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Sharepoint Kpi Dashboard For SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS

Sharepoint kpi dashboard for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 WSS

Create and publish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Video of Eg:

Must have Features:
1>Open Dashboard API Must read information from an external source like from a local, web or server location with xls,csv,txt file supported or from SQL live tables
2>Dashboard Notification & Alerts to user email address Custom alerts
3>Data Visualization Options- highly customizable visualizations will ensure your data is easily understandable and actionable to the end user
4>Report & User control level
5>Dashboard must have RSS tab & support internal & external RSS feed
6>You can easily keep track of the vital aspects regarding all your Portfolios and Projects.
7>Real-time updated Reports.
8>Dashboards, Grids, Histograms, Line / Bar / Pie / Radar / Scatter / Bubble / Gantt / Network /

1>Be to complied in an exe plugin file format to my current Sharepoint 3.0 WSS
2>Must be able to install & uninstall
3>Must have feature of a 14 day trail of this software/plugin thereafter after 14day must expire
4>Must be able to enter a register key together with the company name & key to activate the full version
5>A key generate together with company name must provide serial key ( only I will have that , additional exe )
6>No information of the developer whose created this plug in. I will provide info
7> Infomation must be in real time with maybe auto refresh
Find screenshot of our current Sharepoint live

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Modification Of Excel Macro To Automate Dashboard Creation

I need somebody to modify a macro that generate dashboard.

Will give detailed instructions to the winner bidder.

Max bid $50

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Vtiger Reporting Totals

We use Vtiger in our contact centre clients and we need some customised reporting. Our clients want subtotals and grandtotals in the reports based on the timeframes selected but it doesnt seem that vtiger supports the "count" function for subtotaling fields without numbers.

I have attached an example where the agent calls multiple leads and then they are assigned status such as sale, not interested, callback, etc. The report however shows all the data for the agent as this is the sort field but no function to "count" each status and produce a report that says agent a had:
sales 7
not interested 10
callback 3
total 20

See report attached that needs to be totaled. I would also like a full description of how you going to do this.

Also the dashboard view is a total from day1 … is it possible to make this dashboard by day, week, month?

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Web Page Beautification For Simple Support Dashboard App

My company has developed a support dashboard for an NHS (Healthcare) customer that allows them to see the messages that are flowing through their middleware environment and identify any potential issues before they lead to major problems for the business.

This is a very JSP based simple app, all the Java coding has already been implemented by us and it currently just has 2 jsp pages.

We are currently in the process of configuring this dashboard for another healthcare client and I want to take the opportunity to make the dashboard look more presentable and professional, like an Integrella product.

However this is only a cosmetic change and thus I just want a quick tidy up on a small budget initially. Once this phase is done there is a chance the customer may want to customise it further in which case we may require some more help around that too.

The finished HTML needs to be clean and easy enough for a Java developer with minimal HTML and JSP experience to be able to use the HTML for their needs.

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Need Website/User Dashboard Copy

I need a website where users can create virtual tours, pay for credits to create them, save users.

PM me for the site with login to see what I want a copy of. I want the same features as this site..but with unique style to be different.

PM for links.

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Watermark Plugin

I will need a watermark plugin to be installed on my website.

When I upload images on the website, the watermark will be installed automatically

There are many plugins on the Internet. You can find a plugin that have features similiar to this and I will need you to customize it so that it is working properly on my websites dashboard (Not administrator dashboard)

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PDF Newsletter Animated Financial Markets Dashboard (graph)


A need a daily newsletter with a Dashboard made of "animated" graph like Fusioncharts or Fusion Dashboard (but I dont have these softs).
These tables and charts will be be feed by financial informations from Excel spreadsheet or directely (and ideally) from Bloomberg.

The process should be the most automatised as possible as it should be very quick to update every morning

Included is a sample of what I m currently doing with a non animated PDF printed from SERIF PAGE PLUS publishing EXCEL datas extracted from Bloomberg …
The second "animated" file is what I would like to have

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PDF Newsletter Animated Financial Markets Dashboard (graph)


A need a daily newsletter with a Dashboard made of "animated" graph like Fusioncharts or Fusion Dashboard (but I dont have these softs).
These tables and charts will be be feed by financial informations from Excel spreadsheet or directely (and ideally) from Bloomberg.

The process should be the most automatised as possible as it should be very quick to update every morning

Included is a sample of what I m currently doing with a non animated PDF printed from SERIF PAGE PLUS publishing EXCEL datas extracted from Bloomberg …
The second "animated" file is what I would like to have

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Silverlight Dashboard(page)

Need to create the page(like dashboard) using infragistics silverlight controls. Displaying data by connecting it to sql database.

Time: its better to finish it within 2 days

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Watermark Plugin Installation

I will need a watermark plugin to be installed on my website.

When I upload images on the website, there is to be an option of whether I want to place the watermark on the image.

The watermark plugin is to have the following features:

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Leads Database With Custom Dashboard

Custom database for capturing leads from leads submission form on my website. Must have admin dashboard for reviewing, sorting and printing all form submissions by prospects (leads).

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Reports Manager

I would like to design nice looking reports with a dashboard to my MySQL database.
the user should should be able to sort and filter by each and every row.
The dashboard would have 4 tabs for each different report type.
Each of the rows in the table can be connected to the other report.

All database table structure will be provided.


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Membership Site

Hi, am looking for someone who can complete a project(membership site) that was left halfway by the developer. Actually it was sabotaged before the guy left. so one of the problems is this error –
Warning: include(includes/dashboard_body.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/daggy86/public_html/dashboard.php on line 22

No one can login

Aside from that i also want updates on the visual aspect as well a bit on the functionality.

I need someone who knows what he is doing. a fair budget will also be appreciated

i will provide the actual details in person through private message


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Dashboard Chart And All Users Table

Create and add some charts and table to dashboard

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Magento Dashboard Tweak

The dashboard graph and lifetime sales figures are incorrect on our Magento store, they are showing the sales figures including discount given, instead of the actual sales figure (minus the discount). We need a magento guru to tweak the calculated figure.

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WordPress Plugin Development

I am in need of a plugin that will allow me to customize the WordPress dashboard and input content on the dashboard for individual users.

Im building a website that will be used to sign up dealers for a product I distribute. I want to be able to give them order information or invoices in the WordPress dashboard when they login.

The plugin would have to let me specify content that would only appear for a specific user. It would probably be easiest for me to be able to put that information in on the edit user/details page. Primarily, it would only be for subscriber users.

Id like the content to be spanning the whole page and show no other dashboard content or broken down into widget like sections. If it is a standard HTML box that I put code into, that is fine too. If it is not hard, it would be nice to be able to upload an attach a file like a PDF copy of an invoice.

Depending on the amount of difficulty to add another feature, Id like to be able to have the notes emailed to the user. Say I add a tracking number, I would like to be able to hit a button to have it email the order notes to that user. If we go this route and add this feature, it would probably be necessary to have content added more like widgets or in a way that it isnt all in a single HTML box.

I can go into more detail if needed but I think that covers my needs.

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Sales Dashboard

I am looking to build a Sales Dashboard designed for the non detail oriented (read- Hates Spreadsheets) sales management professional. Specific KPI to be scored include;

Sales Pipeline (30, 60 and 90 Day) with month over month graphing, proposals delivered, Trials Installed, Product Demonstrations and Revenue results with month over month tracking.

Would like to incorporate visually appealing charts such as thermometers and Gauges to keep it easy to look at and simple to read.

Information would come from multiple sources and would have to be entered by me, so the easier the better.

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Existing Web Portal Needs Professional Web2.0 Look And Feel

We already have website portal and dashboard, we need to cleanup the dashboard to make it more professional…

We dont want to redesign the complete site…Some cleanup needed for home page, and static pages…

Some expert in building web2.0 sites is necessary
HTML/CSS need to be an expert
PHP, AJAX programming will be helpful but necessary
Missing Graphics need to be provided.

Our dashboard is AJAX based, so we still want to retain the same…but make it more professional looking

Total there are around 10 pages which needs to be cleaned up…

Someone who is expert is site usability design with html/css coding skills would be ideal for the job

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Develop Dashboard Screencast Based Help Videos

We have a web based product which needs to have product presentations using adobe captive or tools like

each video should be made professionally explaining the dashboard in both text, audio (with american accent)

there are 3 such videos needed, please provide your bid with appropriate examples of the product videos done before…please dont send generic profile, be specific with samples

I am only looking for professional guys…who has experience in doing product videos

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Macintosh Dashboard Widget – Borrowing Calculator

Build a Home Loan "Borrowing" Calculator which features as a Macintosh Dashboard Widget.

The Calculator is as follows:

The Calculators is currently written in JavaScript and HTML. It would need to be written to run on a Macintosh as a native dashboard widget, ready for submission to the Macintosh Widget Store, similar to the below widget:


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Microsoft Excel Dashboard Report

Want experienced Excel gurus to develop Dashboard, interested freelancers with a thorough understanding should contact.

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Google Earth Or Bing Based Dashboard Application

We need an Expert or team with much expertise on Google Earth for building Dashboard. Tools and Report should be on Top of Google Earth,
Detail of Project spec will be given to team with much experience. also having experience of integrating with MS CRM and MS Navision.
People can send their proposal with previous project as a sample.

Good Luck

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Tracking System .

Hello Programmers!

I am looking to hire someone to build me a Tracking sytem (affiliate) from the scratch ,

Features /

Able to Track Sales and Leads
Pixel Tracking [image , iframe and post backs]
Publisher Dashboard [ Should able to see latest reports etc
Advertiser Dashboard[ Should be able to add offers etc
Admin dashboard [ Should be able to Approve new affiliates , add new offers, send news letters , approve advertisers new campaings, addimages , check reports, check invoices ,

Please BID only if you have adequate knowledge of what is Affiliate network / CPA network and how it functions.

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Android Design (Dashboard Pattern)

This is a mainly design task for android. I want you to design a android app. The app should contain about 5 screens. The following needs to be done:

– Create an android project
– Design logo and banner to be used
– Make the layout of the screens for the different screens. The main screen should be based on the dashboard pattern. Its the same type of design that is used on the twitter and facebook apps for android. There are many code samples on google for this design pattern so its not that hard to implement.

This is a simple project that doesnt require much programming skills. The main challange is on the design part. However since android layout design kan be a bit of challange knowledge of android is required.

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Telerik Controls Dashboard Development

We are looking for a programmer to develop a dashboard application (website) to pull data from our database and display it in a very rich user experience.

To start, we would like the following controls used:
Login Page, has Username, Account and Password fields.

RadMap, RadGauge (Speed and Temperature), RadDateTimePicker,

Once we have been able to test and make sure we are happy with the performance, look, etc of the dashboard, more controls will be added and the winning programmer will have first right to take on the additional work.

If you have any questions, please message me.

Thank you,


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Web Stat Dashboard

My clients need a single interface to graphically display their Godaddy web stats, twitter stats and blog stats.
Client sites are virtually hosted and display would need to be similar ( or using) fusion charts. Prefer html5 to
Flash. Prebuilt components are ok too. Just needs to look clean, Web 2.0 and cool.

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Excel KPI Dashboard

I have 8 logistics metrics / KPIs that are captured from shipment timeline data recorded in an Excel worksheet which I have to present in a dashboard format. I would like have a workbook created with a dashboard on one sheet which would allow me to copy the data for the month, paste it in a second sheet and have the dashboard populate with the data for each metric / KPI.

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Small Project Site – A 4 Pages Max.

I would like to build a very simple website. Basically i have a network market and i would like my customers to have a dashboard account where they can edit their details and see how much they are getting paid. The system works as follows:

Registration: people can register by typing the url directly. ex. or by referral ex pasting a link that will determine their parent in the node. People that type the url and register using no referral will be placed under the root user.

Dashboard: The current users can log in to their dashboard. Features of the dashboard include:
1. Editing address and personal information
2. Submitting Payment (EUR 2) through paypal
3. can see how many people are placed under them in the tree and how much they are being paid this particular month.
4. the link that they will send to their prospective customers (as referrals).

The system works this way: Registration is absolutely free. Each registered user will be requested to pay Eur2 per month.
At the end of the month, they will get paid 10% of how much the people under their node paid. ex If I have 30 people under me, I get paid 10% of (30 X 2) = Eur 6. Since each user is requested to pay Eur2 per month, then the respective amount will be reduced automatically, so the user will see Eur4 under his account (for this month). The dashboard will contain the current amount that the user will be paid / will pay this month and another value stating the total amount that was paid to him/her so far.
The monthly amount will be reset every month. Users will be paid the monthly amount.

If a user has 10 people under his/her node, their balance will be Eur0.

The system will have a Make payment button that will link to the paypal account and these will be transferred to my paypal account. This however, is not needed once the user has 10people registered under his/her node. Once 10 people are available, the system will automatically deduct the Eur2 from the balance.

The users will be requested to use their paypal email as the user email for this system. Once every month i will extract the payments i need to make to my referrals. I need this to be an automated system.

I have no preferred design or language. The whole basis of this site is the database and that the users will be able to see their balances.

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ASP.NET C# Dashboard Web-Part

This is a prove of concept project.
I want to have Dashboard Page, which is using ajax web-part technology.
Therefore, my admin can customize this dashboard page.

1. Admin can add, re-arrange and remove webparts inside dashboard page.
2. Admin can save the configurations.
3. when the page is loaded, admins previous saved configuration is retrieved and the page will display correctly.
4. On furture, if new web-part is developed, this new web-part can be registered at somewhere,
and Admin can be able to select and add this new web-part into dashboard.

5. User can view the dashboard page, but they cant modify the dashboard.

Required Technology: 4.0

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