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Custom Prostores Web Design Needed

We have several stores in several channels. We have an ebay store
and want the design, home page, category landing pages to match the ebay store. We have and will provide graphics from the ebay store. We will set up shopping cart functionality and import products and categories from EBay but require the winner to also build the following funtionality that we have in our other prostores site (PLEASE REVIEW THIS SITE FOR FUNCTIONALITY BELOW)

1. Google analytics
2. Google check out
3. Amazon check out
4. Fast loading SEO firendly home page
5. Geotrust Button
6. Payment Methods buttons and Icons
7. Google translator
8. Facebook "like buttons" on all products and pages
9. Breadcrumbs functionality
10. Fly-out left nav functionality

On all the numbered items above I can provide access to the code used to create this functionality in our enlightenedexpressions site so you can adjust and re-use in the new site. Please read this specifications carefully and quote both time and bid

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Web Design Mock-up Needed

we need to make a website for our company we have an existing PSD file and we need to complete the design we need a PSD file only, all information will given in PMB.

samples are required, dont bid more than 50 dollar.

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Unlock IPhone Web Site Templates Needed

I am looking for someone to be able to create 2 – 3 web site designs for unlock iphone theme site. I am looking for designs that are very similar to the web site. Any color scheme, as long as it looks nice. Just looking for something very similar to that one. Please provide quick mock up so that I can ensure you have the skill for the job. Job is for 2 – 3 web site designs but the bid will only be for each design. Willing to spend $75 – $125 per design depending on how good it is. All designs must be done in html when done.

Pretty simple design project. Please bid only if you are willing to provide a quick mock up of design.

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Fun & Simple Web Design With Logo And Functions Needed

Basically I am looking to start a small project of mine, however, it needs a new theme that suits its name. To start off, we have high expectations for the theme to look fun, creative, and basically have its own unique appeal. If you are not confident in all the aspects we ask for, please do not bid on this project. Thanks.

To start off, our project follows the theme that "more is less" and the overall concept of the web design should be rather simple similar to how and how shows their photos/videos. I dont want a replica of their website, but just wanted to note that the picture/video/link will mainly be the center of my visitors attention when they come to my website. That is the goal and to have share buttons available for users to easily share the content. The other part is creating a fun, creative, engaging looking theme and combining the two to making a stellar looking web design, which is straight to the point and is in sync. I dont like stuff being cluttered together so having good graphics design is also a bonus. Basically were looking for a two column theme

I plan on establishing an entertainment website, which users can submit their own links, pictures, videos, and so forth on everything that has to do with humor. And to do that, there are certain functionalities we want the website to have.

– Users are able to register and submit links, videos, pictures functionality.
– A section similar to how fmylife is where users can contribute, which goes into moderation, where they submit about 300 character max content.
– All contributions goes through moderation. Should provide functionality, which makes this easy to moderate.
– Users have their own profile page, which shows their latest contributions, social networking profiles, name, and etc.
– Registration page and profile page should be similar to how does.
– They can also register through Facebook connect
– # Navigation similar to how does it.
– Tabbed content description with comments. Similar to how does it. Ex.
– The latest and Related content on the side with thumbnails
– A section dedicated to featuring the most viewed content that includes all kinds of submissions like how Reddit does it and the most recent contributions. The menu will be somewhat like this: Pictures – Videos – Content – Links – Top – Most Recent.


The homepage should feature the most recent published item similar to lolsnaps, but the only difference that underneath it are title links with thumbnails.


We are thinking about a variation of white/gray/orange. We dont want black. The web design should look clean and the background should give users a charismatic feel.

The Logo

Make it eye catching, fun, creative, and the center of everything the website and website name stands for. Also, last but not least, have fun creating the theme. If this goes well, we may use you for many of our other projects.

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Create Customized Web Design Subpage Needed

Currently I have a index page of website done (done in HTML), Now I need a website design artist (not programmer / developer) to:

1) Create 8 pages with the same layout where provider need to design the content area; those content will need to design some illustrator images & wrap beautifully with photoshoped images, style, etc.
2) add contact form
3) lastly, make it into html format.

Pls post 5 best customized website No CMS template) that youve design (. Ill send u my mainpage for your review. I designed it myself but due to lack of time, im outsourcing it.

Pls bid on 8 subpages ( 7 + contact us page). Deadline: Urgent.

(Ref: A-Ideasb)

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Web Design And Scripting Needed

I need a very nice looking web site made. The site will be selling article services like this

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Rich Web 2.0 Design Needed

We are Lokate, a startup company based in London. Lokate is an iphone app that specialises in product search. Due to the growth of our development for our beta release
we require an experienced web 2.0 designer to create the initial UI for our beta release. If good performance is demonstrated, well consider long term opportunities
after our beta.

The Designer should have the following essential skills:

-Experience designing web 2.0 templates
– Experience designing templates for mobile applications.
– Icon Design
-A good eye for user experience

Portfolios would be a boost.

You must be easy to communicate with and should be flexible.

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Web Design Needed – Homepage PSD

We need to develop a new website for an IT hosting/ support company, and Im looking for someone to create the PSD from the design brief.

You will get a full brief and various imagery to work with.

Please quote for full project, including revisions and provide time frame and portfolio to past work.

I need someone with experience of designing modern, Web 2.0 and social media friendly sites.

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Price Tapestry Assistance And Web Design Work Needed

I have recently purchase Price Tapestry.. Its a script that does price comparisons…
I have several websites I would like to integrate it on but well start with a smaller one and if all goes well move onto other.

What Im wanting to do is setup niche price comparison sites using datafeed files.
If I import 10 different merchants datafeeds, I want it to compare prices for all of the identical products between them.

In addition I need it to look clean and professional. I would prefer someone with experience with price tapestry as it would go much smoother.

In summary, I need you to take my datafeeds, and get them all imported and wrap a design around the products that will look professional. I will provide example of sites I like and you can come up with something like it or be creative I dont care. I just need it to look halfway decent. If this works out, there will be much more work.

Because this involves just creating a small template and importing data I already have into software I already have (it facilitates it.. its just time consuming), Im setting the budget for this project small and dont expect very high bids. I will not be even looking at anything over $100 or so and would prefer to be much less.

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Simple Web Design Needed

I need a web designer to design some simple web design (similar to freelancer but even simpler). I would need a header, footer, boxes, buttons, search bar, and maybe some more.

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Web Design Needed For Web Development Company

I need a clean, light design for my web development company.
I dont have a logo and I dont think I will use one. Instead I will use the name of the studio "K Studio"

The design must consist in:
-Home page
-Services page
-Portfolio page
-Portfolio Item
-Contact form
-Generic page

Clean design, light colors, maybe some high contrasting "Call to action" areas.

All I need is the PSD design I will do all the coding myself.

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Web Design And WordPress Guru Needed

This is an easy job for a good web developer who is familiar with wordpress. Your job is to:

1) Design a modern looking template for our wordpress site. The template should include an attractive graphical header and be w3c compliant for html and css. You should be willing to respond to reasonable revision requests so we can get a professional looking design we are happy with. Your design should include w3c html and css compliance logo such that any page on the site can quickly be checked.

2) Install and configure wordpress with your template on our website such that it has seo for urls and title tags. WordPress should be setup to function as a CMS only

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SEO Expert Needed!


I would like to know how much time and money it would take to bring my website at the first page of google for the keyword web design.

In EACH bid please provide price and time.


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Web Design Needed

Hi I need some one creative enough to design me a template for my website… I am including a desing whose inner contents would be the same but i dont like its header as well as its background .. So overall my concern is that it looks cheap template while I want my website to look web 2.0 very clean and most importantly with less scroll in the page because I want my users to be looking at the website in one go and get the idea of what we do. We actually sell movie tickets which you can also get an idea from the template i am attaching currently. Please come up with mockups If I like your design I would like to proceed further and you will then do its HTML slicing.

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Web Design Existing Templates Merge/edit

I need a web designer who understands seo a little bit.

I have an existing site ranked for a competitive keyword, I need the site content and graphics to be
edited to look more professional, I do not want this editing to affect my seo or position on google.

Please only pm me if you know about what I just wrote above and are familiar with xml.

Thank you!

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Copyrighter Needed For Blog Posting.

Copyrigher needed to write blog posts about web-design.
Please pm me for more details.

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Web Design Needed Urgently

Need new web design, xhtml + css. Need the basic pages, about us, contact form + integrated ecommerce. Doesnt have to be a work of art, just functional. PM for the info and mention the word dogs. Will provide logo. Small budget. PLEASE DO NOT send streams of work portfolio links.

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Prfessional Web Design Needed

Prfessional web design needed for a store

i need the features to be inspired by this website

will start with only 4 products to sell on the website

It needs to have a feature for live help support chat

it also need to work with paypal supported cart with api

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10 Articles About Web Design Needed. $3 Per Article.


These articles will be about web design and website development (very simple for every user). I will provide you with keywords, url of my website. Titles should contain my keywords.

All articles must maintain a keyword density of 1% to 2%.

All articles must be delivered on time and not after the deadline.

All articles need to be at least 500 words.

All articles must be unique and original. Research must be done on these articles. No copy and pasting, rewriting or article spinning.

All articles must pass Copyscape and will be checked for errors, copyright and plagiarism issues. Please dont try to cheat.

All articles must be high quality work and written in an interesting and creative fashion that holds the reader

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Updated! – Web 2.0 Graphic Design Needed ASAP!!

Looking for an experienced Web 2.0 graphic designer to help finish graphical components of music website! Candidates must be able to code the graphics as well (this is a CSS/ HTML website running on a PHP platform).

The site is coded in HTML and CSS and is running on a PHP engine. Experience customizing Pinnacle Cart shopping carts is a plus.

– finish designing some graphics
– finish coding and link informational pages. (9 pages, all 85-90% complete)
– apply our graphical theme to our informational forms (there will be 9) that are currently being written by a 3rd party programmer.
– apply our graphical theme to an online user/login style database being programmed by a 3rd party programmer
– apply our graphical theme to our shopping cart.

IMPORTANT – project MUST be completed and live by July 10th!!!

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Web Design And Seo Needed Full Detail

I want you to make my site as freelancing.
Actually my site is based on some type of online advertisement… ads posting.
as like

and need white hat seo in just two months….with 500 daily new visitors
give me all details….

no black hat….so plz don,t post your bid….

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Web Design Team Needed


Were looking for experts for a long-term contract to build websites for our clients. We need websites that are creative and uniquely designed, SEO friendly, with clean coding all around. We are looking to outsource our web design and development in order to provide competitive pricing in our market. .


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Creative Designer Needed To Spruce Up Design Boards


Im looking for a creative deisgner with great photoshop or pic editing skills to create some WOW design boards.

2 Boards sizes 1.5m by 1m

All necessary pics and txts will be forwarded to you, as files are large we will need to communicate via skype or msn.

I really need a fast turn around 24 hours minimum

Look forward to hearing from you soon

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Need 5 Templates In Dom – Web Design

Hello, I am looking for a Dom designer to build some template I need to connect on a xml script for booking. I have the pics (jpg) on how the templates need to build.

I need the template are designed with DOM and separate CSS style.

Should be about 5 templates, with two columns.

The left one will be the same for most of the templates.
So, should be a easy job.

The template I need:

1) Hotel landing page
2) Hotels photo
3) Hotels booking with price, buttons, etc.
4) Hotel confirmation
5) Search form and Hotels available listing on the template

All this template will be connected to a script and XML from another guy.
So, I just need a designer to build the template only and that is available to make some update.

I will send example jpgs on private, for those that apply,

I need this job soon, especially the first template, the xml developer are waiting to check it.
So, if you have no time to dedicate it, please dont apply.

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Web 2.0 Design Needed


I need a website design for a company that is related to personal growth, self education, and offers various workshops and seminars on this topic. Design in .PSD format only.

The design is to be in web 2.0 style. Examples see here:

Please post examples of your previous design work that is similar to the style above ONLY.

Successful designer will get more projects in the future.

Thank you.

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We have design tools template that needs install, Along with new html page and installed. Product testing will be required with payments, shipping setup.

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City Business Directory

Need Dental template designed web site that can be programmed for end user clients (non-technical). Must be user friendly and have a backend office that allows clients to easily change text, add photos, etc.

Need to have a variety of template "skins" that allow the end user to change the appearance of the web site. (or various photo backgrounds)

Must be able to add a custom logo.

Would also need a banner window with changing photos/text…

you can view a sample dental web site at

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Webpage Design

HTML Webpage design with a couple PHP forms. Will clone design to make 2 more pages..they will be exactly the same only 1 design is actually needed.

Need this in 24-48 hours of bid acceptance so do not bid if time doesnt permit.

A very fair buyer but if you waste my time you will receive negative feedback.

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Webpage Design

HTML Webpage design with a couple PHP forms. Will clone design to make 2 more pages..they will be exactly the same only 1 design is actually needed.

Need this in 24-48 hours of bid acceptance so do not bid if time doesnt permit.

A very fair buyer but if you waste my time you will receive negative feedback.

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