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Newsletter Via Iphone/ipad Application

This is a project to convert our bi-monthly newsletter (containing text and images) to an iphone application so that users can download and read the newsletter on their devices.

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Very Simple Graphic Work


I need a simple simple art work that will take an image i have and will redesign it as a triangle like style button that can be used on an iphone

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Age Of Empires Iphone/Ipad Application

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an iphone/ipad game to be made. The game is simple, it should include all the features included in age of empires 2. If you are not familiar with the game or havent played it, please avoid bidding. The game should be compatible with iphone and ipad and should include decent graphics like the original game and the same features. some of the key features are :

1. option to choose maps
2. number of components (for now they should play against the computer)
3. difficulty
4. all the same building and components (horses, etc).
5. different nations
6. different gameplay options (last man standing, kill the kings etc)

those are not the only features required, you need to play the game to understand the concept and know all the required features, but the above features are the key ones.

Please avoid bidding if you are not familiar with the game (Age Of Empires 2).


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Iphone Dating Application And Site Needed


Looking for someone who has iPhone application development and graphics design experience. Must be easy to work with and timely. Need great communication skills and the ability to multi-task.
We need a developer to create a dating app similar to and

Looking for a developer that can create a similar dating application and website. Preference given to those who have worked on gps location and/or dating mobile applications.

Smooth/attractive graphics and layouts are required.

in-App purchase is to be added(included) in this app as well as iAd.

Please show me 5 best iPhone apps/iPad/blackberry apps/android apps which done by you. Please provide contact info for references.

Upon successful completion we would like to continue to work with the developer on a part time basis. Looking for someone who can complete the project and continue to work as needed.

App shall be compatible with iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS, iP4 and iPod with latest (and previous) iOS

Payment will be released once application is approved and live on the app store.

Looking for iPhone/iPad freelancer with 1+ years of experience in developing and publishing iPhone/iPad app, php, web site design, etc…




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Iphone/ipad Application

Application that utilized GPS to located app user location and direct the user to the nearest destination given.

Application needs to work in ipad as well.

All information of the destination will be given.

Selected programmer needs to be able to do minor graphic illustration and sound editing if required.

Only american programmers will be selected.

Bid with a peace of mind.

100% escrow payment once confirm the project.
100% direct payment once project completed.

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IPhone/iPad Application

Our website currently offers a variety of offers, each user has its own personalized list of products according to pre-selected preferences. We would to add an iPhone/iPad application that will serve as another front-end for our website.

Our website currently supports:
* Registration – Email + Password
* User preferences – Basic preferences are selected during the registration process. The users can modify their preferences in their settings page. Relatively moderate: product categories + location
* Personal homepage – That displays the relevant products
* All products page – That displays all products and allows manual filtering

We would like the iPhone/iPad application to support he following functionality:
* Registration – Same as on the website. Currently, there is an email confirmation step but I am not quite how it should work with an iPhone application.
* Homepage which displays all the products and allows manual filtering
* Personal page which displays the relevant products according to the users preferences
* Settings page which allows the user to modify their prefernces

The visual design should be taken from the website itself (In terms of color schema, buttons and layout)

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IPhone Dating Application

Looking to have an iPhone app, a Dating App. There are probably tons out there but wed like to have our own for our members….and future members. The app does not need to be complicated…just needs to have a Login, pictures, voting, interractions with other members based on membership. And wed like to create a simple website as well along the same lines.

After project is complete, we also want to have the Freelancer that built this app, to continue supporting it for a monthly fee…and then there will be a Bonus at the end of the year based on the performance of the app and site, new subscriptions.

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Iphone Ebook Application

Develop a simple ebook application which have the following:
– In-app purchase
– Update catalog available for purchase without having to update the application from app store.
– Download the newly done up catalog.
– Auto add in content of the newly purchase ebook to collection without having to update the application from app store.
– Add in pictures to the ebook.

I dont need to have a very nicely done up GUI, as i want it be able to customize accordingly, the features and functionality are more impt.

Thanks ^^

PM me for negotiation.

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X Code Template For Mac OS Application (Not Iphone)

I need a code for a mac application
1 Menu on top to access different pages. Self populating. as little or as many pages as i add.
2 each page has a submenu on the side to access different pages with in page (as little or as many as add.)
3 each page has ability to display images and text play a sound files
4 One page has ability to display images, and content from a web address.

Let me know if my explanation is good.

a sample ( declaration for mac) free download on mac computer app store


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Finish Iphone Travel Application

We are at an advanced stage on an iphone location based travel application and we need it finished. Augmented reality, several user profile functions, online/offline access, and connecting to our website blog/forums are among the primary remaining tasks. We have a website with entire front and backend already built with database for the application. Must have several years experience, examples in apple store, and excellent reviews.

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Iphone Callback Application

It will be an iphone application using the Asterisks callback functionality.

When the user dials a number, the application will contact the asterisk server via http protocol, get the server the required informations and check for its answer. If the answer is correct, the server will firstly dial the phone number specified into the applications preferences. Once the user has answered the call, the server dials the second number, making a relationship between the users phone and his contacts.

The application should be able to register and respond accordingly with server replies using http request.

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Complex Airline IPhone And IPad Application

I am looking to create a very complex iPhone and iPad application. The application should allow users to do 2 things:

1) Check to see if there is an earlier flight they can catch by choosing their airline, the date, the departure airport and arrival airport. A list of all of that airlines flights should appear, as well as the number of tickets available.

2) This is the very complex feature — Users can actually change their reservation via this application. (e.g. if a user is on a 11:00 AM American Airlines flight, they can change it to the 10:00 AM American Airlines flight). I am not positive how you integrate this, so please, in your PM, advise me how you would integrate this feature.

This application needs to be designed and developed/fully coded without bugs by the developer. Please send me your portfolio with your past work on applications. The developer must adhere to deadlines, but we are flexible in setting those deadlines.

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IPhone/iPad Application

I need Application compatible both for iphone and ipad.

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IPad & IPhone Magazine Application

Create an iPad & iPhone Magazine:
We require an iPhone & iPad App that will enable readers to view our magazine via the App on the device.

– Needs to have a "library" of all magazine issues throughout the year to be selected from.
– Splash Screen
– A back end needs producing where an xml output is given. In this area we shall upload issues of the magazine. The app shall detect from this xml when new issues are available.
– The first screen will show the front cover and have ability to read the issue which will be on average 60 pages.
– There should be an option to zoom into each page to read.
– We also need interactive features to send directly email to the embedded address.
– Magazine will have video and audio.
– All content will be provided
– Total of 12 Issues per year – in PDF Format
– Each issue will contain around 60-70 pages

For an example of what we are trying to accomplish please see the following ipad magazines:

– Only bid IF you have successfully delivered IPAD projects on
– Give examples of similar or other IPAD projects that you have completed successfully
– Have the tools and development environment to do the job well
– Can deliver a prototype quickly – A prototype is required and we will test it
– Will require the source code
– Ask questions in PM
– We are currently having another of these apps produced by another developer. Your app shall work as a tie in that existing development. We shall put you in contact with that developer who shall assist with the build.

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IPhone Call Controler Application – Urgent

This is a safety application and any one can use it while driving.

How it have to work:

1. When user run application, Application has to answer (On hook) any incoming call, play a sound like

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Iphone And IPad Application

We require an application for both iPhone and iPad and also for Android which should exactly have the functionality of the following application

The functionality will have minor tweaks, Will explain better once contact is made. I believe in a long partnership, We are a newly established company with lots of projects in pipeline, Winning and executing this project successfully will lead to a long term partnership.

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Database Required For Leather Bags/Belts Manufacturers

We are a manufacturer of Leather Belts, Bags, saddlery and other types of leather items manufacturers contact details.

They should be 100% authentic.

This Database will be used for our Marketing Efforts as we are into dealing with Metal Accessories for the Leather Industry

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Iphone + BB Application

Need to develop an app for Iphone and Blackberry that utilities the blue-tooth technology to broadcast location and messages within the blue-tooth range to other phones with the same app. The app is also to contain personal information which is stored locally and synchronized to a website (developed).

The data fields and types are white labled and downloaded from a config file from the web platform. There will be picture photo function where the app triggers the camera on the phone to take a picture and upload it into the app and the web platform.

The app is to be turned on and off manually, on the on state it will continue to send/receive data while user is able to use his phone as normal. the off mode stops all transactions.

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Newspaper Networking Application

I want an application which is iPhone enabled and all of our customers and their subscriber can share information, articles and chat with each other.
I will explain more to shortlisted coder.

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IPhone Chat Application


We need a chat app for a little community for iPhone.

Is it possible? how ? what you need from us? how it can be developed?

Please provide step by step thoughts on it as i am unsure how it can be done..


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Iphone Callback Application

The application allows to save on the invoice of mobile phone. It is running for iPhone allowing to use Asterisks callback functionality.

The application allows the user to dial a number, get the history of previous calls but also let him access to the contact list.

When the user dials a number, the application will contact the asterisk server via http protocol, get the server the required informations and check for its answer. If the answer is correct, the server will firstly dial the phone number specified into the applications preferences. Once the user has answered the call, the server dials the second number, making a relationship between the users phone and his contacts.

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Iphone Travel Application

Looking to create a Travel guide iphone application. All of the design for the applications will be provided, along with explanatory notes. Most of the project is programming together the material that we will provide. We have a very clear idea of what we want, which has already been visualized in detail with explanatory notes for each page. Backoffice for our website is being built already, which must then be connected to iphone application. All source code and development will be transferred to us for full rights, and a non disclosure agreement is required. We are looking to develop a long term relation with a professional team for future updates and projects. We expect follow-up for any bugs, and reasonable hourly rates after that (please send us your rates). Expertise with google development a must. Must be an experienced team (minimum 1.5 years in iphone development). Please send examples of your work, especially any applications in apple store.

Primary functions for the application are the following:

-Integrated with google maps
-Localization of users by gps
-Ability for users to e-mail and IM each other within application
-Discussion forums
-Paid and lite version
-Points of interest on map, when clicked, will display multimedia info (videos, rss, audio, text)
-Ability for users to add points of interest
-Ability for users to vote
-Categorized lists according to votes, our picks, price etc.
-Advanced search for user profiles, points of interest etc.
-Augmented reality feature for points of interest
-User profiles which lists discussions followed, favorite points of interest, news feeds from friends etc.
-Comparison of profiles based on user click behavior

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IPhone Notification Application


The user should be able to send an email out on a specific day with a specific message to specific people as soon as his/her phone is touched on that specific day.

In order to avoid sending out an email at 12AM on the specific day, the user will be able to choose a starting time.

The user can make messages recurring.

example: John wants to email his mother and his sister on Tuesday to let them know that he is leaving the country. On Sunday night, John opens up the application, constructs a message,inputs their emails, and specifies that he wants the message to become active after 6AM on Tuesday morning. John wakes up at 6:30AM on tuesday morning and touches his phone. An email will then be sent to his mother and sister alerting them that he is traveling, a confirmation email will be sent to John, letting him know that the application sent an email to his mother and sister.

You do not need to design any logos. This is

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IPhone Ramadan Application

Main functionalities of the app is reminder of daily Imsak (start fasting) and Buka (break fasting) times*.
Please refer to the attached wireframe for page to page description.

App is to be completed by 21st August.
All materials (visuals, interface design will be handed over immediately)

Leave me a message if you have any questions.

* Imsak & buka times differ every day & by location throughout the whole month of Ramadan.
Please refer to

Thank you

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Iphone Layar Application


We are looking for someone to develop a layar ( for the iphone app Layar

We have 4-5 existing API/JSON we use on our site which we are looking to convert

They all have geo data – and it is for local businesses eg restaurants, hotels, bars

If you have any previous experience in layar apps we are particularly interested – in addition to this we have a number of other mobile related projects

This freelancer account maybe new but that is because our company has 4 divisions and we have decided to now work off separate accounts so we are not new to freelancer!

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IPhone Quiz Application For Tourists

Hi there ,

Project Summary : iPhone Quiz application for Tourists

Scope Overview :
Frontend – 10 screens, 4 choices .
Questions will contain text and /or Picture

Backend :
Should be able to save atleast 100 questions and pictures

1. Should be able to pick and choose the 10 questions from DB that need to appear on iPhone Frontend.
2. There should be an option to categorize the questions – Easy, Difficult, Hard and user should have an option to play different levels.
3. Need an option to easily insert the Questions in DB. We have a hosting solution with PHP and mySQL.
4. All source code and rights will be transferred and owned by us.

Criteria for developer selection :
1. At least 5 apps in App store
2. Experience with similar applications is preferable.
3. It would be great if we can graphics/creatives help too ( Please mention in the bid if you can provide complete solution including graphics )

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IFind IPhone User Application

We are looking to build a B2B iPhone and iPad application that connects the iPhone or iPad user directly to a contact within our directory. The app should be simple in operation, mirroring the steps on our web application, namely:

1. What type of business do you represent? (choice of 4)
2. What types of services do you require? (choice of 5)
3. What category best describes your requirement? (choice of 20)

The app should then show results, based on the user location, matching the iPhone user to a business contact in our database.

The user can then:

1. Initiate a call
2. Send a meeting invitation
3. Send an Email
4. Send SMS

Other information will include displaying the directory profile information, picture and user rating, plus the number of projects completed by that user.

The app should also allow the iPhone user to save the directory contact as a favorite.

This is an immediate project.

We require development work only on iPhone and iPad.

The design will be taken from our website and the marketing will be done in house.

Please contact for more information and note that you will be required to sign an NDA in order to bid.

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Creating A Iphone And Ipad Application For Hotel

We want to build an iphone/ipad application for an hotel.
It will be like the one of "W Montreal"
– good design and user friendly
– Hotel amenities
– City activities
– Hotel services (contact concierge easily)
-Visit our apartments (google map will display our locations, advanced search, details, inquiry form, etc like this app: Duproprio )
– book a room (will automatically create a lead into our salesfroce CRM)
-send feedback (will automatically create a case into our salesforce CRM)
– Directory section (like w Montreal app)
– where to eat section
– what to do section
– shopping
– attractions
– nightlife

the customer will be able to call our concierge easily, or make a inquiry from the app for any service

please bid only if you have experience with APPS.

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IPhone Dating Application

LoveBuzz is a mobile phone application that uses GPS to find nearby users, then compare each users profile to gain a match percentage. If the percentage is above a user set threshold, that user will receive a notification that the matched user is nearby and show their profile.

To match two users a matching algortihm will compare like and dislike tags a user enters, what the user is looking for (Gender, Age, etc), and Facebook Likes (using Open Graph API). This will provide users with a accurate match. Matching and notifications will be automatic. The match processing should occur on the mobile device and not on the server.

The UI should have four buttons down at the bottom with Notifications, Map, Messages, and Options.
Notification should contain new matches. Upon clicking the match that matched users profile will appear. A users profile will contain a small picture with basic information underneath (Name, Age, Height/Weight, Likes/Dislikes, and % Match). The user will swipe the screen to get more information, another swipe a picture, and a final swipe to the map screen showing the location of the match (If that user is visible on map via options).
Map will show google map overlay with any matches on the screen.
Messages will contain messages from other users.
Options will contain options to edit profile, privacy settings.

This application has a lot of dependance on GPS and will require a good mathematics background to create the required algorithm to match users with each other. A server side database will contain all user information.

Contact me for more information.

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IPhone Testing Application

Im looking for a web developer to create an app similar to:


It is an app that will test any website URL in a simulated iPhone window, and display that URL as an iPhone would display it.

The app will need to be able to be inserted into a WordPress theme (on the front page).

I am not sure about budget so please bid what you think its going to take to build a fully functional, high quality version of this iphone testing app.

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Paper About NNTP

TOPIC: NNTP (Newsgroups) [The standard]


The governing standards body

The history of the standard (if applicable)

Specifications of the standard (summary)

Any advantages or drawbacks of the standard that you can see (with regards to but not limited to the following) (if applicable):







Support of the community


Ease of use

Application of the standard (ie what devices is it used for, how prevalent is it in the industry)


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