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Bug Fix On Existing Group Buy Website

I have an existing group buy website which has several bugs that need to be fixed. The original developer can no longer continue working on the project so Im looking for some experienced php developer to quickly fix these problems so I can launch my site. Time frame is no more than 7 calendar days. Budget $200.
Please review the site and the list of bugs require fixing. Once you have won the bid, I will give you access to the backend as well as server files and db for you to directly implement any changes. Also if it helps, the site is based on the Couponic template on yii framework.

Site URL:

Bugs to be fixed:
1. Header and top navs
a) Visit More Cities, Get Deals by Email, Refer Friends, Get $ not formatted very well.
b) Please move Visit More Cities to just next to the city name.
c) Upon click on these links, the drop down is still below the main nav bar. Please move that also back to the top of the header.
d) Long city names do not display properly on the View More Cities list. Please review and fix. Please sort city names alphabetically in the View More Cities list.
e) Please also sort the Province/State names alphabetically in the Get Deals by Email drop down list.
f) Please remove the submenu strip to save header room.
g) Change header background graphic to just pure blue. No wavy pattern.

2. Remove the 3rd thing in the Share option list.

3. Slideshow auto slides which is good. However, if I play the video in the slide show, the slide show continues to scroll, which is not good. It should allow the video to finish playing before sliding over to the next thing.
Also the video doesnt show in Google Chrome. Please review and fix.

4. In the More Local Deals right nav, the Save xxx % green box cuts into the left margin. Please re-align.

5. Highlights and The Fine Print should be 2 columns of equal width below the picture.

6. Change background color for Buy it for a friend! to blue.

7. For a user buying with credit, once the balance is $0 after redeeming all credits, checkout process should not send to paypal anymore.

8. Gift card option should allow users to purchase with credit too.

9. Mobile page needs a little tweeking:
a) Logo appears too small.
b) Price/Discount/Savings section not formatted very nicely.

10. Need assistance configure newsletter. Either do it from my own server or integrate with mailchimp.

11. Make footer area into a CMS and can be edited in multiple languages.

12. Use local image instead of image from another site: (currently configured in /deals/themes/classic/views/worklets/deal/side/about.php

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Coding Of 2 Pages Only – WordPress And CakePHP

We are a collective buying company, operating in the same business model as groupon and LivingSocial.

We have hired a designer to make a refresh of our current website, and have two psds which need coding.

1) We need to code the landpage in wordpress and valid W3C code for SEO purposes, as this page will only contain links to our main page where the daily deals are displayed. There are 6 boxes in this webpage which will contain images and the price and discount value of each deal, so this needs to be controlled by the wordpress CMS.

2) Our website is currently all developed in cakephp, so the PSD for the deals page will be coded in cake as well.
All the basic modules are already implemented into our current website, except for a new funcionality we will need in order to allow us to print cupons with more then 1 code.
All the rest of the functionalities are to be maintained, so this will basically be a change of design task.

Both of the files are attached

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I want to create an inspired site of
I need it to has the categories function of on the left side.
I need a tracking feature as well to know how many people are clicking through my site into the daily deal sites.
I need a google analytics inside it.
I need the ability to easily add more cities and sites in the future, all based on XML.
I need the website language is Hebrew, therefore RTL.
I need the system to has an email management built in (to collect new subscirebers, give them the ability to unsubscirbe and send them schedueled daily mail with all the deals listed).
I need the system to have affiliate management system Plus the ability to set a specifice- GIVEN link from the groupon alike sites for the XML.
I need to be able to set deals list priority manually plus automatically.
I need the system to be able set the deals order by some parameters:
– Popularity
– Area
– Time left
– Time passed from the begining
– price

Keep in mind that I am looking for a very good price because I am on a very tight budget.

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Looking For Leads. Starts At $5 Per Lead Plus Bonuses

I am looking for leads of people who have distressed inventory to sell. I will provide you with a script, directions and a directory of numbers to call, All you need to do is make calls, follow the script and directions, and for every company you find with product to dispose of, you get 5USD. This is to start. The more leads I get the more deals I close, and the more deals I close, the more money you make.

The applicant/bidder must be motivated, have a confident yet pleasing voice and speak fluent English. No selling is required, yet there may be a small amount of negotiation. Dont worry, I will tell you what you need to say.

Read attachment for an overview of the job

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Travel Group Deal Website – Dynamic, Creative, Major Project

We would like to develop a group deal website similar to or ONLY those with experience with sites such as these will be considered.

Please note that the website must have a "travel" theme


Freelancer must have done similar projects in the past. Not auction sites but actual group deal sites, provide examples

Site MUST be integrated with Facebook with the ability to login and register with their facebook accounts

CUSTOM LOGO – Must be very creative. We may have one for you as well.
Payment methods MUST include: Credit Card and Pay pal with the ability to add other payment methods afterwards
Absolutely no bugs
The site needs to be easily maintained by us, the owners of the site once developed
Deals must be sent out daily to all subscribers
The site must have an authentic look to it
Site must be mobile capable (able to view on mobile phones)
Multiple City Deals
Daily Deal Notification
Daily Deal Management
Business/Company Details
Side Deals & Nearby Deals
Recent Deals
Share Deals on Social Networking Site
Login & Registration
Order Tracking
Quick Buy/One Click Shopping
Buy/Gift Coupons
Referral Incentive
Buy as Gift tooltip
Email Template
Newsletter/Promotional Emails
Content Management System
Database Backup
Multi-Currency Option
Payment Method
Secure Shopping
E-Commerce Reports
Promotional Discounts
Additional Fields for Deals
Multiple Featured Deals Under A City
Live Chat (Third Party Integration)
Advertisement Banner
RSS Feeds
Custom Reports
Third Party Mailing Integration
Business/Merchant Area
Unique Design

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Basic Edits/changes To Based Deals Site

I need someone who is already familiar with the ("GBS") WordPress plugin and theme to make some very basic edits and changes to a fully functional site I installed myself, including Paypal and Mailchimp integration.

The tasks are listed below, together with estimated work times for most of them, which seem to me to be matters of minutes each, except for 9) and 10) which as far as I can see shouldnt be big items if the developer already knows the GBS theme.

1. Overall look and feel is fine, just one color change: change all the blue fonts (crown and footer menus and Register/login, leaving the white font in the header menu) to the same color as the peachy-orange of the signup button (and please let me know the color reference & where and how to change it in the style sheet) (a few minutes?)

2. Make and insert new logo ( button will do) so that the background merges with the charcoal background of the site and the font matches the peachy orange of the Signup button (a few minutes?)

3. Insert tagline under logo (in matching peach-orange text, not graphic) so it looks well-positioned and sized: "Group Deals for Your Business" (with a note to me as to where to change this) (a few minutes?)

4. Crown menu – increase size of text to same size as footer menu text (a minute?)

5. Header menu – remove "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " and put it on right hand of footer menu after © 2011 Dealbank Pty Ltd
so that "Done Deals" has room to show (it is presently selected for the Header menu but drops off) (a few minutes?)

6. Footer: Change copyright bit to "© 2011 Dealbank Pty Ltd"
and make it same peachy-orange as the rest of the menu fonts
and center it, so that "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " fits on right of footer menu
Then hide "Follow us on: Twitter icon facebook icon rss icon " but write down how to show or put it back again so it shows so I can do that later. (10-15 minutes?)

7. Turn off/hide Comments / Reply to on all pages except the actual Blog pages and write down how to do it so I can show/hide this on other pages (5-10 minutes?)

8. Change 2 email notification texts using correct syntax:

Welcome email
Welcome to Dealbank

Your user information is as follows:
Username: […..]
Password: […..]

Login at
to see the deals to save you time and cut your costs.

See you soon,

The Dealbank Team

Deal ended email:

Deal Ended

The recent deal you purchased at Dealbank has ended.

Download your voucher on your account page:

Deal Details:[dealtitle]

We trust you have a great experience with this supplier – we would love to get your feedback either way.

The Dealbank Team
AND write down where to find all other email texts and how to edit the text (ignoring the ones from paypal and Mailchimp) (5-10 minutes?)

9. Insert message & icons on first payment page, or insert extra page – making clear buyer does not need a paypal account, ie that paypal can process normal Visa or Mastercard payments

10. Home page:
Feature "Top Deal" in main body and Side Deals down right hand side (like etc)
so effectively all current deals show on homepage.

Increase size of the one line para at top so that it stands out a bit leading into the deals panels.

11. Live Deals page (5 minutes?)
All current deals should also appear on the Live Deals page
so that they can all always be reached from the link in the Header Menu – simple layout so that the Top Deal and Side Deals all have same presentation in a grid layout, with Top Deal top left. (See for example)

12. Done Deals page – recent or past deals i.e. expired deals on a similar grid page to Live Deals (5 minutes?)

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Deals Site (Mysql & PHP)

I would like to setup a site same as with some smaller modifications like having 3 or 4 Deals in the first page (home page instead of only 1 as you see in ).
The script needs to be in PHP and the database in Mysql.
I need the project to be finish within 15 days after acceptance of a freelancer.
Payment in full will be made to freelancer once the all the necessary script and database delivered and tested.

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Website Similar To Groupon / LivingSocial

Looking for professional web developers for a Groupon/LS-like website. No copyright violating.

Should have splash page that identifies city based on IP address.
Should look more like Livingsocial than Groupon

User level requirements

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Groupon/LS-like Website

Looking for professional web developers for a Groupon/LS-like website. No copyright violating

User level requirements

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Coupons Site (deals Site)


We are looking for a company/freelancer to develop a new section for an existing website – – a autoshop review site in Hebrew. The new section for the site is meant to be a coupon site sort of like –
Companies/freelancers with experience in designing such sites will have prior regard from us .

Thank you

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Daily Deal Website Like Groupon, Livingsocial Etc.

I am looking for a web developer to build a Groupon-like website with all the functionality of Groupon. I would like to be able to use a demo of the website so that we may check the functionality prior to purchasing.

Users receive an email; visit the site to buy the deal, the deal becomes valid once a certain number of deals are bought. Once the deal is valid, users

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API Job – Daily Deal Api, Groupon, Yipit, Living Social

This is not a daily deal or deal aggregator website job.

I need someone to pull in details of all beauty salons and spas running daily deals on Groupon, Living Social, KGB etc into a database that can be extracted into a spreadsheet.

I need the following –
1. Business Name
2. Telephone Number
3. Website
4. City
5. Source (groupon, livingsocial etc)

It should of health and beauty deals all over the US (and if possible UK) regardless of what city.

It might be easier to pull this through Yipit API as they already aggregate and sort deals into categories, you will just pull data from the relevant categories.

Let me know how you will do it, cost and timeframe.


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Insert XML Feed / Affiliate Code

We are very similar to We have 10+ affiliate relationships, and we need to insert their code into our site:

1) to display their deals on our site
2) to display our deals on their site

Lets start with one project and if satisfied, the rest of the projects will be given in order of importance.

Qualities Important to us:
1) Quality of work
2) Your communication skills
3) Speed of completion

Our first affiliate project is They take our deals from our site, and display them on their site (Deal Aggregator). Attached is the feed structure they want.

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Website Inspired By Hot Uk Deals

Need a website similar to hot uk deals:

need to be able to register users
post new deals with full details and expiry
users are allowed to rate new deals
users are allowed to submit new deals
need discussion around each deal
need to categorise each deal
need search mechanism
new deals submitted to site need to be reviewed by admin before they are available on site

needs to be written in c#, with SQL backend.

needs to be written

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IPhone App For Deals Searching, Technical Document

Hello Mobile Developers,

We want to develop an iPhone Application for our customer where end users can access some deals posted based on a specific location.

simple UI for Administrative users also needs to be developed so they can post deal title, deals description, pictures, prices and etc for the deals and the App should render these on iPhone.

We also want to support Android platform down the line.

To begin with, we need a detailed technical architecture document (with use cases) and schedule estimates along with your pricing. This work will be paid.

And after the document is approved by our technical team, we will sign a contract to build the application with you or your company.

Please send a personal message to receive the application requirements in detail.

03/18/2011 at 14:50 EDT:

Please note that this bidding is for Technical Document ONLY and is not actually for the application development. Budget should be 0 to 250$ for this technical document.

iPhone Application Development will be priced at a different rate as a separate bid.

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Groupon Type Daily Deals Site

I would like to create a groupon type site. The awarded developer should be able to build this entire site, as I do not want to hire anyone else.

The developer will create all necessary pages for the site. There will need to be different aspects such as affiliate programs (maybe in the future), but a referral program is a must, such as invite 5 friends and get yours free.

Also the design of the website should be fantastic. I want even a wealthy person to visit and say the site looks great.

Deals will have to be easily changed and the back end should be easy for the admin to update.

A nice logo and with a matching website design would be best. Also, all the graphics must be professional looking like groupon and living social. A simple wireframe can be sent, but all aspects of groupons pages will be implemented. So please study Groupon and living social before bidding. The e-mail opt in list is also crucial.

We will only be doing business in the Los Angeles and Orange county areas so the site will not be too extensive until later.

If you feel you qualify for this job, please send a pm or bid on the project. I am looking for professional quality work, so if you do not have experience in this field, please do not bid. Thank you very much.

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Daily Deals Website

Daily Deal for Indian based Market.

Main Deal of the day stay for 24 hours, needs to be activated
Four side deals of the day
previous deal pages
select your city options
aboutus, how it works, other landing pages
Customer database, advertiser database
Simple backend to upload deal details
Customer must be able to login using google or facebook password
links to social media.
video links
email marketing option, sms marketing option
payment gateway setup.

project to be started asap, please send in your proposal outlining the project options you can provide

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Daily Deal / Coupons Website For Pets


We need to build the Daily Deal / Coupons type website like for example: or ( website for daily deals for pets: cats and dogs )


We have already pictures for the project and basic specification.

1. In first stage website should be ONLY a page to generate e-mail data base. ( nice looking HOME page with large pictures and ~ 10 – 15 elements ( buttons, pictures, texts, banners and other elements and fields for entering: email, zip code. etc.

Website must be have a login feature with password, password retrieve and other standard and useful features .

Websites should have an option to log in with Facebook account
Website should have an option for our customers to share info with their friends on facebook and twitter and refer friends on facebook and twitter.

We would like to implement a **referral mechanism** on the website, so our customers can refer their friends and earn money or points from future daily deals / transactions !

here is just an example how the HOME page for generating emails may look: ( of course this one is not topic related ti the pets 🙂

2. In the second stage website should give us an feature to post a DAILY DEAL ( some products and services )

Here we need to have a timer / clock for the time of transaction, numbers of deals sold, number of deals left, area for information about products or services, link to location – google map, also some area for the picture gallery, news and other features used on DAILY DEALS websites !



This is a project for experience Freelancers ONLY !
An experience with building a DAILY DEAL site very welcome !


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Complete A Partially Done Ruby On Rails Website

We have a partially done Ruby on Rails website. It is essentially a deals website. Models are already written, the login system is already in place using the "devise" gem. No layout, CSS, or web design is needed.

The following 4 pages need to be done:

1. A page which displays all the deals for a user as a moving feed. All actions on this page should be via AJAX

Additionally, each deal in this feed will have some clickable actions like rating, like, share

A "more" button at the end to display more deals

A set of filters in the left column that will filter which deals are displayed. Each filter is a link or a search box with auto-suggest

A dropdown box which allows sorting of deal on various fields

A search box that searches through the title/description of the deals

Each deal is tagged with categories, and user can filter and search by these categories

2. A page which displays a list of stores that the user is not yet subscribed to. All actions on the page should be via AJAX

Each store has an associated thumbnail and status. Clicking on the thumbnail updates a field in the database and changes the status of the store

3. A "Manage subscriptions page" which has a list of subscriptions for the user with some actions on each subscription. (Activate, subscribe, unsubscribe). Again all actions should be via ajax

4. Integration of existing login system with Facebook Login

Additional information:

1. NO layout, CSS, or web design is needed. Just the functionality

2. We are using jquery. You need to write unobtrusive javascript using jquery and effects using jquery-ui

3. Your code needs to be compatible with blueprint-css which will be used for layout after you are done

4. Code needs to well written so someone else can continue to work on it when you are done

5. All code is currently on github. Youll write your code and check it back in to the repository.

Well setup milestones, 1 for each of the tasks above and review for each milestone. If the project is well done, there is lot of additional work to be done on this website.

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Group Aggregator, Yipit, Thedealmap Inspired


I am looking for someone to build a daily deals aggregating site, similar to, etc

I have seen the following yipit script which maybe of help. i think it will be a good basis to start the job (optional)

Tasks :

– aggregate daily deals from different 30 Websites in 15 cities, like Groupon, KGBdeals, LivingSocial, travelzoo and more.. (list will be given)
– Design psds (HTML slice needed)
-upload and test website
-ensure bug free site

backend management additional to Agriya:

google analytics

ability to add feeds and affiliates , as and when required – this could be potential work in the future for you. (VERY IMPORTANT). as well as the ability to pull deals from sites we are affiliates of (must be an automatic process)

Ability to catergories deals automatically (once again very important )

Email system – as users input their preferences onto the system, we need to send them a daily email with the deals in their preference range only.

social media – once each deal is uploaded, it must automatically do a status update on facebook and twitter at a set time

seo – site musty be search engine optimised, xml site map

error notifications – any issues with the site (eg pages not loading, errors etc) must be notified to the webmaster via email immediately

Built in mysql database and lamp preferably

3 months testing and guarantee bug free

frontend additions to agriya:


search criteria – categories, price range, time remaining on deal, provider

facebook integration – comments, connect and llikes

each deal displayed on a map (very important)

7 static pages – e.g. team info etc

Budget is $1500 MAX and IF the right person/team.

Job must start before 21st March and completed before May1st. If successful mobile app job will be provided immediately.

Also monthly maintenance and updates will be available as a separate job.

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Affiliate Marketing Website

Im looking to Start a affiliate marketing website. i have a very Unique Domain which i would like to use.

i have a few example of sites. basically this will be a site where people would go to get deals on all sort of products.

I also want a section where people can add there own deals.

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Similar To In WordPress Theme

We need similar to wordpress theme of

1. function similarly like

2. frontpage: excatly page layout

3. on top : admin can select up to 12 deals article post which will show on Todays Hottest Deals (auto scroll 3 at a time) left is ads block

4. img: | Feature Stories section will be totally blog articles, upto 6 featured blog articles. Left side there will be latest 3 posts title. and below (more stories link.)

5. img: | Todays Deals section will show featured Deals as sticky. upto 2 deals with image, which admin will select. admin can disable/enable the featured deals block.

now, from original site the deals are categorized by type as you can see. I dont want deals to be categorized.
it will be just deals article post+image with category showing in the post. see the picture.
there will be a facebook like button on every posts. i will provide the design image what it should be.
the hotness will be rated by visitors. not by admin.

6. img: | this will show yesterdays posts only. upto 10 post only. which will be from archive of that day. with a link in bottom " View all xxx of yesterdays deals " same as site:

7. img: | this section will have 4 column widget, but by default things here will be same as the original site. with a ads block.

8. once a user click on any deal it will go straight to the deal article details, which will be the blog post actually. excluding the shop button. other stuff is same as site.

i would suggest the bidder to see the original site first and observe it. so that you can familiarized with the website features, as this is a clone job.

lastly i would say its will be just a wordpress theme with i little bit of daily deals offer type site feature.

My budget it not more than 50usd. for this clone theme. i will provide a plain jpg design of the theme it will be or how it will look, to make the job easy for you, just few mods like facebook social plugin and twitter integration, comment feature. all same as what wordpress blog does.

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Group Buying Website

You must have the know-how to create a daily deal / group buying website.

Features and functionality to be the same as the following examples:

Project requires:

– Login / Register with record of past deals purchased
– Main Page consisting of logo, navigation bar, todays deal, side panel with other available deals, bottom row with references to About Us, Contact Us, Terms of Use, etc.
– Another page for Recent Deals (admin can select which past deals to showcase publicly)
– Another page to explain how the website works and a FAQ segment
– Another page that explains a referral system to earn credits that can be configured and will automatically work
– An order confirmation page and checkout page which requires personal information and billing details, whichever comes first
– Integration of a payment gateway, most prob Paypal
– SEO friendly
– Design of website to be clean, not cluttered look, unique & professional. Requires logo design as well.
– Backend must be user-friendly which allows multiple logins
– Highly customizable and secure website

All content will be provided. Please apply only if you have experiences doing such a website before and are efficient.

Please send me a personal message with your portfolio, lead time and quote.

Thanks for your interest.

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Quick Data Extraction / Scrapping Project

This is a simple project, and really a recruitment tool for a good PHP engineer / data aggregation specialist that we will be using for many projects in the future.

Overview: we need a PHP script that when executed, retrieves all active deals from
Output format: XML file, mysql database
Data to be scraped (example: :
1. URL of deal

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Telemarketing Or Email Marketing (approved Databases Only(

I need people to telemarket for me for my daily deals company. I need people that speak clearly and have focused customer service. I need you to be polite and friendly always and work on a percentage profit share with us. I am willing to pay a minimum to help out to start off.

This is exciting and we have sales reps earning over $4000 aud a day!

please contact for more info. need daily deals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Tasmania, Launceston and other regional areas.

I need the telemarketers to focus on restaurants, leisure, beauty and hair.

Must speak fluent English.

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OSCommerce Customizations Project

We are looking for an experienced OSCommerce developer with a thorough knowledge of shopping cart customization. The following upgrades may be performed with OSC contributions or mods or simply custom programming if need be. We would like to continue to work with a qualified developer on future projects depending on how the work goes.

1. Add additional deals functionality to the site, including:

Buy 1, get 1 free or get another item free

Buy 1, get discount on 2nd or get discount on another product

We would prefer these deals to afford option of requiring a coupon code, or not. We would like the functionality to also include a display on product pages that indicates there is a

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Yipit Deal Aggregator Clone Site. 100+ Websites 100+ Cities


Looking for someone that could do somekind of a built in Yipit clone.

Tasks :

– aggregate daily deals from different about 100+ Websites, like Groupon, KGBdeals, LivingSocial, and more.. (list will be given)
Daily Dealster
Everybody Buys
Gilt City
Half Off Depot
Lifebooker Loot
Local Ginger
Plum District
Scoop St.
The Dealist
and more websites, but will be listed later.

– Design psds will be furnished (HTML slice needed)

* Info collected: Deal provider, picture, main title of the offers, description and information, Retailer Price, New price, Discount, Time left, Buyers numbers, Link to main website.
* Ability to sort by country, city, by Deal provider (Groupon, Livingsocial

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Daily Deals / Dealery / Aggregator

I am looking for someone to program a daily deals aggregator for me like:

I need someone that is smart and knowledgeable and can get the work done quickly.

You must be a great communicator and be available via email and skype.

Have great working knowledge of php/myql.

Please send me your portfolio including daily deals aggregators jobs done before.

Please bid only if you can get it dont within the stated budget since everything is given to you.
Everything from a-z will be given to you, all you need to do is replicate it.

If you already have something ready and done, is to mutch better!

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Group Buy Website (working Template Plus Customization)

Im looking for a fully functional group buy script with the following mandatory features delivered within 7 calendar days. So Im not looking for you to build something from ground up. I need you to have an existing and functional script and add in whatever is missing from my requirement list below.

Please include a working demo for both front and backend. Only serious bidders please and lastguru need not apply.

1. Functionality similar to Groupon with a different look and feel. Color theme and logo configurable from backend.
2. Discussion board for each deal.
3. Deals time left must show # of days left as well as hours/minutes/seconds.
4. There can be an unlimited # of side deals.
5. Email campaign integration with templates for various features such as for the daily deal newsletter, new user welcome letter, deal achieved confirmation letter along with coupon, deal can celled notification letter, etc. There must also be a preview function on these emails from the backend.
6. Facebook connect
7. Country/State/City management
8. Payment gateway integration with Paypal and Elavon (
9. Easy and user-friendly interface for adding and administering deals.
10. Past deals must be display with the most recent showing first.
11. Footer area a CMS with configurable page titles and page content.
12. Multiple languages (English and Chinese at a minimum) configurable from backend.
13. Referral program configurable to a % of sales as commission rather than a flat fee.
14. Affiliate program integration with Post Affiliate Pro (

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Daily Deals Site (Yipit Clone)

Looking for a Yipit clone. Phase one to include:

Tasks :

– aggregate daily deals from different different Websites, like Groupon, LivingSocial, and more (will all be from with US, UK, or Australia).

– design logo for site

* Info collected: Deal provider, picture, main title of the offers, description and information, Retailer Price, New price, Discount, Time left, Buyers numbers, Affiliate link to offer website.

* Ability to sort by country, city, by Deal provider (Groupon, Livingsocial

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Market Research – Create A Report

For this project, require someone to gather information on the "daily deal adversiting" industry occupied by Groupon.

Section 1: A list of the top 100 daily deals that Groupon has sold by number of deals (not deal revenue). The info I need is: 1. company offering the deal, number of deals sold, pricing/discount.

For example, for this ad

The format would be:

Gap, 441,000 sold, $50/$25

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Group Deal Buying Site

We are looking for professional web developers as we are interested in building a daily deal website. Would like the website to have all the functionality of and Would like to be able to use a demo of the website so that we may check the functionality prior to purchasing. Users receive an email; visit the site to buy the deal, the deal becomes goes down in price as more people purchase it. Once the deal is on, users

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