hypnosis App
Ultimate Hypnosis App – Lite
Weight Loss Hypnosis Program – Ultimate
Ultimate Weight Loss – Lite

I believe I worded those correctly. But you should find them if you know how to look. I need to do the following to all four of these apps:

Fix a bug where the "Go to sleep afterwards" plays instead of the "Wake up refreshed" audio content.
Make the play and pause buttons bigger.
Add a "back" button to the last page.
Add a Twitter and Facebook plugin to the last page so people can share their experiences with the app.
Make is so my apps show up when people search the "iPad" apps. I would like to have my apps fit an iPad screen if someone purchases my app with an iPad. I know that people who have iPads can purchase iphone apps too, but I want my app to be more iPad friendly. So all I would need is for you to change the screen so it fits, I could provide some new graphics if needed but if they just stretched to fit that would be fine. And it is very important that my apps SHOW UP under the iPad app search. I dont mind if I have to create whole new apps to make that happen. Just let m eknow what I need to do.

Thank you and happy bidding. Looking to get started very quickly.

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Audio Play Button

I have a blog site call and we want to be able to do audio interviews and play them in our posted blog articles. I had a freelance make me one earlier this year but for some reason it would not play in several browsers, which is very annoying to our viewers. I need one very simular to the ones found on these pages;

I need this done asap

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Create App For Iphone And Andriod

Need an App that when an text message is sent or received or a telephone call is sent or received the APP will check to GPS to see if the phone is moving faster then 8 miles per hour the phone will be blocked from sending or receiving text messages as well as telephone calls. Only Emergency calls to police can be made. The App can not be removed unless a password is entered. The purpose of this app is to stop people from texting and talking on there phone when they are driving. A parent will put the app on the phone and the child can not remove the app unless the parent enters a secret password.

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Simple IPhone App No.2

I would like to get an app. that will have a "play button" on the center of the screen, to play a .pls (stream) and a volume control below that. I will give you the background image and the little app logo, if possible Id like to have a button (link) for my webpage.

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Youtube To Iphone 3gs

I wana upload youtube videos direct from borwser while playing to the iphone thru my iphone cable.

so when i open youtub i play any song there shud b a button say upload to iphone so song first download to local pc then upload to iphone thru cable , so all this go auto ..

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JobBank IPhone Apllication

We want an medical job search app:

The content comes from our MySQL database.

the MySQL jobs table:

jobSpecialism (unique names, aprox 50)
jobProvince (unique names, aprox 14)

The homepage:
– Choose Specialism
(only the specialisms which have jobs)

– Choose Province
(only provinces which have jobs)

– seach button based on specialism and province

Furthermore the app must contain the same options (exerpt for the phone option) as:

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Social Marker Clone

Im looking someone to clone I want all features that they show and want an admin area where I can add new social websites.

We want you to create the social button to.

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Iphone App – Reservation Availability

Create iphone app to search reservation availability

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