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Opencart Html/css Integration

Im looking for an experienced UK-based opencart developer to integrate a html/css template into Opencart with 8 different variations. Basically what this means is 1 html template with 8 different css styles so the client can select which css version they would like to use for a category, so e.g. create a new category and choose which css style they wish it to use.

Opencart will be installed ready and the html and css files provided.

This is also an ideal opportunity to build an ongoing business relationship as Im looking for someone to pass future Opencart projects onto that I can trust and also provides a good standard of work.

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Website Design In HTML And CSS

I need a tree service related website created. This website should be somewhat similiar to

It will have the same number of pages, same "request a quote" and "contact us" pages. The graphics and the layout should be changed to not look the same however.

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Website Design (PSD + HTML + CSS)

Project description:
I need a talented designer who also have a knowledge in HTML for creating a 1 page site from existing mockup.
the design should be a minimalist design.
the page have 3 regions (header, sidebar, content)

here is the effort that is needed for this project:
(*) create a site logo
(*) create color schema for site
(*) create a 1 page design from existing mockup.
(*) convert the design to an HTML+CSS
(*) preferred HTML5
(*) semantic HTML code && clean code as much as possible
(*) the site is going to be in Hebrew so knowledge in creating RTL (right to left) sites is required

(*) please send me a portfolio of previous work

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HTML5 CSS3 Drag Drop

Need a simple/small drag and drop <ul> elements.

Need to be HTML5/CSS3 and the drag/drop should be smooth and mobile compatible – TOUCH (JQtouch, JQmobile).

Drag should animate other elements to take place. No drop target. Just rearrange elements with animations.

Project should be compatible with PhoneGap.

PM me for a example.


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Very Urgent

Very Urgent

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Website Design HTML And CSS

I need a tree service related website created. This website should be somewhat similiar to

It will have the same number of pages, same "request a quote" and "contact us" pages. The graphics and the layout should be changed to not look the same however.

02/08/2011 at 20:46 EST:

The design should be very much web 2.0 with reflections, rounded corners and drop shadows.

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HTML5/CSS3 Mark-up W3C Valid

Looking for a very, very, very fast turn-around for PSD to HTML5/CSS3.

Must be valid W3C mark-up.

Website already developed, only design need be integrated. A lot of projects available if successful.

01/27/2011 at 16:49 EST:

Must have Skype.

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HTML/CSS Design Of New Micro Site

I need to get a product website designed

The website is very simple (3 pages), the use of CSS should be maximised in order to facilitate adding new pages and future extensions.

Colour scheme must fit in with our existing logo, which will be supplied

We would like to have the same type of look as sites like or

You should provide samples of previous web work

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Need a good fast developer to start on a project, please PM for Design to review and discuss functionality.

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Big Commerce Template Design

I need someone with excellent design skills to redesign our bigcommerce store. HTML and CSS, experience with Bigcommerce only please.

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HTML/CSS Template Design

This is a project for a 2 page template.

I have made a .jpg of how I want this to look.

Second page is same top and bottom as first, just a different table in the Middle.

"Project ready to go today!"

We can talk more in PMB

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Convert Html/css Design

Convert html/css to prestashop template

I have a wordpress theme/plugin that I need fixed:

1. I need it to be native theme, not a theme that is called by any plugin

2. I need the theme to display to all browsers/devices, not just the ipad

Install this plugin on wordpress and activate, it will prompt you to install another plugin which it uses to determine user agent and display different settings to accordingly. This can be turned off in wipad.php.

The theme that is used is stored in the wp-content/plugin/wipad/<wbr></wbr>sencha/themes/ directory.

I need the theme converted to run in the /wp-content/themes/ directory and display the same to all devices (no need for wipad.php or any other plugin)

I plan on creating variations of this theme once it is put into native theme version (no need for plugins once everything is in /wp-content/themes/

All you need to do is remove any user agent handling and then format the source code to make sure everything is executable in the /wp-content/themes/ directory of wordpress sites.

I need this to be able to be uploaded as a regular theme and used as a regular theme with no plugin requirement.

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W3C HTML And CSS Verified

I need a quick freelancer to fix all the little errors throughout my entire website. I am ready to launch this site as soon as these errors are fixed.
This must be done within a couple hours TODAY!

The site must look exactly the same as it does, and operate the same way with no alterations to style, functionality or any aspect of SEO.
No changes to any titles or<p> tags or anything like that.

Best bid wins.

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You can earn 5$ for this project.

Nothing code, design, or anything.

You can get 5$ in about 1 minute.

Only serious bidders.

Only bid on this project for 85$.

Thanks & Regards.

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Website Design HTML/CSS/ JavaScript

My company currently had our website developed in Flash. We need this same site replicated in HTML/CSS/Javascript so our users that have ipads, iphones, or other devices that cant read flash can still use our website. All of the back end programming is complete using JSON and we have an in house team of programmers who will handle connecting the front-end development with our back-end.

We have a fairly tight budget on this, but expect high quality work. Your bid will be disregarded if you do not include past examples of your work.

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Access Forms To HTML Forms


—————————————— This Needs to be Completed Within next 24 hrs ————————————————

I have an Access application with 25 simple forms in it which has to be converted in to HTML forms. Its more like a copy pasting work. The HTML layout of the forms will be provided. No Validation or Programming required.
The Access application is in German language but instruction are in English.

Its a uregent task needs to be completed within next 24 hrs . Will pay $50 for successfull completion.

Project will be awarded in next 2hrs.
More details via PMB.

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Design (Menu) Problem


I have a php web site site from Client where we are working now.We changed the new menu template in to existing menu.But, it is not properly fixed after new menu template.Even when i click on the menu the sub menu comes under back-ground.I think it is small design issue for a experienced css,html.php designer.

I will pay $10 .I cant pay more than $10.Please asked me for further details. i need this job to be finish very urgent.

Thank you and happy bidding

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Refresh Joomla Webshop Design


We have a Joomla webshop that we need to refresh for the design:
– new banner
– better menu
– better product viewing
– nice background

You will have access to the backend of Joomla to make the design / html / css changes

Result must look very professional.

Site must be ready MAXIMUM this saturday evening

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Graphical Table Design – PSD, CSS, HTML

I need a graphical design for an HTML table.
Pls contact for more details.

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HTML/CSS Placeholder Box For Videos.. With Timestamp

Hi there,

I need a placeholder in HTML/CSS that has a timestamp. What I mean is a place where I can put a YouTube video,
but it LOOKS like theres a date (ie: October 7th) watermark at the bottom right in small red… just like a camcorder.

The idea is I can choose a date… and the video I put there will look like it was recorded then.


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I need someone to code this 4 templates into HTML5 and CSS3, all the text (except logos) should be selectable and the buttons should be scalable.

Please let me know your price and time to complete the work.

Thank you

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Web Design

Were on looking for a talented web designer and graphic designer to redesign our e-Commerce site. We will integrate the design with our existing website, so no programming experience needed for this job. It is a pure html/CSS template layout job.
Our existing site:

We want the design to be in two editions, one as semi fluid page layout (like amazon) and one as a fixed layout. The design needs have a high sense of usability, professionalism, cross-browser compatible and delivered in html/CSS. Structure of the html needs to be SEO friendly and fast loading. We also need the entire graphic for the site to be created, like buttons etc. Preferably this is created to be dynamic.

Pages to be design:

1. Home page
2. Product listing page
3. Product detail page
4. Shopping cart
5. Checkout page
6. Registration page
7. Profile page

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Billing Hosting App Costomization CPanel


I need help to install and ad a billing hosting in my reseller account with c panel

In fantastico there is a soft named AccountLab Plus and i think is good option but if you have a better suggest ill listen to you.

We will provide the design in psd format.

The code must build with html and css valid.


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Website template design required for volkswagen camper / beetle.

The design could look like but amended to suit my needs.

The design should be tableless, using css with divs and background images where possible. It should be 1024px wide.

Websites doing something similar are:- (probably the biggest)

The logo needs to include a picture of a volkwagen campervan and the whole design should be very retro.

I shall be building this site myself in .NET so just require the design in html using css.

Looking for someone very creative, sending examples of previous design is very advantageous.

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Web Designer

Im seeking a web designer my website

i need a design (PSD,JPG) for mywebsite, web 2.0 look.
the website is for catering company and need for a dark look (black background).
it should have a menu on the side….

please leave a link to some of your works so ill be able to evaluate your experience.

Best Regards,

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HTML5/CSS3 Tutor

Needing an experience professional to tutor me on HTML5/CSS3 coding to make websites which meet W3C compliant standards & also how to properly use Protoshare to make prototypes & wireframes for websites & such. Applicant must speak English (U.S.) clearly, have a headset and/or microphone to conduct tutoring session via Skype voice (or video). Plus possess 2 or more years experience using Protoshare to show me how to use the software to make prototypes.

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HTML To CSS Cross Bowers Compliant

I have a PSD that has a simple home page design and 6 sub pages. The sub pages are all the same with one section being slightly different. This should be easy for someone who knows CSS well.

The CSS Names must be names that I will provide to you and I would request time to walk through those names with you. Design matching up perfectly is important. I am looking for a good communicator. Someone with Google chat, someone who is good with CSS. The best price and time frame.

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Web Site Design With DIV/CSS HTML


One of our customers would like to build a web site similar to
g r o u p o and g r o u p o l

We want someone to do the graphical design of the site and then provide the design as a DIV/CSS HTML design. No HTML tables are allowed within the site, only DIVs. We would like to change the look and feel of the site by only changing CSS of the design. We request the following pages to be designed. Since we are new to this group buying concept, if you feel that there needs to be some additional pages for a complete design, please let us know.

1-Master page:
Header on top with register and login links
Center: main content column
On the side addition information column
On the bottom: additional links, copyright etc.

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Photoshop – CSS – HTML For Two Sites (luimaan)

This project entails, cleaning up graphics, creating new stylesheets, and optimizing the speed of the sites by creating smart graphics.

Convert to nearly table-less design as much as possible, using DIV tags instead.

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Programmer / Bussines Partner

Hi all. I want start a new website. I will provide specefications. I need good programmer to realize some things and features.

Required skills: PHP, GoogleMaps API, MySql Database.

Its realy not hard project it have not nothing difficult. It copy all features from the site that i will provide in PM.

Design is ready, so i NOT need any design or CSS/HTML conversion.

I think the real price is from $50 to $200.
Also i have a good proposal for you, so we can working like a bussines partners and you will take some good % of profit.

Details in PM.

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ICEfaces Or HTML 5 & CSS 3 Proof Of Concept (POC)

We require specialists in the design of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to develop a proof of concept using ICEfaces. In this competition, there may be one, two or more winners.

If there is more than one winner, the contestant developing the proof-of-concept with the best combination of quality and price will be selected as definitive winner and subsequently, could be hired to develop more user interfaces for several systems.

The user interfaces to be developed will be integrated into Liferay and, preferably, should also work in Apples Safari for iPad.

We also accept design proposals developed with HTML 5 and CSS 3.

The files can be found here :
Application :

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