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The Vetbook

I need a web-designer with good .php skills to make my site database driven.

I am a final year student at the Royal Vet College-London. I have been creating a website using google sites where fellow final year students and new graduates can up-load a photo and their CV. I collect the data using google forms but to display it on the site I have to enter it manually. I have recently purchased domain and linux hosting with MySQL databases.

I would like my current site to be recreated (or a similar looking site) on this new domain and hosting. I also want the site to be dynamic database driven so that users can enter their details and photo and they automatically appear on the site in the relevant sections and users are able to edit their entries themselves.

The form on the Sign Up! page shows the data I want collected, but I do not want the users email, surname or phone number to appear on the site, as these need to be accessible by me alone. Each user needs their own page with their CV and photo on. People searching for vets need to be able to filter through all the vets on the site by:- the locations theyre looking to work in in the UK; the type of practice (small animal/equine/farm/mixed/exotic); other parameters.

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Firstly, I must apologise for the ridiculous budget. I need to do a presentation and have very low budget at this time. Also, this is a long term project that requires continued support and upgrades. If you cannot commit to something long-term, please state so clearly. We would prefer if you can work long term. Of course, the budget will be significantly better and rest assured, we can put this down in writing.

Need a custom buddypress prototype for presentation due in November. Real Estate specific WordPress / Buddypress website.

Very Buddypress Groups Centric.

Implementation of Custom Hierarchical Groups e.g.
District -> Condominium
District -> Street
State -> District -> Property

* All Groups, District (parent) & Condominium (child) etc. are fully featured group pages
– All have activity streams, memberships, notifications, group components etc.

* All activity in child groups must be shown in parent groups.
* All members in child groups are automatically members of parent groups
* No Creation of groups allowed by members
– only Suggest Groups
– Admins & Super-Admins can create groups & approve suggestions.
* Ability to add "Grandchild" groups.
* Existing Group Policies Apply.
* All Groups – Parent, Child, Grandchild etc must be individually customisable. Group features, fields, components may be added / removed based on Group Type.
* Ability to add custom fields to groups.
* Finer grain notification / activity control bu user. Can choose to remove / add activities & notification by member name, activity type, group type etc.

Existing plugins that can be modified:

Budget for this is USD 100.

Custom Group Component -> Property Listings.
* Can only add in Parent or Child Groups.
* Globally Searchable via parent site or filtered within each group.
* If user adds listing via admin screen or profile page, he must select group(s) that the listing belongs to.
* Ideally, this will probably be a Custom Post Type.

We are looking at 3 sign-up options.
* Participate in the groups and view all areas in public groups
Paid (single).
* Same as above but ability to put up listings and post links etc.
Paid (team).
* Own site (blog) with private groups that work exactly the same as previously described.
* These groups have more components / features. Documents & Media.

Budget for this is USD 200.

Skills Required:
WordPress, Buddypress, PHP

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