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Create A Site Similar To Http://

Hi all,

I am looking for a site similar to

It should be in wordpress.

More details will be given to selected bidder.


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Craigslist-type Site With Usernames, Comments And Ratings

Needed: A website built in less than two weeks

Our site

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Chemist (or Similar) Wanted To Help Create A Chemical / New

Hi, there is a chemical I really want to create in reasonable quantities for personal use and also possible future development as a supplement. I am desperately looking for a chemist or similarly trained individual ideally with access to laboratory equipment, to help me create this chemical to a standard suitable for human consumption.

The chemical in question is "s-equol" and can be made from daidzein via a chemical process or using bacteria. It can also be completely synthesized I believe.

S-equol can be used to treat male pattern baldness, male acne, female hot flashes, and probably a much wider range of sex hormone – related conditions. It can also protect against prostate cancer.

We can discuss precise financial arrangements later, but if anyone can help this supplement could help many, many people and will be well worth your time.

Thank you.

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Create Site Similar To – OS Code Okay

I am looking for inexpensively built dating website. Modification of osDate or similar code (PHP or other language) is fine as long as finished product has a custom look. See for inspiration.

Website must have the following features:
– Landing splash page from which visitors can browse current member profiles
– Members should have ability to upload pictures
– Members should have ability to create profiles
– Search function based on various drop-downs and keywords
– Free trial period of modifiable (by site admin) length
– 2 or 3 paid levels (site admin should be able to override this if necessary)
– One-on-One chatting
– General chat-room
– Emailing between members
– Members should have ability to block profiles
– Members should have the ability to report abuse to site admin
– Etc. (Other standard features)

Please link me to other similar websites you may have created in the past.

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>* * * Craigslist And Other Site Ad Poster Needed * * *<

I am looking for an experienced poster to post 10-15 ads 7 days a week.

Bidder should be an EXPERT who is experienced in posting ads on craigslist., and must be successful at posting multiple ads and having them stick. Ads will be posted in the following categories:

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Create Similar Site To

We are after a freelancer who can create a website which looks similar to:

The main home page will have a video that we provide, in the centre, and all the other flash animation menus will be created by you. The top menu will have 12 rollover buttons created by you for different items (i.e. book, profile etc), and it will have the rollover feature which is used on Disney website. So we will have 12 pages total; home page is main criteria; the inside pages will look similar to home page, with a content area in the centre section where we can add text/images.

The colour scheme will be totally different to Disney, as we do not want an exact replica of this site, but we like how friendly and appealing it looks.

Before commencing, the chosen freelancer will need to create a mockup design and send to us as a jpeg/pdf so we know you are on the right lines. Once the design is approved, you can go ahead and build the site fully. There will be NO REQUIREMENT for having a login area or any special backend Admin, we just need a CMS built in so we can login and update content on pages when we like. NO payment system is required either.

You need to have a good flair for design and creativity, and the finished product must look brilliant, with all flash menus and rollovers working well.

After this project, we do have other projects also. Please ask any questions, and feel free to show us your portfolio so we can see similar work you have done. Thank you.

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Looking to create site similar to this ""

Should be clone of

Should pull images from craigslist adult section and put them neatly together.

Will need to see sample before choosing a developer.

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Squid Security/Custom Log File Reader Required

I have some proxies running off linux vps. They are set up with squid. I let some people use them for anonymity but now I am getting worried theyre using them for not so good purposes. I want to know exactly what my users are doing, from start to finish, so i dont get any drama from sites like Craigslist, etc.

Im looking for someone who KNOWS squid 3.0 like the back of their hand. Someone hopefully with beefy creds (nice but not 100% necessary) who can build me or guide me to software (custom or not, whatever can do this) that can extract the entire browsing history including all activities (even chats) from the Squid log files.

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