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Simple Professional Website Style With Database

I need a site that is simple and professional. I have a few sites for references.
Also, the site needs to have a data base that allows people to create simple profile.
Finally, users need to be able to send those people in the database, emails of pictures they designed.

Its going to be a cool site and I can give more details to see if you can finish the job.

Also, I would like to see your portfolio.


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Sports Database

Build a sports camp database that links
sessions at camps

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Data Migration For Experience Developers

We have Read-Only, remote SQL access (server,db name, user, passwrd) to a MS SQL 2005 database and we need to:

Create a custom tool that can do the following on demand (one or two-clicks solution)

1. Read the data (obviously)
2. First time copy the data to a local host (or another remote host – Apache shared host / cPanel access only)
3. Update the new data or the changes to existing records
4. Find the relations between the tables / views
5. Select by criteria some records (Filter) (example: all the persons named "John" and Born after "1/1/1990")
6. Use the results in a ecommerce (osCommerce) as products for sale
7. …anything else that is needed to have:
– on-demand
– up-to-date
– filtered records
– available in the ecommerce as products
– Classified according to the DDC system (see below)

You will create the products database structure in a default osCommerce installation based on the categories in the resulted database.
This structure is based on the DDC System:

This structure has to REPLACE the default osCommerce "categories" structure and it IS INCLUDED in the database (as a field in the "products" table)

We have to result with a fully working and "browser visible" oscommerce shop and products.
(NO templates or other things to deal with – just the database)

You can decide the technology to use (example: php, C++, …)
If you have another strategic (instead of the "1,2,3,…,7" steps I propose) to have the same result we can discuss it.

The destination server is Apache, shared host, and we have cPanel access only! (not sql remote access)

If you need any additional info before or after you place your bid please ask me,
Thank you.

Note I am look for providers with minimum of 3 or more reviews and complete this project shortly.

Happy bidding….

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Scrape Car Parts Database has a database of 130 million car parts I need to either scrape their database if possible… (here is what a search results page looks like )

If its not possible to scrape the results, I need a script that can query their database, without getting detected by them and return the results on my website…

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Data Find&Process&Entry (1000 CMS Forms To Be Completed)

We are student portal focused at exchange students (basically European exchange students).

We need to have almost all European universities and European cities where those universities are located in our database (Universities as first database and Cities as second database).

We use CMS to fulfill the content.

On average, to complete all three steps (see below) for a single city or university it takes 20 min for experienced worker.

We have about 1000 cities and universities combined to be done at the moment! If we are satisfied with your job we can assign you almost 1000 more.

To complete a city you need to find a content for about 12 text blocks, 2-4 photos and one video link.

To complete an university you need to find a content 11 text blocks and 2 photos.

The task is to:

1) Find and extract desired text, photos from websites or open web encyclopedia (or to find a hyperlink to video)
2) Remove formatting (pasting text to MS Windows Notepad)
3) Entry text data to a specific entries (upload photo as well) using CMS.

You need to follow our detailed instructions describing how to use our CMS properly (it is strictly required).

Once we start talks about contract, we would like you to put 2 cities and 2 universities in our database (soon after we would deliver you our detailed CMS instructions) to be sure if you understand the idea and how to use our CMS formular properly.

Once it is done, we would be ready to set up serious cooperation. We expect well-organized and hard-working teams, reliable and responsible.

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UK Residential Directory Numbers Database List Required

We require someone to provide a list of UK residential directory numbers for our Groups Market Research division.

We believe that there are 32-34 million of these residential numbers and so will require all of them, ideally in a spreadsheet format, divided/arranged by towns and cities.

A discretionary bonus will also be given for a good job. Please note that full payment will only be provided at the end of the project following successful and satisfactory completion.

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Database Development

!) Modify one existing MySql database and refine the generated pages look. Create a small number of reports.
2) Create a new MySql database, some scheduled reports, simple query forms, payment pages to link to external Merchant accounts. Data will come from 1) above and external sites

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Hindi Movie Database

We need Hindi movie database. If you have one we can buy, else help us in preparing one. It would be data collection and entry job. We will provide you the format. Only hindi movies.

Thanks, for reading and showing interest.

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Real Estate Script Or Website

im looking for a real estate script or website my budget is 30 dollars i have tried most of the free ones but they dont work to well
i want to be able to upload property listing and manage the property.

I have a website template so maybe another approach is to have a freelancer build me a small cms script that will manage a database and embed the database onto the website page – i must be able to mange the listing and add fields as required.
if you can help with this project please let me know. thank you so much .vgd

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VBA Program To Extract Excel Data Ready For Mysql (Repost)


Sorry this had been cancelled and reposted due to the incorrect budget being set on the first project.

I have the fun task of getting data which has been entered into Ms Excel spreadsheets over the past 5 years into a mySQL database.

The client uses excel spreadsheets to record customer body measurements as part of a personal training service. There are over 20 spreadsheet files, each with at least 50 sheets of data. The problem is the data is not set in a database friendly format. (see example attachment)

I got the client to enter to the userid into cell A1 on each spreadsheet. I need to get this data either onto another excel spreadsheet or into a CSV file ready to import. Im thinking the best way to do this would be to create a VBA program that grabs data from certain cells and places them sequentially onto database ready lines.

The DB structure for the mysql DB will be (tbl_measurements):
user_id INT(10)
mm_date DATETIME
mm_weight DOUBLE
mm_abdominal DOUBLE
mm_subscapula DOUBLE
mm_bicep DOUBLE
mm_tricep DOUBLE
mm_sum_of_4 DOUBLE
mm_diff_mm DOUBLE
mm_diff_per DOUBLE
mm_history DOUBLE
mm_shoulders DOUBLE
mm_chest_in DOUBLE
mm_chest_ex DOUBLE
mm_bicep_right_un DOUBLE
mm_bicep_right_flex DOUBLE
mm_bicep_left_un DOUBLE
mm_bicep_left_flex DOUBLE
mm_waist DOUBLE
mm_navel DOUBLE
mm_hips DOUBLE
mm_quad_right DOUBLE
mm_quad_left DOUBLE
mm_calve_right DOUBLE
mm_calve_left DOUBLE

So, what I need is a simple VBA program (or similar), that reads in a single excel file, loops though all cells on each sheet, and spits out either a excel file, or CSV file in the correct format. (i.e. ready to import into a mySQL database)

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MYSQL Database Creation Needed

Database Situation

We are looking for someone that will work with us to build
a database to make it easier for our company to manage various nuances of our business. We are in the
telecommunications management business supporting hundreds of locations worldwide. We need a
mysql database that will allow us and our clients to access account, contract, and vendor information
through a web access portal on our web site. There are dynamics associated with telecommunications
that require slightly more robust database functionality. The goal of the database is to keep track
of the many facets of an organizations communication services and equipment. Since no two businesses
are exactly alike we need the flexibility to build a companys information based on what they have and
not a cookie cutter profile.

Please see attached document for more project details. Please email questions and your project bid. We are looking for a flat project fee, not to be paid hourly.

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Need Database Expert For Inventory Control

I need a database expert to do the following:

Create tables/databases for
1.Individual Ingredients Inventory
2.Formulations List
3.Hardware Inventory brushes, boxes, bottles
4.Suppliers List
5.Invoicing Records
6.Shipping History
7.Existing Customers List
8.Customer Category
a.Bulk Sale,
b.Box Sale,
c.Packet Sale,
d.Formulation Sale,
e.Contract Manufacturing,
f.Private Labeling
Establish relationship between:
1.Databases and inventory levels
2.Formulations and the ingredients composition (percentage)
3.Databases on the website and Material (Individual Ingredients) Inventory
4.Information on Orders received and Customers
5.Customers and Customer category
Presentation Requirements
1.Present information on a web-page tab view
2.Tab 1 View Inventory
3.Tab 1 View Inventory Alerts
4.Tab 2 Show Orders History and in process
5.Tab 3 Show Customers Order History
6.Tab 4 Business Value categorized for each business
a.Bulk Sale,
b.Box Sale,
c.Packet Sale,
d.Formulation Sale,
e.Contract Manufacturing,
f.Private Labeling
7.Tab 5 Admin access

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Easy Copy/Paste Data Entry From Website To Access Database

We are looking for help to compile our database from many webpages to a single database. We are looking for somebody who can work quickly and enter the data efficiently, with an eye for detail.

If you are our person, you will need to:

1. Visit a website (usually the contact us page), and fill in a database entry based on the information available on that website.

The information needed includes:

Company Name
Street Address
Postal Address
Cell Phone (if Available)
twitter? (if Available)
facebook? (if Available)

1. We will provide you with our list of directory sites, as well as the database (access) that you will need to fill in.
2. We are not sure exactly how many listings there are, but we suspect about 400-500, excluding duplicate listings.
3. Once you are completed, you will need to send us the database and we will verify a small sample to confirm it is real contacts, before final payment.
4. We will retain ANY and ALL Copyright on the database, and you will not be able to sell it elsewhere

We will be awarding this to bidders to $30. PLUS will offer an additional $10 if the project is completed on time.

Happy Bidding.

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Zen Cart Website Completion

-Need Someone To work on my layout need to add 3 banners on specific location, change slighlt Layout of product views
-Need to have the pages ready for the 2nd language (translation will be done by myself, just need the correct pages in place)

-fix ez-populate (not working properly)
-need to copy customer Database from old zen cart and add it to the new Zen cart Database
-fix layout for pdf
-add search productin edit order functionnality(when adding a new product)
-need a specific type of report to be available or custom created
small minor layout work

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Facebook Application – Vouchers – PSD To APP – PHP & MYSQL.


– We have a database of voucher codes, that need to be presented within Facebook
– We will provide PSD designs and guidance
– You need to link in with our MySQL database to create the app as we have designed
– There are tools like sharing, wall posting, e-mail collection etc


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Complete Database Development For A Tutoring Database

I had a previous freelancer who started this project and did not finish it.

I need this project completed ASAP.

It is for the completion of the development of a database application which acts as a management tool for a Home Tutoring business. The purpose of the database was to manage clients, tutors and track payments across the students clients and tutors.

The current database has been developed in : .net 4.0, MSSQL express, Linq, c#.

I have all of the current source code.

This project is about 80% of the way through and there are only minor tweaks and fixes that need to be applied to get this completed.

1 of the more important items was that currently the database only functions from 1 computer. I need it to be able to be hosted on a machine and then simultaneously accessed by multiple computers to read write data.

This is a relatively small project which had an initial budget of $440.00. Given that this is 80% completed i expect to only be paying somewhere near the remaining 20% of $440.00.

I have all of the changes fixes and requests for this and the source code all ready to go for whoever takes the job.

Again – i need this completed ASAP.

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Upgrade My Presentation Software With Visual Basic

I have existing proprietary presentation software written in Visual Basic 6. There is a single code base, from which installation disks for various applications are created to present survey data captured in a standard format MS Access database. These are all content variants on the same set of functions.

I need a software developer do some simple rebranding of the current apps (new color/image, new name, new MS access database survey contents which I will provide) to create new installation disks.

I also need to create an upgraded or extended version of the application that will expand the Access database (add an 8th group of survey items to the current 7 groups), and enable data entry for a longer list of items, and then display the 8th group of survey results in the same way as for the 7 groups in the current version (one screen per group, with a drill-down).

I need these tasks done in the next 21 days.

Ideally, this job will lead to a good working relationship and a stream of software development tasks on these applications. A Melbourne based developer would be convenient, but this is not essential.

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BIO Data Printer

It is simple project to fresher can write own BIO DATA in quickly , this application is create Auto database and table if the database and table is not existing every time this application help to print the bio data and save in to in data table , the candidate can search from name from table and print the Bio data , I knew this a small project ,

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Website And Programming

I have a couple of projects but they are together:

The first project is:

A Joomla CMS website where people can register online to attend seminars – choosing which state, date and location. Some of these seminars are live and some are via the web. This seminar information is to be pulled from another in-house program. Also I need a shopping cart so they can purchase the seminars by ordering CDs or hard copy material.

The second project is:

I need a secure data entry page on this site to be used by internal consultants, or consultants visiting banks to process various types of forms during their reviews. The data/answers from these forms should be stored in a database (??? mySQL ???) so the officers of the company can pull the data/export the data to .CSV or .XLS format. Also need to be able to create pie charts from the responses received from the reviews. Currently, there is no database being used, so I am opened for suggestions as to which one to use. We are starting from scratch. I need to be able to maintain both once created, so instructions would need to be provided as well.

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Design Windows and Apple OSX widgets to use login details to access a database and provide application and user specific detail. Further include links to website for further user detail.

Required also is a admin tool to prepare database connection strings and web address URLs.

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Data Entry Clark Need

I have sevarel excel file with various data such as name, address, phone number, email address, company name etc.
Will provide you a database and you have to entry the data from excel file to database. Have to start asap and need to finish within next one week.

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POS System – Pawnshop

POS System – Pawn Shop

This project will be continually growing. I am a programmer but my abilities are not professional enough to start a project like this from scratch – im more of a hack whom finds a way to get things done. I will offer recommendations for database tables and organization but will expect them to be reviewed and enhanced by you then sent back to me for approval. The software will be tested in my store but built in a way that it can be easily deployed to other businesses. The entire POS system should be accessible from the web browser. There will have to be an optional frontend or some type of browser plugin to access the local printers for paperwork printing and access to local webcam to take snapshots of customers and merchandise. Eventually ID scanners, thumb scanners and other forms of technology will be implemented. Security is VERY important as everything from customers drivers IDs, social security numbers and credit card numbers will be stored in the database. As with most POS systems employees will have logins with varying degrees of access, options for shared cash drawers and individual cash drawers, etc… Reports are also very important as they are with most POS systems. There also needs to be automated reports run daily – schematics for these reports will be supplied. There will also be a customer online payment system for payments on layaways and pawns. Because this will eventually be used in shops around the country the level of customization and settings will be very robust. Pawnshop laws around the country vary dramatically from how much you can charge on a loan, extra fees allowed, length of loan, required papework, digital police reports and so on. The goal for this project is to get the software working in one store but leaving open as much as possible to be built upon later. Before launch a conversion from my current system/database to the new system will have to be automated. I use one of the most widely used pawn software around so this conversion tool will be a key component when implementing in other pawnshops. I am very familiar with the database in use so this should not be overly difficult but it is worth mentioning.

You are bidding on phase 1:
Pawnshop POS System (Master drawer/emp drawers/sales/layaway/pawns/pawn payments/extensive reporting)
Web based (we will discuss how webcam/printers will interact)
Online payments

I would like this to be programmed mainly in PHP but am open if there are good reasons to go another way.

I stress this project will not end when phase 1 is over – please only bid if you plan on sticking with this for the long run.

I have been in the pawn business for over 20 years – I have programmed many extensions on top of the POS system I am currently using (such as online payments, PBX system payments, mobile access, detailed reports, security camera integration, etc..) but have reached a point where I believe a new system from scratch would better serve myself and our industry.

Please provide previous work you have done. Projects dealing with high security a plus.

If you have any questions for me dont hesitate to ask.

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Data Entry Project

This is a Manual Data entry project to enter data into an MS Access Database.

The Access DB and pdf files will be provided. There are about 65 fields in db row. There are 367 pdf files. Each is file is about 2 pages (small)

Delivery date is Apr 7th. This is a hard deadline.
– We also need to review the entered database in stages so that we can monitor how the project is going.

– Accuracy of data entered into the database is extremely important.
– We do not have any time for testing. So, the delivered database should be 100% tested by you.

Payment: 100% of payment will be released only after complete delivery with satisfactory quality.

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Database Development

The website design stage is completed and I need someone to build a database for it.

Requirements for the database :

-Support for a large number of users
-A referal and point reward system
-A ranking system based on the lifetime points earned
-Dashboard for users/admin were both parts can track their progress/earnings
-A bonus points system shopping page.
-CMS panel through which I can add affiliate links with an image on pages
-Compatibility with a flash webdesign( Dreamweaver 8) interface

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Experience in developing databases / php using MySQL.

Timeframe for delivery: 2-4 weeks

More details available upon request.

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Simple Php/mysql Ip Address Manager


We need simple php script (ip manager or inventory) which will work with two tables database . Please look into attached image. That is what we need to get finally. Some expanation what scrtipt must do.
It must search, select, insert, modify, delete data and also log all action.
Some explanation on image:

1) Owner, Status column have a dropdown menu where is: Owner is list of all clients in database and Status is just menu with 2 state ("In use" and "Free").
2) Date is last record in history log. It is clickable field and when we click on it we go to new page where we could list of history records for this particular ip address. To what server this ip address have been allocated, to where or from there it was moved, and where it is now. All records timestamped.
3) When we click on "Assign" button we mention that we want add new ip address to particular server. Therefore new page open and there we select any of ip address with "Free" status (i.e. unused ip address). When we click "Save" Server record modified and server record cloned with newly added ip address. Also we forward back to main page.
4) When we click on "UnAssign" we just clean up current server record and change its status from "In use" to "Free"
5) When we click on "ReAssign" button new page open with drop down menu where we could select server to where we want move current ip address. When we select required server and click on "Save" current records cleaned up and then filled with new server data. After this we forwarded to main page.
6) When we click "Delete" selected ip address just deleted from database forever.
7) We need sort data by column "IP address", "Note", "Owner", "Server id", "Status"
8) We need search ip address using wildcard (it will be enough).
9) Bottom two form field is self explanatory – one add only one ip address into database and other add ip address and populate it by prefix. for example prefix /30 mean that two ip address will be added into database: and when we fill form with ip address and select prefix /30. You can get clean understanding about this using this url

Few word about second table. It is just history log where we script wrote all modification in main table. From inserting new ips till to deletion ip address from database.
Database SQL file included as well as php script with part of implemented function. Sure you could change everything if you knew mysql and php well.

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Converting Mssql Deduping Tool To Work On Amazon EC2

I am trying to migrate my current deduping tool which works on our own infrastructure to Amazon EC2.

The use case is I have a dataset of 5,000+ articles (up to 100,00 on some projects) from various datasources and need to find potential duplicates and flag them in our database for manual review by our users.

Currently the .net app grabs the table from the project MSSQL database and sends it over to our mssql database and kicks off a number of stored procedures to search for potential duplicates (based on full and partial matches of publication, article name, author, etc.). The results are then presented back to the .net app and the articles appended with the potential duplicate status. We have the code/stored procedures for doing the dedupe in either MSSQL or MYSQL.

I am looking to have the duplicate search done at amazon.


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Reviewer’s Application

What I need or require:

There are two main objectives included in this project:

1.Create a script / program to load the data into the necessary database tables. Called Database Program (See section 2)
2.Create an application to allow Reviewers to remove or add usages in a given zone. Called Reviewers Application (See section 3)

Here is a list of general requirements (not detailed) describing the scope of the project. Those requirements are further explained and detailed in the next sections, explaining the work to be done.

1.This project consists of an application using 3 simple database tables with less than 10 columns each.
2.The tables are linked together by a simple key consisting of one column.
3.The project must include a way to load the initial data into those 3 tables from 3 files
4.(2 tables are straight from a file, the 3rd one requires little associations described later).
5.The application will allow the user to modify one of those 3 tables (the main table), the other ones being used as read only.
6.There will be 4 relatively simple windows involved in this solution.
7.There will be a maximum of 6 users simultaneously working, but each one on their own part of the data (one column of the main table will be used to separate the data).
8.The application must allow exporting the data to an external text file.
9.The application and the data will be in French (this only affects labels of the interface, but documentation and translation will be provided to the programmer so it does not implicate more work).
10.All documentation and comments provided by the programmer will be in English.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Knowledge of C# (.net) and MS SQL Server 2005

Timeframe for delivery:
1 week

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