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Need A New Banner


need a new banner for my website

940 × 198 pixels

I want my banner to look funky,

Its a blog post to talk about eCommerce and online advertising

The style i prefer is something which is simple, carefree, cartoon/vector design

Please send me sample of your past work when bidding for this job


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Academic Marketing Plan

I need a Marketing Plan of max 15 pages for an academic assignment. I have no time whatsoever to write it due to intense work period.
It has to be about a real company that is planning to go international, to enter new markets. A simple Marketing Plan following the classic structure for a real company (without having to actually obtain information from primary sources, just with what is available online). The plan itself has to be of course hypothetical, but it has to have common sense.

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Simple/Minimal Web Design For My Translator Website.

I have a website to advertise my translation services,, which Ive been using a template for, but I want something more professional this time. Nothing too elaborate, just something that looks better, isnt just images on photoshop with links assigned to them on dreamweaver.

If anybody has any ideas, feel free to pitch them to me!

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