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Online Shopping Cart Product Data Entry

I am looking for a person that can do online shopping cart data entry.

Candidate will be able to search for product/pictures on manufacturers websites and consolidate them into meaningful and clear product entry.

Candidate will be performing data entry on Zen Cart platform (zen cart specific experience is not a must but should have experience with any of the other major shopping cart platforms.)

Candidate will send daily emails with progress and any questions that will arise.

Candidate NEEDS to understand English in the written form very well.

I have approximately 10,000 different items for this particular project. However, directly after this project is done I will have two more shopping cart project that will follow with a combined project list of over 100,000. This could turn into long term project if you are the right person.

Winning Candidate will not have any negative job ratings over the past 6 months.

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Drupal Module Developer

I require a Drupal developer to create the following module for our Drupal/Ubercart store.

I need to be able to set up a cron job that will send all customers their monthly order report.

I would prefer the report to be a CSV file attachment and contain the product title, quantity ordered and the associated price. This data needs to show all the products ordered by that user in the previous month.

Any questions then dont hesitate to PM me.

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Oscommerce Cart W/10k Products Is Slow, Needs Optimization2

We have customized oscommerce shopping cart.
it has over 10,000 products.
it goes very slow, when opening the homepage, or simply even browsing.

the speed issue, is not related to the host, because not normal html pages load fast.
it is primarily the shopping cart php pages that load slow.

for testing the speed, we have used

when we test, it says the speed is 23 seconds total load time.

we have tried the following, when we empty the products in the database products table, the speed becomes fast.
so it might be that, the site is not optimized for 10k products.

your job will be to
#1 identify the issue
#2 fix the issue to speed up the website, on every page.
out goal is to bring the load time to 3-4 seconds load time maximum, at least for the initial visual load, and then it can load more items in the background.

i have at attached two screen shots, that show the speed results with 10k products, and with out 10k products.

-the speed with 10k products is 18 seconds for step 1 of homepage load
– when you remove the products from the database table, the speed for step 1 lowers to 2.8 seconds.

at 1st we though maybe the issue for the slow down, could be:
1. the drop down menu,
2. side navigation
3. homepage sideshow banner
or other elements,
HOWEVER THESE ARE NOT THE ISSUE, because we disabled all of the elements mentioned above, and the site was still going slow. Only after we cleared the products, it goes fast.

so we are pretty sure the speed issue is because there are so many products, or maybe too many inquiries, or maybe the cache is now working.

we will give you CPANEL access
and we will give you FTP access

You will not be allowed to copy the website files to your pc for testing, you will have to work on our server live.
we have a download limit filter, which will detect downloads exceeding 10mb, and that will block you from downloading any files, beyond 10mb.

you much always backup a file before editing it

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Copy Paste Product Posting: Data Entry Of 5000 Products

We need to post some products to a website. This is basically a copy paste job. We need a person who has a team and can complete this task as soon as possible.

Almost we need 5000 products to be posted on a site. The details of each product will be copied from one website and then will be pasted to other.

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Magento E-Commerce Product Data Entry – 400-500 Products

We are looking for someone to input our product catalog into our Magento E-commerce website. This job will involve data entry, product attribute creation, Image sourcing and description building. Products must be added to relevant categories on the website.

We have a product template that you can work off for entry of products. We are selling all brand name goods so products description can be sourced directly from manufacturers websites. We stock brands such as Sandisk, Canon, Nintendo, Sony, Kodak, Buffalo and Samsung.

We will require 3-6 images for each item uploaded to the systems also (sourced from manufacturers websites).

Must have experience with a Magento system. Must have a creative flare for product promotion and presentation. List of products will be given with SKU and other relevant information. Experience with similar work is a big advantage.

A knowledge of html and css is beneficial. Innate understanding of english is essential also.

Must be able to work to an efficient time line. In all honestly, this is donkey work, a no brainer.

Site is


Ronan Kelleher

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I Need Copy And Paste Data Entry For Products

Required skills: Data entry, copying and pasting text, Microsoft excel knowledge, copy and pasting pictures, renaming pictures, very basic html knowledge.

Here is what I need, check the attached excel document and zip file for further description:

-I will provide you with the web sites that you will copy information and pictures from, and I will email you an excel document where you will paste the information.

1. First you will copy the picture, rename it as the abbreviated product title, and save it in a folder on your computer. These will be emailed to me in a zip file when finished.

2. Then you will copy and paste the following text from the web site into the proper 6 columns in the excel document I provide you with: title, price, brief description, full description, photo name, and category. Do not alter any of the columns that are not in bold.

3. Next you will format the brief description, full description, photo name, and category. Please check the attached excel document for more information about formatting these fields.

You will first do two products and then email me the excel document and the zip file with two pictures. I want to make sure the job will be done correctly. I will approve your work before you add the rest of the products.

When finished, you will email me the excel document in a csv format, and the pictures will be emailed to me in a zip file. If you do a good job on the first 100 products, I will give you much more work.

Freelancer must speak good English. And available for frequent interaction.

Please quote me your price for 100 products.

Payment will not be issued until your work is inspected and approved. I am looking for a long term provider.

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Shopping Cart Design / Data Entry For Brake Pad Website

I am looking for a simple and easy to navigate website/shopping cart in the business of selling vintage brake pads. I have roughly 250 individual part numbers of brake pads. Each part number fits one or several makes & one or several models of each make for a certain year range. You can view my current site and see how I have a portion (about 70 Part Numbers) this data in a simple table. The site is:

I need to have this data categorized and easily searched by potential customers.

Please give me your ideas on what direction to go.

Thank you!

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move products from one cart to another,Data Entry

this is a very fast very small project.
i need to copy/move products from one cart to another. that is all.
please show me that you can do this fast. and if you do it fast and clean, i will give you more work.

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Data Entry and Other Similar Tasks

Looking for long term individual assistance for site data entry, product loading, and other similar tasks. You should be reachable by email and respond in a timely fashion. Also by IM when you are working online.

Person selected needs manage their own time. You can work as much as you like on this although I do need you to be clear about how much that is going to be on a weekly basis. I would be fine with 10 hours a week or 100 and anything in between as long as the quality of your work effort is good. I will give you a series of tasks and appropriate training. I expect you to take care of the rest, ask questions when you need assistance.

Please note that if you dont have a good internet connection, dont bid. I will be monitoring your progress. If you cant complete work because of your internet connection you will get a bad review. This role when completely successfully will lead to other work being available to you based on your aptitudes.

Please put "rinaldo" in your bid to be considered.

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