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Facebook Page Creation

Need facebook page customised and developed for small Film Production Company. To work like this

Needs to be Twitter and Tumblr linked

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Need Help With Some Excel Document Creation

I am creating some excel workbooks to be used regularly in my business. I have no experience with Excel so we need someone with some hefty experience to help us create the documents we will use in our day to day business and show us how to implement it into our business. This should be simple stuff at first but if I find the right person we will work with them consistently as we expand our operation. Toronto freelancers only please.

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Creation Of A Website (java/struts)

I need a website for a medical office.
The main aim of the site is the advertisement for the doctor.
The website must be in one language only French.

The website is 10 screens with 3 dynamic screens (acces to database).

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Creation Of Java/struts Site

I need a website for a medical office.
The main aim of the site is the advertisement for the doctor.
The website must be in one language only French.

The website is 10 screens with 3 dynamic screens (acces to database).

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WordPress Theme And Site Creation For Ebook Promotion


I need someone who can help me to create a basc wordpress theme for a ebook promotion.

A mockup of the design is attached.

I will also need some help with creating the site in the wordpress theme.

Provider should be able to demonstrate portfolio of previous work in the area

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Interenet Marketing Ad Creation

Need help designing some ads for my site. PM me to discuss furthur details.

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Modification Of Excel Macro To Automate Dashboard Creation

I need somebody to modify a macro that generate dashboard.

Will give detailed instructions to the winner bidder.

Max bid $50

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WP Autoblog Creation

This is aproject for sporshok

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Freelance Editor – Trading

The Position

Looking to present our members with in-depth knowledge on the topic of trading, will launch a website dedicated to teaching online trading to its portfolio. For this new project we are looking for freelance editors who will write trading articles for our trading website.

As Freelance Editor – Trading, your role will entail the compilation of trading related content in an informative and interesting manner. This includes guides explaining basic trading knowledge to our users as well as more advanced strategy articles.

Your publishing will be read by a large community which means that you will have direct influence on the level of satisfaction of our customers.

Your Responsibilities:

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A Video Creation With Voice (Arabic)

Hi everybody,
Im looking for a someone that could create a 3-5 minutes video with a voice (Arabic :preferred Lebanese accent)
A full hd video
the video is about my village (general info about the village, i will provide the information ,and a lot of pictures so u can use it in the video ) .

i would like the video to start from zooming in through Google earth to the village location.

PS:i will grant the full copy-rights of the video

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VIDEO Creation

Hi I need someone responsible for the creation of two videos.
A presentation from 1 to 4 minutes.
A 30-second video.
The voice has to be professional, with U.S. accent.
Web 2.0 style graphics in the video
The text of the video will be sent to the narrator.
My budget is $ 50 to $ 100.
Please do not bother to bid more because I would not be able to select you
Send private message with your best videos.

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Widget Creation

Widget to be made in html and to be installed and to be show in the footer of a joomla betting site.

Widget to look like this:

<script src=""></script>

Data will be added each time from me so needs to be easy also. Also would like the widget to have a free html code so other can take it and install it to their sites, but when they click on the widget

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How To Video Creation For YouTube

Create multiple videos 2-3 minutes long explaining how software works. Example:
Pay per video depending on quality and speed.

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Poster Creation For Event For Designbox

Create a poster for music event

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Totally Unique Music Creation App, Only Needs 2 GUI Buttons!

Hi and thanks for reading this,

With so many apps out there already it is now quite rare to create something unique, something that hasnt been done before but I have done it.

I have designed a totally unique music creation app there is nothing like it, its fun and anyone can use it. It is so simple to control requiring probably only 2 GUI buttons yet can produce some amazing results, you will be surprised what can be achieved using such a simple technique. The public are gonna love it!

There are many possibilities to expand it and add extra features such as social sharing and rating of the songs created, the only limits to where we can take this will be your skills as the developer. I would be happy with even just the basic but unique functionality, but to make some serious money we need to cover all bases.

I have a great name for it which describes it perfectly and is very marketable.

The UI design will be very simple but stylish, very colourful and also very marketable.

I am looking to release initially on Iphone and soon after on Android, if I dont release on both then someone else will I promise you.

The ideal developers for this project would be experienced with Iphone (Android experience would be a plus) with a passion for music creation. You will need to know how access the microphone and how to record and playback the audio stream.

I really believe I have something big here and need people who are passionate and skilled to develop this with me.

I am open to offers regarding fees and will consider all offers.

Only serious talented developers who are prepared to sign an NDA need apply.

This app will make us a lot of money, Im sure of it.

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Facebook Page Creation

I require a facebook page framework to be built similiar to that of

The colours will need to change.

The pages that the links will go to will be

The Font should be impact or similair

Will provide the banners just need to let me the pixel size

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Website – High Profile – Ongoing Job

Looking for a partner to build high profile website – you must have experience of building
graphically pleasing easy to naviaget SEO friendly websites.

Please see our current site – as an example
looking for SEO related site – see as an example – our site is likely to be 12/14 pages – full content will be provided – however you may be needed to create/adapt some graphics.

We will pay $50 for site creation and optimisation and a further $30 per month for updates and add ons –
really want to work with someone we can trust – and who has a track record of brilliant website creation and who will be around for the long term.

Please bid $50 for first site -additional monthly payments will be made as agreed

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Template Creation And Integration

I have a new Project.


This is my website: Removed by Admin]
Im using this script: ( i have the trial script but you can change the template files from the admin panel.)

I want a minisite creation similar this: ( header, footer, banners, logo..i want the best graphic and settings for sell a big ammount of premium membership.)

This is the work:


If you have please send me some ideas, demo, or previous project.

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Course Management

HI we are looking for a developer who can provide the following costing:

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Handbag Pattern Creation

Im looking for help in creating 4-6 patterns for handbag designs. The actual handbag design image and measurements will be provided prior to pattern creation. Some guidance on scale may be needed during creation. The first round of patterns may only take a few hours but additional hours may be requested if other patterns are needed. Please include cost of supplies and hours in your bid.

Would prefer to work with someone in person in Chicago to avoid shipment of designs and patterns.

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Md5 Hash Creation And Modify Data In One Column $15

Here is the task – $15.00

1. i have .sql file with one column has incorrect data
remove extra "- in title which is in the end (only end "-" needs to be removed) example
2. recreate hash in the column

Note: zip files are 5 gb to 17gb s i expect the script you provide finish in atleast 2 -3 hours to do the replacement
and hash creating

i will escrow and send me files and take the money

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Dating Website Design And Creation

I want to hire a web designer to create a dating website with specific user registration requirements and interface.

Various budget bids are Welcome,

Minimum Price with good Experience will be considered and selected for long term.


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App Creation, (easy App)

This app need is an easy app to make.

We need pictures and text in many different windoes. Like a product line.

We also need some pages on &quot;how to do it&quot;.

It will be about 15-20 pages.

We need this app ASAP!!!

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Slider Creation WordPress

– Upgrade a running Slider Creation in WordPress
– New functions
– Ajax and Jquery functions

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Affiliate Marketing Website Creation

Existing: Domain names, web host, WordPress software
Required: affiliate marketing website based on sample websites (to be advised) with similar setup and links. Shopping cart setup. Database setup for customer lists with automated responses and emailing. Setup to be made for simple maintenance and updates by the owner. Advice on the website setup, control and maintenance is important.

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