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Content Writer Needed – 6 For Mohds2

I need high and great quality content for my website: 12 articles probably
about 1000 -1200 words each. General topic for these 12 articles is auto insurance in the US (different states).

Article requirements for this project:
* Content must be informative, interesting and concise. Not filler or fluff.
* Only unique, original content will be accepted. Each article must pass CopyScape.
* Must be written in conversational American English, with perfect grammar and spelling.
* Each article must be proofread for spelling, errors, grammar and word count.

Freelancer should:
Be able to do online research and write UNIQUE text
Have experience with content writing
Have experience with writing for keywords and SEO

Milestone payment only.

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Native American Writer Required ASAP 2

I need an Excellent writer to write 3-5 articles daily of 500 words.
I will give you work everyday at 8 am L.A. Time and you would have to send it to me at 11 pm(the same day).
This is a long term project for a year.I am willing to pay $4 per article.MONEY WILL NOT BE IN ESCROW and will be paid on every FRIDAY.
However,to build trust,i will pay for the first 3 articles as soon as you deliver them and i have checked them.They should be FREE OF ERRORS, NO GRAMMAR OR PUNCTUATION MISTAKES ,SHOULD NOT BE COPIED FROM A SITE(CHECKED THROUGH COPYSCAPE),in perfect english.If your samples are good but the work delivered is not up to the mark,PROJECT WILL BE CANCELLED IMMEDIAELY>

Work should pass copyscape and should be free of errors and grammar mistakes.Any work that is poorly done,is copied or has errors will not be paid and project would be cancelled.If you fail to meet a deadline,your pending payments will be cancelled so ONLY APPLY IF YOU CAN WRITE 3-5 articles of 500 words A DAY.
You will have to search online so your research skills should be good.

YOu should know about copyscape.Only bid with 2 samples of your work.
You should be a native to bid.Do not bid if you are not from Canada or USA or australia. Please,YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUr BID AND TIME>Work delivered at 8 am and to be submitted at 11 pm LA Time USA.Work is 6 days a week.If you want to work a sunday that is fine too.Also,kindly bid with $250.I am fed up of people bidding $30 and then vanishing after a feedback.
Thank YOU.

DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT WRITE OR SPEAK IN THE SAME WAY AS IT IS DONE IN US. Do not bid if you are not in my time zone please or cannot manage the time.

YOU Will just be a ghost writer and cannot show the articles as samples or publish them with your name any where.All rights will be tranferred to me and will not be claimed as your work.

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Looking 4 Talented Writer Who Can Write American English


I am hoping to hire a writer that has great writing skills. You must also be fully able to write in American English. This will be for an on-going job (with many articles) if all goes well.

The successful candidate should posses the following skills:

1) Honesty – I will check all articles via copyscape to ensure that they are originals.

2) Be able to write in American English – This means that you have a good understanding of the American culture and how Americans speak and write.

3) Be able to follow instructions well – Each article will have different instructions and or parameters associated with it. I need to work with someone that can follow instructions well. The whole reason I am hiring you is so that I can save my time and energy for other things. If I constantly have to edit your work, then there I might as well write the articles myself.

4) Be able to write on a variety of topics – You will have to be able to write articles on a variety of topics. As a side note, I will never ask you to write about adult topics and or themes.

5) Be reliable – If you say you are going to do something, you must actually honor what you say you are going to do.

6) Always keep the writing quality high – I can not work with someone that submits lazy and or tired writing. It is a must that you always bring creativity and energy to your writing.


When you submit your bid, please let me know the following:

How many years you have been writing?

Do you enjoy writing?

What areas do you like to write about in particular?

Please tell me how many articles you can write a day too.

I also do not want to download a million attachments, so please cut and past a sample or two of your work into the body of your PMB for me to read.


Lastly, in terms of the price that I am willing to pay per article. I have already priced out this job, and I am looking to pay $5 for up to a 550 word article, $6 for a 551 to 650 word article, $7 for 651 to 750 word article, $8 for a 751 to 850 word article, $9 for a 851 to 950 word article, and $10 USD for a 951 to 1050 word article.

Most articles will be 500 to 700 words in length.

Please only bid on this job if you meet and are comfortable with my requirements and payment structure for this job.

Thank you.

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Need Perfect American Writer.

I JUST FRUSTRATED WITH UNPROFESSIONAL WRITERS. SERIOUS WRITERS ONLY APPLY. Looking for individual rather then Team, since quality matter to me !!

Apply only USA/UK/PHILIP writers are preferred ( compulsory ).

Need Perfect American Writer.

I need native english writer, fluent article writers who would be able to give at least 5-10 articles in a day.When I mean fluent I mean fluent. They need to be perfect in their spelling and grammar usage, and should be able to handle a few complex topics (complex topic would be very very rare but they would exist). The bid will be paid via paypal. It is ongoing work. I have bulk of order with me every time. I am an honest person and hence want to clear everything. Please include the phrase I am responsible, so that I know you have read my instructions. Please bid only if

You need to have some experience in content writing. Should be aware of plagiarism and how to avoid it.
Are aware of the importance of delivery quality,
Willing to work on a long term basis (I dont want people to work on a short term basis)
Can be online at least 5-6 hours (Any Time zone).

Here are the prices what I can offer you.

$1.75 – 300 words
$2.00 – 400 words
$2.50 – 500 words

I can pay through paypal/gaf only.

Happy bidding

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Need A Reliable American Writer

Looking for some steady work? Well, I have work available everyday. Please Read so you know what I am looking for.

I need someone that can work between the hours of 12-3pm eastern time or 6-9pm easter time or both. These articles will vary in pay starting at $1.50 per article and up, depending on the article. I do have other work available at $1.20, but I am looking for someone that can work with me during these hours and get the work completed as it is sent out in those hours.

I need a competent writer for this position that can write on a wide array of subjects. I will be selective for the person I choose for this position as I need a really dependable person.

I am looking for a dependable writer that can write original articles and also do re-writes of articles. I need someone that has the time to produce a minimum of 3-5 articles a day, whether they are originals, re-writes or a combination of both. I would like someone that is available on weekends.

Projects may vary day to day. Articles are normally 400-600 words on a wide range of topics.

I am looking for someone long term. I pay every Monday evening for the previous weeks work (Mon-Sun) through GAF or paypal for the articles that are completed with good grammar, punctuation, spelling and that pass copyscape premium. I do not do milestone payments. I can pay you weekly through GAF or paypal on Monday evenings.

I need someone that does check their email regularly and can communicate regularly. I need someone to have a gmail acct. If you are not serious and cannot supply a minimum of 4 per day please, do not bid. You will need to be available Mon-Sat and some Sundays.

I need someone that can start today.

You must be a native English Speaker, or have excellent knowledge of the language. I do prefer someone from the States just because I get a lot of articles that make no sense with terrible punctuation and spelling.

Articles will need to be written with good grammar, punctuation and spelling. You do need to proofread them before turning them in. These articles need to be unique and 100% copyscape Free and will be checked for plagiarism or you may not be eligible for payment. ***All articles have to pass copyscape premium to be paid.****


********When you write or re-write and article for me I receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, re-write or give away or use these articles in anyway.

When bidding, bid on 20 articles. Only bids of $30 will be considered. And please state what country you are from so I know you have read this.

If you are not chosen reapply, I always need more writers.

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Need Perfect American Writer/Team

Hi All,

I need a perfect US writer/team who can handle 10-15 articles at least in a day. I have several projects with me all the time. I need reliable writer who can be online at least 5-6 hours in their time zone. I am really fed up irresponsible workers, so if you are going to accept this project and then just disappear then this is not the right place for you.

Here are the prices what I can offer you.

$1.75 – 300 words
$2.00 – 400 words
$2.50 – 500 words

When Ill have blind trust on your work, I will increase the rates.
I can pay through paypal/gaf only.

All the best.

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English Lesson Writer For Comic


For a 16 page Japanese comic we need someone to write English lessons on each opposite page that run along with the story line of the comic.

It is a pretty easy job, as we need simple English lessons. Each lesson (16 in total) follows the short story line of a Japanese style comic and presents the language used as a KIDS LEVEL ESL lesson,

For example,

Vocab list
Sample sentences
variation of usage

Sample lesson

"Hi, my name is Jeff and this is my wife Machi, nice to meet you"
"I think your niece wants to eat a sandwhich, and our son wants to try a riceball"

That would be 2 images on 1 page (per page about 6 images)

The lesson page opposite of the comic would therefor have 6 points (6 images)

Lesson 1 –
vocab – Hi, my name, this is, nice to meet you"
Than a lesson about these sentences and some samples

Hi, hello —> Hello, my name is Jeff

etc etc, this is upto you to propose the structure and presentation.

How to do this, what to do is pretty open and we are open to ideas… but what we need is someone who can make good English lessons, make it look good and fit with the comics lines.

If this is done well, we will have more new comics come out soon, presentation, quality and good lesson material is ESSENTIAL.

Mention "1345 peanuts" in your reply, companies and such need not reply.

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I Need Writer For One Blog About Lingerie.

Im looking for someone to create original articles for my blog about lingerie. Topics will include:

sheer babydoll
,sheer bras
,sheer chemise
,sheer lingere
,sheer lingerie
,sheer panties
,sheer underwear

No adults or porno on this blog, just about lingerie

1. Each article should be between 350 and 500 words
2. No less than 20
3. 100% Original content
4. Articles should be researched and meaningful
5. American English
6. Only women.

Im looking for someone that I can work with in a continuing partnership. Sometimes I will provide topics for articles that I would like to see written. Any articles written for me as part of this project will become my property and I will hold all rights to the article.

Articles will be checked for originality.

Thank you and I hope I can find someone to work with for the longterm.

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American?? Writer?? Lots Of Consistent Work!!–$3 Per Page

We are an SEO article writing company looking for strong writers who can produce at least 10 articles daily. —please do not reply if you cannot do 10 articles daily

– You must be from the US and a native English speaker—no exceptions no matter how good your writing is!
– You must be able to produce 10 articles daily
– NO writing teams; the work tends to be inconsistent and too many excuses come from teams of writers!
– We pay $3 an article which is double or more than most of these companies are paying on Freelancer
– Work must come back edit free, on time, and ALL instructions must be followed completely

– If all is well we will have consistent work for you every week, we pay on time- every time

-Do not bother to respond if you dont meet all the requirements…again no foreign writers!!

-Please reply with yahoo messenger address.. Thanks!

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Articles On Electronic Product (American Writer Only)

IMPORTANT: I want a native American writer, so please do not bid if youre not a native American writer.

I need 10 articles on review and comparison of ebook readers, each around 500 words. They will be posted to a consumer electronics blog, which contains some advice on choosing a correct ebook reader (e.g. Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook, iPad, etc.), reviews, comparisons, etc. Ill give you the titles. Ill need more of your work, if the job is well done.

Thank you.

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