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The GUI must be sleek and written using QT. It should support windows, Mac, iPhone and android platforms.

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J2ME/Android Cross-Platform Porting Tool

We require a experienced developer or developers for a major large project. The project is a universal Cross-Platform Porting tool. We require developer(s) who have several years experience in porting J2ME to Android/iPhone/Windows Mobile as well as porting Android to iPhone and Windows Mobile etc. The project must be developed in C# DotNet 4.

Once a winning bid has been selected further/more details will be provided going into detail about the project.

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Taxi + Passenger Network (Android+iOS Platform)

To build a network of passengers and taxi drivers which allow taxi drivers to see passengers who are waiting taxi on the map.

Two apps to build
* Passenger version (Android, iOS)
* Driver version (Android only)

Functional Specifications
* Integration with Google Map


* Allow passenger to check in their current position on map. With GPS to do the initial location detection and allow passenger to do refinement on the map.
* Pop-up message to show on taxi driver screen on the side like twitter feeds and position to show on taxi driver map at the center. The feeds on taxi driver screen should be sorted by distance with closest passenger location on the top.
* Taxi driver to response by clicking on the pop up on their screen (allow more than one taxi driver to response)
* Responses from taxi drivers should show on the screens of both passenger and taxi drivers. Responses should include car plate number of the taxi.
* When passenger is on the taxi, passenger will check out. Position and message on the taxi driver screen will be gone. If passenger did not check out after 15 mins, a notification will be sent to the passenger and advise if the passenger has got a taxi yet. If not, please click to continue to check in and advise the passenger that check in will expire in 5 mins.

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