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Telesales Marketing Professional

Telesales Marketing Professional is a new property selling website with a difference you can list your property for FREE with no agents fees or commission payments. is also an advertising portal for property related websites, as well as an advertising vehicle for property sellers in the United Kingdom.

Users (Listers) are encouraged to register and to upload their Property Listings (as many as they like) to the website via the Property Listing Wizard.

The site also has an active Guides & Resources section, supported by relevant advertising, a blog and regular newsletters and information bulletins, also providing a platform for advertising.

How do and the Telesales Marketing Professional make money from this service?

The Telesales Marketing Professional will be selling advertising space on each of the listing pages of the website. This includes properties that people List on the website as well as articles and news feeds in the Guides & Resources section and on the Blog. Every page provides further opportunities for advertising to be sold.

Having done some research (which will help with), the Telesales Marketing Professional will approach businesses that are local to the specific property for sale or rent, and offer them a package that is based on payment on performance. Geographical relevance will be as important as business relevance that is, the Advert should offer goods or services both relevant to the properties being listed, as well as a useful service to people looking at those properties.

There are currently five advertising slots available on each page. We will want to sell each position (which could be a banner advert or text link) on the basis of CPM cost per 1,000 impressions.

There is no requirement for prior knowledge or experience of CPC, CPM or other specific Internet processes as all relevant guidance will be provided. But a determination to sell advertising on the site is a must!
Although cost-per-click, or CPC, advertising is enjoying great popularity, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) advertising is still an effective way of reaching potential customers on the Web. Instead of paying per click in a CPC arrangement, in a CPM campaign the advertiser purchases a set amount of impressions. An impression is a single instance of an ad appearing on a Web site.
CPM-based advertising can be a cost-effective alternative to CPC deals. For instance, in CPC-based advertising, you pay for each click your ad receives. Let us say that you are spending $1 for each click; 10 clicks costs you $10.
In a CPM-based campaign, you may pay $3 for 1,000 impressions. If your ad receives a click-through ratio of just 1 percent, youre paying $3 for the same 10 clicks. will be looking to achieve £10.00 per 1,000 impressions, or 0.01 pence per impression. This allows an advertiser complete flexibility as to how much they wish to spend with us and for how long. It also provides flexibility for the Telesales Marketing Professional to sell packages which maximise the revenue of the business and improve the level of commissions that can be earned.

We will pay £10 per hour initially for set up and familiarisation, which will be limited to £150. Once the Telesales Professional is established and making sales, we will then pay 25% of the value of the business sold. If an advertiser repeats the advertising, the Telesales Marketing Professional will continue to receive the 25% commission ad infinitum. The intention is for a Telesales Marketing Professional to be better off earning commission, than on a job or per hour basis.

Wed be happy to explain or talk through any questions you have let us know!
Sell It Yourself!

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Another Big SEO Project – Professional Only

Posting another Big SEO project that we need for our other sites. If your not an experienced SEO or if your company consist of 3 or less people this projects is not for you. Highly skilled, motivated, experienced SEO companies ONLY.

Need SEO work for 8 sites with total of 20 keywords, some keywords are highly competiteve, some medium and some are low.

All sites are aged sites and some of them got PR2, PR1 within age of 5,3,6, the sites are NOT NEW so theyre will be pretty easy to rank.

What you will need to do:
Rank 8 sites in total of 20 keywords to top 10 on within 7 months.
Weekly Reports must be submitted with all the links, ranking status etc.
Must Rank all of the 8 sites to top 100 in for all theyre keywords within 2 months, fail to will results in taken the project from you, if your professional SEO with good team then you know thats its more then possible no metter how comptetive the keywords is.

Bid requirements in PM:
– SEO project plan inc. methods & details of what you intend to do
– Examples of your successful projects inc. timescales
– Expertise in SEO work.
– Proven work with references.
– Detailed plan about how you will accomplish the task.

Payment terms, which is based and will be released when the last keywords hits the certain position:
Top 100 – 5%
Top 50 – 15%
Top 20- 30%
Top 10 – 50%
Paying per results only, you will be paid by the whole project and not by one keyword or one site. Payments are based by the last keyword achieving its place. You will not be paid if one site gots the results and other didnt, paying only when the last keywords hits it position, so for example if 16 keywords reached top 100 and 1 didnt you will not be paid untill that last keyword hits top 100. In the message start with the keywrod: top100number2, that way we know that you have read and went through all of the requirments.

If no results will be seen withing the first month of work, the project will be taken from you and no payment will be made. Assure us that your know what you doing and you got what it takes to rank our sites. More work will be provided and an agreement on achieving the first position will be based on your results.

Were willing to pay good price for this whole project and will be providing bonuses if you do good and if we really will see some ranking improvement weekly. We also be interested in providing and working with you in future on moving this sites to top3 positions.

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Marketing And Leads For A Creative Agency

We are a small start-up creative agency based in London. We wish to work with publishers and independent authors to develop multi-media books that use Augmented Reality and web tie-ins.

We need someone with a little experience in the pub bis to:
-generate leads
-produce a basic creative marketing plan

Barnstorm Books

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Local Business Marketing Professional Wanted

Looking for Professional Local Business Marketing Professionals.

I am looking to hire freelance marketing professionals who specialize in local business:

1.) PPC
2.) Classified Postings
3.) Social Media
4.) And More

Many Positions available to freelance for our company who markets hundreds of local businesses around the country.

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Need PROFESSIONAL Marketing Team for new business op. 100 Business Licenses Sold per Month = $100,000 for you. LONG TERM. Income potential of six figures EVERY month.

Looking for an EXPERIENCED Marketing Team to promote a new business opportunity in the Child Safety/Education field.

You will be paid on commission only. You receive $1000 per paid licensee. Business licenses are sold for $2000, so thats 50% commission for you. You will also receive an exclusive $100 discount code to promote and encourage leads to sign up through you. The discount code does not affect your commission.

We are only looking for high quality marketing teams who are confident they can deliver 50-100+ new paid licensees per month. This is a huge long term opportunity with the potential to make you six figures every single month. We need a team that can start IMMEDIATELY and deliver quality results.

Here is the website for the company you will be promoting:

Here is the form for business license leads:

IMPORTANT: In order to be considered for this project, you MUST state in your bid or via PM, HOW you plan to promote this business. If you do not, your bid will be ignored.

This Business Op is available to be sold WORLDWIDE.

All commissions will be paid to you via PayPal. No escrow.

PM me with any questions. Thanks.

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