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FB APIs: Fetch All Posts In Date Range


I need sample code of PHP to load all posts (statuses, photos) of specific FB user. I tried with Graph API and FQL but impossible, limited to last 30 days of 50 posts (FB said).

How to access all posts of user. Send me the code please.

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[wordpress] List Last Posts By User Level (admins, Authors)

Hi guys, I need an script to list the 2 or 3 latest posts by user level in wordpress. the user level can be Author, or Admin, or Contributors. The code need to give me an variable to define what level of user I can list latest posts. And other variable waht I can define the number of lastest posts to show.


See my website in the link below: – the lastests posts will be listed at section "More Recent From Authors" at midle of the page.

I will give you the HTML structure.

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Website Similar To Fridg3

We are looking for a Developer to built a Website similar to frid dot ge

The only different will be the Mainpage. On Mainpage User will see Popular Groups sort by most User, most Posts…

Lets discuss.

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Sort WordPress Posts In Different Ways

Im currently using the wpreviewsite ratings script on my site which changes the default WordPress sort order to show the highest rated posts first.

Id like to be able to add some links to the top of my category, search and tag results pages to allow users to sort posts by either rating, date, alphabetically or number of comments. Id like to do this with links, not a dropdown and have the links toggle the results asc/desc each time they are clicked so I end up with:

Sort by Rating | Date | Alphabetically | No. of Comments

Sort by rating (highest first) would remain as the default

Many thanks.

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