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Need 500 Twitter Accounts, DO NOT Need Followers.

I need 1000 twitter accounts made from different IPs and should be atleast week old and not suspended. Payment will be made 3 days after the task completion to see if provided accounts are not suspended ones.

I buy new twitter accounts…. the Accounts DO NOT Need followers.

If you have existing twitter accounts that you want to sell, please see if your accounts meet the following criteria.

1- Has user pic
2- Has normal username
3- Has custom background
4- Has bio information
5- Is email verified

need 500 Twitter accounts delivered to me in a Notepad file in this format: username,password. I need the emails used sent back in a separate Notepad file.

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Need Photoshopers For Image Sourcing And Editing

I need a person or group who can produce the following:

100 image-sets

An image-set is defined as:
(2) JPGs (480X320) that are of nearly the same content but where 5 details from one of the images are edited out in a believable way. Each edit must be rectangular in shape.
Each of the 5 edits must be detailed in an XML file of the following format:

< ImageEdits >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< ImageEdit XStart = # YStart = # XEnd = # YEnd = # / >
< / ImageEdits >

The deliverable must be a ZIP file that contains a directory for each image-set. Inside each directory will be the two images that make up the image set and the XML file that details each of the edits made within the given image set. They will be named ImageA.jpg, imageB.jpg and ImageEdits.XML.

The images within the edit set should be of public scenes that are well photographed. Photos of parks, beaches, cityscapes are appropriate.

The provider must ensure that he has the proper licenses for all images provided!

To be considered please send me 1 example image set in the above format.

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I Need Someone To Run A Softwere For Me On His Computer

I need someone to run an extractor softwere for me on his computer. You dont do anything. I will enter with teamviewer and start the extractor and several times a day I will let you know and enter to collect the data extracted. Basicaly you dont do nothing!!!!?? You need to have a strong internet connexion. You just leave the softwere running in the background and do your stuff.

PS: Preferably people from United States , Canada or near. But it works on every computer in the world as well.

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Image Retouching Required

We are looking for help to retouch 90 images.

They are all images of people and the person has to be cut out and placed on a specific background. We would provide the PSD the images would have to be dropped in too. There will be 2 sizes for these

budget is 30$ and i need them in next 12 hours, no exceptions please

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Need Lots Of Short Similar Videos Created

I am looking for someone to create lots of small videos for me advertising my website. All the videos will be between 28-33 seconds long. We will start out by making one video advertising my site that is pretty general in nature. Once this video is made, the rest of the videos will follow the same basic template with only a few elements changed in each video. The videos can be done in slideshow format. There will be a little creative element and a little fading in and out of pictures. You may have to aquire stock photos to do the first video. All the same pictures can be used for the rest of the videos. For the rest of the videos all you will be doing is changing some text. There will be background music with the video you will have to provide. Basically everything in the video is the same, you just have to change some scrolling text within each video. I would like to have 50 videos made total. And of course as Ive already said, the other 49 after the first will be exactly like the first with only a few elements changed. This is more busy work then creative work, but the videos do need to look real nice.

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Image Search Engine For My Site


We are looking for somebody who can integrate an Image Search Engine for our classified and review website. The search engine would be similar to Tineye where the visitor attaches a pic or URL. Once the image is attached, the site would then show all the listings that contain that image (or similar image).

Again, we only need the Image Search Engine to find and display listings within our website.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

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Image Viewer

Very Small Application required for Android, simply it display images of certain folder on SDcard(hardcoded path) on Fullscreen (hide all battery …)
and allow user to navigate using finger swipe.
viewer should work smoothly even if there more than 1 milion images, so it should be smart and have like buffer of ten images and load other
on buffer based on customer request on background.
if the user open application again it should go to the last image viewed

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Image Changes


I need some of my images changing that say £200 to $200 its that simple.

Have PSD files but since then its been sliced and dont think I have PSD sliced version if that makes sense?

And I need the images sliced with the change.


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Image Restoration (urgent)

This is very urgent.W need 2 retro portrait image restoration. If possible send me your restoration related portfolio.

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Need An Explanatory Service Video!

I need a video made for an ad agency i am opening up. Basically the video will be explaining our services, which are search engine optimization, payperclick marketing, email marketing, etc. And it will be showing people how each thing works and how it will benefit them.

Here is an example video of what i want made, i really like how this video is delivered, i like the way the characters are drawn, the background, the flow, the colors, etc. Its a 3 minute long video and i want mine to be 3 minutes long as well.

Please place a bid only if you can do something exactly like this, i mean exact where the characters or drawings would look like that, the video will flow the same way, music, etc. I also like how clean the video is, no flaw in graphic or anything, its smooth looking and thats what i want.

Please also show your portfolio, or even better a video you have done like this.


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Background & Avatar Image For 4 Twitter Accounts

We need 4 background and avatar images to be made for us for about $35 each. They need to be similar to Hugh Briss

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Remove Background From An Image

Im looking for somebody who can quickly remove the background from an image for me on one of my photos. I need it done quickly (tonight) and inexpensively (much less than $30).

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Green Environment Background

I need someone to make me a background, that says we care about the environment, i have a image that i would like to be the basis for the background.

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Design of ebook/podcast cover image

I need a designer to design me a cover for a podcast/ebook. It has to be high impact.

3 designs to be initally submitted (based on brief) and then chosen design should undergo 3 rounds of revision.

Examples of work would be good.

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Product search website

Need a professional to create website with options to search for products, add product with images and videos, admin console with bulk editing. Detailed data flow diagram will be provided. Basic graphics needed (background and buttons only) as the site will be adjusted for a few different countries locally.
Please reference your previous projects when replying.

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