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E-Commerce Website Using Vendio Platform – Read Requirements

Please read requirements carefully and bid accordingly!

I currently have a website using the Vendio platform – which is a free online store platform. My website address is I simply need to make it look better and add some functionality like links to facebook, twitter, blog, newsletter. Keep in mind that this is not a E-commerce project with integrated shopping cart – Vendio already provides that. I simply need to make the site look better and add functionality. Here is the short vendio tutorial on how to build/incorporate a custom template in their platform You could skip to the final page on how to create custom template. It is really easy.

Listed below is the added functionality I need for the website:

1. I need facebook and twitter links

2. I need a blog created and link for it along with an rss feed through feedburner.

3. I need a newsletter sign up similar to or has at the bottom

4. It is a jewelry website so Id like the overall look to be elegant, simple, and clean. Here are a few examples I like

Please attach some examples of your e commerce, website design, and logo work.

Please bid accurately. I would like to get this newly designed site up within 14 days maximum.

Thank you in advance.

04/05/2011 at 13:05 EDT:

Note: this is a template needed – not an e-commerce site built from ground up. read the doc

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Simple Design & Changes To A WordPress Website

This is a very simple project if you know what youre doing in WordPress and have a background in web design.

I am looking for someone to make small changes thou out one of my websites like small layout changes adding photos and placing content that I provide in deferent pages I have a full breakdown of what I want done on each page.
This is very simple work if you know what youre doing and know how to work with WordPress and Photoshop.

Here is a screen cast of some of the tasks I would like done so you can get a feel of what I would ask you to do. :

If you have any questions please send me a PM
I am looking for bids of $50 and under If you are good at what you do then I am sure I will have more work to send your way in the future.

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Website Design

Simple design for game component of website.

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Simple Design Work

Need a creative freelancer to get me 2 design pages (1024*768), Will provide a simple fill-up form in pdf and you need to translate it into nice simple designs..(if you have done graphic designs for ipad before, its a bonus)..

Also require a set of images to be polished and rescaled to higher resolution without affecting the quality..(images are a deck of cards, but crude and in low resolution).Sample crude image is attached below if you would like to polish it for a demo.

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Ready .NET Website, That Needs A Simple Design & CSS Layout

We have a finished programmed fully functional .net website,
but basically its all white, we need a design, layout, for 3 to 6 different pages,
for example:
-client login
-home page
-client profile
-search page,

integrated CSS would be nice,
i need to see portfolios of work

we will provide the full fictional system where you can place on a local host an work on it,
or upload it on an online framework

i need to see a fully functional site by the end of 2 days

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E-commerce Website Design

I need someone who can create an e-commerce website for me where I plan to sell customized apparels i.e. jeans, shirts and T-shirts.
Something similar to

If you feel you are the right person, Kindly get back with your details and quote.


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I need a superb design for a simple fashion website…It will be a 5 page website and I will provide you logo .Design needs to be really attractive.

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E-commerce Website Design

I need a web site for T-shirt selling
The user can choose a model of the t-shirt first, then hell choose the color
after that he will choose the logos and put them in the t-shirt. or can upload his own logo
He can rotate, minimize, maximize, and change the color of the logo
the price depends on the size and the number of logos, the price of the t-shirt is fixed

The way to put the logo on the t-shirt in want it in javascript and support all web browsers
Also CMS must included

for the payment I want a local electronic payment (k-net) or pay cash on delivery

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Crafts E-commerce Website Graphical Design

We are looking for a Graphic Designer to create professional look and feel for a working website prototype. Website coding is in progress, we only need graphical layout done. We need design done for home page, product list, product presentation page, contact us, faq page. We want to be able to re-use common elements on other sub-pages. Please provide us with 2 designs for the homepage, we will choose one of them and the rest of the pages/components will be designed. Website prototype is located at Please provide examples of your work (portfolio). More work will be available upon completion.

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Quick, Simple, Design

Ive got a simple script for a customer area.
Its one file!

I need to have a professional looking design made for this. Its essentially 3 pages. The login page, the main user page and another user page. As I have said, all the code is within one file.

We need the design implemented also.

We will pay $30 for this design. It will also need to resemble our companys main website too.
Please give an accurate time of completion!

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Simple But Design Focused Website Needed.

We need a high end designed website for a mining/technological orientated company.
The website is small, with only 5-6 pages.
But the focus will be on the design being slick, professional and be fitting with a product that is the leader in the market.

Site should be designed in Joomla CMS.

The homepage should be very simple, but perhaps interactive and eye catching, as the rest of the website will be salesy and technical with text and hi res images.

All logos, images and text will be provided. Your job is to create a great looking design that is unique and not seen on 20 differnt websites.

If interested please PM me your portfolio.


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Simple But Design Focused Website Needed.

We need a high end designed website for a mining/technological orientated company.
The website is small, with only 5-6 pages.
But the focus will be on the design being slick, professional and be fitting with a product that is the leader in the market.

Site should be designed in Joomla CMS.

The homepage should be very simple, but perhaps interactive and eye catching, as the rest of the website will be salesy and technical with text and hi res images.

All logos, images and text will be provided. Your job is to create a great looking design that is unique and not seen on 20 differnt websites.

If interested please PM me your portfolio.


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Very Simple ASP.Net Website


I need the following REALLY SIMPLE website re-built from scratch:
user: test pass:123

I want everything exactly the same, and I even will provide the source code for the current website. The reason of redoing it is that there are some crashes (e.g. on page "Create Job" and I know sometimes debugging a code of another programmer is more work than to do it from scratch) and some fields in some forms need to be removed.

I will provide the source code for the current version, you can either redo it from start, or debug it and then make the small changes we need (all the current functionalities must be workable on project finish).

I am myself a programmer (as you can see from my profile) and I know this is more like a homework project than a real one, just I happen to be very busy now and I need this project finished ASAP, so bid fair and in the shortest possible time.

Mohammad Amiry

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Prestashop Custom Design Templates – E Commerce Website

I need someone good to design custom templates in Prestashop. The design layout, the category pages, and the product view pages are going to be similar to Please review this site before bidding. I hired someone else a week ago and they never completed the job. The job needs to be completed in 3-3 days maximum; as this site needs to launch in less than 2 weeks and we need to build over 400 pages. You would be completing the design aspect an not all the category pages. You must be able to work immediatly, and must be positive that you can complete it; plus you must have previous prestashop experience. Maximum bid is $175

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E-Commerce Website Using Adobe Business Catalyst

We need a development team who have experience implementing the Adobe Business Catalyst system.

Adobe Business Catalyst has an integrated CMS, and online store. The job involves converting our PSD into HTML / CSS and integrating the Business Catalyst markup tags.

If applying please advise your previous experience with Business Catalyst or similar systems. If you would like to recommend an alternative to Business Catalyst then please explain why.

We are looking to develop long term relationships only and expect a very high standard of customer service and attention to detail and high quality work.

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E-commerce Website Redesign & Banner Ad Design

I currently have a website ( that needs to have a new layout that is more visually appealing and includes e-commerce. I currently have a shopping cart set up through GoDaddy that I want to utilize on this site. I also need assistance in creating a simple banner ad. This can potentially lead to future projects and support.

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Simple Design Project Using WordPress

This is a simple WordPress design project for those of you who know what youre doing and WordPress.

Here is a short screen cast detailing the project.

I am looking for a copy some of the design elements of this site using the Word Press platform with some small changes.
All changes are detailed in the Screen cast:


If you have any questions please send me a DM

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E Commerce Website Design And Development

E commerce educational web site

WordPress , PHP, MySQL, Java, Ajax,
Secure payment gateway integration
Shopping cart( four items)
SSL authority
Data backup and site maintenance
Offsite linking
Simple logo design (will give you idea down the road)
Short (60 sec) videos as teaching tool
Images with corresponding content pages and courses
Automated score reading. (80% passing score) and testin
I will need good SEO, offsite linking for good rating
I will provide some of the content but would prefer good writer.
Will give you example of website

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Simple Website Design

It is simple website design.
And everyone can do it in time.

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We Need A Very Simple E-commerce Website

Its a very simple project. plz bid with low price.

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Website Design Joomla

Simple Website design

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A Duplicate Of FMylife With Facebook Integration

We are looking to hire someone who can duplicate the function of FMylife. Pretty simple I guess. I believe many have done this before. If you have, it is an advantage. I think WordPress would do the job fine.

User must be able to post short sentences, rate them without the need to register.
User must be able to retweet/share the post on facebook.
User can instantly register to become a member. Only registered member are allowed to leave comments on post. User can sign sign up using Facebook Connect.

Simple clean design. Graphics/logo and images will be supplied by us.

Further discussion on details once project is awarded. Comments and ideas are most welcomed.

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E-commerce Website Design

For a new e-commerce website in the furniture field, we need a graphic designer specialized in website design
French speaker is an advantage

References requested

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Simple Website Design (updating Current Website)

We have a logo and domain already for our fitness club. The current website is functional, but was never fully completed and we cannot access it to make changes. We want a new updated designed website, so we are open to new design ideas.
What we want is an easy secure access point to be able to add pictures or make informational changes at any time. We want incorporation of Facebook, Twitter, a newsletter sign up link etc…
The website should be tested and work across all browsers (including Internet Explorer 6 – 8, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, & Opera) and operating systems (including Windows, Macintosh, & Linux), as well as cell phone operating systems & browsers like iPhone, Android, iPods, iPads, Blackberrys etc. So flash is not required.
Only the bidder who can show us a mock up site or a similar previous project they have done, will increase their chances of getting the project.

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A Simple Design

Hallo designers 🙂 my project here is an mobile game for which i need the designs only. Its a small game that includes 3 pages . Page 1 – its a car game so i need a heading for which i will provide the font also some cool car + background -NFS style 🙂 About the other 2 pages – they are easier i will give you the pics ffor them u just have to put things together maybe cut some objects and put effects . .. Please if u are interested massage me for more details and any offers

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Website Design: Simple Code, Polished Graphics

I need an author website for an upcoming book for boys 10+. I want to -start- with a pretty basic look, and then do some strange things to it.

The basic look is something like a single page from one of the following websites. (Theyre all far more complex than I need, though. I include them just to show whats out there.)

My favorite is:

(Simple and lovely. Except Id want "Buy the Book" buttons, linking to Amazon, B&N, Borders, Booksense, Powells, and Books-a-Million.)

Anything in that neighborhood, as far as the basic look–though the illustration can be simpler than the slickest of those.

But then theres my strange thing. I want it to look as if my website is being hacked, corroded by 1s and 0s, perhaps, in a Matrix-like fashion. Probably not 1s and 0s, the specifics are up to the designer! But Im looking for stylish, cool, the sorta thing that tween boys might like–and not too confusing.

The idea is that the hacker has disabled most of the buttons and tabs (thats why I dont need a multiple-page site: Ill have a tab for blog but no blog, a tab for about the author but no page, etc.). Instead, the hacker has posted a video (which Ill provide) and probably a few snarky comments when you click on the disabled tabs.

The important stuff will still be visible: name and cover of the book, a short blurb, links to online bookstores. But other than that, the hacker has taken over the site, and posted his comments and a video in a cascade of stylized graphics.

I want the website viewable without a long wait time, so nothing too complex.

And one final request. Evaluating a designer by clicking through a huge portfolio is tough for me. Instead, if you could highlight a few samples of the -style- you might use, in approaching this, thatd be great. So if youve got something cyberpunk-y or a stylized pattern with one layer corroding or peeling another, Id love to see it. Otherwise, if you could message a few words about how youd depict the hacker taking over the site, Id appreciate it. And theres always points for pure painterly beauty!

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Homepage Re-design

Pretty successful site looking for a homepage redesign
Have this (The very top banner, menu and base will stay the same – this is just a homepage redesign)
Want something this
My developer has come up with a guide
Basically want it a bit more designery in a style that fits the rest of our site
Needs to be in format (.asp) or that can be manipulated by Dreamweaver or preferrably Contribute
Can use the existing images and text on site
More work to follow if it looks right

Cheers Stuart

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