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Need Vector Graphics And Some 2D Animations For IPhone Game

We are currently working on iPhone app and would require someone to create our character. The character is a Ninja character but the game is for kids to be used for learning. So the Ninja character must be cute and adorable. Doesnt have to be a real person as long as you can portray a cute ninja that kids (age 4-10) would love.

The game we are working on is for kids but similar to Fruit Ninja.

The game is mainly for kids to learn shapes, math and colors.

Heres what we need:
Main character – Cute Ninja (can be a bird, bunny, bear, monkey, tiger, etc…)

Background – A dojo or location to train (I can provide samples later).

Explosion – Different explosion when I cut through the shapes. Heres the
idea on the shape. Its supposed to have liquid gooey stuff in it that
splatters after you slice the right one. I want the gooey explosion
similar to Fruit Ninja.

Confetti – After completing a level will shower a confetti (like Cut The Rope – see links below).

There will probably be some animation but they will be 2D animation.
For example, the ninja character will be jumping in joy when you complete
a level or be sad (head down) when he lose the game. Also swaying his sword when slicing shapes.

Theres also a bomb (like Fruit Ninja) and Ill probably make it somewhat similar to Fruit
Ninjas animation when you accidentally slash it. The bomb will not be a regular bomb
but a ball with spikes.

Shapes – I think I have the shapes but if you can have something better then
thats great. I need basic shapes (maybe with 2D rotation animation) of
Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Heart, Circle, Diamond, etc…

Animation are sprite or 2D (sequential png). Maximum size of the screen
is 960px X 480px for high-res.

Heres another example of a slicing game:
Veggie Samurai –

Here are some links to image qualities that I would like for this work to be similar:
ePig Rope –
Cut The Rope –
Tower Bloxx –

Payment will be made after 100% completion of the job. This is how we do business here and I have great ratings and not about to ruin it that I have multiple projects on the way.

If you have any question let me know now.


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Sales Material Design (Indesign And Other)

We are looking for somebody that can work out some of our sales materials according to our house style

we will deliver you
– Housetyle rules
– Logos
– Images

We need you to design:
– a presentation folder
– a A4 dubbel sided brochure

if you do the job wel we would also give you the assignment to design:
– more brochures
– a magazine

we would like the material be deliverd to us in indesign.

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Photo Sharing Game – Iphone And Facebook Apps

Looking for Iphone developer to build Photo Sharing App with gaming component and integration with Facebook App.
Design Document and Artwork is already done.

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2d IPhone & IPad Game

I am looking to make a game similar to the link below for iphone & ipad.

All the sounds and graphics, will be provided. Game Centre must be integrated.

Please only reply if you have relevant examples to show.

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2d IPhone & IPad Game

I am looking to make a game similar to the link below for iphone & ipad.

All the sounds and graphics, will be provided. Game Centre must be integrated.

Please only reply if you have relevant examples to show.

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Design Job For Quality Graphics – JH Minor Change

Job already done. please do not bid unless you are QualityGraphics

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Req Freelance Graphics Designers 2 Design ComputerWallpapers

I need a freelance graphic designer to design movies / actor / actress based computer wallpapers (1024 x 768 resolution) for my south indian entertainment website.

It will be a long term job process with interested candidate. I can pay a maximum of $50 for 300 wallpapers. The website right now needs 17,000 wallpapers.

Interested can reply back immediately.

Will be sending photos / portfolio images, which should be made as wallpapers with rich backgrounds. Example files attached.

No of candidated required : 5

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Show Stand Design

Private job for Sunidy

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Game For IPhone + IPod Touch

A maze-like game
Story mode with 50 levels
Difficulty settings
Survival mode
Global high scores
Professional graphics and design
Icon design

Interested parties please bid – I will give more detail of the game through private message

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Graphic Design for Gaming Project

We are developing a Virtual Horse Racing Game.
I need the entire Track (Grass | Dirt) to be developed. All will look the same but different track look.
I need the horses to be developed when running (multiple colored horses or one color which could be modified) with the jockey color selected by the user.
The track and finish line to be spoken us.
I need the Dice to be created (rolling dice with our logo)
I need the user graphics
The horse will have a tatoo in either the neck or body.
I will need the results graphic with areas of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
I will need a race schedule (time of race, location, type of track, amount)

Past experience required. The game look and feel is an integral part of this project.

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Iphone/android game app

This job is for iphone/android game. the game needs to be a clone of "brothers in arm" game, please research this. The controls need to be the same. The characters, places, scenery, and other need to be changed. this is a shooting/war game, different weapons, can not copy the game or i will be sued. game needs to be tested. job must be complete as soon as possible. lowest bid wins.

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Top Notch Screen Designer


we are looking for a top notch screen designer, who will work long time with us, helping us handling client projects.

You need to have superb communication skills, be fluent in English and available over Sykpe. We are looking for a person, that can think indepentently, is capably of understanding the client/projects needs, be creative and deliver top notch screen design for Web 2.0 applications and websites.

You should be also firm in modern technologies like described here

We expect a deep UNDERSTANDING of HTML, CSS, Javascript (JQuery), AJAX etc, BUT YOU DO NOT NEED TO PROGRAM!!

We expect you to deliver clean and well organized PSD files. All HTML cutting and programming IS DONE HERE at our development studios. Also further (minor) graphic jobs are done here locally. We are more interested in a TRUE DESIGNER and INFORMATION ARCHITECT then in a HTML worker.

* Please base your bid on 10 hrs of work
* Please provide sufficient and recent work samples of your design work.

For further questions please feel free to PM us.

Thanks for reading so far and happy bidding 😉

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