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Wee Need Online Poker Budget 45,000$-50,000$

Hello, we need Online Poker software (Client+Server) +Administration Panel. We can pay up to 10,000$.
And we will pay ONLY after showing us your demo successfully working soft on our servers.
After full amount payment we will need Source Code for our programmers to customize it.
Please only contact if you already HAVE Source code because it is MAIN thing we are needing.
We are waiting for them who has already made Poker Project

We were scammed once and we are not going to risk our budget again.
And again money will be transferred after showing demo WORKING version on our server
And AFTER paying will ask for SOURCE CODE.

please write me your desktop poker software Demo Download Link, thanx

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==== Immediate Start ==

————- Max Budget On This Project Is $60 ———

1) Integrate regional search filter based on area and category into our exsiting site

2) Configure and set up each section based on full JReviews functionality seen in demo->

3) Upon completion test for full functionality by implimenting a few examples for each section

Tech Skills for this project include:

1) Good Familiarity With JReviews Script
2) Familiarity with JA TELINE 4 template
2) Good PHP/MySQL /HTML Skill Set

We are looking for long term relationship with chosen developer and can offer continued projects based on satisfactory completion of this deliverable

————- Max Budget On This Project Is $60 ———

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Auction Script/website

I am in need of an already made auction website/script (i dont want a bidding website/script).It must have features as that sold at and ebay features,people must be able to buy and sell on it with a very secured payment means.I want an already made website/script that can be made available within 1-2days,not the one thats has to be built from scratch.Nevertheless,it should be a beautiful one.
Your payment
we both become business partner and we both share the revenue from the website (sales & advert).I promise this is going to be profitable to you cos i have the perfect plan on how to make the website big.I will also like someone with SEO knowledge.
You will also help with the installation(i already have the domain and host) and google adsense.If you interested in the project and meet the requirements,bid with your website/script demo and tell me when you will be online.Only serious partner with a demo!!!!!

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Student Information System (Attendance / Billing)

We need a new Student Information System for our charity theatre group.

At present we use OpenSIS ( ) however it does have a few bugs, isnt really focussed on the UK, and costs way too much to add billing and discipline modules.

So, we would like someone to either:

1. Create their own modules to addon to OpenSIS so that we can set invoices and payment up per student or in bulk (see demo on their website) and discipline (again look at the demo on thier website and this is what we would like)


2. Create an entirely new Student Information System for us. Not too worried about the script language – we will be running it off Windows Server. It needs to be able to let us enter student details and store them (full list will be provided to winning bidder), needs a teacher access section where they can mark attendance and also comment on any bad behaviour, and a billing section where we can mark in when any payment are recieved and query when they havent.

If you are familiar with them we are looking for something along the lines of SIMS or Serco but in PHP reduced form,

Any questions please ask,

Also please note we are a charity group and dont have big money to throw at this. This isnt said to keep the price down, this is said because if you bid too high we simply cant afford the costs.

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Edit Small CSS / HTML For A Web Site

My site is here:

The demo site is here:

In the upper right (below search) there are modules that load on the demo site.
On my site – theyre not showing up properly.

I need the FREELANCER to make this work.

$30.00 bids only.

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Simple Apps Template For Demo

A company requested to do a demo on iPhone Apps, the project have two phases, phase I will be demo and we need to show some concept on our proposal; phase II is actual production. At this Job, we mainly focused on Phase I first.

The apps is designed for an internal company to prompt their products and events;

1. Splash Screen, when the apps launched will show the splash screen and until user tap anywhere then jump to main menu.

2. Menu Screen; with 5 tab and navigation bar on top.
2.1 Event List; First Tab
2.2 Product; Second Tab
2.3 Photo Gallery; Third Tab
2.4 Contact; Fourth Tab
2.5 Location; Fifth Tab

Tab Layout:
1. Event List Tab
– Simple Table view with 5 Levels
– Show the event name
– Tap on each table row can alter row text

2. Product Tab
– Advanced Table View with 5 Levels
– Advanced Table will show Image at 1st Line Left, Price at 1st Line Right, Description at 2nd Line
– Tap on each table row can alter row text.

3. Photo Gallery Tab
– We will load certain images, e.g. 10 images
– User can swipe left and right to go back and forth view
– Click on each View can prompt a individual message; e.g. Assign a unique ID for each image

4. Contact & Location Tab
– Just only 1 Simple View Only, just put a different label is ok

Attached with simple structure; above Demo do not required any actual data so developer can put their own testing data and ensure the workflow is works then ok.

– Source Code Required
– Able to complete on before 6 Apr 2011.
– Please PM for any question

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I Need Auction Website / Script

I am in need of auction script/website which as features like that sold at must have the same features or something better.Above all,it must be MORE BEAUTIFUL.If you have this,then all you will also do is
1)installation and setting (i already have the domain and webhost)
2)add google adsense to the website
Your Reward
You get all the google adsense revenue for the next 6months + $1000 at the end of the six month.You can bid with the website demo.only serious bidder with a demo please.

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Social Media Dashboard Demo Website – FaceBook Interface

Mostly just html+demo (one or two webpages initially) functionality with interface to FaceBook: API

What experience do you have with interfacing to FaceBook?
We are looking for the developer with the most interface experience with facebook and other social media websites.

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Accept Incoming Feeds

I am using some online classifieds software from (you can setup a demo site for more details)

I am able to create feeds to and RSS but I would like to be able to accept feeds from other businesses within the same field.

The software uses Smarty PHP, PHP and of course MySql

please get back to me with costs and timeframes to complete. As i said before you can setup a demo website from the above site and this will show you most of what you may need to know.

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Iphone/Ipad Game Demo


I would like to buy a demonstration game that is compatible with iPhone and iPad.

The game needs to be similar to "i Fishing Saltwater Edition Lite" but will not need to be as complex because it is for demonstration purposes only.

It only needs to be single level.

The game MUST be completed by April 1st 2011

Please include examples or links to Game Apps you have created or are on the App Store.


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C# Crawler With Sock5

I want a C# crawler that support sock5.
More detail will be pm if you was selected.
Language is C#
Please send me demo ASAP, send me the demo that work with sock4,sock5.
When I pass the sock to the demo, it load the ip2location site to show me weather it work with sock proxy.
This project is only for $200 max.

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Software With Resell Rights Wanted 2

Software with resell rights wanted.
I want some software that I can sell so I want it with resell rights.
I am looking for Business to Consumer software with a demo first of all.
If the demo is good I will buy the software.
I want to see the software displayed on a website.

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5 Star Rating System For Products On Site

I am looking for a 5 star rating system for my website

the website is where the rating system will go, it needs to be on all products so the customer can rate the product.

I require stars similar to:

I require it asap for our new website.

Thank you

Payment will be completed on first demo.

I am also looking for a cheap solution to this

Thank you

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EASY MEMBER PRO Membership Script

I have EASY MEMBER PRO ( membership site script which i just bought online, but among the payment processor options they have there is no Liberty Reserve payment there and also offline payment processing where by at the end it will display my bank information for them to pay into it. I have the script already with me i dont know if you will need it to get it edited. There DEMO page is here below;

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Web-base Software Demo / Tutorial Page

I am seeking someone to do the following:

– Learn the workings of the software
– Build a tutorial / sales / demo type page educating future clients about the software
– The demo page will includes images and wordings
– The work must be "pretty"
– You must know how to "sell" while educating clients

What you will be given?

Website access
Text that can be used
High levels steps to cover

The size of this page will be about covering 10 topics. Each topic will include images / text / etc.


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Flash Video Demo For A B2B Company

We are looking for a highly creative Flash programmer to create our video demo. We will provide the script for this demo and can help you with the concept. But, designer should be able to conceptualize and convert the script into animation and audio. Audio part is optional, but please specify that in your bid whether you will be able to provide audio or not. This is required also to confirm that you have read project details. You will responsible for suggesting all graphics and animation. The video has to be around 3 minutes long.

Here are some sample videos to give you an idea about what kind of work we are looking for:

These are just for sample purpose. More such samples can be provided.

Please do not bid:
If you cannot create such animation and storytelling.
If you have no past experience or references.
If you cannot complete this project in 1 week. We need someone who can dedicate good amount of time on this.

More information can be provided on request.

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Joomla SMS Platform Component

Hello. We have a SMS gateway with API and a short code. We need a Joomla component that will be our SMS platform. It should connect to our SMS gateway API and allow our clients to conduct their SMS text message campaigns. If you are familiar with SMS text campaigns then you would know the standard features our clients will need, but some are as follows:

Auto Schedule alert
easy opt in to keywords
view contacts
Create tartet list (or groups)
Message inbox
Keyword manager
Live Monitor of Keyword traffic

I do have a demo account with a company that has a platform that is perfect for us but we would like it to be a joomla component. If you are familiar and think you can tackle this job then i can let you log into the demo account that has the platform with all its features we need. The demo is for the Text Message Platform from

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Online Flash E-Course

We are a college and online learning company, and I require Flash based e-learning courses to be run inthe UK.

An example of what I need is on the below link, and this particular course is one I intend to have developed (using the exact same syllabus). You just need to enter any name to access the demo, and there are 7 modules with a couple of topics in each module (each topic has numerous slides):

I can provide syllabus, some photos and videos, text, and Ill need to arrange the voiceover.

So its a price for creating the course, including the graphics and assessment quizzes/games, with ability for results to be caputured in LMS (probably Moodle, unless you suggest otherwise?).

Courses will be varying lengths, but this is the one I need first.


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Product Demo Video

Improve our online product demo. We sell SaaS software online to small businesses. Currently, we have a very basic demo with unreadable application screen shots and no audio. The new demo should be about 3 minutes long, include clear screen shots, professional images and audio. This proposed demo will be specific to 1 of our 3 software products. All usage rights will be fully owned by our company.

In the future, we are planning to have a series of online sales videos for our company.

Goal for the demo:
Increase qualified sales leads and as a result total sales per month

Media, Quality & Content:
The majority of our clients will use a PC or Mac to view the demo. The demo must download fast and be optimized for website deployment. We are interested in a U-Tube format. Include your initial recommendation on format as a PM Private Message with your bid.

Winning bidder will capture application screen shots and develop audio narration that clarifies our software features and benefits. Images and Audio will be of professional quality. The demo will clearly present our solution

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Shop Module For A CodeIgniter Custom CMS


Im looking for a CodeIgniter expert that is able to build a ecommerce/online shop module for a custom CMS project based in CodeIgniter. The features I would like to have are:

– Similar to these:

– Normal ecommerce admin features.
– SSL support.
– Order statuses and transitions.
– Countries & shipping settings.
– Currency configuration.
– Email templates (thank you notes, orders, etc).
– Product category.
– Restrain product to certain user groups.
– Discount coupons.
– Paypal API integration.
– A example of the admin features we would like to have:

Tech requirements:
– PHP 5.2 and up.
– MySQL 5.0 and up
– CodeIgniter 2.0 (Reactor)
– jQuery 1.5
– CKEditor

Please only bid if you have experience in CodeIgniter 2.0 and in the Tech requirements stated above. When bid please include your price, time to complete, and your portfolio or previous work.

Thank you

03/14/2011 at 12:29 EDT:

If you are able to put the software PCI compliant, please let me know your price as an extra.

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Android/IOS Music Radio/Player/News App Demo Version

We need a Music App Demo with the features seen below.

– Music News, from RSS channel (specified URL)
– Play radio channels (like Last Fm, with album cover, track name, artist name, genre) (from specified URL)

The app use simple http request comminucation with json, or xml encoded data with the server.

This is the first step, after it will be confirmed well need a lot of new features in it.

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E-commerce Web With Full Design For Calling Card


I need a e-commerce website with full function. I am looking for demo before approve for your demo. I am using this website for selling my calling cards.

Thank you

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Escort Agency Website

We are looking to rebuild our site, with a CMS, SEO, a mobile version, and some interactive modules like a Twitter feed, News module, etc. I am working on a detailed site specification now. I will send the actual page URL to qualified bidders.

Wed want an intro page, dynamically generated gallery and individual profiles, a schedule page, maybe a rates page. The profile pages are the main effort; they need the ladies thumbnails and large image, statistics and characteristics, rates, schedules, reviews (and maybe a form allowing visitors to review her directly). I dont like popups or lightboxes for galleries though.

Upgrade the design to take better advantage of modern browser dimensions, and a general enhancement of aesthetic and create a back-end allowing an administrator to update the site. Possibly a custom CMS.

Actual websites I like: – I like the Mobile site module on left, nice big gallery pics (150×200). Dont like the profiles themselves Functionality, particularly the picture-based schedule, whos working today, new girls, and Twitter feed. Search less important. Good profile pages, nice subtle background behind content. I likethe large photos, and lots of stats and as descriptive paragraph and room for reviews. Schedule page is good (has times in boxes)

Joomla templates that I like: – I like this ones bold look, but not the functionality OK colour scheme

CMS example: – not bad, but not exactly what we want. Not enough information displayed in the gallery; and needs more photos in the profiles

I think of these as the bare minimum. I really want a combination of the Joomla templates or other agency look and feel, with the ease of editing and updating offered by the CMS.

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Web Manager Script Needs Editing/creating

I have a web manager that I would like to use but at the moment it does not work correctly
I have a demo copy of what I would like to use.
I am looking for someone to either edit this for a full working copy or to create a new one based on what I already have.

As you will already have a demo script to look at that is complete, this should not be a hard job.
I need this completing as soon as possible.
Anybody please PMB me and I will send you a link to the demo copy and any information you will need.


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Demo Directory 8 Also Known As Edirectory Is Needed Full

Do you have edirectory 8 latest version fully working ready to install on my hosting … get at me I have a budget of 30-50 USD max

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Demo Directory 8 Also Known As Edirectory Is Needed Full

Do you have edirectory 8 latest version fully working ready to install on my hosting … get at me I have a budget of 30-50 USD max

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Online Chat Room For Dating (log In With Yahoo Id Or Open I)

We are looking for an online application that runs as a yahoo chat room but supports logging in and register with only a yahoo id or it can use OpenID.

That information should be given by the user when he registers on the site.

We want it to be the simplest possible and for anyone that could offer a demo for doing just this two things: sign up with my own yahoo id, and complete a form with the city area, I get in the chat room with people from the same city like myself and can chat in public and private mode with whom I want from the list with available users in the right.

From a successful demo we would like to develop it even further, so we would like to collaborate and of course pay you

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3dCart Website Design/Implementation

I am looking for a designer who has some experience with 3dcart. ( They have a design system that is unique to them. I am looking for more than just design, I want the final project installed onto my site also. I am looking for the following:

* Custom design and development
* Custom home page design
* Custom product page design
* Custom category page design
* Addition of 5 content pages
* Four (4) rounds of revisions to initial design
* Store Integration

I will put the full payment in escrow and will release it once the custom design is installed. 3D Cart offers this service on their own, you can see some examples of what I would expect here:

I already have my logo so you would need to design around that. If you are unsure if you will be able to work in their framework, check out their admin demo at

I am looking for something creative and original.

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Edit .fla FILE

Hi guys;
I have a very small project.
(1) I need a professional flash designer to change the artist picture on this themplate for me . The fla file is available in the source folder on my site
all you need to do is change the picture and implement the stars like in the demo one. make it beautiful though

(2) Secondly, I would like us to add a menu "Contact Us" and "Videos" with pages to add items on them

(3) I would like a full screen website

(4) The contact.php and contact.asp files are available, we need to get it working.

(5) Get the guest book from on the demo working

That is it guys
serious bidders only
ready to start ASAP . This is a demo website. once finished i we shall migrate to the real site

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Demo Scheduling

Your job would be to contact police departments in the US and then get to the right person within that police department to
1. Get their contact information; and
2. Schedule a demo appointment with them that we would conduct.

The person that you need to schedule the appointment with and whose information we need is the person in charge of recruit training within that agency. I would supply you with the following to assist you:

1. A spreadsheet that includes the phone numbers of the police agencies that we want you to contact
2. A script of what you need to say to the person.
3. A time schedule on when to schedule the appointments

You would then need to enter the individual

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IPhone/Android Application For Sportsevent


I would like to develop an iPhone/Android ecommerce application for foods/drink/goods specifically targeting live event.

Concept is quite similar to the following;

-Ecommerce functionality
-Location Support (delivery of foods/drink will be made based on GPS info)
-Backend order management system

We would anticipate the design execution to take place in two distinct stages:
1) Demo version

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Facebook Page Application For Universties

I would like to develop an Facebook application for universities.

We would anticipate the design execution to take place in two distinct stages:

1) Demo version

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