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Image Editing And Main Website Image Design

Graphic designer or photo shop expert needed to touch up product images. Removing the background and replace with white background. Also change the images sizes. This assignment is for 40 images that need background removed and replaced. Also adjusting image for best visibility of product.
image size for the 40 after editing should be 600px x 600px

Also need 4 Main Images designs needed for website from the set of images with my supplied logo and product name.
Image Size after editing should be 637px x 500px

Please only bid on this project if you can complete today

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ModX Integration

We have a website which has been built in ModX which is 80% completed. We require someone to complete the integration. Ability to demonstrate previous experience with ModX a must.

Tasks remaining are:
Integrate search function
Set up reasonably complex image gallery
Include breadcrumbs function

There may be other smaller tasks identified as we go, which can be quoted on separately.

If the project is completed satisfactorily there may be other projects to follow.

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Website Design

Hi need a very simple website like this one
I will provide the images and the link to go with each image, plus the code for the search box.

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High-End Website Design (PSD)

We need website designs (in ready-to-be-sliced PSD format) developed for a project.

The site will have a high-end design based on some other websites we like.

It should be optimized for 1024×768.

We will provide links, instructoins, illustrator files of a marketing kit this client has and more. You may need to cut photos out, develop/tweak the logos further, etc.

Budget is $50 per PSD. We expect that to include revisions and may select multiple providers.

Please link us to a portfolio.

Final site will be developed in WordPress so keep that in mind.

PSDs, when approved, should be delivered with the relevant fonts.

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Photoshop – Website Design Layout

I would like a layout for a website to be designed in photoshop or illustrator. We are trying to build a textbook website where students can buy from us, sell to us, rent from us, or sell their books themselves on our marketplace. Some examples of what we would like it to resemble are listed below. We are looking for a new innovative image that appeals to college students. I have a budget of $50-$75 – (How it works section)

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Website Design Required With Big Commerce Integration

We are looking for someone to design us a website. All stock images will be provided you have to come up with a sleek latest design for backgrounds and the way the website looks. Once done we would like to integrate the design into Big Commerce. And please DO NOT use the standard templates as base for the designs because we want the best design and want it highly customised.

We seek designers who could show us their past work and give us atleast 2 references who we can call and discuss. We need young and energetic designers as this brand targets youngsters.

All brand standards and logos will be provided. We need someone with eye to detail and unlimited revsions – if you create a great design in first go we may not even require revisions. We will give you a sample site which will have the structure of information we need to include. We need BOLD NEW AGE design.

The deisgn would then be coded using CSS3 / HTML5 if Big Commerce Permitts and needs to be integrated with this shopping cart. We would prefer someone who has previously worked with Big Commerce Projects.


Good Luck

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Content Rewriter

We are looking for content rewriters. You will be responsible for rewriting content that we will provide. You will be responsible for posting the content under our wordpress blogs as well. Content will be ~250 words. Content may include images which you will be responsible for uploading as well.

Please provide a quote within message.

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Website Design In Dreamweaver CS4

I need someone who can help and fix/rewrite the coding of the typical pages of an old website in Dreamweaver CS4 so it works well in major browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, etc).

This project is for a non paid friend photographer of mine to which I had his original website designed and created in long gone MS Frontpage (most of servers do not recognize its plugins); so my budget is low. Its basically a redo of the same old website but now made with Dreamweaver from scratch.

I can provide all I have done already to it in CS4. The site consists of five different page types (cover, gallery selection, gallery itself, contact and biography), all with the same header and footer design. I have already the mock-up in Dreamweaver of all of them except the contact page (to include a feedback form). They work perfectly in Firefox thru CSS programing but its not functioning in IE because of the use of tables to properly align and locate the images in the page layout (IE has issues reading tables…). Ive been told it may need html coding instead of CSS in order to work, but I have limited/basic knowledge of codding. Once properly working, Ill use those key pages basically as templates for the rest of the site.

I do have other websites, including mine, that I would like to "renew" on similar basis; so more work should come out if satisfied with your work and fees, all in a timely manner through

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Website Design

Hi i have a nice sibe site that needs some changed made colors added boxes added text 3 new links new image

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Website Design

Hi i have a nice sibe site that needs some changed made colors added boxes added text 3 new links new image

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Website Design

A professional looking website where users can select a personalised dog tag for their pets. Users should be able to imput what information they want to appear on the dog tag and be able to have a preview shown in flash.

Inspiration for such a site include the following :

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Website Design

I need a basic informational website designed. Here are the pages I need Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact US, Photo Gallery and Testimonial. I will provide content and pictures. This is for a local car repair service place. Please include previous work for evaluation. After acceptance I would like to see 2 mockups. I would like to get this done fairly quickly.

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Complete Website Design

We need a complete website designed for a new web hosting company we are launching.

The website needs to be eye catching, modern, colourful, yet have enough white space so as to not be over-powering and turn people off.

Included WHMCS integrate is also required!

Please include samples of previous projects YOU have done. Payment via PayPal upon upload and completion.

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Website Design

I do online marketing and SEO, and I get a lot of requests for website development.
I am looking for a web developer who can do subcontract work.
I need to great looking designs and quick turnaround, with fully functional menus and websites where adding content is easy.
I will supply content and requirements for each website.
I want several package prices that I can offer my customers
All designs must be search engine friendly.
(example 6 page website with original design, with drop down menus for additional pages and blog)

Please define 3 more of the following packages, telling me what features you will include in each price point.
Let me know which design softwares are used.
Let me know if design is orginal or template.
Include an hourly rate for later modifications.
Also give me a module add on price for basic features.

Starter Package – $100
Starter Plus – $200
Basic – $300
Basic Plus Package – $400
Premium Package $500
Premium Plus Package $600
Advanced – $700
Advanced Plus- $800
WordPress Blog based website – Price?

What is your hourly rate for additional work?
Alternatively you can bid using basic website plus module pricing or quote on templates that can be created for modification.

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