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Real Estate Book – Combination Fiction / Self-help Style.

Need a creative and straight-forward dynamic writer with sorting and research skills to assist me in writing a book on the current real estate market in the US (and perhaps globally as well) and how anyone can use my techniques, technologies and methodology to sell their home and quick and for maximum dollars. Main use of the book will be for a sales tool however I anticipate it could turn out to appeal to a wider audience as well.
Looking for a super-star willing to work on a budget. More projects to follow.

Already have quite a lot of pieces written (needs to be compiled and placed into a good workable order), ideas flowing, and concepts in mind.

The book doesnt have to be large nor drone on and on with meaningless dribble and fluff. It will read like a novel but will be very instructive as well. In the self-help, self development theme.

Format I have in mind is one where we tell a story about a fictitious character (based in large part on my own experiences and lessons learned, deals Ive completed, real live examples, etc) like non-fiction in perhaps every other chapter. Alternate chapters will be instructive much like fiction / textbook / seminar workbook. And / Or perhaps we just add in a re-cap / summary section at the end of each chapter on lessens attained, etc.

Must be filled with statistical data about history of the real estate market place and where weve come as well as references to where were heading and solution therein. Graphs and charts skills will be a big plus as well.

May also want to gain permission from other authors to utilize a few quotes, info and data, etc. and will be adding in many resources like websites, companies to utilize for tools, tips, etc.

While Id like to get the project done relatively quickly Im also not in a huge rush. We can take some time to get it right. Also, candidate must be a good organizer.

Please let me know your thoughts and any previous work product would be great to share as well.

Thank you!

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We need a WordPress template built or adapted to the site.

Need clients to be able to sign up for account and profile

mysql server with a form so that clients can enter property information, pictures, video and maybe html tag. need a standard page that is created for each property once form is filled out and submitted and that is posted in a blog roll with a thumbnail and a brief excerpt. Also will need a print funtion that prints a formatted flyer for every property.

Property search form on index
Piecemaker on index
header, footer and Facebook and twitter links to accounts
4 newest blog post on index page
among some other formattting which I will go into detail with winning bid

need a custom background for Facebook and Twitter

also would like a way for someone to subscribe to the property posting and be notified everytime a property that meets their requirements is posted

need advertising space on every page also need a page for selling ad space on site with credit cards and paypal.

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Blog Articles For Real Estate Business Site

I require Three (3) posts for my personal blog: It is a wordpress blog and author username and password will be provided.

The content must be greater than 300 words per article and be written in perfect UK/AU english.

The content subjects may be from any of the following categories and be relevant to Australia or New Zealand markets only. No international content.:
1. Owning or running a real estate business
2. Current Real Estate or Mortgage Market Conditions in Australia or New Zealand
3. Real Estate Franchise group news
Reviewing my current articles may assist you with any questions on content.

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Project For Edata 1

600 links bookmarking

title: Cape Town Property for sale
Keyword: cape town property
desc: Cape Town Property is known as some of the best. Mansions look upwards to the mountains and many have fantastic views over the sea. Many famous people have bought real estate in the area. Further away are splendid wine farms.

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Programmers Needed, Asp. Real Estate Website, Youtube Site

Looking for web programmers, to build a real estate website like Another project is to build a website like Youtube. I have other projects as well. Please let me know your rates and sample work. Thank you.

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Link Building For US Real Estate Related Site

Need backlinks to a real estate Website from 100 domains.

What we looking for

– Permanent links
– Page Rank minimum 2 is for page that has the backlink – NOT the homepage or other page on the site.
– Niche: real estate, texas, home development, home decoration, mortgage
– Do follow links
– Only backlinks from English Websites.
– Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, MSN and Yahoo within last 30 days.
– Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
– No links from "under construction" pages.
– No sites which ask for money later.
– No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, Free For All websites, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites. No Paul and Angel profile links
– All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links from relevant websites.
– Links must be static HTML links. Including the target keywords I provide in anchor text.
– Links must be permanent, if deleted within 30 days, must be replaced for free.
– Detailed Excel file to be provided by you with all linking posts URLs once work is finished to be checked before payment.
– Will provide you with the anchor text you need to use and any other relevant information.

Please include the following in your proposal:

1) Sample websites for the link building SEO work you have done
2) Three main strategies you used in any of the sample websites to build links
3) Five keywords and related pages for which you did the link building work

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Real Estate Site

Looking for someone to design and develop and realestate website. The purpose is to sell realestate, where users can upload the houses/sections etc…

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Real Estate Site

Hi guys,

I recently purchased a real-estate script. Now, I want it to look like You need not add any functionality. I prefer coders with extensive knowledge in PHP/MySQL.


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Real Estate Site


i need a ready made realestate portal for india markets,

my maximum budget is $50

If interested send the demo fast, will be buying it today only


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Project For Inspirad

Develop Real Estate site as per agreement

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It Is A Real Estate Site Be Created That Can Be Part


It is a real estate site be created that can be part of free and commercial users to charges used on the task of advertisements by private users.

The functionality should be based on immobilienscout24 or immonet de.

It is important that the users (customers) can complete their profile create yourself (with pictures). An automatic link to google maps or similar. to be shown on a map.

A payment system is logical assume some are included and SOLT (Paypal Instant Transfer -. Giropay connection.

In admin area I need to change all admin area as Joomla Content Editor) is a WYSIWYG. URL Rewriting

I have to like each joomla site url and the keywords and can customize title.

it must be the new sites I have or can create such Glosar info page itself.

it must be possible that I can change admin and user change over.
Admin function fully as with joomla.

All languages should be created in 3. standard language German – English – Turkish.

It must be the install wizard I can instalation it yourself.

and security against spam and hacker must be.

Clone http://www. immo world. de /

the most important.

interfaces examined as

Agent and variants:
Individual indicator:

Perfect for anyone who placed an ad for sale or rental of houses, apartments turn, offices and all other property types want to.

* Instantly online!
* A display with up to 15 frames
* 4 weeks duration
* Road map, neighborhood info and aerial
* Extensive statistical analysis
* Payment by credit card, direct debit or invoice

offer packages

Offer Starter

unlimited number of object

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Finish Real Estate Site

I have a real estate site I need finished. My programmer doing it has disappeared. He did a good job, but i need this site finished.

Im willing to pay $50-75 for this work. What issues we have not is its not connecting to the MLS server. This has been an issue that relates to the programmer who made the mls. That company. We are trying to work with them to fix it.

I also need you to make minor cosmetic changes and paste in images and text for the pages. Ill give you the zip for that.

Anyway I wan this done by tomorrow. Really the pasting in part is 30 minutes of work and likely youll come up with some error with the MLS that needs to be fixed by that companys programmer. So you likely wont have the work done by tomorrow, but atleast youll have the issue back on the MLS company and not on me.

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Component>> Mobilejoomla<< Expert ONLY

I need to configure a one site for mobile joomla which module setting and especially Menus.
Looking for experienced extension expert.
We need a help.
This job task will come sometime to our clients, so long time business relationship needs.
and require, SKYPE or YM for communication.

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Lookup & Extract Data From Real Estate Public Records

Have thousands of addresses from across the USA in Excel format …

Need to access the corresponding county records to retrieve name and address of property owner … this information to be inserted into the spreadsheet …

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I need a website for a Real Estate Rental company.

I need the basic Renter/Landlord/Contact us/Listings pages…one key ingredient! i need a good RENTAL LISTINGS SCRIPT!!!!!!!!!!

Sample site –

Im looking for a sleek, minimalist, web 2.0, easy-going look. I need a HIGH RESOLUTION and HIGH QUALITY DESIGN.



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Opensource Real Estate Site With Fast Turnaround

I am looking for an expert with opensource scripts to design an graphically pleasing real estate site with members area and admin.

This project has already been started but I may want to change and start from the beginning based on the time it take

I will need see samples of your work and I will require a mockup before awarding the project.

This project will require fast completion and you must be able to start at once.

SEO is a must

High Bids will not be considered.

You must be able to work at least part of the day in US business hours.

I have additional projects waiting for the right person or team.

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Opensource Real Estate Site

I am looking for an expert with opensource scripts to design an graphically pleasing real estate site with members area and admin.

I will need see samples of your work and I will require a mockup before awarding the project.

This project will require fast completion and you must be able to start at once.

SEO is a must

High Bids will not be considered.

You must be able to work at least part of the day in US business hours.

I have additional projects waiting for the right person or team.

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Diegos – Joomla Podcast Suite

Joomla Podcast Suite Extension is already installed on Joomla site. By default Podcast Suite is searching for mp3 files on local server/folder. I want Podcast Suite Extension to be linked with external server/folder so everytime I upload an MP3 file to the other server (Amazon S3 Server), I want it to show on my Joomla Sites Podcast Suite Component. Basically Podcast component should be linked to external server.

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Social Bookmarks For Real Estate Site

Hello I have a real estate website that need social bookmarking. Please tell me what you can do and at what price and how long it will take. Also tell me what is needed for you to complete the bookmarks for me. I want the top ranked social bookmarking sites and I need approx 4-500 bookmarks and I need you to use a minimum of 3-4 separate accounts to complete this project for a total of 4-500 bookmarks…….for example you can use 4 differenct accounts on 100 different social sites for a total of 400

Gold members and those with experience preferred. I am looking to have this started and completed asap.

Thank you

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Need Modification Of Joomla Component Joomla Estate Agency

Seeking Joomla Developer. I am working on a site that needs a Joomla component modified to my specific requirements. The Joomla component is Joomla Estate Agency and details can be located at the following link:

This component mainly is meant for residential properties and I need it modified for commercial property purposes. I dont think it is a difficult task, but the database fields need to be modified throughout the component and unfortunately I do not have the time to take care of it.

The fields to be modified are as follows:

1. Town field has to be modified to: City
2. Living Space has to be modified to: Size (Sq. Ft.)
3. Land Space has to be modified to: Lot Size

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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I Nedd 40 Adds Post In Real Estate Service Section

I need 40 adds in real estate service section just now.

Anyone can give me within next 4 hour?

I will pay 40$ for this project.

Only for live adds,no flagged and and ghosted add will be paid.

Please bid asap and start right and get some $$$$

Thanks all

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Looking for US native, who can write fresh and unique classified titles for my real estate company.


– FROM US/CANADA … No exceptions sorry.
– Have Craigslist experience. Knowledge about ghosting, flagging..etc..
– ABLE to produce 200 titles daily – 1400 per week
– ABLE to start immediately
– MUST be online daily, easy to communicate with.

Quote me your best rate PER 200 TITLES. MUST BE READY TO START WORK NOW.


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Looking for a poster to post ads for me in the REAL ESTATE section of cl..

1.Must have own pva

2. Must be a fast poster For 110 adds.

3. will only pay for live ads AND rate is 1$.

looking for good deals here no outrageous prices per post

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CMS For Real Estate Site (Joomla Or Drupal Preferrably.


Im a real estate agent. I just learned about CMSs Id like a site built for my real estate agency with one so I can update it myself. I think Joomla and Drupal I was told are the most common. Id like my site to be built with one of those. Since I guess there are a lot of things to do and add with those. From what I have read on both. I think Id prefer Joomla but you possibly can pursuade me the other way. Looking for someone preferrably skilled in both so talking my site with them they get a bigger picture which one is better to use! Thanks!

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Listings Builder From XML

Need to write a tool which work the following:

Parse XML from different domains
Create schema that names items in XML
Later admin can create a Listing Site (table) with imported data and include those names into table cells

E.g. one real estate site gives XML with their advertisements. Second also gives XML. Their XML-s are different. So you add the names for XML items that you want to use in your Listing and create it combining different sources.

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Expression Engine | Real Estate Site

Over my head and in need of backup!

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Are you ready to work right now?

Individual Developer to Partner with.

Technical Skills Needed:
Expression Engine
Experience with web scraping and XML (Specifically RETS.ORG)

Story: Client needs a Real Estate site for her and her partner, willing to pay whatever to get the job done. I can design on an advanced level and code on a very basic level. I need an advanced developer with specific skills to work with.

Your Fee will depend heavily on your skills and how fast you can work. This project has a limited time frame and must be completed within two weeks. This project could lead to other higher profile projects.

When bidding, keep in mind. Im interested in your personality just as much as your skill set. Also, please provide example work of Real Estate sites you have worked with in the past if at all.

Test Site:

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Real Estate Site

Hi, I am looking for a script, installed, with basic design template that incorporates the features of with the addition that there is a breakdown of different Cities selectable by the user for submission and for review.

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