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Simple Java Program

You will modify the SpeedDating class, but only by completing the method bodies of the three methods already declared. Do not add any other methods or instance variables to the SpeedDating class, do not modify the constructor, and do not modify the method declarations (headings) provided! (Not necessary!)

Complete the SpeedDating Class

Write the method bodies for each of the 3 methods declared in SpeedDating. Study the method declarations and documentation so that you understand what each method does.

it must use one of the Java loops. Nested loops are not necessary.

Do not modify the method declarations (headings) in any way!

Note that, by law, Thanksgiving occurs on the 4th Thursday of November

Write a Test Class for Your SpeedDating Class

Your test class will have a main method that does the following:

Create a SpeedDating object

Have the user enter a year, and call the beMyValentine method to print the day of the week on which Valentines Day will occur for the next 10 years, starting with the input year. Valentines Day (Formerly, Saint Valentines Day) is celebrated on February 14th.

Have the user enter another year, call the discoverColumbusDay method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

Have the user enter the data (month, day, and year) for two Date objects – an earlier date and a later one. Create the two Date objects, call the getHalfWayDate method, and print the Date object returned. Print the Date in the main method, not in SpeedDating.

(Make sure your implementations of the SpeedDating methods have sufficient internal documentation)

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Log Review Script-Bash-Linux-Unix

Script Requirements:

1. command line

2. Will ask user the directory path and name of the log file

3. Will ask user the date format of log file (that is date syntax to match)

4. Will ask user how many days back they want to review log file

5. Default date will be current system date.

6. Will ask user the desired path and name of the output file. Default will be original log

7. Will grab the pertinent log entries and send to a file in user indicated path

8. Script must take into account monthly calendars (example months that are 27days, 28days, 30days and 31days)

9. Ability to attach additional parameters to script (example ./script | grep whatever)

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3D Rendering For A 6000sqft Bangalow

This is a 6000+ sqft Bangalow to be 3D modelled, 3D Rendered with VRay.

Basically what I need is 2 external perspectives with landscaping.

The schematic facade in 2D will be given, however incomplete. You are free to design the facade as long as the language of the building geometry is maintained.

You will be provided with 2D autocad drawing of floor plans and elevations.

The timeframe for this project will be 2 weeks from the the winning bid date or the initial contact date.

1.) Total built-up: 6000+sqft
2.) Total perspectives: 2
3.) Resolution: 2000×1200 @ 150dpi

Provided with:
1.) 2D AutoCad drawing of floor plans & elevations
2.) Materials intended in .jpg

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Rotating Text Banner JS With Date And Links And Css Format

I need a small JS to modify and install on my website a rotating top banner with text and links.
see example

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Multiple Members/ads Link Tracking. – Auto-responders – Mana

The description below is a general description. Please contact me for full details

Fast and quick version

lets say I post an ad…

You click on it (track which ad, which url, keeps hit count)(For ADMIN)

Takes you to landing page with a form((select random MEMBER)collect -name, email, phone, time, date)

You submit the form
a)collected info goes to ADMIN list – (name, email, phone, time, date)Admin can email one or all, Edit (view,delete,edit), Download.
b)collected info goes to MEMBER list – (name, email, phone, time, date)MEMBER can view and/or download
c) Takes them to a page with instructions
"An Email with instructions on how to access the information you requested has been sent to (email address here).
To access the information
1. check your email
2. Click on the link
You will then be automatically be forwarded."

You click on the link above (verifiyng your email, auto-responder starts)

You End up at MEMBERS page (Track the visit to MEMBER page)

I would need of course an admin section, and a member section and some stuff that can show up on main page. (top 10 referer, Top 25 Clicks, etc). i.e. This sites has (340) members, with (1400) ads and has served (1,456,986) visits to Their sites.

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Java Implementation Of Data Stream Aggregate Counter

This project is to implement a Java program that

– reads a file containing CSVs a timestamp and a unique id in the format
"Mon Mar 28 11:09:27 +0000 2011", "1234"
"Mon Mar 28 11:09:28 +0000 2011", "1235"
"Mon Mar 28 11:09:29 +0000 2011", "1234"
"Mon Mar 28 11:15:00 +0000 2011", "1234"

– takes as command line arguments date/time, number of seconds, number of frequent elements

– outputs the count of the unique ids starting at the date/time specified ending number of seconds later, displaying the counts *only* of the N most frequent elements

This must be efficient and able to scale to processing tens of thousands of items per second.

When bidding on this job you must specify which algorithm you plan to use and whether it is approximate or exact.

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Perl Script Add Header Line And Change Date Format On CSV

Need to create a perl script that adds a header line to a csv file and updates the date format column.

Raw File called ftc_order.csv

The Perl scripts needs to add the following header line to the csv
header.csv (file attached)

Also the date format column needs to be updated from "20110327" to "27/03/2011"

The file then needs to be saved at ftc_order_(Todays date).csv

Timeline for project 48 hours.

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Simple Time And Date Data Entry

Very simple data entry project comparing 190 cities and their GMT time zones into an excel sheet

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Virtuemart Customization


I need a customization on my existing virtuemart component.I use the virtuemart as homestay booking system. What i need is:

(Front end part)

1.add check in/check out insert calendar at product detail page,so that guest able to select check in/check out date. this check-in/check-out date will be appear on guest ordering cart.

2.admin will able to set price base on selected date,when guest pick a check in date,the price at cart will be change base on price for each date set by admin(i try to accomplish kindda price base on HI,LOW and PEAK season)

(admin part)
1.admin will able to add a custom price for each date at virtuemart admin section.(low,hi,peak season)

Please bid if you know what the requirement are.I have bad experience with recent freelancer.
Joybidder please stay away.

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Add 40 New Fields To Table And 4 Php Forms

I need 40 new fields added to a database table, two php forms edited and two php forms created.

In tbl_quotes there are currently the following fields:

I would like to make the following changes:
date_day, date_date, date_month, date_year should become event_date [date]
start_time_hour, start_time_minute, start_time_time should become start_time [time]
finish_time_hour, finish_time_minute, finish_time_time should become finish_time [time]

I would like the following fields to be added:
company_name [varchar(255)]
advert_source [varchar(255)]
address_line_1 [varchar(255)]
address_line_2 [varchar(255)]
address_town [varchar(255)]
address_county [varchar(255)]
address_postcode [varchar(255)]
telephone [varchar(255)]
leave_base_time [time]
arrive_venue_time [time]
leave_venue_time [time]
arrive_base_time [time]
event_occasion [varchar(255)]
venue_address_1 [varchar(255)]
venue_address_2 [varchar(255)]
venue_town [varchar(255)]
venue_county [varchar(255)]
venue_postcode [varchar(255)]
number_of_guests [varchar(255)]
subject_1 [varchar(255)]
subject_2 [varchar(255)]
subject_3 [varchar(255)]
subject_4 [text]
payment_1_date [date]
payment_1_method [varchar(255)]
payment_1_amount [double]
payment_2_date [date]
payment_2_method [varchar(255)]
payment_2_amount [double]
payment_3_date [date]
payment_3_method [varchar(255)]
payment_3_amount [double]
customer_notes [text]
admin_notes [text]
event_status [varchar(255)]
dj_name [varchar(255)]
dj_address [varchar(255)]
dj_fee [varchar(255)]
submitted_feedback [text]
publish_feedback [varchar(255)]

You will need to edit the following files:

Your will need to create the following files:
admin/quotation_view.php to view all the fields in the table
admin/quotation_edit.php to edit all the fields in the table (no quote calculation required)

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VBA Calendar Picker

An Microsoft Excel VBA Date Picker module that totally replaces Microsoft Calendar OCX Control and having the same functionalities and allows for configuration to input and output different types of Dates format.

Must be able to take the current date value from a Cell, shows this date in the Calender pop up.
Allow the user to pick a day and pass on this parameter to other modules or return to the Cell.
Must be able to output dates in various format e.g. dd/mm/yy, ddd/mmm/yyyy, mm/dd/yy, mmm/ddd/yyy
Must be able to test and reject errors e.g. 31/Feb/2011 and must cater for Leap Year.
Allows this module to be called from other module/ embed in other Forms.

Able to work with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010

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Drupal Calendar + Booking Timeslots Updates

When a user registers for a booking time, the calendar displays the entry on the date that user created the entry. I would like the booking entry to display on the actual date of the booking itself. For example, if a user registers on January 1 for a booking that occurs on March 5, the booking entry appears on the January 1 block of the calendar, instead of on March 5. How could I make it appear on March 5? I think its probably just my ignorance of Views / Calendar.

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Buy Established Australian Email Date

Im looking to buy australia emails address from anyone who has had to previous gather these for a client, as you would of already be paid for this work the budget is low, also the data may be old or expired.

Please PM me how much data you have & the price.

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French Email Database Up To Date!

We need an email list of all the FRENCH businesses, recruitment company firm, small medium business.
As a minimum for each record we want:

Company name
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
and any other relevant information
Any additional information such as specialty, website, state, etc. would be great.

Indicate the email count in your bid.
Accuracy of data is very important.
Full payment will not be given until we verified the records.

Contact us if you can provide these data.

thank you

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Codeigniter Functions & OsTicket

We are looking for a php coder who can modify a copy of the latest version of osTicket (currently 1.6.0) to include two additional (optional) fields, and modify the view ticket screen to display a click-able link, if one of the additional fields is not NULL, containing a part-static, part dynamic address.

i.e. if Additional Field 1 is not empty, a text link on the view ticket screen should show that points to With the xxxx value being retrieve from the contents of Additional Field 1. The same applies for Field 2.

The winning bidder will also be required to create a Codeigniter 2.0.0 library class called osticket.php, which can take the contents of a web form and interface with osTicket to create a new support ticket (including getting osTicket to generate its standard emails).

The class should also have functions for the following:-
* To return the number of currently open tickets
* To return the number of open tickets assigned to a specific person or department

In addition, we need two Codeigniter functions (could be merged into one if necessa). The first should be passed a text string, and be able to identify any dates contained within it, in any of the formats listed below. It should then be able to extract the date, pass it to the second function (see below), and then replace the date in the string, with the value returned from the other function.

The second when called, needs accepts two parameters the first is a date, in one of the following formats, the second is the output type – which has three possible options F for full date (i.e. 1st April 2011), C for compact date (i.e. 01-04-2011 dd-mm-yyyy), or M for MySQL format date (2011-04-01 yyyy-mm-dd). The function should return a single value, of the date in the format requested.

The function needs to be able to recognise the correct day, month and year and undertake the appropriate conversion. In all the examples below the day is the first value, the month is the middle value, and the year is the last. All are 1st April 2011, although the function should be able to accept any calendar date, in any year.

Both should be optimised to be as efficient as possible, using the least amount of code.

An example of a text string containing a date that should be passed to the first function is:-
"Fred arrived at the hotel on 1 Apr 2011 and checked in as planned."

The first function should detect the date as 1 Apr 2011 and pass that to the second function with additional parameter of F in this case, which should then return the value of 1st April 2011. The first function should then replace the date with the returned value, and return the full text string….

"Fred arrived at the hotel on 1st April 2011 and checked in as planned."

The text string may contain one or more dates, in one or more formats. The list of formats required to be covered are as follows:

1 Apr 2011
01 Apr 2011
1 Apr 11
01 Apr 11
01 April 2011
1 April 2011
01 April 11
1 April 11
1st April 11
1st Apr 11
01 04 11
01 4 11
1 04 11
01 04 2011
01 4 2011
1 4 2011
1 04 2011
April 1, 2011
April 1st, 2011
April 1 2011
April 1st 2011
April 01 2011
April 01, 2011
Apr 1, 2011
Apr 1st, 2011
Apr 01, 2011
Apr 1 2011
Apr 01 2011
Apr 1st 2011
1/ April/2011
1/April /2011
April 1, 11
April 1st, 11
April 1 11
April 1st 11
April 01 11
April 01, 11
Apr 1, 11
Apr 1st, 11
Apr 01, 11
Apr 1 11
Apr 01 11
Apr 1st 1

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Ubercart – Chosen Delivery Date To Limit Shipping Options

A client as asked me for the following so im wondering how much this feature would cost. The site is partly build already so its only this feature thats required. The site has been made with Drupal and Ubercart:

On the check out page I need users to choose a delivery date. Their needs to be multiple shipping options (that cost different amounts), but these are restricted based on what day you choose. Alternately if you choose a shipping method first, this will restrict what days you can choose for delivery.

One shipping option is

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Date Selection Tool

Convert Psd to HTML, CSS, JavaScript. A popup page with a list, sublist, and a date selection tool. The date selection tool will always cover the maximum 6 years going back from a certain date(variable) passed to the function. The tool will always be built for 6 years/lines. The base picture/jpg wont change. There will be 2 variables that will change dynamically: (1) The time frame variable passed to the function from minimum 1 month to maximum 5 years, and will be light blue in color. (2) The selections that are made by the user via click and drag across the light blue line. The period selected should turn dark blue and is a minimum of 1 month in length. The user should be able to select and unselect the blue line on the tool.

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Date Picker Calendar Box

Have a form that takes a date and passes it to another website – works fine.
Want to add a date picker box – with calendar aplearing in a small pop-up.

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MsAccess CRM Modification


I have a Ms Access database which among other things reflects the trade agreements with customers.
The trade agreement is reflected in an external system, we have a table with data that is maintained automatically.

Changes required – need to reflect a historical of these agreements in the Access database.

A trade agreement has such data (external data table):

Customer Cod
Provider Cod
Family Cod

We must reflect more data:
Date of load
Valid Date (it is the date since when the record is in the database)


Read the table of the external system, you should compare with data presented in the system and act according to different cases:
– first copy data from the earlier agreement on access and set status to "active" = NO in the old one
– compare data, if no the historical data – direct copy of data
– data is identical for the provider / family – no change required
– provider / family does not exist (for example, if it was cleared in the original system), then mark as "active" = "no" that record and leave discount to zero
– Discount for that provider / family have changed – change date value and discount.

1 – Print the final agreement in detail.
2 – Same as #1 but adding historical information

Aditional Form

I need a form that will display all the agreements with some filters (only pending, search by client, only active, etc)

This should work in Access 2007 or 2010. Layout will be provided (my actual database).
The application is in Spanish, instructions and additional information will be delivered in English. Field names are in Spanish.

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8 Site Updates | VB Script

I have 8 updates for my site. Some are small, some are large. The site is written in VB, and some javascript.

If you need to login to check the changes the login is admin/admin


1. Remove the hours, minutes, am/pm, and all stop date items from the form, make sure the form still works, possibly make the time as 12:00am but make it not appear. The form should only have these things: Start date, month, day, year, event details.

2. Make the border around the calendar thicker and dark blue.


3. This is a large one. Under the area to create users there should be a check box for each admin page. When a new user is created the boxes must be checked to show which pages that user can access. So if a new user has boxes checked for 8th grade homework and 7th grade homework then they can only access that page. If they try to access a different page then they will get an error message. Administrators can access all sections of the site.

4. The same boxes must be available of an administrator is editing a users information. Users cannot edit their own sections. Only administrators can edit the pages available.

5. Make the Ckeditor on this page 160px wide.

6. Add a date to these.

7. Show the date on this page and order the results by date, with the newest first.
8. Have the last cell that holds the download link say "Click here to download" and have a small download icon.

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Insurance Broker Database

To develop a database with web front end for an commercial insurance broker to capture customer information, Policy holder name, contact name, address, telephone1, telephone 2, mobile and e-mail. Comments section, capture user name, date (picker), show history function. List of policies under each customer record with ability to add new, construction, commercial combined, motor, professional indemnity, personal, marine and miscellaneous. Customers may hold one or all of the policies. For all policies – Insurer, policy number ,renewal date,renewal premium, review date, premium, ipt, commission, fee, total premium, long term agreement, low claims rebate, payment received amount, insurance company paid including date, comments box. Work flow to flag up renewals at a set time prior to renewal date, flag up reviews, access from work list to client screen. Produce standard letters from client files for renewal information. Reporting functionality. Login functionality, ability for admin user to add and archive users.

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Rotating Text Banner JS With Date And Links

I need a small JS to modify and install on my website a rotating top banner with text and links.
see example

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Simple Search And Export Program

I need someone to write a program or script that will automate searches on a public website namely[]. It needs to be able to change the file number by one digit at a time and export the search result into a word/excel file that will allow me to sort by City and Date.

For example: if you type it 800034540 in the "File Number" it will show a business name and city amongst other information. In this example the city is Bellaire. I need to have this program import the results in a Word/Excel doc and sort it by city of Bellaire and/or filing date.

(Im not sure what skills to pick, please correct me if Im missing something)

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Extract Date From Web Site

Need to extract the email address of the staff members of this company

I also want to do many other sites but will just start with this one.

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Photoshop Page List With Date Selection Tool

Convert Psd to HTML, CSS, JavaScript. A popup page with a list, sublist, and a date selection tool. The date selection tool will always cover the maximum 6 years going back from a certain date(variable) passed to the function. The tool will always be built for 6 years/lines. The base picture/jpg wont change. There will be 2 variables that will change dynamically: (1) The time frame variable passed to the function from minimum 1 month to maximum 5 years, and will be light blue in color. (2) The selections that are made by the user via click and drag across the light blue line. The period selected should turn dark blue and is a minimum of 1 month in length. The user should be able to select and unselect the blue line on the tool.

When accessed the tool should take a date to build the time line(light blue) and an array with dates and values to signify the selected periods(dark blue line).

Please see attached psd file.

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PHP – PayPal IPN For Subscriptions


I need an IPN script for PayPal Subscriptions (PHP) that supports trial periods. It needs to validate incoming info and needs to calculate expiration date for each transaction.

I have started working on this and have some of it done(I can send files and mysql db) but cant figure out how to work trial periods. Unable to calculate expiration date because PayPal IPN doesnt distinguish between periods. I need to find a way to make this work.

I could be completely off in the way I look at this, so you are free to do whatever you think is best.

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Telemarketing / Lead Generation

This is will be an on-going project – 5 days per week for the foreseeable future.

We will provide lists as well as power dialer login information.

Your job will be to call through our lists to generate "leads" and/or "appointments". We currently generate 3 per hour per caller from our call center. Your job will be to generate 15 per day.

We are looking to outsource to reduce costs.

You will be calling small businesses in the USA to ask permission for us to call them back closer to their insurance renewal date to compete for their business insurance. You will not be selling anything. Your job is to get permission for us to call them back and to gather basic information:

– Current insurance carrier
– Insurance renewal date
– number of locations
– number of employees
– and of course contact information… (decision makers name)

The difference between "leads" and "appointments" are determined by the prospects "insurance renewal date". If the prospects insurance renewal date is greater than 3 months away – you take this as a "lead" and tell them we will be calling them closer to their renewal date. If the prospects insurance renewal date is within the next 3 months you will schedule and "appointment" for our insurance agent to go out to meet with the prospect to draw up a proposal as soon as possible.

Pay is $4 per lead/appointment – $300 per week for 75 leads/appointments.

If youre results are the same as our in-house telemarketers, this will translate to $12 per hour of calling.

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Contact BD

I wanted a contact management system, with its possibilities of having many users where each could manage its own list of contacts.

This list of contacts would have the fields: name, address, telephone, email, birth date, comments.

The system would also be able to send emails to your contacts list, type newsletter, and also the possibility of sending a special email automatically (user defined) on a specific date (eg birth date).

Is also possible to have the possibility to send sms, for the full list automatically or on a specific date (eg birth date). I therefore suggest the use of an API BlukSMS.

As in the case of the possibility of creating mail and mail pre-defined SMS to be sent automatically at pre-defined dates.

Each user would be able to manage your contact list, and send emails and text messages, emails and sms choose pre-defined, and indicate which dates you want to send automatic emails (eg birth date).

The administrator was managing the list of users, the same list of contacts, and indicated the number of sms and emails that could perform each specific user per month.

This system would have backoffice.

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Date Entry In Ms Excel

Hello, This is a single data entry project. Have to type some data in ms Excel. PM for details.

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Small Project To Fix Minor Problems

I need several small things done to my site. Should be easy work for someone with good skills. You must have a godaddy account.

1. Currently there are 2 ads at the bottom of my forum page. The size of the area to display the ads is fixed so that the ads are distorted. I also want to be able to control what ads appear there from my cms.

2. On my products page the product jpgs are distorted if they are not the exact dimensions set for the picture but if you put the cursor on the picture a larger picture pops out and displays properly. I need the jpgs on the page to display in the proper dimensions within the box set up for each product.

3. I have 3 areas with articles for people to read. If the user is a registered member they can read current and past articles. There are 2 ways to choose articles, the first way is through a drop down menu and everything works fine with that. The second way is to choose from an area on the bottom of the page that says Pages: <1 2 3 4>. I don

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Customisable PDF Template With Web/php Interface Again

I have PDF templates or in word doc format that are often exactly the same except for a date field. I would like, initially, to be able to enter date information on a form and have the PDF document generated with the date section filled out.

The documents are fliers for events and information evenings, and are for various locations. The main thing that changes is the date, as we have templates for each speaker in each location, and generally just change the date. Hence why a form driven date customization is useful.

As an extension, I would like the following system.
Select speaker, select location, enter date and automatically create flier. With biography, location details and photo of speaker.
A simple backend to edit this would be useful. Sample documents are on our website, under events.

Further on, I would like to have the entire PDF customizable from the form.
Sample PDF with be forthcoming. Information includes.
Date – variable
Main speaker – variable . Also has a bio about speaker.. Perhaps this should be kept as a separate text document so easily changed if need be..
Photo of speaker
Location . Constant, but changes occasionally.

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