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Article Writting

Write 2 seperate in depth articles on parenting.
The first article will be aimed at becoming a parent ,pre-parent fears ,joys etc
The second will be aimed at communication between the parent/child & parent/parent

I will supply a more in depth outline to the chosen candidate for each article including key words ,links ,etc
After the articles are accepted by me then you will submit them to multiple directories.

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Large Long Term Project

Undertaking new online community/participation-type website.

User generated content website, polls/forums, interraction with twitter/facebook + room to integrate future web aps.

This will be a joint project with 3 individuals, including applicant, myself, and another individual

The site idea consists of a target audience size in the hundreds of thousands – millions with functionality depth somewhere between a facebook and a basic content-only website ( to give an idea on the size and depth of coding involved).

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Business Partner Online Enterprise


Im looking for a business partner who would be interested in developing a new online business. Whilst I wont discuss it in depth in the public forum the basis for the idea is a new clothing store which is coupled with a deal of the day system. For the first six months we will be working on a low profit margin to entice customers.

Im looking for someone who is great at marketing, is creative and determined. You will be paid via a split of the profit and this will be discussed in more depth. You need to realise you will not be paid until there is money coming in. So do not bother bidding unless you are serious about making this business happen.

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Depth-First Search In Java

1. Implement Depth-First Search. Scenario: given an image that has e.g. black regions use D-F Search or to scan the image, find all the regions and return as an answer the total number of regions and their size.
2. Implement a Floyds dynamic programming algorithm for all pairs shortest path problem. Scenario: Given an arbitrary weighted digraph your program using Floyds algorithm must return a list of all-pairs shortest paths.

Must be in Java.

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OsCommerce PHP Work 3

I require a script (or modify what I have currently) that will generate a <link rel="canonical"> tag on the following pages.

index.php $category_depth =="nested"
index.php $category_depth =="products"

The script will also need to handle pagination in the way that I specify.
More details via PMB.

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RePost: Need Code For Image Depth Detection

Hi All,

This is part of a bigger project. So please bid accordingly.

Im looking for a code which would take an image and through depth detection of the object in the images would cut out the objects accordingly.


(Note: I had posted another project of the same title, but had mistakenly not selected the bid range. The bid range for the previous project was too high for my budget)

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Image Depth Detection

Hi All,

This is part of a bigger project. So please bid accordingly.

Im looking for a code which would take an image and through depth detection of the object in the images would cut out the objects accordingly.


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Rewards Site Remake

I will provide a fully working script that you will modifying.

– member profiles (right now you only need email etc to sign up no personal information, I would like to have the users submit some information here to be used as their profile)

– a page that goes in depth how to refer users (buttons that post their referral link to twitter/facebook. this is easily done)

– more depth to the "point" system. allow users to earn points for doing certain activities on the site.

– more depth to the referral system already added

– a pre-launch viral page. i have this sketched out it needs a leaderboard for users who have the most member referrals, a countdown, a place to put a youtube video.

Basically I just want to add some custom tweaks to this script. The main focus will be the prelaunch page.

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Written Projects For Marketing

Directions for the projects:

1st project.

Choose an organizational example and discuss the extent to which you believe the organization practices the marketing concept. Explain in relation to any 3 of the 4 key elements of the marketing concept. Written presentation should be 4 pages in length, double spaced. Quality of work is a must and will be based on clarity of communication, depth of discussion, and quality of reasoning used in the analysis.
The Due date for this assignment is April 10.

2nd project.

Using an organizational example( which is going to be

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Looking to get a banner and skyskraper designed for online ecommerce store.

Banner will be a promotional advert for product.

Here are the specs:
Banner = 60 mm in depth by 468 mm in length
Skyscraper = 600 mm depth by 120 mm in length.

Require a creative person as I will not be able to provide much content. What will be given is the product to be sold, the website selling the product and the website which will publish the banner. I need someone that can take all the elements and design nice marketable banners. Must have experience in design.


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