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Continuation Of Flash Jewel Game (partially Complete)

This project involves the continuation of an existing Flash project. Theres quite a lot to read here – Im not likely to consider bids that dont show signs of having read it all.

The work was initially started by the freelancer kleelof ( ). His work was extremely good – indeed, as a Flash programmer myself, I can say that his code was much better than mine tends to be! You can see a demonstration of the project in its current state here: . If you wanted to rewrite the project from scratch I would be open to the idea, but I dont imagine it would be necessary.

Here is what still needs to be done:

1) The cursor needs to be centered on the mouse pointer, not Southeast of it as at present. It needs to be possible to specify the shape of the cursor dynamically (its size will always be an integer number of gems), so that H/T/etc shapes are possible. A good way to impress me with your bid might be to tell me how you intend to do this.

2) A basic AI is added. The AI has a colour that they collect – after a given time interval, an AI cursor shape (specified dynamically, as before) appears in the position that contains the greatest number of that colour (choose randomly if tied). A countdown appears in the top left corner of the AI cursor zone. When the countdown gets to zero, the current gems in the AI cursor zone disappear – the AI has eaten them. Note that these are not necessarily the gems that were in the zone when the countdown started! The game keeps track of which gems the AI has eaten.

3) The initial generation code is rewritten, such that at the beginning of the game, no lines of 3 vertical or horizontal gems of the same colour exist – if the algorithm would place a gem in a position that would cause such a 3 to be made, it is overruled and forced to choose a gem of an alternate colour. Similarly, the code to generate new gems at the top of columns is altered, so that a gem never falls down from above the grid and immediately completes a 3.

4) If gems fall (due to player or AI action) such that a line of 3 or more is completed, the line disappears all at once with a glow or sizzle effect. The program keeps track of how many gems disappeared in this way, and what colour they were.

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AS3 Flash 360° Add Ons To An Existing File


I need a flash expert to add some new functionalities to an existing 360° object presentation.

Currently, the fla is driven by a "hand" cursor on mouse over (in order to "drag" the 360 rotation) : there is a nice coding that make the effect realistic (motion blur for example). I wish to keep the effect, the mouse cursor, and therefore the whole code but I need to add these functionalities:

> When the swf is loading, I need the object to make a 360° by itself (with the same slight motion blur effect), without the users need to make drive the cursor
> I need to have buttons at the bottom (left and right arrows) to make the 360 turn frame by frame (no motion blur, just "frame" by "frame"), or when keeping the arrow pressed, activate the same effect as whats available with the hand cursor (with motion blur and so on).

> The movie needs to be declinable : I will give some sample images with the working version FLA, but I will later make 10 similar movies with the other images. Therefore, the whole fla needs to be well commented an all the images should be library driven of course (ONLY CODE, as what it is so far).

The fla is coded in AS3

More details can be given by PM

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Flashlight Mask And Cursor Tracking

Im running a psychology experiment and would like to track visual attention to the two halves of the screen. Ideally, I could do this through a browser either in a local file or one posted to the web (I have a couple domains I could use). Javascript, Flash, or something else that I could potentially make updates and changes to (Ive got the Adobe Suite) would be ideal.

In general, what I would like is a mask that only reveals a small amount of space around the cursor (a flashlight effect visually similar to that seen here: I also need the cursor position to be recorded (either posting to a file or saving to the local machine is fine).

Visual Effect:

The mask shown at that website is more a visual representation than it is a template–that ones not really a mask but just changes the background color–a clever trick. Id like something that could be overlaid on top of, for example, two videos or two images or two columns of text, blocking out everything except the area immediately surrounding the cursor.

Data logging:

The first thing that needs to be logged is a subject number for each person who does the experiment (i.e., a number to be manually entered at the start of the task, which identifies the experimental participants data).

Then, I need the mouse positions for each subject to be logged in a spreadsheet (e.g., .xls). What Im more interested in is the half of the screen they were looking at rather than the exact coordinates. Something like "left half" or "right half" should be logged every 100ms or so. This way I can know if they were looking at stuff on the left or right, and for how long.

In the end, what I want in the spreadsheet is the subject number and the proportion of the time spent on the left and right halves of the screen. This way I know if they were looking more at stuff on the left or more at stuff on the right.

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3D Moon Map Where I Can Mark Piece Of Land

I got a website which sells virtual land on the moon
Now I need a 3D Moon globe where I can mark the sold areas on the moon…
I also accept a 2D Moon map but I will pay less for that.
There should be coordinates on the moon map!

I should be able to mark every area and every size of area I want. When the cursor moves over it should display something like "this area is sold to: xxxx"

Since my budget is kinda low Im looking for someone doing it cheap and QUICK!

Just write me a message if you are interested and experienced.

02/15/2011 at 11:06 EST:

an example for a 2d Moon map would be

there are areas marked and if you move the cursor over it you see the owner!

By the way coordinates arent that neccessary.

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Click On Iframe

I am looking for someone who can make script which will recognise if someone clicked on an external iframe which is loaded into our pages. We cant add any code to that external iframe. Optional (if i see that it is not possible, i need at least script which will recognise that someone moved that cursor to the iframe(s) and didnt moved out the cursor for 3 seconds, which should emulate the click, as links in the iframes are opened in the new window.

It must be written in Javascript

Please bid only if you know how to do it.

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Flash Slider

Hi there,

I am seeking a flash developer to develop a very simple banner in Flash.

Its a slider, which contains a series of images that drift to the left when the cursor kept on the left side and right when the cursor is held over the right side.

There must also be a function that stops the slider when the cursor is over one of the pictures. Images must also grow on mouseover.

There will also be a clickTAG and should preferably be developed in AS2.

I hope you can help.

It´s a simple project. Thank you.

Best regards
Kristian H.

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Natural Cursor Movement Class – C#/.NET 3.5

This is a fairly straightforward project with the requirements and is something that I would do myself except that Im rather short on time to be able to work out the details.

Simply put, this is a class for a robot program where natural or human-like mouse movement is of extreme importance. I need one class meeting these requirements:

1) There is no specific constructor needed
2) There is only one method needed, static or otherwise is up to your discretion. It must take three parameters, a beginning point for the cursor, a finishing point for the cursor and a speed to move the mouse.
3) It must return a list of Point objects.

The beginning and ending points will be Point objects. The speed will be a double.

The requirements are that the class generate a list of Point objects tracing a non-linear RANDOM path between the beginning and ending points. I have a linear path class that Ive already built, but I need a method that generates a random non-linear path between any two arbitrary points on a computer screen.

The "speed" will be the number of points between the beginning and ending points for the cursor to follow. If the number of points between the beginning and ending points are less than the speed, like in a situation where the two points are very close together, then the smaller number should be used instead of the speed.

The source code must be provided and must be legible to be modified in the future. It must be compatible with the .NET 3.5 framework and it must be in C#.

Again, the path must be non-linear and random, so if I the function several identical starting and ending points with the same speed, then the paths that it generates must be different.

This is a very low budget project, but as you can see it is also relatively simple.

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Mouse Pointing System For IPhone

With or Without Jail-break,

Is it possible to use a Bluetooth Mouse which has MFI authentication in iPhone?

Is there any kind of mouse driver in iPhone? If there is, How can I use this?

Is it possible to represent a cursor in the iphone screen?

Actually, our company wants to develop Bluetooth mouse for iPhone. So, we will get a MFI authentication from Apple Inc. and make a bluetooth mouese with this MFI chip. Just you make some OS programming for working mouse cursor when you touch in the screen.

Could you make it?

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Joomla Site Corrections

We are getting ready to launch a new site built on Joomla, but our previous developer is no longer available to finish the last touches. There are a few bugs that need fixing and a few more customizations that are left to be done on the Real Estate component that we have installed (
Here is a list of the changes that we need made:
1. Media manager has a problem from the admin side. Cannot upload images / files
2. Front page slideshow displays cursor on image, but there is no link. Cursor needs to be removed.
3. Install / Fix Weather Module
4. Advise on and install an easy to use E-Mail Blast Component
5. Properties Component
a. Page title is not showing up on the Listings Page
b. Featured Properties Carousel

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Window Sizer

My ecommerce site needs a simple flash customizer which will allow the user to dynamically size a vinyl window bydraging the cursor from the corner of a default window drawing. The page will display the widith and height of the window dynamically while the price of the window is also continuously updated on the screen. A drawing of an average size window is originally displayed and the user clicks on a corner of the window and moves the cursor up or down to change the height and the cursor right or left to alter the width. once the proper size is determined the continue button is selected and the item is added to the cart. The price is determined by a linear equation dependent on the width and the height. The minium and maxium values for height and width would be set and the user would be able to span the range with the cursor manuver while being updated with the exact size values and resultant price.

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Auto Number Entry Program

Hey guys,

I need to enter some information onto my computer on a trial and error basis, and it would be great if a program can do it for me.

The procedure
1. I need to point my cursor onto the text field and clicking it (i will do this manually)
2. press hotkey to start the program.
3. program enters a 4 digit number 0000
4. program erases the number and enter 0001
5. program erases and enter 0002
6. program erases and enter 0003 etc etc….
i need it to run up til 9999

Other features
– ask me what number to start at.
– let me adjust the time delay between completion of number entry and erasing it

thanks for the help

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A Few Browser Compatibility Issues

Need some help TODAY with some issues on a clients site, seem to be browser compatibily issues, it appears normally in IE…

"I was looking at my site yesterday & today, and its gotten kind of funky-messed-up.

On the homepage, my picture holding fish is broken in half, and the green section above the menus on the left has partially cut-off the weblog link (and when you hover the cursor in that area, the section starts jumping around).

When you click on the weblog, the domain mapping upgrade is expired and it wont go to wordpress (do I need to update this somehow?).

Also, when you go under fly tying materials, then dry fly hooks — the first 2 paragraphs have the word spacing all messed up.

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URGENT! New Website Design

Hi there,

I am looking for someone to design a NEW WEBSITE for a CUSTOM MEDIA company.

Basically I would like the opening sequence/look and feel to be a bit like De Grisogonos website ( minus the music and lightning effect!

It would have the usual tabs/links:

1. Who we are
2. Services (about 8)
3. Contact Us

(4.)- Plus a portfolio under each of the sections listed under our services

What Id like is that when you click on services all squares/rectangles will slide out (left, right, up and down), and new information & images contained within square and rectangular shapes will slide in with details about service particulars.

This other page that will show all services in one of these boxes – like in the degrisogono website. As the cursor goes over any one of these service boxes, the colour will change or it will be illuminated. Once you click on any given service then all squares/rectangles will slide out (again left, right, up and down), and new information & images will slide in with details about this service. On this page there will be a box with the option to click through to Portfolio – with examples of work in this area.

So basically, the concept is these squares and rectangles sliding elegantly inwards and outwards and dividing/giving form to the look. Each time someone clicks on a link/tab, this action should be repeated.

It should be very SLEEK and super COOL.

In addition I will also need SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION for key words relating to the core of the business.

AND finally:

— backend CMS in order to upload future projects into portfolio section

Thats it!

In terms of completion, everything needs to be finished by February 14th.
So YOU have just over 3 WEEKS.

I can pay US$500 for this, and, there will be much more business for the successful applicant if the job is done skillfully and completed on time. I would ideally like to form a working relationship with the right person – so that future work/collaborations together are easy, fun and smooth-running.

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Text Input App; Objective-C Or Cocoa

On-screen text input application for a handheld device. Envisioning using Objective-C or Cocoa for the iPhone, but possibly open to other languages and platforms too. The app consists of several text display boxes, several on-screen selection buttons, a cursor, and a text output window for display. The app also has a timing aspect. A complete specification will be provided at the time of bidding. Budget of up to $1000. If interested, please provide a link to your qualifications or a demo. Developer is preferably in the Seattle area, or at least the West Coast of the U.S. More work to come later if proof-of-concept shows promise.

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Google Search Form With Javascript


I am looking for the following:

1) a web page that will allow me to google several pairs of keywords
2) text boxes for entering the keywords and one submit button
3) HTML and Javascript? to concatenate the keywords and google the combinations on clicking the submit button
4) the code will need to be as simple as possible and well commented so I can understand how it works

I have included an example of how I imagine the form to help give you an idea

5) there will be one master keyword and several sub keywords
6) on submit, a seperate google (normal web search, not API) search results page for each pair of master and sub keyword should be displayed either in a new window or in a frame/div in the original window
7) the cursor should be in the first box when the page loads
8) it should be possible to move from box to box using the tab key and submit using the enter key



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Opencv Tracking Interaction

Opencv is a great tool to create motion tracking software. It, by default, comes with the camshiftdemo to present this motion tracking. Im looking for a person who has the knowledge to convert this motion tracking to cursor movement. Where the user can control the cursor by using the motion of the object they are tracking. The user should be able to click by doing an air tap, a gesture you would do as if you were tapping on a real touch screen device. The program should be able to allow the cursor to interact with the entire OS as a normal mouse would.

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Multiplayer Paint/Drawing Game

1 giant canvas/space to draw
It needs basic drawing tools like pencil, line, box, circle, erase etc.
Ability to see other users cursor/ what they are drawing
Zoom in/Zoom out
Admin mode to save/erase things

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Simple Game, Nice Cursor


Im looking for a good price for a simple flash game. It consists of clicking on an image, say 640×480, and recording the coordinates. Thats it. I would like a nice animated cursor, a monkey arm with a banana, that throws the banana, and the banana makes a squashed shape.

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Easy Java Project


Write a program that tests the user

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This is my second go round with The first time was extremely promising and I was introduced to some amazing talent. Unfortunately, I awarded the job to someone who took our money and ran. So if you run into Richard E. or someone who sends you emails starting with gggmax2, BEWARE. He talks a great game, will give you a million excuses, produce absolutely nothing and stop communicating with you.

So if you are CAPABLE, HONEST and can do 100% of this project, (not parts of it) then please read on. If you do good work, I will highly praise you, but if you are a crook, I will call you out.

We need an ONLINE COLORING BOOK APPLICATION completed in two weeks for our non-profit kids website. You will NOT be developing ANY artwork for this project. I will provide between 5 to 8 drawings that are computer vectorized (eps format) for you to add to the application. If you prefer, I can also provide tiff, pdf, psd or jpeg formats. You will need to convert the drawings so the individual zones can be flood filled by the user.

We need a minimum palette of 40 COLORS for the kids to choose from or the palette can be similar to
the unlimited colors spectrum such as the custom feature available in Powerpoint.

We would like the cursor or mouse click for choosing colors to look like a PAINT BRUSH so the kids
are sure of the color they chose. A single small square should also be seen to reinforce the color

The application should have a an "UNDO ALL" button that will undo all steps, and an "UNDO" button
that will undo the steps one at a time.

There should also be a "PRINT" button that will print the kids online colored drawing.

Ideally, there will be a drop down menu that will list the current images available to color or one
that shows miniature pics of the drawings available.

Below, are two reputable applications that are similar (although they dont have all of the features) to what we would like for our kids website.

Additionally, I am including a website of the person we initially awarded the job to that claims this is his work. If the site is still up, you can look at how the application works. Again, if he had produced this, it would be very close to meeting our needs.

Ideally, you will already have a similar coloring book application built (similar to the sample sites) that is easy for kids to use. I wish we had more money, but we cannot pay more than $400 since the first person took part of our budget. We do plan to add other fun applications, kids games, etc. in the future, and if your work is good, we are loyal and will offer you additional projects. We love to pay fast through Paypal or we can consider using freelancers pay system.

For SERIOUS CONSIDERATION, please send me a sample of what the application may look like and how it works so I can test it out. Bids that are $400 or less that demonstrate capabilities will then be sent a single drawing to add to your application to demonstrate you can convert to flood fill zones. This is a critical skill since you are working with existing/completed drawings and are not required to draw anything yourself. You may be required to simplify the drawings for kids or close flood fill zones if they are open.

Thanks for bidding and helping to restore our faith in this site. Please include the words "READY TO GO" in all caps in the first line of your response to demonstrate you have taken the time to read the project requirements.

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Website Design

I needed to get a MLM website of 4 Levels (Level 4 will be the bottom, while Level 1 will be the top

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Javascript Menu

I need someone who can re-create the javascript behind this sites menu ( ), when you hold your cursor over LichtmeBtechnik three sub menu options seamlessly pop up. I need the same sort of thing on a project we are working on.

I will need the work done straight away.

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Android Application

Please provide quote on my requirement for an Android aplication described as:

1.User starts Navigation application, and Google Map of local vicinity is displayed
2.User rolls trackball to move cursor over map
3.Longitude and latitude position of map point under cursor is displayed
4.Longitude and latitude position of map point at user location is displayed
5.Distance between position at cursor and position at user location is displayed
6.Distance calculation is made using Vincenty Geodesic function (provided)
7.User can store waypoint (WP), by selecting either cursor or user location positions
8.User can store WP, by entering longitude and latitude directly
9.User can name, edit and delete WP
10.User can select any single WP and distance arcs will be displayed
11.User can select any two WP and distance will be displayed
12.User can group series of waypoints as a voyage
13.User can re-order series of waypoints as a voyage
14.User can name, edit and delete voyages
15.User can select any voyage and total distance for all WP will be displayed
16.When displaying WP or voyages, map orientation can be set between:
161.Map north = compass north, regardless of handset orientation
162.Map north = top of display, regardless of handset orientation
17.WP are displayed as numbered circles on map
18.Voyages are displayed as series of numbered circles, linked by straight lines
19.Each WP consists of Latitude value, Longitude value, WP Name, Voyage Name (can be null)
20.Application can store many WP or voyages, limited only by memory size
21.User can view, import or export list of WP that are ungrouped, or grouped as voyages
22.Maps with WP or voyages can be cached in memory for session to speed up display and minimise download of data
23.Time of day displayed in application
24.Time of voyage traverse displayed in application

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Focus On End And Beginning Of A Contentediatabel Div

I would like two JavaScript methods
1) Set focus on a contenteditable div, and set the cursor at the very beginning of the contenteditable div, no matter what content is in the div. It should just be a cursor, not spanning anything inside the selection.
2) Set focus on a contenteditable div, and set the cursor at the very end of the contenteditable div, no matter what content is in the div. It should just be a cursor, not spanning anything inside the selection.

Both methods have to work in IE 6+, FF 3+, Safari 4+, Chrome and Opera 9+
They can be combined into one function that takes a position argument "end" or "beginning"

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Javascript Page Project


Project for Intro to Scripting: Javascript Class
You will be producing a web site with a number of interactive features. The required features are:
1) Display a random image / banner when a page is loaded
a) At least 4 images
2) Has a section on the page that is labeled with today

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Flash Video Player AS3

We are looking for a Flash Video Player to be used on a "Tube" site.

The coding should be done with ActionScript 3 and the videos will be used from a Content Management System. The video files vary in height and width, but the player must stay the same.

The controls should be simplified : Play/pause button, timeline, Volume control (horizontal volume control is preferred) and Fullscreen button. There should be numbers showing Time Elapsed and Total Time and we would prefer that these would be shown in a marker at the playhead of the timeline.

The Controls should be an overlay on the video, with slight transparency. The best examples of the look we want can be found v i m e o . com/
as well as…

The video should start playing automatically.

When you hover over the player (on the page or fullscreen) it will show the controls. If there is no movement from the mouse, or if the cursor moves away from the video, then the controls disappear. Clicking the player screen will make it pause. When the video is paused, there should be an Icon displayed to show that it is paused. Double clicking will bring the user in & out of fullscreen.

When a video is expanded to Fullscreen, the player controls should not be zoomed in. The Timeline should stretch to the fill the width of the screen, but the controls must stay the same size (height).

The best overall example of what we are looking for can be found at l i v e s e x . com

A bonus feature, not essential, but we would like to have it if possible…

When you hover over the player bar (timeline) it will show thumbnails for each section of the timeline as well as the time that the cursor is pointing at. The best example of this particular feature can be found at b i g t u b e . com
The best overall example can be found at


There should also be advertisements in the player (youtube, dailymotion).
As an example, Dailymotion has a banner that sits on top of the video. it can be minimised and becomes a small tab on the side of the video.

We want the ability to embed the code on other sites.
There should be watermarks From our website applied to the videos in the embedded code. That way, any video embedded on another site than our own has our logo in it.

This project is for an Adult website. IF this is NOT a problem for you, then please bid on the project.
Aside from the bonus feature, All the functionality described above is absolutely necessary. If you cant fulfill ALL of the requested items, then Do Not Bid.

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Web Script Integration

I need someone to integrate a

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animated cursor on video clip 10 seconds

we have a video clip that we need to enhance the mouse movement with a larger icon and exaggerate the mouse movements. here is a copy of the clip. starts at :43 to :59. I will give you access to the master file and your job is to capture the screen movements and add an exaggered happy cursor, as in this clip attached. must have crystal clear capture. this is a very quick job, but it is an audition for more video / animation work from us. 2 hours tops fot this project! ctiticality is to synch the audio to the mouse clicks. our clip is timed well, b ut the screen grab sucked.

the clip is here :

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cursor _movement_on_xp

I have a xp pc machine, there is a telnet session open between the this XP and another machine.

the xP gets 4 diffrents signs through the telnet session, i would like to translate this 4 signs from the telnet session into a movment of the cursor.

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Multi Mouse Cursor

Requested application details:

This application must run on Linux-Ubuntu desktop (X server/Gnome)
This application should have following abilities:
1) Create multiple mouse cursor (as much as the given number)
2) Let the user configure the X,Y coordinates of the each created mouse cursor.
3) All created mouse cursors should follow the main mouse cursor which is the operating systems default.

So basicly, There will be 1 mouse cursor which is OS standard. And there will be other mouse cursors than the standard one and all that other mouse cursors will follow the "1" OS mouse cursor. And this application should let the user to configure the X,Y coordinates of the created mouse cursors. (The maximum number of created mouse cursors could be 500) (And this application "MUST" be usable in remote desktop connections too)

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