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Create Ecommerce Store

need to create a ecommerce store .

you can recommend me any ecommerce platform

bidder needs to send me all the sites that he has done before. the more the better. it will help greatly in my choosing process

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Sharepoint 2010

We are looking for a Sharepoint 2010 developer who can take PSD designs and create a website within the server. The candidate will require VPN access to a closed network and work very quickly to get the site pages in place with webparts and dynamic content.

The developer must be proficient in Sharepoint 2010, Photoshop and have intermediate graphics design skills to convert the templates and create the site.

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Ecommerce Affiliate Site Builder For Business Cards Etc

We require a software that will allow us to create an ecommerce site with various products like greetings cards and business cards, calendars et.But the software must also allow us to create affiliate sites.Please only reply if you have done this before or have a ready to go product

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Duplicate Website (Create Unique But Similar Look)

You will receive two links to the different pages and your job is to create highly similar (almost identical) pages, however each element and image on the page must be redesigned from scratch to prevent copyright infringement.

There are only 2 pages. The page source and images should be redesigned from scratch so that there are no copyright infringement issues. The design must look very professional.

The deliver format should be the following:
1. Fully functional HTML & CSS
2. Images
3. PSD files for images

The max bid I will consider is $150.
Please be prepared to show previous web design work.

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Database Development

!) Modify one existing MySql database and refine the generated pages look. Create a small number of reports.
2) Create a new MySql database, some scheduled reports, simple query forms, payment pages to link to external Merchant accounts. Data will come from 1) above and external sites

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Universal Smartphone App

Im looking for someone to create one universal smartphone app that can be used with iPhones, iPad, Android, Blackberry and so forth. I have a bunch of ideas and I need someone who can take these ideas and create one phenomenal app.

It needs to be very simple and easy to use. I dont understand programming, so please make the app 100% clean, no bugs and no crashes.

I do want this app upgradeable and grow constantly, so whomever I hire, they might have a customer for life. As Im new to this, Im not sure what else to include, but we can discuss more on this during the project.

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Create Box Design For Product

We expect a design that is well thought out and uses all 4 the sides of the box and the top/bottom.

More specs via PM

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Experienced Web Designer To Create Website


I am looking or an experienced website designer to create a new website for a local cafe.I want our website to incorporate our logo and also include the name of my cafe."My Cafe".My store colors are brown and red

I want the website to be professional and clean with these pages


In ordered to be considered for this project, please post samples of your work and different ideas for my website


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Create 2 Landing Pages

Create 2 landing pages with signup forms and graphics.

Here is an example

this is not the content – other content will be provided but images will not be provided.

Job is to create and design the pages including adding your own images and sign up form. we will integrate sign up form to our lead capture.

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Social Networking Site

I would like to create web site with with functions and facilities.

– File manager
– Calendar
– Messages
– Chat
– add as friend
– Wall
– Profiles
– Picture Albums
– Video Gallery
– multi language
– forum discussion
– search and advanced search function
– and some other functionality

please write me:
1) your experience in this work ?
2) sent me your social network sites you have created before?
3) how much does it cost social network with this functionality?
4) how long does it take to create this network?

I am looking forward your answer and good programmers
Let me know if you can do this. You may write to my inbox too

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Create An Ad In A JPG Format For Emailing Purposes

I need to create an ad for our next Designer Days in a JPG format.

Youll need to put together three images and text with logos together.

Time frame 24h.

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Create A Link Banner For Existing Site

Another small project – 1 day to deliver only.

I need a link banner created (different sizes) for a WordPress site. Banner needs to be altered to fit the different sizes, not stretched but professionally created in Photoshop.

Please send me EXAMPLES of link banners you have previously created.

To show me your talent please send me 2 example of a Gentleman Companionship business for Women. This will help me make up my mind.

All else fails I have an idea already you can just create it. I have photos for you to use.

Thanks, Jaymie

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Create ASPX Pages For Site

Complete ASPX pages for a site already designed.

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Graphics Designer Required To Create Template


We require a template made for us to use on our eBay store search result picture.

Please PM for more details.


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PHP Fox Design Changes

I am building a unique social networking site on PHP Fox platform and need someone with experience changing and deleting items from the home page, navigation bar and profile page. Am also requesting help to create a warm but simple design layout for the home and profile page. I will provide the content, just need help in the layout. If satisfied with design and implementation will also be needing additional programming help to create add-ons within the profile page.

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WordPress Development (Multisite/buddypress)

OK, so I previously had posted an integration project between Magento and our CDN. That has been scrapped. Magento is just not what we are interested in anymore. Just too problematic.

So, what I need is someone who is an expert in WordPress Multisite and Buddypress. We will have at your disposal the resource of . We will need you to incorporate a series plugins, and will need you to customize our network.

We will have our main site that will be a buddypress site that integrates Cart66, where we will sell pay-per-view videos. You will need to integrate this site with Amazon Cloudfront. They have a lot of tutorials, and it shouldnt be too hard. You will need to set the site up so the site is streaming securely, streaming RTMP, SWF. JW Player has an integration already up on their site at
So this should be fairly simple.

We will create a few other blogs as subdirectories (not subdomains). These will be individual channels for artists or companies. We need to customize the network so that only the superadmin can create new blogs, not the users. We also will use the "New Blog Templates" plugin to create new blogs in the network as occasion arises.

So, an important aspect of this is that we need someone that we will work with on this project, but also on an ongoing basis to add new blogs, and to keep things working.

So we look at this as an ongoing project, though we will start with this project.


1) Set up main blog WP Multisite with buddy press and Cart66
2) integrate JW Player with Amazon Cloudfront
3) create a first blog (template) as a subdirectory that we can clone to create multiple other blogs with.

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Create Facebook Unlike Button


Please read attached file for details.

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Looking For Developer/s Who Can Create A Site Similar To Fiverr Website

We are looking for developer/s who can create a site similar to Fiverr website or already had developed such thing.
We would like to see a demo before accepting the job.
This website must support muliti languages including RTL.

We need a full website by all means including frontend and backend and admin panel.

The payment processes and statuses must be updated automatically and less manual work.

we are looking for full solution and someone who is familiar fully with Fiverr.

If you think you can deliver very high quality in short time with all functionality please reply to this job post (remember we need to see Demo 1st).

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Website Creation

Im looking for a website designer to create a new site for me. The site will be a members site where members can create their own profile and post projects online. There will also need to be a feedback option where members can leave feedback on projects done by other members. A chat feature would be beneficial and the ability to search for projects. Essentially:

-members only site
-create your own profile
-create friendships with other members
-post projects online for members to work together

The website will be similar to elance and facebook but will be for a particular niche user. I will need:

-A talented website designer
-fluent in English
-fairly quick turn around time
-easy to work with
-good feedback and previous experience of creating this sort of site

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Web Designing Company Needed

Hi, i have a company here in london and want to hire a web designing company to help us design websites for our clients!
we get 20-50 clients every month wanting a site, 70% of the time we create all the sites but when we get more than 15 orders, we get too busy soo we normally get freelancers to do it when we are too busy.
i have 8 websites that needs to be created within 2 week period!
i have listed 3 of the 8 websites below, but i will only give the 8 websites if you finish the 3 websites below to good standard! otherwise we will have to hire someone else!
we are not looking for a short term business deal here! we want a very long term business! so i will only accecpt the bid of a company who have the following qualities:-
1) 100% completion rate or closer
2) very very good reviews
3) good portfolio (you need to send me all the websites you have created in the past in a PM)
4) company who only accecpt payment once job is completed (no milestone only payment once job is completed!
5) should have a BIG team of designers working
6) should finish the job on time.

here are the websites i need doing NOW!
1st website
hi, i want few minor changes done to my website –
i just need someone to just add the images to the posts and also change the header to an image i will provide!
i would have done this myself but due to high volume of work mounting on me, i need to give this to a freelancer to do!
project budget is $10-$30

2nd website

i want someone to create me a website like with sections where my customers will be able to design suits,shirts,trousers,ect using the design your own section you will create for me!
the design your own section should have very similar effect/features as the one on! please please i DONT WANT A CLONE OF ITAILOR! this site has to be unique!
i will provide images of fabrics for the design your own section which you can use to create that section!
should have paypal enabled!
my budget for this project is $100-$200 and the job should be complete within 7-10 days!!!

3rd website
i want a website like
with very similar features and this site should also have an auction facility where estate agents can go and put properties for auction and customers then could bid for these houses/estates.
the website should also have these features:-
1. Real Estate Agent will come and Register on the site..
2. They will have an account and then will login and add properties
3. There proptertis will be appproved by admin before listed on the site
4. if the property if for sale..they they pay for it before it is being listed
5. They can list property for Auction where people can put this bid amount
6. Users can register and bid
7. site should have a property search bar on top like
8. all the navigation should be on the side bar not on the header!

project budget is $100-$350 and should be completed within 12 days!
Hope to see your bids!
Good Luck!

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Flash South Park-like Cartoon Characters

I am making a flash cartoon this year for our Anesthesiology graduation. It will be similar to one I built last year and can be found at:

If you look through the video you will notice 2 things that I want you to do for me to save me time:

1. Built roughly 30 characters – I will provide pictures of them and you create flash versions of them. Each one took me about 10-20 minutes to built, so I expect making 30 will take roughly 600 minutes.

2. See how the characters move in my video and on South Park? When you make the characters I need you to build them so I can animate how they move (basically the head, body, and legs each are individual objects)

I will animate the mouths and eyes, but any help improving my methods would be great.

I am hoping also that you may be better at this than me and the models you create might look better and maybe resemble a little the real people whos pictures I provide.

I expect this project to take a total of probably 6-10 hours and much less if you are fast. I will pay $200.

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Create A Full Packages For Error Pages.

You must create full packages for error pages.
Heres the list of error pages you must create :

400 Bad Request – HTTP_BAD_REQUEST
401 Authorization Required – HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED
402 Payment Required – HTTP_PAYMENT_REQUIRED
403 Forbidden – HTTP_FORBIDDEN
404 Not Found – HTTP_NOT_FOUND
407 Proxy Authentication Required – HTTP_PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED
408 Request Time-out – HTTP_REQUEST_TIME_OUT

500 Internal Server Error – HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR
502 Bad Gateway – HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY
503 Service Temporarily Unavailable – HTTP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE
504 Gateway Time-out – HTTP_GATEWAY_TIME_OUT

So you only create 12 pages and .htaccess file. Each pages must be stored on separate folder.
If you have any skill to do it, just bid it. Dont ever bid if you dont understand.

Project must be completed on 2-3 days. Payment will be issued after the project is finished.
If you need more detail about this project, or any question, just PM it to me.

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Create My Weekly Store Emails

Can you create a weekly email template that will capture attention and generate sales for a childrens clothing boutique. We constantly have new merchandise coming in and need to reach our customers with great photos and descriptions. All photos will be provided as well as files of past newsletters and emails. Must be very familiar with working with Aweber. Please show me some past work. Kid oriented not necessary, but some apparel knowledge would be preferred. Need to have the ability to update the photos and text.

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Create Advertisement To SELL MY BMW

Alright – I sell a lot of things and I can tell you that a nice advertisement sells something 10xs faster than a plain advertisement.

I am selling my BMW and I want this ad to look HOT – . I am very selective about who does my work and I dont want to see a bunch of irrelevant listings showing me all of the websites or templates youve worked on…

I dont want to hear about your company and that youve got 10 people on your team that does XYZ…

What I want to hear is real communication from you to me. Not some copy and paste crap with a long list of things Ill never look at… Dont waste your time. It makes people wonder if youre in Indian Bot or script thats been written to post on open projects. Why did I say Indian? Well because 99% of the bidders that do it are Indians.

I am attaching some images of my car and a PSD that Ive played around with… – some of you can make mock-ups or create examples if youd like. This is not required, so please dont bother writing me and telling me that you dont do mock-ups, your actions speak louder than words. I will say that if you do create a mock-up, your chances are higher for selection.

There are details that need to be shown in the advertisement – here is a very ugly advertisement – I am showing you this so you can see the other details that must be included * i.e. options, vin#, mileage, full list of options etc
*** ***

That link provides you with text examples of options, VIN#, Mileage etc – notice how the features were bulleted?

I will need this done as a PSD and PNG image. Make this look GREAT!

Ad Description –
This 2006 BMW 325i Sedan -6 Speed – White with Tan Leather Interior – Is Absolutely Stunning!!! Great Fuel Economy with power Best Color Combination! Meticulously Maintained and A Blast To Drive – This is The One To Have! Premium Package, Premium Sound with In-Dash CD Player, Moon Roof, Remote Keyless Entry, and Power Everything! This Car Looks, Runs, and Drives Like New! Non Smoker, Carfax Certified Car! Perfect Combination of Performance, Luxury, Safety, and Reliability! Do Not Hesitate Because This Car Is Priced Right and Will Sell Quick! Nationwide delivery is available

Here is some carbon fiber backgrounds from iStock:

Budget $30-65 Max

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Customized Clothing Website

We would like to create a website to allow users to:

1. View our products/image
2. Customize their own products using available options
3. Purchase finished products
4. Market our image/products

We would like an experienced website designer who has the knowledge and tools to create a unique and professional website that will reflect our companys image.

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Website Design Minor Alterations

I need some alterations to my website.
Take a look at
1)You will need to create a button says"Order now",place it to the middle of the page and link it to my online ordering software
2)Create Facebook and Twitter icons integrate to the main page
3)Change text on few of pages
4)Remove unwanted text from the top

Thats it

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Two Philosophy Essay Outlines

I need someone to create two custom essay outlines for philosophy. The winning bidder must read two articles for each essay and then use these articles to create an outline for each essay. The articles are on healthcare ethics. I am only looking to work with those who are proficient in English because the diction can be a bit much. I am not looking for full essays and the job could probably be completed in a few hours. Thank you.

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Apache Solr Integration With OsCommerce Compatible

This project will create an alternative to the search functions currently in the customers osCommerce compatible program. This is a general idea of what we are working for and we will be looking for the candidate who and provide this and more

(1) The faceted search create by Solr will be displayed on the left navigation column instead of the regular category display and display the products in category display.

(2) The faceted search created by Solr will also return all the search results from customer initiated searches.

General Requirement Include:

(1) Customer will setup Solr php extensions on their dedicated server .

All programming will be done using these extensions.

(2) Integrate with customers r database structure (similar to osCommerce) ability to display faceted searches for the following:

By Price
By Manufacturer
By Category
By Weight
By Height, Length, Width

(3) Using Extra fields create ability to display facets based on extra fields data setups:
Import for extra field is already created.

By Material glass, steel, wood, stone
By Shape Round, square, rectangle.
By Color R o y g b i v

(4) Create an upload file from customer database in format of Solr import.

(5) Upload the Solr import to update Solr database and index.


Spelling suggestions "did you mean…?"
Alternative search results "more like this…?"
Improved lexical analysis of incoming search terms eg matching "keyboard" and "keyboards"

Apache Solr 3.1

Solr Php

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