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Custom News Site Templates Need

Custom News Site templates Need Urgent
Based on Joomla And Unicode function.
SEO friendly
Custom Manage
Photo Gallery
youtube video sharing option etc.

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Custom MS Excel Formula

I need a custom formula created for MS Excel, compatible with 2007 and newer. This formula will determine total material usage based on the following:

1. Material units are 10 sticks. The returned value will be in number of units.
2. The material is used to build a frame: minimum dimensions is 4 x 4, with no maximum size, using 2 increments.
3. The formula will optimize material usage and use waste as applicable.
4. The formula will factor is waste due to 45 degree cuts at the corners.
5. A joint cannot fall within 4 of the frame corner.

Please let me know of any questions or clarifications.

Thank you

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Integrate Buffering Into Custom Flv Player/editor

Updating a custom built -but open source- FLV player and clip editor built for the Stories Matter framework with buffering/gradual loading functionality. The current player does not buffer the movie file and thus only allows to play it after the whole movie is downloaded. We have to use this player as it is custom built to be able to create/play clips (fragments) of a larger file (through timestamps) and to create/play playlists consisting of several clips. It is used in a drupal environment but syncs with an Adobe AIR application that functions a bit like iTunes. This AIR application also uses the same flv player. The player uses actionscript3 and javascript. So, only bid if you have knowledge of these languages and if you have experience with FLV player. There is not a lot of time for trial and error as the strict deadline of the project is April 15th, but the earlier the better.

An example of the problem can be seen on this page:

The black box sits there for a couple of minutes until the full movie (audioclip in this case) is downloaded.

The current FLV player files are attached.

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Custom WordPress Design

I would like a custom wordpress template designing.

This would include the home page: to include a full screen image (which changes) and a simple menu layout.

I need a section to display products in categories (similar to a portfolio sections).

All other pages can be the same i.e. plain white with same menu bars etc.

I am a basic user of wordpress and am able to use the features for adding content etc. I am able to add other pages such as About Us, Contact etc.

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Custom Project For Neoconcepts

Amends to site as discussed.

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Phoca Gallery Custom Joomla

I want the General view from Phoca Gallery to show all categories…. but when you enter into a specific category… to get the parameters from the specific category specified

04/04/2011 at 5:10 EDT:

Bid only with confidence

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WordPress Plugin Developer

We are looking for a well experienced person to work full time on creating custom WP plugins. Must have many years of WP and LAMP experience and be well versed at creating full custom plugins with custom database tables. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are a must.

We run a number of online communities that use WP as the CMS and vBulletin as the forum software. Any vBulletin experience will be a bonus. An example of the kind of plugin work we need would be a simple time line / to do list for members to check and update. The data would then be used to create a dynamic graphical timeline that a member could use in their forum signature.

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We want to create a website identical to ooshirts.coms custom t-shirt interface. We are looking for the programmer who did the job for them. We would like to hire you.

Please reply with proof that you were the person who did the coding for their website. Thank you.

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Magento Custom Options With Different Tax Rate


Loking for magento to add custom options with different tax rate.

product: Flower (6%)vat
custom options : wine(19%)vat
This in one product page

Maybe another solution to make this possible.

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Custom Videos For Small Businesses

I need the following :

Videos that will be used to promote small businesses

I do not want Animoto

I do want

Royalty Free Footage
Royalty Free music
HollyWood Quality Voiceover.
Professional Script Written

This is an example of what I am looking for:

If you bid on this project please provide links to sample videos or if you have none please create one promoting a small business.

I will need these videos in Bulk so please give me you pricing for 10 of these videos.

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Custom EA To Use Metaquotes Indicator

I have an EA that relies upon accurate Atr, currently it uses iATR that is coded into the EA.
Unfortunately the EA seems to output sometimes a very slight difference in Atr to the metaquotes indicator, and I have concluded the metaquotes indicators is correct.
There are two ways to try to fix this, perhaps lift the idicator code from the metaquotes indicator and apply it to my EA in place of iATR, or for the EA to call upon the idicator on a tick by tick basis for the Atr reading, this would be my preferred method.

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C# – User Control For Displaying Contacts / Business Directo

Our C# .NET v3.5 application has various custom objects used to represent Persons. We wish to bind these custom objects to a control to present an out-of-the-box contact list / business directory / profile, similar to that of Outlook, or any other contact management application.

The bottom line here is elegance and usability. We need an interface that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as being very functional. We want the contacts to be presented as a "business card" or other grouping, with different views, etc.

I am open to all possible implementations. Screenshots and sample implementations are welcome via PM.

We seek an affordable solution. Use of existing commercial / third-party libraries to satisfy this requirement are acceptable [within reason]

Serious, experienced bidders only please.

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Magento Custom Product Copy To Existing Products

we have a customized product with customized options. Those extra options we need to copied/add into other existing products.
We pay when the job is ready.

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VB Download Files With Custom Ref. And Upload Via Curl/ftp

Im searching for an software developer who can create a VB/VB.Net program for us. We got a link list with like 30000 links, but they are only downloadable with a custom referer. Once they are downloaded, the files need to be uploaded via Curl or FTP (we need both options).

More information only for project winner / choosen developer.

King regards,

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WordPress – Misc Fixes On Site

Need wordpress expert available this weekend to help resolve approx 10 issues issues on custom & complex wordpress site.

Issues are related to javascript animation, php code, custom tags and styling. Detailed specs will be provided to qualified bidder.

Please do not waste my time or yours if you are not a wordpress expert or available this weekend.

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Google Weather Api. Custom Images

Hello everybody. Im searching somebody to realize a php script for my website.
I would like insert a meteo section on my website through google weather api.
But I would like use a custom images in the output.
It should have the today and tomorow weather with minimum and maximum temperature.
The output codex must be css and xhtml.
I hope to be explicit. Sorry for my english.
Thanks everybody, have a nice day.

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Custom Headphones


Im looking for a designer to draw my concept for a new headphone design in order to create a mould for our supplier

further details provided for interested parties



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Custom Group Buying Website

Im putting together a website that is similar to the group buying deal websites out there, like Groupon and LivingSocial. Looking for professional web developers who have had prior experience in building websites such as these. You should know how a group buying system works inside-out and be confident in creating a professional-level product.

I would like several custom features on the site, for example a virtual cash rewards system, a lucky draw system, or an easy way to email daily deals, so you should be able to implement them if you are installing a packaged software. The site should also be easily adaptable should I need to make changes in the future. Development time should be fast and painless.

Aside from the usual features, the website should be secure and protect user data. Most importantly, it should be SEO-friendly.

Please send me links to your resume or previous works by PM. You might be required to show some demos of your own custom work.

Logo and a rough PSD of color scheme/layout will be provided, as will a full list of required features.

Best regards and good lucking bidding.

03/30/2011 at 0:26 EDT:


I would also like to know if you can implement a system/software where business can track the usage of coupons. This is important so customers do not reprint and reuse coupons.

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Custom Project For Utech

3 key phrases optimized

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WordPress Custom Page With Social Integration

We need a custom WordPress page made on an existing WordPress blog.

I need someone with a LOT of experience in coding
for WordPress and integrating with social media to create a page that lists posts and those posts are ranked on the page based on how many FB likes and Tweets the posts receive.

This must be a job that can be completed quickly!

Here is what I am looking for:
– Someone with huge WP experience and particularly with social media integration
– Someone with good rating
– And someone who takes pride in their work

If you think you are the person for the job, heres what you need to do next:

Please reply with examples of your previous work of yours that is similar to my job.

If I like your previous work, then Ill get back to you and give you more details on the job…

When you first reply please start out by typing the code word "wp custom page" – so this way I know you took the time to read the entire description and you ae not one of those people who automatically replies to all submissions…



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Custom Contactform Mosets Tree & Alternate Classids

Deadline this saturday April 2nd 2011

Due to lack of time I am looking for a PHP programmer to help out this week on a Joomla / Mosets Tree / Form project. The work will be the following:

* Adjust the Mosets Tree file sub_listingSummary.tpl.php so that a classid is used for odd and even listing rows. This is required for creating alternate css styles for odd and even rows.
* As the Mosets Tree contact form is too limited for my client, either bfForms (by Phil Taylor) or BreezingForms will be used and integrated into the Mosets template for item detail viewing. Some of the customer Mosets Tree fields need to be passed on to the form extension and the link to the form needs to be integrated into the Mosets template.

If this is best done by combining the custom reference field with the listing item name as a sef alias to pass on to the form tool then that is acceptable as well. Other suggestions are welcome as long as it is possible to realize BEFORE sunday April 3rd.

Software Licenses are already available. If another form tool is more useful then you are welcome to suggest solutions.

My client needs the following minimal functionality when it comes to the forms tool: thank you message on submit, email to submitter, email to Mosets item Owner with cc to the website owner, option to subscribe to mailing list on submit, storage of submitted data in database, including the mailinglist subscriptions. Flexibility in adding fields to the contactform and editing email text.

If the project turns out well, more projects like this might be passed on to you in future (with less short notice).
The first one would be probably be on the same website: adjusting the Mosets Tree search module on the frontpage (now using an html workaround to filter on custom fields but this results in an annoying redirect page).

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Joomlafy And Secure Custom Forms

I have a joomla 1.5 site with a customized series of Question/Answer forms I created that stores users input into a stand alone database (not Joomlas). I did NOT do this by creating a module or component. I am new to web development and just did the simplest way possible.

The Project: Securing the forms using Joomla features to accomplish this.

The custom app is currently working. It uses AJAX to submit the form and then uses a lightbox to display the work they just saved.

I need someone to both do the work of securing the forms (at least the first one) AND walking me through the basic concepts (using screen sharing such as GoToMeeting). To my understanding, the best way is to use Joomlas built in features for this.

If you are an expert at Joomla and securing forms, AND you dont mind connecting screens to TEACH me the basics, Id like to hear from you 🙂


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