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Code Igniter Custom Database Class

I need a Coder familiar with Code Igniter custom classes.
What I require is a custom database class written (or code Igniters database class modified) to accept 2 databases at the same time.

I know it can accept 1 database from the 2 groups as active, but that way it queries any 1 database only.

What I require is the ability to pass query like,
"SELECT DB1.Table1.Fld1, DB2.Table2.Fld2 FROM DB1.Table1, DB2.Table2"

And also all the JOIN functions etc should work as normal with Code Igniter.

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Custom Database To Printout

I would like some software developed which allows me to manage a small database. The database entries would consist of an object ID, an image, and several strings, all except the ID being optional. The software GUI would allow input of new records to the database, with manual entry of strings, and selection of a image. The software would also allow viewing/printing of any entry in the database. The viewing would be via a selectable template. The template describes the position of the image and text strings on the output page, and also specifies the page size. Specifically, I want to print database entries to envelopes of various sizes. I would like to specify a list of records and have them viewed/printed successively (i.e., type 1-10 and have records 1-10 displayed, or 1,3,5,10-20,144 to show those). The software may run on Linux or WIndows, using any language. I would prefer use of a Postgres database, Java, Python or C/C++ and Linux but am open to alternative approaches.

So I see the tasks being:
1) database tables
2) template(s) — can be text-based files for simplicity of implementation (this is an infrequent task)
3) GUI for data entry (picture/strings)
4) GUI for data display (using selected template)
5) Printout capability

There may already be existing software to do this sort of thing. All source code required as a deliverable.

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Fix Oscommerce Script

Oscommerce store is give us error
osCommerce: Error Message – 1054 – Unknown column p.products_id in on clause

After we updated mysql .Looks like the our custom oscommerce script need to be updated .How ever need it fix and looking for someone that know oscommerce very well

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Custom Galleries Module

Custom Galleries module to create gallery, add/edit/delete pictures with title and description and dynamic view like itune viewer

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Make A Summary Database Of Nightclubs, Parsed From 2 Webdire

There are 2 separate directories of nightclubs and bars. Need to retrieve all clubs from both websites. Doubling records, which describe the one club have to be joined. Writings of club names can differ, thats why need to find doubles by comparing names, addresses, phone numbers, websites.

Provide final result in mysql dump format and XML (the last one – for human reading, XML standart which you will use doesnt matter).

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