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FB Crossword Game

Requirements of the Crossword game:

– the users must type in the letters themselves with the keyboard (in geman language (ä,ö,ü ))

– for each correct answer the user get points. on time: means that the fastest user get most points.

– a solutions help. If this button clicked, the user should get points deducted

– result pop-up or something else where the user see how many points he scored when he finished the game.

– this result must post to wall/scoreboard where the user can see the results of the other players

– a countdown: for example: "6days 20hours and 11seconds after the weekly game is over".

– the fastest/best user of one week get a profit. so the winner of every week must be automaticly post to wall.
and the new game starts.


Should be look like this, but main color have to be blue (#003b81)

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Facebook Crossword Puzzle

First of all forgive me for my bad english.

The crossword-game should be like this:

* for each correct answer the user get points
* if the solutions help is clicked, the user should get points deducted
* on time: means that the fastest user get most points. the fastest user of one week get a profit. so the data (email or facebook account ) of the fastest user should be sent to us.

If it is possible app in geman language ( ä,ö,ü )

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Crossword Solver

Hello Coders,

I am searching for a Crossword Solver Script for my Website.

something like:

Thanks in advance,

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Facebook Multiplayer Crossword Game Client

We need a contractor to build a Facebook client for our 2-player crossword board game WordWise. We have already implemented the server, using Google App Engine, and mobile clients on both Android and iPhone.

We use GAEs native user system, requiring a Google account to log in. Were not sure how this would work in a Facebook app. The look/feel and interface should be very similar to our existing clients. The Android client is described here:

The app will be monetized with Google AdSense ads, so knowledge of integrating AdSense into a Facebook app using our info is required.

We will provide all graphics, server specs, and any other information necessary to complete the project. We require a signed agreement detailing responsibilities, ownership, scheduling, and payments. Well set up milestones for completed deliverables and expect notification of progress at least once a week.

Let us know if you can build this client and help expand our popular game to yet another platform.

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IPhone Crossword App


I need an iPhone/iPad crossword app with full source code.
Main features:
Landscape and portrait mode (see crosswords light)
Local and global score (based on time, hints add penalty time)
Quicksave on ring and quit
Absoulte stability
iPad version should take advantage of extra space


Crosswords light is an excellent example:
The app should have very similar functionalities.

2 accross light

Please include prior work references.

Thanx for bidding!

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Need Crossword Puzzle Game Built In Flash

We need to have this game,, rebuilt in Flash. The game would need to be rebranded obviously according to our brand instead of Shockwaves. Everything else can remain the same.

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Crossword Generator

Looking for a clever programmer to write a crossword generator. The end product must allow for:

– running on a linux platform
– a 15 x 15 grid
– using our own dictionary (we will supply it to you)
– allowing the user to place the cursor/mouse in any box on the grid and having the application generate a list of horizontal and vertical suggestions; the user would then select from the list of suggestions and enter them manually in the grid
– allowing the user to input his own words at random points on the board
– ensuring that where horizontal and vertical words overlap that there are no spelling errors
– maintaining a cumulative word list and count of words below the grid
– numbering squares at the start of each word
– filling in random words if needed to minimize gaps or whitespace (for discussion)

Typically a crossword includes a set of clues or hints to allow the user to solve the puzzle. There is no need to accommodate this portion, we already have a separate script to look after this.

Please note: we have already started programming in php and have completed the first 5 items. The 6th has turned out to be a little time-consuming and problematic and as a result we have decided to outsource the project. The successful candidate will be given a copy of our code and may either build on it or discard it and start from scratch.

The successful candidate will be able to supply examples of programming scripts of a similar complexity. Preference will be given to php and perl developers.

The successful candidate will also be asked to sign an assignment of intellectual property and ownership, giving full rights to the finished product to our company.

Happy bidding.

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Crossword app for Blackberry


I am looking for a developer to create an application for Blackberry.
The project is a crossword application similar to "New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry"

The app would feature a new crossword each day, the crossword would be downloaded from a server in XML format.

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