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I Need 5-10 Articles In Danish And Finnish – SEO Friendly

I need 5-10 articles written in danish and finnish. They will be used in pressreleases and submitted to articledirectories so they need to be correct and native in language. SEO is important to, you will get some keywords and its important that you do know about how to use SEO in the right way in an article.

In the bid, please specify how many articles and wich length they will be, minimum 400 words.

If you not are native from / in denmark or finland, dont bother to bid.

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100 Backlinks Needed.


I need 100 backlinks for the website The links must be quality links on reputable sites.

The site is in Greek so I have provided a brief description of the site below. I will need evidence of previous work done before we can continue.

Site description:
Computerra is a Training Center in Nicosia, Cyprus. We provide training for students, adults and companies. We teach Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Internet, Email and Windows 7. We also provide specialized lessons for AutoCAD, Photoshop, PHP programming and SEO. Other lessons we teach are Accounting and Typing.
We prepare our students for the exams ICT Europe KEBE Intermediate and Master, LCCI Accounting 1st Level, 2nd Level and 3rd Level. We also teach the GCE A Level Applied ICT (9713).

I would like the links to be placed on sites relevant with teaching, or relevant to the subjects we teach.

Full evidence of the links and sites place will be necessary.

Thank you

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SEO For Blog – Payment On Result ONLY

I have 5 blogs and many keywords to rank on Top 5 position on Google. Our blogs target Entrepreneurs and business owners (currently sitting at about 19,000 pageviews per blog per month).

Please prove youre the best, and youll have a long term paying customer…as well as possible promotion/referrals to our network of business owners.

I need SEO for 5 blogs:

Please identify best 5 keywords per blog based on content, with USA monthly traffic of at least 20,000.

Fix default categories, tags, titles, descriptions, title tags, etc appropriately to get maximum SEO rankings. Each blog currently has an average of 35 posts.

Link builder specialists to work on different keywords (spamming blogs with "dear sir..I like your website" is not link building).

Only WHITE HAT is accepted… no black and no grey

All my blogs are fully SEO friendly and already includes new articles every week. No redesign or article writing is needed.

If you are capable to that work, give me price for EACH keyword.

Im ready to pay you for every keyword which is on Top position.

Any Milestone or Front payment will be done.
Im honest and youll get paid on time… everytime top 5 position is reached and stay. Fixing the site/keyword/tag strucutre in my blogs can be the first milestone.

Thank you!

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Scraping Website Fields Into Excel

I am looking for someone with scraping ability to create an app or an excel macro to scrape groupon pages for defined fields.

I need each link on this page followed

and once the link is followed, I need this information from the Groupon landing page for each deal.

City (Groupon Identifies the city in the url by using /City-name like
URL for the deal
Description of the deal
Name Of the company
Company Website URL

I need to be able to update this daily. This should be either in excel format or in a program that is easy to export to excel format.

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Create Videos In Animoto

Create 600 60 second videos in my Animoto account. Each video will have 6-8 images(I will supply), 3 text tags(I will supply text) and music, supplied by Animoto.
With each video you will indicate, company name, address and phone in tags.

If you are capable of uploading finished videos to Youtube using a minimum 150 accounts and proxies, more consideration will be given to your bid.

Thats about it. Please give your final bid and time-frame to complete.

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Childrens Story Illustration,whimsical And Cartoonish

Need illustrations for a childrens story about a good mouse and a bad greedy mouse.
Requirements :
– A 2D cartoon style with good colorization
-Whimsical, friendly

The assignment is to create 6 DRAWINGS.
1 of them will include a simple background with both mouse characters.
The other 5 include background scenes of a simple mouse village.

You should have a portfolio on the profile, or send a link to it. So I can see what are your abilities .

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Website Design Smarty Php Mod Rewrite

Need to make changes to my current website: I need to do a mod rewrite. Its a simple job. Need it done for mostly all pages. Will give website address after awarding project.

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ASP Dynamic Page SEO Friendly URL

I have an ecommerce site – with over 1000 products – it sells products from a number of shops on the site. So for example a product page of a book – the url may be http:www……./productdetails.asp?ProductNo=1234

The book may be called for example (happy days) so I need a search engine friendly URL

now currently i am on shared hosting – Windows IIS

I need some advise / help how to proceed to enable these friendly URLS –

Important points

The shops can add and delete products so URLs would need to be created / updated / deleted

I am an ASP programmer and need some assistance – please get in touch – much more work for the right person, would be great to hear from you

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Urgend Fast URL Modification To Subdomain

Hi there,
I am having website english + 8 other languages

* 8 languages URL need modification from >>> –> to http:/ etc.

* You Create than for each subdomain new directory

* You Create for each subdomain sitemap.xml and add to new directory

* You add for each subdomain directory my existing verification file eg: google123456789.html

Have VPS Linux .htaccess using mod_rewrite rules allowed and have own IP

Max Budget 40 Dollar, payment after project completed

Thank you!

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Create Tweets

S | Twitter

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cookieStart = document.cookie.indexOf(cookieName),
cookieValue = null;

if(cookieStart != -1 && document.cookie.length>0) {
var cookieEnd = document.cookie.indexOf(“;”,cookieStart)
if (cookieEnd ==-1) {
cookieEnd = document.cookie.length;
cookieValue = decodeURIComponent(document.cookie.substring(cookieStart + cookieName.length, cookieEnd));
return cookieValue;
} else
return “”;

function updateStatus()
var updateOnlinePeriod = 120; //60 secs in all
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JQ(document).ready(function () {
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var _gaq = _gaq || [];
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var ga = document.createElement(script); ga.type = text/javascript; ga.async = true;
ga.src = (https: == document.location.protocol ? https://ssl : http://www) +;
var s = document.getElementsByTagName(script)[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s);

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Create Tweets  

Create Tweets is project number 936963
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 02/03/2011 at 21:48 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

02/08/2011 at 21:48 EST
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (8 reviews)



We need 750 tweets generated for use on three different Twitter accounts. (250 tweets for each account).

Tweets for Twitter account 1 need to be created from a website we are affiliated with. These need to be enticing tweets that will encourage someone to click the link or to inquire for more information without mis-stating or mis-representing the products or the opportunity. They can be screen scraped, soundbites pulled from video on the site, link postings to videos and other products on the site. The tweets need to be no more than 140 characters in length. URLs referencing additional content can be attached following the protocol we share with you and then shortened to

Tweets for Twitter account 2 need to be general information tweets on the benefits of using whole grains, stone ground grains, ways to use grains, recipe ideas (with links), tweets gleaned from the companys website, and tweets about products that are available on the companys website.

Tweets for Twitter account 3 need to information gleaned from the companys website with links back to the companys website (150). 100 tweets can be about why SEO matters, how to enhance SEO, and about the nuances and influences of SEO.

All tweets need to be written in English, but can be shortened to reflect twitter conventions for fitting thoughts into 140 characters.

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20 Babies Related Articles For $35

I need 20 Babies Related Articles for $35. Apply if interested.

The criteria is :

1. Article will be between 400 to 500 words.
2. No duplicate contents. Original and fresh contents only.
3. No grammatical mistakes.
3. Article must be SEO friendly.

I will provide topics and keyword to winner! More in PM to interested candidates.



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Fast And Reliable Writers Needed – Ongoing!

Excellent and reliable writers and re-writers needed for long term. Must be able to start today.

Requirements :

1. Articles must be plagiarism free, perfect grammar and no spelling mistakes.

2. Must be able to meet deadlines. Should be available on chat or fast response via email.

3. Must be able to do work himself/herself. Must not be dependent upon other writers.

4. Minimum of 400 words articles with SEO friendly.

5. Must be agreed to write or rewrite a sample paragraph/sentence that i would provide.

Please come up with a clear description about your bid…. (How many article can you complete per day,rate per article etc.)

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Zencart Mod_rewrite (SEO-urls) For Zen Cart Based Website

Need to install SEO-Urls for Zen cart based website.

Need fast, experienced and cheap priced programmer for this work.

You must be the programmer to bid for this work. No middlemen, or customer service person needed. Please.

You will also need to be on line throughout. So, if you are not going to be online and give details of the progress of the work, please do not bid.

Once again.

Do not bid if you are not the programmer

Do not bid if you will work SLOW MO

Do not bid if you cannot communicate online as work progresses.

This is a simple task. Either you install the SEO-urls plugin for Zencart, or you work based on the .htaccess file.

We need this fixed in the next 3 hours.

So if you are ready, bid low, and state this in your bid

"I AM THE PROGRAMMER, I am not a middleman or customer service."

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SEO Team In Delhi Needed

We are looking for good SEO team in delhi.

For a big project we are looking for a team that will do SEO + promotion for us. we are ONLY focussed on years co operation.
We fly in few weeks to visit Delhi and arrange all things there directly

send us your best 5 keywords you have done last years + URLs (5 keywords + 5 urls and of course HIGH COMPETITION KEYWORDS We want to see)

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Non-english Characters Problem In Seo Friendly Url

The php website has a problem with the non-english characters in the search engine friendly urls. i have no problem with english letters, but the script wont convert the non-english chars. to plain letters. Since it wont convert, the non-english links get broken and wont work.

this is an older version of a code, in the new version, the non-english chracters get converted.i will supply you the files, where you can copy the code from the new one and implement to this older version.

when the links gets added to the db, they needs to be converted to english characters,now they get added as is, and create problem..

please have good knowledge of php to bid, because i may request other projects later also.

please be prompt, do as promise.
i expect you concentrate on the task, and try to finish it as soon as possible and get paid.

thank you and good luck

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Create ORCAD Schematics From PDF Schematics

Looking for experienced Electronics designer well versed in use of ORCAD,
to take a schematics currently in PDF and derive and Orcad compatible version of same.
Person must be experienced in creating multi part Orcad symbols and doing schematic
capture using Orcad.
Please do not respond unless you can show me a previous example of your Orcad work
that demonstrates proficiency.

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.htaccess Subdomain Creation Using Mod_rewrite

This is a very simple project for someone who knows .htaccess, mod_rewrite, and apache extensively.

I have a PHP file when queried is of the sort:

I need it re-written to be

IF NOT possible to use their domain as the subdomain, acceptable alternatives are:

http://cnn-com/ (subbing "." for "-")
http://cnncom/ (removing ".")

Please keep in mind we have other rewrite rules in .htaccess that cannot be overridden.

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WordPress Travel Blog Redesign And Optimization

Looking for a complete redesign of the travel website www.backpacking*bex[dot]com . All content/images are provided. Currently running with WordPress and multiple plug-ins, task would require:

– Design new theme that is fun and backpacking-oriented

– Design a logo for the site – turn a photograph into an illustration and use as a mascot logo

– Creating new template that best fits monetizing travel blogs based on best practices (using existing templates/themes as a starting point is preferred if saves overall development time)

– Install and setup appropriate plugins and optimize for SEO

– Create section to purchase products – directory filled with hard-coded spun Affiliate content (Amazon/CJ/Linkshare — own a registered copy of WPRobot so setup is preferred with WpRobot for shopping section, or open to suggestions/other scripts)

Will only consider bidders with portfolios of QUALITY work.

Thank you.

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Convert WordPress Search Page URL’s To SEO Friendly URL’s

Hello ,

I want someone to convert wp search page URLs to search-engine friendly URLs. By default the search page url is like TERM and I want someone to change it to term.html.

Im looking forward to hear from everyone.

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Experienced Coder /Programmer Needed

I am looking for an experienced coder/programmer that is available for immediate work if possible start today.We are looking to make some changes to a website.


You must be familar with paypal IPN and subscription mode

You must be able to create a user friendly admin panel

You must know how affiliate programs work

You must know how to properly secure a site from hackers

Keep in mind that the site is complete but just needs some additional work

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Website Similar To

I am starting up as a hosting provider.

I will be selling domains along with the hosting space.

Website would serve 2 purposes – provide information and integrate with WHMCS and domain sales panel.

Preferably website should sit on a CMS (Joomla) and I should be able to manage the site in future.

Website should be similar to the look and features of

Website should also be SEO friendly.

If you are bidding for this project, please make sure you send me a link to the sites you have already worked on.

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Relative Links Error

After reboot some sites with relative links produced with joomfish and SEF 404 (joomla component) are not functional. Mod_rewrite is enabled, but error still occures

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Seo 2.0 Campaign

Seo create articles and distribute accordingly to acheive great results.
As discussed.

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Create An Excel SERP Function

I am looking for a excel macro that downloads Google SERP results and combines them by unique url.

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INDIAN SEO Needed To Create 1,000 Landing Page Titles For IN

We need 1,000 titles of common construction & remodeling tasks for residential and commercial work in India.


install lift
build pool
install air conditioning


Each sentence must have a verb (install, build, etc.) and we need as many common tasks possible.

This is a one time job but may lead to further assignments as we launch our Indian website.

This is an URGENT assignment – we need this done in 48 hours.

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SEO System (have Examples Of What I Want)

I am looking for someone to create/duplicate an SEO system that I previously developed. So having knowledge of SEO (the basic) is probably important. I have examples of what I want and how it will work but I need someone to develop it or if someone has a better way of developing that I am open to it. I also want the system to have a better design (look and feel) than it currently does.

Current system is in PHP but is open to other software

SEO System
Add/Update/Delete Client Information (Name, Address, City, State…etc)
Add/Remove Website Information (Website URL, Pages of the Website, Website Page Titles, Website Page Descriptions)
Add/Update/Delete Keywords for each page
Add/Update/Delete Volumes for each Keyword
% checks of keywords used in titles that are mapped to each page
Map those Keywords to Web Pages

Interact with a 3rd party system to check rankings on keywords for these pages and keep historical rankings.
Interact with a 3rd party system to pull statistical information about the site.

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1 Article Needed With Higly Payout (SEO Friendly Only)

Hello All,

I need a content writer, who can write a 700 words 1 article for my websites Home PAGE. My website is all about SEO service. I need the following things:

a) I need US STANDARD content only. And as the content will represent a website (as its a home page content), so the content must be very rich. And this writing must be for serious reader of USA.
b) The writers must have a very good experience to write SEO friendly article and who MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE on writing WEBSITE CONTENT.
c) Content must be 100% UNIQUE & Passed BY COPYSCAPE.
d) I will provide KEYWORDS for the article and need to use those keywords on the article. (100% SEO friendly article)
f) Only i am looking for serious and vast experience writer, who writes content for US people/US companies.
g) Must attached your sample writing, which you wrote for US companies and for website.

*** Dont bid if you dont have experience to write US content & SEO friendly writing. Dont bid if you are not serious. ***

Looking forwards…..

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IMovie Expert Needed To Create A Wedding Slideshow

I am looking for someone to create a 3 to 5 minute slideshow for my wedding using iMovie.

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PHP Script – FB Like URL Disabled?

I need a PHP script that checks if an URL is disabled in Facebook due to abuse reports.

Facebook gives this error messages for such URLs:
"This page has been disabled due to abuse reports."

If its not fully clear to you what I want feel free to ask.

Thank you.

09/07/2010 at 20:18 EDT:

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Single Webpage Design Using PHP

I need a very simple single sales page website, its about to selling 1 model cell phone. On the page, theres area for customer to input their question, and in the admin for we to anser
The site has to be seo friendly, and well graphic design. for the payment, pls intergrate Paypal as the payment method.

If you have already this kind of website, you can only need to design the graphics.

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Ecommerce Shop Magento Or Similar

To design and make a new shopping website based on Magento or similar.
You will provide graphics and customisation. The site will be similar to any of these:-

(removed by admin)

The pages must be SEO friendly – i.e. end in html, with matching page titles.

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SEO For Adult Store: Push Single Keyword Top3/top1

Ill give you single competitive keyword and website URL to push

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