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Google Map

This is my website:

It is a google map with diving positions in Croatia.

I would like my map to be organized with its own sub-menu like this: , when you click on menu to go to the particular position.

Thank you for your bids.


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Google Map Customers Schedule Appointments By Location

It needs to have a map of the continental USA and a zip code field. Users can either type in their zip/address or click on a state and zoom in. The interface would allow me to add the google "places" dots to indicate where our current locations are even after you have finished the project. The customer would select the location they want service from and type in their contact information, notes etc. It would be sent to the locations email address as I have defined in the location profile. I would also be CCed on the email. This would need to be a good looking project that could fit on my website and be accessible by every customer. Simplicity and beauty is key. The online database of locations would also need to be editable by me easily.

This program needs to be accessible by 3 different groups of people:

1. Admin – control all aspects of the program
2. Customers – Be able to rate different locations based on their experiences 5 star type system, be able to schedule an appointment and their information is sent to the location(s) closest to them. a TOS would also need to be accepted.
3. Locations – People can become locations by clicking a button and registering. They put in their information and create a profile which is automatically viewable (or i can approve it before it is) and customers can begin seeing it. They must also agree to a TOS and enter a payment form to be charged for every customer referral given. It would also allow them to request a refund and enter a reason for the request which I would be able to look at and process. They can add a picture of their location and other information in their profile. The area that a provider can service would need to be a fixed radius such as "within 30 miles". when a customer wants to purchase from a location and they put in their address, if no provider is close by, either the closest will be notified or the customer will be told that there are not currently any providers in that area and they will be notified later if there are any.

I would like for this to be available for the entire world, not just USA…(easy to implement)

A user account system needs to be made in order to better track customers and locations.

googlemaps.jpg is a custom image i made
akai1.gif is just an image i found online that may give inspiration to what im looking for
google-maps-related…is another image of what i imagine this should look like, but based on locations of providers.

This should be easily accessed via iPhone as well.

Similar to this website:


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Twitter Follower Calculator


Allow user to select constituency from a drop down menu.
– The number of votes for each constituency is stored.

Twitter Name – Allow user to enter a persons twitter id.

Display twitter data for the user such as number of followers, following, display pic, full name etc.

Display a Google Map of constituency.

Then display a percentage based upon the number of people that voted in that area against the number of followers to give a popularity percentage.

* I can provide the area/constituency names for the drop down box as well as the number of voters in that area.

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Import POI From Google Map

We need to import POI from Google Map ( to XML) for our tracker, use them as land marks. An application is required to extricate same details (most of them)…….. Name/POI…….District/Region…….latitude……longitude…N/S &E/w…..Symbol if possible. I have read that many have already made such applications for TOM TOM, Garmin….also. I dont mind if same details can be obtained for also. My basic aim is to get all map details to columns for use in my data base , trackers as land marks( include name of places, roads, banks, patrol pump, school, markets, streets, house , Colony names……………..need to extricate maximum possible details of map to data form .

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Google Map Animation

This is a very simple project. The aim is to identify a developer for further development of a javascript/googlemaps based application.

Project requirement:
Using the google map API v3, animate the "panTo" function.

I have a web page that renders a map based on a given set of coordinates. After the map is displayed, I would like the map to slowly "panTo" a new set of coordinates by stepping through an array of all the coordinates between "current position" and "new position" … the following example code illustrates what I want:

function initialize() {
// This function is linked to the page body onload=initialize

// initial coordinates to generate map
latlng = new google.maps.LatLng(lat,lng);
var options = {
zoom: 15,
center: latlng,
disableDefaultUI: true,
mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP
// Initialize the map
map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById(map), options);

// Using these new coordinates, generate a list of coordinates between the current position and the new position
// The genPoints function sits in a second javascript library and works for this example
newLat = 51.3216;newLng = -0.451139;
pointarray = genPoints(map,newLat,newLng);

// Once the initial map is displayed and after two seconds, loop through "pointarray" and use panTo for each new coordinate
window.setTimeout(function() {

function animate(pointarray) {
for( point in pointarray ) {
newLat = pointarray[point].split(",")[0];
newLng = pointarray[point].split(",")[1];
window.setTimeout(function() {
map.panTo(new google.maps.LatLng(newLat,newLng));

The above code fails because javascript doesnt appear to update the map during the "for loop" … rather it updates at the end and pans directly to the last coordinate.

Future projects will require:
1. Highlight road
2. Animate icon along road (panning map so that icon remains at the center at all times…hence this project)
3. Discussions around similar functionality for the google earth browser plugin.

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Interactive Map For Downtown Atlanta

I need a Google or Bing map of downtown Atlanta with markers for the best restaurants, hotels, bars, and tourist spots in and around the CNN Center, Olympic Park area. The radius should be no more than a mile out from that center area. The pop-ups would need basic info and links to the business.

Examples would be very helpful in winning this project.

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Add Google Map To Drop Down Box

Add google map to dropdown box

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Create An New Excel SERP Function

Analyse Google SERP for paid listings

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Intel AppUp Programmer To Create App Template

We are looking for a programmer with experience programming for the Intel AppUp platform. We have an application series we would like to port to AppUp and would like to have a template created to help our programmers get started on this platform.

We need the template/clon-e-r completed in approximately 3wks and will give interested parties a lot more detail.

We will require delivery of all the related code and the contractor must sign an NDA.

Let us know if you are interested.


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Accounting System Api > Google Map Api

Show customers from online Accounting system as points on a google map

Accounting system have an API

I want to show customers from accounting system on a google map.

blue marks on google map = customer status (need to visit) take adress from new customers make blue marks at google map so we see how to plan new routes.

yellow marks on google map = customer status (sent offers) take adress and offer number make yellow marks on google map

red marks on google map = customer status (order) take adress and order number make red marks on google map

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Google Map With Categories / Layers

Hi All,

I want a map on wich I want to place different locations in different layers
like you can see here 🙂

Maby wordpress store locator can be used??

Hope someone can help out

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Database For A Medical Directory

Database for a medical directory
Categories professional directories with their respective categories, telephone, email data, studies, google map, specialization
may be an outer core with respective admin

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Wanted! Google Map Specialist

For the past 4 years my business appear in the 10 box of google map for the keywords:
-carpet cleaning chicago
-carpet cleaners chicago
-carpet cleaning in chicago
and more….
But 6 months ago I cancel my listing with a company called "citysearch" , update the business address and phone and Im not appearing in google map 10 box any more.

My web rank great in the organic listing, my map listing filled out in %100 and I have 22 reviews.
Heres a link for my listing: My company name is Chicagoland carpet cleaners located in 2735 W Armitage ave, 60647

I own 7 different businesses in usa and canada and have a lot of business.
Im looking for a specialist in google map to have a long term relationship and future business.

Please provide me with a fix price and guaranteed.

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Oodle Xhtml+xml

Want to create a page for my site that looks like this page on another site:
The difference is I want to have the google map above the listings
and in the oodle information I want all rentals not just apartments (This is easy just change inquiry chain)

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Fix Google Map

Need map fixed

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Store Locator Style Google Map Mashup For Embedding

I am looking to create an embedabble Google Map store locator style mashup. I would for end-users to be able to filter by locations type (ie. school, afterschool program location, office location, etc.) to be able to search by zip code, or state and city, like Google Maps. Information in the bubbles will include images, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, websites, etc. The pins used on the map should be customized with our logo. I would also like the users location to be automatically detected via IP or other method so the map goes to their location automatically.

I will probably want to embed in wordpress, but maybe another cms or standalone php site, so php seems like the best bet, but I am always open to suggestions.

In terms of backend, I would need to be able do bulk upload of data to start and be able to add new locations easily. I can access and manipulate the mysql tables with mysql admin, so the bulk upload wont be an issue and editing wont either, but creating a backend to add and edit would be nice…

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Google Map With A Simple Number Chart

I need a Google map of Florida that allows me to input number and that automatically shades itself in once the numbers reach a certain quantity/number. Here is a EXACT example of what Im looking to accomplish.

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Quick Edit

Need someone who know dreamweaver. Need quick edit on web site. All you are doing is adding web site name to template. Also making links on bottom of template for sitmap, google site map ,contact, & privcy policy.

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Google Map Placement Optimization

We are looking for a proven company who can handle our objective of obtaining and maintaining the first position in 5 cities. We are not looking for a fly by night provider. Please have a proven method and satisfied clients to prove it. We would be a long time client for the right provider. Fair pricing, proven methods, satisfied clients.

Our keywords : Please IM

We are seeking the 1st position. So please be able to offer a service with a guarantee. Please research the competition level 1st.

Thank you.

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Google Map Placement Company Sought

We are looking for a proven company who can handle our objective of obtaining and mainting the first position in a market of middle to low competition level for 2 cities. We are not looking for a fly by night provider. Please have a proven method and the satisfied clients to prove it. We would be a long time client for the right provider. Fair pricing, proven methods, satisfied clients.

Our keywords : water damage, fire damage, mold remediation or mold damage, crime scene cleanup all for Portland OR, and Vancouver WA.

We are seeking the 1st position. So please be able to offer a service with a guarantee. Please research the competition level 1st. Our website is . Currently we rank for Vancouver WA however are not ranking high enough… and not at all for Portland OR.

Thank you.

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I Need A Custome Google Map Copied 100+ Times.

Looking to have a custom google map copied 300-600 times. It is a map of local businesses I made, and would like a custom map made from a gmail account that has the exact same places listed, but in a randomized order.

If you are experienced this should be a very easy thing to do, but insist that it is done with individual established gmail accounts.

I will provide the map I expect copied, and when the project is complete I would like links to each map. I will pay .20 per map made. Each map should take no longer then 1-3 minutes to do Each map title should also be different in name.

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Writer To Create 300 X 140-160 Word Comments

I need a writer to create 300 comments. Each will be about a different chatroulette screenshot. I will provide 300 different screenshots and the writer will have to create different unique comments about each one 140 – 180 words long.

The screenshots are funny, shocking, silly so the comments should also be light hearted witty comments.

Search "chatroulette screenshots" on google for examples of the sort of thing I am talking about.

Bid for all 300


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Google Map Overlay With Functionality

This is for a small disposal company. They want a map that shows their service areas broken into schedule A, B, C, & D, each with color shaded polygon overlays. I will provide lat/lng. There will need to be a field to enter an address that will pinpoint which service area they are in and display a details box (html that I can edit). If the address is not a part of any of the areas it will display a message that they are not in the service area. I will provide the html for the details box which will pass the necessary value on to a service request form. Here is a similar example.

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OsDate Google Map Plugin Fix-repost

We run osDate 2.5 on one of our servers but the plugin googleMap doesnt work properly …
We need someone to fix this issue.

Please make a bids only if you have been working with osDate 2.5

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OsDate Google Map Plugin Fix

We run osDate 2.5 on one of our servers but the plugin googleMap doesnt work properly …
We need someone to fix this issue.

Please make a bids only if you have been working with osDate 2.5

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Add 1000 Google Map Points

Time required per point about 10 sekonds

add points from google earth to my map in joomla no coding skills

1 you click on the image in google erarth
2. copy paste the image link in google administration
2. move the flag on same point linke in google earth (drag and drop)
4. copy paste the name from the image and add it to title alt tag and to the name of the point
5 select gps yes and save

this is a very fast and easy copy paste job you need only google earth and change always alt and title tag and the link to the picture

example you can see here

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