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Data Migration For Experience Developers

We have Read-Only, remote SQL access (server,db name, user, passwrd) to a MS SQL 2005 database and we need to:

Create a custom tool that can do the following on demand (one or two-clicks solution)

1. Read the data (obviously)
2. First time copy the data to a local host (or another remote host – Apache shared host / cPanel access only)
3. Update the new data or the changes to existing records
4. Find the relations between the tables / views
5. Select by criteria some records (Filter) (example: all the persons named "John" and Born after "1/1/1990")
6. Use the results in a ecommerce (osCommerce) as products for sale
7. …anything else that is needed to have:
– on-demand
– up-to-date
– filtered records
– available in the ecommerce as products
– Classified according to the DDC system (see below)

You will create the products database structure in a default osCommerce installation based on the categories in the resulted database.
This structure is based on the DDC System:

This structure has to REPLACE the default osCommerce "categories" structure and it IS INCLUDED in the database (as a field in the "products" table)

We have to result with a fully working and "browser visible" oscommerce shop and products.
(NO templates or other things to deal with – just the database)

You can decide the technology to use (example: php, C++, …)
If you have another strategic (instead of the "1,2,3,…,7" steps I propose) to have the same result we can discuss it.

The destination server is Apache, shared host, and we have cPanel access only! (not sql remote access)

If you need any additional info before or after you place your bid please ask me,
Thank you.

Note I am look for providers with minimum of 3 or more reviews and complete this project shortly.

Happy bidding….

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Oscommerce Design Customasation

I bought one oscommerce template from template monster and I need help to change a few things. someone help me? its urgent.

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OScommerce: Design Update And Development


I have an online shop that need work done to it, the job involves Editing OSCommerce and creating a plugin/mod so I can import XML feeds and map them into the correct categories easily!

Could you do this? It doesnt need to stay with OSCommerce, if you would rather change shopping cart this is fine but please be aware I need the search fields kept the same and it is an affiliate site so the buy now buttons will be links "I do not actually sell or ship the products myself"

I basically need this website completed professionally asap!

I would rather have someone do the whole lot design and Development, do you think you can do this? In total this is what I would need:

>1 Logo
> Home page design (re-design)
> Product Listing Page (re-design)
> Product Details page (re-design)
> 1 textual based page (re-design)


> Create a plugin so I can easily add new XML Feeds
> Have the plugin Tested
> Make everything run smoothly
> Add a facebook like button to all shoes
> add a wish list and a login system for the website


I can assure you if the website is completed and works well and looks good I can guarantee you I will give you a nice bonus at the end of the product completion.

I would like to make a long term partner I can work with regularly.

This gap needs to be filled.




The website is already live if you message me I will send you the link.

OSCommerce is already installed so basically just a mod which is easy to use will be fine for the importing of the XML feeds.

11/10/2010 at 4:55 EST:

My budget is $1000 not what is stated on the listing, Sorry.

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Oscommerce Site Like Or

I need a ecommerce site like or
who can build me this site with oscommerce or another open sorce shop software

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OScommerce With Design

We need a similary website of

With custome design, database integration (from excel file).

This website will be bilingual (french and englsi) we provide to you a french title and texte just insert this on the french version web site

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Changing WorldPay To Paypal – Modified OsCommerce Shop

We have a OsCommerce site that has been using WorldPay as its payment gateway and would like to change to Paypal instead.

Our site has been running for almost a year now on WorldPay, but due to changes in WorldPays policies, they are unable to provide their services to us anymore. The only other viable alternative would be Paypal.

Our OsCommerce site has been modified from the base install to include the following functions;

1)Hire purchase
2)Rental at different rates(monthly and weekly rental rates)
3)An option to buy after renting for minimum period of time
4)Recurring payments using WorldPays futurepay function
5)Shipping options to include self-pickup (free) or delivered (charged at a fixed rate)

Other minor contributions have also been installed, which should not affect the changing of WorldPay to Paypal. We are unsure about the size of this project and have requested for the lowest bid. Please bid as you see fit.

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OsCommerce Site Design Changes

Hello, I need a CSS/HTML developer to make some changes to osCommerce based website. The right candidate must understand osCommerce and have CSS design skills. The site is

As you see the left categories box expands when sub-category is open but the header image that displays "Categories" does not expand. I need a proposal of how to organize this box, either making the header expanding or moving the categories to left and hiding the the left part of them (with horizontal scroll in the box maybe?). You should integrate your proposal and make the box looking good.

Another task is to fix the css for the menu – currently the folder icons are partially visible and link hover looks bad.

Final task is to fix the width issue of the product info pages (example ). Maybe by making the header and footer width independent or any other good suggestion.

This project must be delivered within promised time and budget in your bid. Any violation of the delivery time and/or budget will lead to project cancellation and escrow refund, placing your bid indicates that you agree staff to refund the escrow if project is not delivered in the promised time or you want more money than in your bid.


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Move Site Design To Another Site Oscommerce

I need a centered oscommerce site design moved to another oscommerce site. No design work is required. This is a real easy job, its simply copying over files from one site to another via ftp, but some work is required as the centered design has some style issued when its coppied over to the other oscommerce site. Im looking for someone with lots of osc experience and someone who can start immediately and do the job in a few hours. Only looking for $30 bids, higher than $30 bids will be hidden.

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