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Zen Cart SSL And Configuration

Hello Everyone,

I have a website that is a functioning shopping cart, there are a few issues with the website that need to be addressed. I have purchased a SSL Certificate on the server and need to have the SSL function of Zen Cart turned on. I thought it would be as easy as turning on SSL in the config files but apparently not. Also in order to make the module authorize transactions using a credit card i believe you need to have ssl configured. So please let me know what it will take and how long in order to get this working.


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Payment Processor

Need someone to develop a web service.
The web service will be required to take in an XML message that contains one to many payment requests.
These requests will be processed via a payment gateway (this will be stubbed out for now i.e. coded for future implementation, once a payment gateway provider has been determined).
Each of these requests will be made in parallel (asynchronously), for performance reasons. Each response will be recorded and then an aggregated response returned from the web service.

30% upon delivery of code
30% upon installation
40% upon successful testing

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Alertpay Payment Module For VirtueMart 1.1.5

The module must process the payment auto via alertpay, and thn change the status of the order in my joomla back end once payment is complete, just like the paypal module works that comes with joomla must support multiple items and be fully automated checkout.

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Payment Processor Integration

Hello we would like zombaio our payment processor integrated onto our site, at user sign up making it mandatory for them to pay, if they do not pay they do not have access if they do they are given access,,,however if they try regain access and have not paid should go back to payment page.


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US Credit Card Processor Looking For RETENTION SPECIALIST!

Dear Center:

We are a U.S. Based company that offers various financial services for businesses, ranging from Credit Card processing to prepaid wireless top up services.


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Fix Payment Processor To Work With Offerpalmedia

We need someone to fix a simple php script to work with offerpal media. once the bid is accepted we would like to see some progress done with in the week of the job sent back to us for testing purposes.

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Zombaio Payment Processor Installation


I need a good programmer to install the Zombaio payment processor on the, which is a fledgeling adult social community. The site runs on a heavily modified version of Boonex Dolphin v.6. The site does not use recurring billing but uses one-time membership purchases and one-time site-credit purchases, prices for both set in the sites admin system, which is a method supported by Zombaio.

You need to have installed Zombaio at least on two separate sites previously. Please address this in your bid.

– Payment for full project will be placed in escrow upon start of project. Escrow will be released upon successful live transactions on using the Zombaio processor.
– Installation must be delivered fully functional 4 days (weekend included) from start of project.

Linus Gauti

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Payment Processor Integration, Verotel Experience A Plus


I need to make contact with a PHP programmer who is knowledgeable about payment processor integration. Experience with Verotel is a plus, as this project deals with finding an error in a current Verotel processor integration and fixing it. The site in question is, which runs on a heavily modified version of Boonex Dolphin v.6.

Linus Gauti

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Paypal Credit Card Verification Needed


I need credit card verification of my paypal acoount…I will pay $30.

Payment via escrow only.


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Restaurant Point Of Sale

Restaurant Point of Sale program
Enhanced User Interface:

Possibility to choose different color themes, gradient buttons and panels.
Full-featured virtual keyboard to work with touch screens.
4 different kinds of views for menu items and categories: buttons, icons, list and details.
Customization of fonts and colors.
End of Day and Z-Out:

Enter Begin Cash (with media count dialog).
Reconcile Cash Drawer operation. Its possible to count not only cash, but also checks and other media. Its also possible to reconcile cash drawer several times during a shift.
End of Day process with possibilities to backup data and export daily data to third-party inventory software.
Z-Out Cash Drawer and Z-Out Restaurant Close reports.

Workers Clock In and Clock Out.
Different options, for example, automatically clock in/clock out on login/logoff.
Quick login using Employee Swipe Card or Employee Barcode Card.
Workers time report.

Weighted Average, LIFO and FIFO inventory calculation methods.
Composite menu items with ingredients.
Physical inventory adjustment

Purchase orders.
Receive vouchers.
Return vouchers.
Can work in network:

Its possible to define different network structures, for example, two computers for entering orders, one computer for cashier and one computer for kitchen.
Reconcile cash drawer command will close individually each cash drawer and End of Day process will close all reconciled workstations.
Actions on orders:

Print Bill (advanced bill customization, for example, show categories; show free modifiers).
Print Notifications to kitchen and bar.
Take Payment (supports entering different payment methods at the same time for one order).
Real-time credit card processing.
Transfer order to another table.
Divide order into equal parts.
Split order.
Delete order.
Refund order (its possible with Refund item command).
Discounts (with possibility to select a discount from predefined list of discounts).
Assign Client (database of clients in also maintained with possibilities to search for client, see clients past orders).
Assign Delivery Address.
Assign item modifiers (for example, well done, rare, tomato etc).
Assign orders chit number or text.
Additional order options:

Filter orders by status (open, closed, reconciled, and z-closed).
Filter orders by date.
Search for orders by client, waitress, cashier, table number etc.
Actions on menu items:

Add item using various methods: by item

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Alertpay Payment Module For Virtuemart!

I need an AlertPay payment module creating for the Virtuemart shopping cart for Joomla,

The module must process the payment auto via alertpay, and thn change the status of the order in my joomla back end once payment is complete, just like the paypal module works that comes with joomla must support multiple items and be fully automated checkout.

Im looking for someone who has a module already available or can intergrarte alertpay with my site at a cheap price, no redicelous high bids, i know what i want here and i know what its worth.

To show me you are not a spam bidder please answer this question in your bid comment thanks. 2+2=???

Any questions PM me

Thanks Coxi.

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Virtuemart Payment Processor & Flypage

This project is to develop an Eway Recurring Payment Processor and flypage for Virtuemart

The site is running Virtuemart as a standard Joomla integration. Each product has a set price which is payable via instalments.

Payments will be processed by which supports recurring payments (see specifications at Virtuemart already has an Eway payment processor installed by default however it only supports payment in full. Development of the new processor may be a hack of the existing processor or a new processor.

The site administrator must be able to create products and attributes as normal in Virtuemart. The administrator must also be able to create a payment plan for each product. The payment plan will be different for each product. The payment plan may be setup as an attribute of the product.

Buyers must be able to view the payment plan associated with the product but not change any of the details. The payment plan details must be shown on all invoices/email notifications sent by the system.

The account creation form will be extensively modified to include many new fields.

I also need a new flypage to accommodate front end display of the payment plan.

Please make sure your bid covers BOTH the processor AND the flypage.

I will own the source code and the copyright. Bid ONLY if you are expert in developing in Joomla and Virtuemart and coding PHP. Documentation must also be supplied. I am happy to hear other suggestions on how the same result could be acheived another way – please PM me. Note that payment for this prject will only be made upon successful completion of BOTH the processor AND the flypage. Do not bid if you are only able to complete part.

A test account with a basic Joomla & Virtuemart setup will be available if necessary. Please indicate if you will need a test area.

PLEASE PM ME YOUR EXPERIENCE AND ANY QUESTIONS. A detailed spec will be provided to the successful bidder.

This will lead to more work if successful.

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