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Groupon Like Iphone Blackberry App

We are looking to hire somebody who can create a Groupon like app for iphone, blackberry, symbian and windows mobile.
Working on a tight deadline.
PS: Prefer Artists from MUMBAI, INDIA.

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Blackerry App Needed

I need a blackberry developer to duplicate an iPhone app for me. This may lead to other blackberry projects, so bid wisely.

current iPhone app:

Please bid with best price to complete the project not a base price and increase it later.


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Iphone/blackberry App Required

Company providing extras for Film/TV/Commercials/Corporates.

Creating an iphone and or blackberry app to showcase our catalogue of extras to our clients on the move enabling them to search for people away from laptops. Each extra has a photo and details on our site so would need to be on the app.

We are open to interpretation. The ability for the user to then upload their choices to our office would be beneficial.

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Blackberry PlayBook In Adobe Air App NEEDED IMMED.

Hello, I need a game made for the new blackberry playbook. This needs to be done in adobe air and i will need to own full rights to the application and will need it signed as well.

Please PM me for more information.

This is a $100 project.

Please submit samples of other works you have done.

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IPad, IPhone & Android Publishing Platform

Build a Publishing Platform to publish books for iPad, iPhone & Android.

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Blackberry PlayBook In Adobe Air App

I am looking to have a simple game made for the blackberry playbook (not yet released but there is an sdk available;

The game will have random letters falling from the screen and you have to type them all before they hit the ground.

They will start by falling slow and increasing in speed as the game progresses

The game will also keep score and allow you to view your top 5 scores and enter the players name

This is a $100 project

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App For Newspaper

We need App for news as New York Times Android app

Should be very good knowledge on SVN.

OS Platforms:
Other requirments:
along with a control panel where we feed the news.
always app check update version on runtime and update if it is available in server.

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Iphone, Nokia, Blackberry, Windows Mobile Cam Development

we are looking for an application, where you can enable and disable cam use.
This feature has to be double passwordprotected.
We are looking for one individual or an complete team, since we want the application in the same look and feel for all platforms.
This project price is for one application on one platform. So, for all of the apps there will be addtional income.
The app must be provided with the complete sourcecode, and we must be able to see that transparent.
All future application changes like look, screen design, and logo will be changed by yourself and will be provided to us, as a maintenance change and will be paid additionaly with standard rates.
Before payment, we must be able to fully test the app, and once approved, we will pay the product immediatly.
With the payment, all legal, trademarks will move to our ownership.
We are looking for a longterm partnership!!!

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IPhone And Blackberry Cookbook App

The project entails creating a cookbook application for both the iPhone/iPad/iPod and Blackberry Storm/Storm2 devices per the specifications below:

App Requirements

Home Screen

-Recipe Categories
– Tip of the day
-Featured Recipe
-Search Box
-My Shopping List
-Favorite Recipes
-Search Feature
Feature which allows users to search recipes and articles for search terms. The search feature will search tags and content to display relevant results to the user.

Recipe Screen – Develop a recipe screen which displays the recipe the user clicks on.

Recipe Category Lists – Thumbnail and text snippet in a list of recipes within a category. See how the Epicurious app does it for reference.

Search Results – Similar layout to recipe category list but for search results.

Favorite Recipes – The ability for a user to "Star" a recipe as a favorite and then click a button to see their favorite recipes.

Tip of the Day – Shows a tip of the day on the home screen. Data from web API.

Shopping List Feature
User can add a recipe to their shopping cart which then adds all of the ingredients to their

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IPhone, Blackberry, Android And Palm App Developers

For a new social media concept we are looking for app developers who can build a simple app (search on app, results come from our server, select a result on the app and post to our server) for iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Palm devices. Make us a good offer for the first version because if our concept will succeed we will hire you more and let you share in our success with shares of the company.

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Social Tutoring App

I will do all UI design to keep costs low.

This app will involve users to create accounts, ask questions, collaborate, and receive further help. The quality and total result of this app should and WILL look like an Apple released app and should only be the quality of a featured and high rated app.

I am willing to consider profit sharing in exchange for further lowered costs.

iPad and iPhone compatibility. (I will design and create the UI for both devices).

NDA will be signed after winning for further plans and price stands at bidding price; take account of the requirement – a COMPLETE app with so many features; bid accordingly!

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I-Phone, Android, Blackberry And Windows App Needed

I need an app that provides DUI checkpoint information to users. Similar to the app found on
Information can be updated by users. The user will receive message based on geo-location.

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Simple App For BlackBerry And Windows Mobile

We need a database server software for lawyers which is synchronize with windows mobile and BlackBarry devices.

Program features:

– legal calendaring
– contact management
– case management
– document management
– billing
– accounts payable
– financial reports
– outlook integration

We will make graphic design of program and concept.

It must be finished in 1-2 weeks for both Blackberry and windows mobile, Make sure you are bidding to develop it for both Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

Do not Bid Outrageous!!

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Iphone, Blackberry And Android,windows Mobile Radio App

Note: You must show me previous work done. No payment will be made till you show me your final work

Need to build radio app for
blackberry, iphones and Android,Windows mobile

For this app, we would like to stream the LIVE Shoutcast MP3 or ACC+ or pls URL with PAUSE,PLAY, VOLUME CONTROL and displaying the current playing song. There will be company logo and other text on the userinterface

Very important:
1) All radio URLs will reside in an external XML file which will be hosted on third party server and you program will make a call to it.

2) In the radio interface, there will be PREVIOUS, NEXT buttons to change the radio channel

The app should work on the latest Blackberry devices and Iphones

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I-Phone, Android, Blackberry And Windows App Needed

Migration of current news message app from web to mobile.
This is a one way news announcement app.
The app receives in-frequent news display.
The user will receive message based on geo-location.
Small task needed now.

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Iphone & Blackberry App Development

We are looking for our specific human resources applicartion to be build on Blackberry, Android and Iphone
We also have similar task on other side of our business but first we want to develop HR App.


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Build "iphone App Build Platform" On Windows Machine

You need to build iPhone development platform on a windows XP machine.
1. You need to test it enough first on your desktop
2. Document and Deliver the complete procedure
3. Installation on 3 PCs by sharing the desktop using teamviewer or Sharedview.
You will be paid based on GAF terms.

…Speed is the name of the game…


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IPhone / Blackberry APP2

IPhone / Blackberry APP

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Cash Flow Forecasting Program

I am looking for someone able to create a simple Cash Flow Forecasting Program according to my guidelines in attached doc. The program should work under windows platform, and should be protected with winlicense. Professionals only, please. Budget available: $150.

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