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WHMCS Payment Module For Beanstream(credit Card Processor)

Need a custom WHMCS payment module/addon/plugin for beanstream processing

Should have previous experience in writing payment modules for whmcs

Please show examples

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Pay To Book A Restaurant Table

I need a module for joomla that allows users to sign up and be able to book a table at a restaurant for a specified date with the number of people etc. Ideally i would like a credit system where they buy up and book a table and the credits is deducted but if that cant work then a simple pay as you go is sufficient. I came across a Joomla credit system called Joom Credit and a table reservations module called TableBooking. Is there any way we can mash these two together?

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OsCommerce Payment Module Customerization

I have installed oscommerce for my online store. I also installed a few OSC contributions including Points and Rewards. Everything works well so far. However, I need to add another feature to my site which I could not find any contribution from OSCommerce website. So I would like to find somebody here to help me with this.

What I need is to separate payment method for different products. There are 3 particular products that can be only purchased with credit cards, the rest of products should be only purchased with customers points.

So, I need some codes written or modified in checkout_payment.php, class payment.php (or more php files) to achieve the following: when one of the 3 products (as mentioned above) is selected, only credit card payment is available on payment confirmation page; when rest of other products are selected for checkout, only Points and Awards module shows up and the credit card module does not show up on the payment confirmation page at all.

I prefer somebody with intensive working experience with OSC and payment modules. I do some coding myself too but not experienced enough to accomplish what I need here.

Thank you very much.


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Expense Management System

The scope of this project is to design, build and test a website and online Data Base where employees can create a log in and build an online travel expense report, the report can be submitted to the employees manager who can review and approve the report.

The site will have very similar to the reference site expensify(dot)com

If you are interested in bidding for this project, you must provide the information requested in the section Proposal Format – See below.
Any proposals that do not adhere to this format will not be considered.


Import Credit Card / Bank Details
The employee selects their bank and enters their online banking credentials and the employees bank and credit card statement are imported into their expense report.

The Employee can create a new expense report. They enterer expenses either manually or using the import feature. The expenses are then assigned to an expense report. The employee can then upload receipt images and attach these to the expenses.

The administrator can create new travel policy rules where restriction on expenses can be set eg if the expense amount is greater than $5 you must have a receipt.
The administrator can then assign a policy type to each employee.

Mobile App
Mobile App that will allow the employee to take an image of their receipts and attach them to their expense reports.

Customised Categories
The Administrator can create pre-defined expense categories, add new users to the system, assign access levels and rights to employees.


Adding new expense rules
tips / help
Assign Email Preferences
Add bank account details to receive reimbursement
Connection to other systems not in scope
Billing where the administrator can add a Credit card to pay fees and reimbursements.

Report on the expenses created eg expenses paid, not paid, outstanding, expenses by category, by employee, expenditure per month.

Submitting Expense Reports
The employee can submit an expense report and identifies their manager who will approve the expense report. The manager reviews the claim and any policy violations are highlighted in red / yellow. You can hover over the report for pop up windows with further information.

Data Export
Need functionality to be able to export all data and images out of the online data base, in .xls , CSV format.

The System will be fully tested in all main browsers.

Proposal Format.
The proposal should cover the following key areas:


Please email your proposal to Eamon Clune at by Thursday 7th April.


The project has some unique features some of which do not appear in websites very often.

The main technical elements are:

Phase 1
1.Development of an online work flow solution, with multiple roles and levels of access – where an expense form can be passed from the originator; to the approver to the payer. The work flow solution needs to be able to route the claim to the correct person in the flow and have automatic email notifications

2.The solution need to have an invoicing feature, The invoice will be made up of 1) the monthly subscription fee based on the number of users per month. 2) the approved expense amount for each employee.

3.The system will have 2 billing/ payment features, 1)the admin enters their credit card details and the credit card is charged monthly based on the number of users that company has using the system per month. 2) each time an employees expenses are approved by their company, their company credit card is charged and is paid to the employee.

Phase 2
4.An iPhone and Android App will be required. The App will allow the employee to log in and create a new expense, take a photo of their receipt and submit this

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VB6 To .Net POS

I have a fully functional touch screen Point of sale program written in vb6. I want it converted to and enhanced with customer ordering and to-pay or short term credit sales as well. It was written with only cash sales in mind and operational since march 2005.

The current implimentation require changes to facilitate hawker, to-pay, short term credit sales,(customers that take product to sell on the street or to shops and then pay in later the day or the following day. As well as enhancements to the ordering(Inventory) modules.

These hawkers get discount(commission) on the products at various levels(most volume based) and can change daily. All hawkers do not get the same discount.

Reporting can be basic with enhanced exported to csv, open office,excel. i have run a quick count of code lines, see attached
Please feel free to make suggestments for enhancements

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Integrate Credit System In To Joomla/wiziq Site

I am looking for someone to help me continue my project. I have been working with another developer that is now too busy to assist me any further. I have a functioning elearning site using joomla as the back end and wiziq as the virtual classroom – integrated together. I am now looking to take it a step further and integrate a credit system for students to buy and use when joining classes. I have looked at both joomcredits and Vodes but am not sure about either.

I have no experience in web development except for what I have learned in the past year working on this project.

Thank you for your time.

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Third-party Payment Module For VirtueMart Or CubeCart

I need to create a component that sends the price and my merchant ID to a external credit card processor web page. The API of the external credit card processor company sends the result of the payment process to my site, then I need to complete the order after that response. The merchant account has given us a php plug-in which receives certain response codes and basic form fields.

It must also exchange cryptography keys between the bank and the website where the shopping cart (joomla/virtuemart) sits. We have a testing environment but the production environment works exactly the same.

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Quality Rewrite And Spinning Needed 5000 Words


I am looking for someone that is able to do 2 things for me- do manual quality rewriting of rather complicated text and then also do quality spin of the rewritten text-

1.First part of the job involves manual re-writing of rather complicated text (see sample below). This rewrite can not be done with a spinner as it will be used on my website. You need to understand the context and meaning of the text so very good written English is necessary.

2.Second part of the job is slightly easier- you need to take the text you just manually rewrote and then use Best Spinner (or other similar software) to spin the text. Spin needs to be at least 60% unique or more. The spun text needs to be also quality, so it is not going to be automatic "push the button" spin either- you need to check each sentence/wording separately in order to make sure the spun text make sense. The spun article needs to be of as good as you can possibly get from a spinner.

I would like to get your quote on the text of 5000 words ( about 10 full A4 pages) for both- quality manual rewrite + the same rewritten text spun ( with all the spyntax). If possible please bring out your fees for both parts separately.

The 5000 word text will not be on 1 topic, but the majority of the text will be on financial topics like credit cards, bank accounts, investment products etc.

Sample of the text you will be required to rewrite and then spin-

"The Annual Percentage Rate is really a way of measuring the expense of credit, shown as a annual fee. It should always be clearly shown prior to your credit account could be activated, also it should be clearly visible your credit card statements.
The credit card issuer should always disclose the periodic rate. That is the rate the credit card company applies to your owed balance to decide the lending fee for each and every payment period.

Quite a few credit cards allow the issuer alter the APR interest rates whenever rates of interest or any other fiscal indicators described as indexes change. As the rate modification is linked to the indexs overall performance and differs, these kinds of plans are known as variable rate products. Fee alterations may also increase or decrease the actual lending fee on your credit account. When you are thinking about a variable rate credit card, the credit issuer should explain how the interest rate may possibly change and just how the rate is established.

Prior to your account being activated, you should be given details about any limits regarding how significantly the rate may possibly change and just how often."

Happy bidding Freelancers!!

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Include Credit Card Payment On WordPress Site – Eshop

I have a website created on wordpress with eshop plugin, we need include payment system with credit card

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PROJECT REQUIREMENTS : Should include similar functionality to latest twiends version (create an account and evaluate): – tabs for twitter, facebook pages, websites, youtube – filters for who can get users credits : membership age, location, interests (tags), unfollow stats for twitter – payment processing, credit packages & subscriptions – credit back for users that unfollowed – for certain premium members; credit is also deducted from user that unfollowed Should include backed to edit site settings, list/search/suspend/activate members, list/search all ipn transactions. DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENTS Should be as clear and easy to use as possible. Should not be developed in a way or based on code that involves copyrights or code ownership restrictions. This project is for purchasing custom programming work. Should be highly customizable: * Design is not important but should be CSS based (with external css files) for easy changes and implementation of new templates/skins. * Would be great to use a common open source framework like Zend Framework, Symphony, CodeIgniter or some other framework to obtain good code that can be used for further development and easily implementing clean css based templates (independent of code) and multilingual support (translation files to add multiple languages later). Please evaluate how you consider more appropriate to do this (what framework/template system), when could you start and when to expect to have some demos and final script ready. * Should include translation or multilingual support. PAYMENT Full amount can be escrow before work start. Payment is released only when everything is up, running and fully functional + TESTED, as in project description and implemented with honest intentions.

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Ajax And Magento Programming And Temple Clean-up

This project s for RTzine Only. – thanks,

1. Please install AJAX into our search by brand, color, size, style – we need this to work well, so we can add products.

2. Clean up the template – graphics, colors, buttons, etc,(minor changes)

3. Add a brand logo to product pages and minor changes on product page.

4. Test credit card module (we want to have our own secure check out with credit cards) since we will have secure servers installed.

5. SEO submission. We need to be sumbited to all the search engines in worldwide.

6. The site have to be in 7 languages (we have 4 installed – 2 are missing).

Here is our website –

I am sending you a bunch of files with screen shots so you can see in detail what needs to be done.

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6 X 400 Word Articles

I need 6 articles on various Credit Repair / Credit Card subjects.

Im paying $5 per 400 word article.

Need delivery in 3 days.

Native English writers will get preference.

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Paypal Payment Pro For Virtuemart (Credit Card Processing)


I need a joomla + Virtuemart Expert to add Paypal payment pro (credit card processing) in to existing joomla + Virtuemart site…
also need a template for the same…

More in PMB….


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Merchant Credit Card Processing Research Project

*Will only consider bids from vendors with positive (90% plus) reviews.

Merchant Credit Card Processing Research Project

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Paypal Stuff, Easy Money No Hookers

I will escrow you some money, you use a credit card or debit card or whatever i dont care.

Amount is very small, 30. I will give you $5 for testing this for me. I cant use my account or cards because my name is linked to them.

I will escrow the money to you as a mile stone, you will test, via paypal or credit card, then you will be rewarded.

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Credit Repair Website

I am looking for someone to design and input my information into a flash template. The website is pretty much put together and designed. I just need to get my information in the website as well as my logo etc. The website will probably be 5-6 pages. If you need any additional information please let me know.

I would like a backend system to track clients and progress as well as possibly having a login for my clients that they can get updates specifically for them. I can add this feature in the future depending on the cost.

03/14/2011 at 2:37 EDT:

I will probably need a shopping cart of some sort that I can incorporate with paypal and my merchant

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Stock Management Plus Accounting Software Needed

I run a company where i sell shoes in whole sale.

we have a product number 9844kjj and we sell them in terms of boxes and not single piece.

I need a system where i can load all those boxes in my warehouse with a product number and when I sell them and create invoices the stock automatically goes down and goes up when I add more boxes and products.

should tell me daily sale

I sell products on cash as well as credit so I should be able to know which invoice was credit and cash and also should be able to enter cheques if i receive a cheque against an invoice or partial payment.

I should be able to save customers. or add a new customer or should be able to choose already added customers while making an invoice.

I am open to a desktop app or web no problem.

Only bid if you already have one really dont have time to build from scratch. Have limited budget its a new business to quote wisely

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Gerenciador De Questoes Itens

Digite um texto ou endereço de um site ou traduza um documento.
Ler foneticamente
Tradução do português para inglês

2.cadastro of subjects in each category and subcategory
3. register sources (origins) of the items
4. fully customizable database of users
5. credit for each User Account
6. the registration of each item is assigned a credit point

what to do: the site is meant to be a manager of online questions to the mounting evidence for both teachers and students interested in simulated tests. The User shall make a payment (integrated to pagseguro Brazil) a few credits under the plan and after that have released their access to and use of each item your credit goes down according to the number of items used. the final choice of items he will have the option to export to pdf, doc, print. On export the User will feature prevents the glue, that is, he may choose to export the form of randomly picking up items of evidence are 3 types of evidence (made ​​automatically by the system) whose only difference from one to another is a reversal and change of order of the items. ie for example with 10 questions the User can assemble evidence on the questions (items) in different positions in each type of test.
ps. in Brazil proof is the same as test

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I Want To Set Up A Credit Report Site

I want to set up the credit report site which have the following basic function
1.buyer could submit the dispute online including buyer&supplier infor and dispute infor
2.have good rating system which could creat rating score for each supplier
3.could creat the credit report including rating score and disputing infor
4.all the page are in UTF-8 charset
5.reduce the photo as much as possible,we do not like any photo on any page,just use color and front instead of photo
You could take folloing site for reference

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$5 You Must Validate NOW ….Real Cash No VIRTUAL Money!

$20 Cash Per person almost daily even if you have NO pay pal account or credit card

USA/ Canada go here you must VALIDATE to receive pay pal payment

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ALL others especially if you do NOT have pay pal or a credit card
Send PM include COUNTRY

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Web Design With Online Odering And Credit Card Payment

I just want to build website for my businesses with an easy access to self uplod for changes, and with online ordering and credit card payment

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Implement Mail/Order Form + Real Time Credit Card Processing


We have an existing website and wish to have a mail form/order form script created and the site intergrated with our real time credit card verification – this is already setup and approved by the bank but needs to be implemented on our website.

We have hacked together a smple form which can be found at:

What we need it:

1) The above sample form tidied up in terms of fields, layout, field sizes etc. (We can always ad/edit the HTML at a later stage.
2) Develop it so that once the form is completed, it will submit the transaction to the bank for real time approval. We have an active account with Netregistry and the Payment Gateway implemention forms can be found at
3) Develop a page that the user is taken to to confirm the transaction has been approved / declined.
4) Notification of transaction/order sent to us via email including customers details

Options that we may be interested in depending on additional cost:

– Creation of electronic invoice that gets automatically emailed to the customer in HTML or Plain Text format or even allows them to print from the screen
– Creation of email document to us (is it posisble to be in word or PDF) that we can open and instantly print and use as a postage label.

We are keen to get this project started and finished ASAP and if all goes well we will have more projects for someone that we can work well with.


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Credit Calculation For Joomla


We are a young team in Switzerland and make promotional appearances for different customer.
Now I have a request to create a credit inquirys website. For this project we would need a calculation including possible inquiry form. We want something like the following links:


Front the short input the coordinates (loan request, rates) – Following the proposal – I will then be forwarded to a form (credit selection, personal information, notification of the application). The bank then receives a mail survey / form by mail for processing.

We need this to integrate into a Joomla Webpage.

Thank you and best regards,

Davide Spanio

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College Jobs- Social Media-On Going

Looking for smart hardworking person to work on our Social Media and Blogging, job includes posting and blogging on credit and finance on others web sites, building our facebook and twitter accounts. Candidate will need to learn and have an understanding of credit and personal finance, This is an ongoing position and we are looking long term relationship. This is ongoing part time flexible hours position. I would guess 5 to 10 hours a week. Compensation will depend on skills.

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Couponic Credit Card Payment Gateway


We recently bought the couponic and willing to setup credit card payment gateway by using our merchant account details that was sent by our bank.

Currently we are running Couponic 1.3.3. On our system there will be only credit card and wire transfer options available and none of the other payment methods (paypal, etc.) will be available to the end user.

We are in need of a developer whom familiar with couponic and the credit card gateway set up process. Jod needs to be done immediately.

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You Need Money TODAY Cash Now – USA/Canada Only PayPal

USA / Canada ONLY

Go Here
Users must sign up immediately after clicking
this link for you to receive credit by validating
by credit card for example "Free & Instant offer"

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Android And Iphone A2billingcallingcard Dialer App

Android and iphone
callingcard automated dialling must be impleted,
the app must be able to change the dialling process to the destination number automatically in the call log
the app should be able to run in the backround. and widget to turn it off and off should be available
the app should be able to log into a2billing and get the account balance and ability to credit account withing the app
the app should be able to display cost of the call before the call is made
customer should be able to change payment details in the application
customer should be able to change authorised phone number within the application
customer should be able to see last 20 call history withing application
there should be a like us facebook,twitter,email,sms link within app for customer to be able to tell friends
customer should be able to check rate of destinations within the application
customer should be able to see credit history within the application
the application should be similar to rebtel mobile app and as robust.

More Project in Future regarding BLACKBERRY, IPHONE, ANDROID.

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Get $5-$20 Sign Ups FREE Trial (USA) Credit Card Validation

Credit Card Validation is a MANDATORY for free trial offers

Requirements Simply (A) or (B)

Pay Pal Account and Visa or Master Card

$5 Unique Visa or MC, Email and IP Addresses
(Refer Our ID/Link/Code)


Pay Pal Accounts and Visa or Master Card

$20 Unique Visa or MC, Email and IP Addresses
(Your Own Personal ID/:ink/Code USA/CANADA ONLY)

No Milestones Rewarded
It confirms you did NOT read the description
You are paid daily direct to Pay Pal upon each daily VERIFIED offer

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Add Refferal Link On To My Site Tw

1. Add Refer Friends system to my site so they get a credit to their account and also notification to friend who refered them a notice that their friend joined .
2.Page View refferal system . each page visited by a reffereal get a referal credit set in admin (make sure ips not duplicated , 1 ip is allowed )
3.add twitter and facebook link to eacth item page so users can easily twitte with their referral link to their friends.

budget $100 ,time frame 5 : s ho

Language is PHP ,Zend Engine .

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