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Looking For Quality Designers For Different Jobs

Hello to all the bidder.

I need someone (maybe even more then 1 person) for long term to design for me things once in a month or so.
Basically someone that I can count on to do things for me in the way I want, someone who will understand my vision.
It is for our business and we have a lot of work (Blog and Websites Design, Brochures, Graphic designs, Work in Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator. 3D animation, Animation, Concept Design, Advertisement Designs etc.)

The designs I will need are for printing (Brochures, Business Cards etc) and on the other hand for the web (Websites, Blogs, Banners etc)

For those who think they are capable of doing this, I have a challenge to test your seriousness and quality of work. something that for a good designer will be a piece of cake.

The challenge is:
I have 2 logos designed and ready. I will send you a JPG of them, and you will need to just remake them in Illustrator open file and make it look a little bit different so I will know that you really made it and worked on it and not just copied it, put your touch into it.

Second, to show your skills in Flash, make something nice in Flash with the logo, No specifics.

*Note: For those who have skills in both areas (Illustrator, Photoshop etc + Flash) you have a better chance.
But as I said. People who have other skills are welcome as well to try.

Note 2: The design will include Hebrew in the future, so you will have to have the ability to work with that (I will provide the text of course, but you will have to know to handle Right to Left languages).

Start your Private Message with this: axfg

Note 3: Provide in your PM your
where are you from (to know what times you are awake and active)
and portfolio website or add your works in attachment

Important: I do not care if you are new in or if you have 300 feedbacks. What I care about is your work only and the quality of it. What I do care is seriousness and dedication to details. I will not wait for all the bidders to send their designs. If I like someone, he will be chosen. Those who will be chosen will get 10$ for their effort.

The designer/s who will be the best in our opinion will work with us in the future and the budget for each project in the future will change according to the size and
Good luck!

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Design Artwork For Business Vans – Garden Company

We have recently launched a new brand and logo for our business

We now require our company vans to have a design created to suit our branding.
Here is the vehicle we need branded (white):×384.jpg

Please provide designs in EPS and high quality PDF versions (we will get the stickers printed and installed to the vans).
We would like 2-3 samples to choose from with revisions permitted.

We also have a new business card which you can use a similar design for (attached).

Please only respond if you have had previous experience with designs for cars and/or a portfolio/samples for us to review.


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Graphical Website Design And Logo

Hi there,

Small Dutch based writers house looking for a sharp quote on a low-end website design and logos

-1 splash/homepage design
-3 subpages
-3 contact pages

The design of the subpages and contact pages are similar, the only difference between them will be the coloration.
The graphical concept of the pages will be available, so all pre work is already done, off course there will be room for your own creativity.

Designs have to be converted into the CSS templates in order for us to integrate it into a Joomla CMS.

Besides the website designs we will need three low-end logos consisting out of letters only. The logos need to be printed on all kind of surfaces, such as letters, beach balls etc etc

We actively reach out to international freelancers, we run across different projects from big to small, so long-term collaborations are always what we strive for.

Regards Joey

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Create Us A T-shirt Design For A Streetwear Brand

This is an emerging street wear brand and we need someone to create a great design for us.
This brand is a new streetwear clothing brand that will offer the finest quality, exclusive and fashionable t-shirts for men. Our intention is to brand it as a premium quality, stylish and clothing brand.

I need some cutting edge, fine designs to be printed on t-shirts. Ive attached some designs that I like and sort of represents what our clothing brand is about. I w.


– I like CLEAN, SMART, CUTTING EDGE designs.
– I like the bold san serif fonts
– Nice, clean and simple illustration design. Clean, simple yet fly but I dont want quick / cheap looking designs.
– I dont like really messy designs (stuff you see on rock/metal shirts). Dont do any crazy illustrations. Adding heaps of stuff dont impresses me unless its really well put together, like a NEAT illustration.
– I like pencil sketches of real life portraits with water color on it.
– Its streetwear but NO GANGSTER design with the really tacky graffiti font. Please no.

– T-shirts are worn with grey jeans with sneakers . Think premium, luxury, hiphop yet classy.
– Think designing for classy rich guys and hip hop. Imagine designing for celebrities like pharrell.

– Check out the attached files but DO NOT COPY, BE INSPIRED.

Some of our clothing are influenced by the east too (Japan) and music (DJ-ing / hiphop / RnB ).

Check out these brands for inspiration
– I like the FEEL of this brand. I like the logo illustration. Not really the designs though.
– – I like clean bold words and the OSAKA t-shirts (serif fonts works fine here). Superdry is too retro though.

Heres a few way for me to want you to design for me
– Show me samples of your work (portfolio)
– Must give us exclusive rights for the design
– Must be able to do revision until the design is suitable for our brand
– Must be able to provide a design ready for screen printing
– Must be able to provide files so it can be edited if needed.
– For me to use you as a designer you must agree to confidentiality
– Maybe continued work for the right designer
– Price :up to $150 – $200 per design if great and more for exceptional designs. Less for concepts only.

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Email Integration With Mailchimp

We need someone to integrate a design for us into email format using mailchimp. (Files are already in .psd and html format.) There are two designs, one in english and one in arabic. The two designs must inter-convertible with each other by clicking on a link in the email.

We need this done asap.

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Music Band A4 Sheet / Disk / Business Card

– Project

To design a A4 Promo Sheet (with Text, Photo), Business Card (both sides) & Simple CD Design (Logo&Text&Image)

I have all the images required, I have the layout and all text for the designs, I just need someone to put it all together. This project should take no more than a few hours to a good designer. The designs are not graphic Intensive so it should be a pretty quick project.

Good / Chosen designer will be given more work$$

– Budget

* $60 (any bids over will be ignored, so dont waste your time and mine!)

– Timeframe

* Once all the infomation is submitted, I expect the designs to be completed in a few days.

– Essential Information

* By making a bid/accepting this project you must agree to all details under project and essential headings. If you dont agree with anything in this entire project description, do not bid!
* Both parties are only to leave feedback when the project is 100% complete.
* You must supply a portfolio of work for your bid to be considered. No previous work or feedback and your bid will be rejected
* All correspondence / changes to be made kindly within 24 hrs of contacting / submission.
* Providers must have excellent/fluent english. Past experience of this has caused lots of problems getting projects finished on time/changes completed.
* The provider must be detail orientated. Do not cut corners and pay attention to the smallest things / changes / problems. I expect nothing but professional work.
* You must be 100% proficient in all skills required to complete this project.
* Unlimited revisions until project is to be 100% completed as indicated by customer.
* Any bids outside of my budget will be ignored, not read and made as "not interesting bids"
* All final files will be the property of the customer/me.

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9 Banner Designs

I need a banner designer who can be creative. Please bid for 9 banner each in 2 different sizes. I will provide images.

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Photoshop And Illustrator Worker Required

I am looking for a freelancer who is proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop.
Work is to rearrange vectors/designs into new designs. You will need to have experience with working with Vectors.
You will also need a creative mind, i will give details and training but you must know PS and AI. Designs need to be simple and efficient as in training. You must be comfortable with working mainly in Photoshop. Illustrator will be needed only for 1 step.

As sample, i have attached a couple of vectors. Use them to make 3 business card of size 800 px X 300 px at 100dpi PNG.
You can use the vectors as any way you want. Change colors, shapes etc. Idea is to mix and match, and come up with new stuff. Cards must be well designed. You will be expected to merge elements from different files. You can not use any other resource other than what i give.

Work is to be billed upon hourly. Pay is Rs.15-25 (USD 20cts-40cts) per hour depending on designs made,& quality. Kindly only bid and do sample if agree with bid price. Message me with sample and your hourly bid. I have attached vector in the file.

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Fabric Design

I need to have my designs for fabric printing made up into A3 size files to send to my printer. I have the designs but they need to be repeated so can print larger area of fabric.

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Project For Olivercd. 2 Original PSD Designs, Re: Oc040311

This project is for OLIVERCD only. Thank you

2 original, different designs, so 2 PSD files will be the final product. Specific details will be given directly, as well as customers preferences on colors, layouts, etc.

Please produce the 2 designs in 3 days or less.

***You will not be able to show these designs or any others we may award you in the future as a part of your portfolio, as it will go into ours***

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Project For Olivercd. 2 Original PSD Designs, Re: Oc040211

This project is for OLIVERCD only. Thank you

2 original, different designs, so 2 PSD files will be the final product. Specific details will be given directly, as well as customers preferences on colors, layouts, etc.

Please produce the 2 designs in 3 days or less.

***You will not be able to show these designs or any others we may award you in the future as a part of your portfolio, as it will go into ours***

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Ironing Board Covers

Im looking for an ironing board cover manufacturer to make customized ironing board covers with designs on them, my own personal designs.

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Seeking T-shirt/Apparel Graphic Designer

Hello Designers!! Ive recently developed a new surfer clothing line similar to that of QuikSilver and Billabong. Im looking for a talented experience apparel designer to assist me with creating attractive, unique designs along the lines of surfing. Please have a portfolio available for review and also a fee schedule (your cost per design). Im NOT interested in cartoon character designs so please DO NOT forward such designs. Ive attached a few sample from established clothing lines to give you an idea of what im going after. I look forward to hearing from you all and the best of luck to you.

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Kinetic Typography Posters

Hi designer,

We are looking for a designer that can make 100 different quote posters for us created in Kinetic Typography designs.
The 100 quotes will be delivered to you in Word.

What we want is:
– A editable file of each design (like Illustrator file) (so we can change colors or fonts afterwards when needed)
– A pdf of each design
– A thumbnail jpeg of each design

The size of the posters will be send to you. Most of the sizes will be width 50 cm x 70 cm length.
The designs must be in CMYK.
The copyright of the designs must be transferred to us after the payment. We will send you an agreement for that.

See the attached examples to know what we mean.

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Simple Design Work

Need a creative freelancer to get me 2 design pages (1024*768), Will provide a simple fill-up form in pdf and you need to translate it into nice simple designs..(if you have done graphic designs for ipad before, its a bonus)..

Also require a set of images to be polished and rescaled to higher resolution without affecting the quality..(images are a deck of cards, but crude and in low resolution).Sample crude image is attached below if you would like to polish it for a demo.

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Flash Tool + E-Commerce Website

Dear Freelancer Community,

we are a looking for a developer which will develop an ecommerce Website with full integration into Magento and a flash based design tool.


1) E-Commerce Website with full integration into Magento
2) Apply designs that we will deliver

Flash Tool

In addition, we need a flash-based (or similar) , high-end, design tool which will allow the user to customize a certain product we will specify. We require the design tool to be user-friendly.

The following requirements need to be fullfilled.

1) Everything needs to be integrated into a Magento System
2) Ability to upload an artwork (.psd, .jpg) and display on the customization tool
3) Select Artworks/Artwork elements from Gallery
4) Ability to: Rotate/Resize/Mirror
5) Trash Design: Remove all Customization
6) Share with friends (Facebook/Twitter)
7) File output in PDF

We will provide the designs through a .psd files. We require the developer to carefully apply the designs to the flash tool as well as the website.

We are looking forward to your propositions.

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T Shirt Design Modifications


I have a single t shirt design that needs updating to 4 color image and matching left chest hit…

The current design is in 2 color mostly lettering related to the hunting industry with a single image (that needs to be higher quality). I need it updated to a 4 color design (HQ). Lettering is in 2 colors with stroke/ borders to separate colors and 1 image (1 color- needs updating).

There are 3 "layouts" for this shirt.

The difference is in 1 word in the design… example "This" type of hunter, "That" type of hunter, "These" type of hunters….

I own these designs (3 with 1 image in common) and need them updated to higher quality.

3 Designs total (changing 1 word to make 3 different designs), 1 left chest hit with logo (have sample for template- just need it to "match" back design), and 1 "hunter" image that needs updating to 4 color (higher quality) style design that is common to all t shirt designs in this "series".

No google images.

Sample images:

1 image used with 3 "word" designs…..

Project should be completed in full color, full size, in file formats to accomodate separation for screenprinting, etc…

Please include samples of work. No samples=deleted



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Designs – Drawings #7

This is a private project for Sather. Shirt designs and website background for $35.

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Freehand Artist To Develop Puppet Character Designs

Need an artist who can draw/illustrate freehand to work with me to develop six character designs based on farm animals. These designs will be used as reference to fabricate puppets for self-financed puppet show for children.

Concepts, ideas, character write-ups, reference images would be provided to the artist, and we would work on simple sketches of each character, creating multiple drafts until they are satisfactory – then one final sketch would be completed and filled in with some color.

Total of six characters to design, although 3 of them are very similar in nature. Please respond with samples of work.

Also looking for a flash animator who can draw freehand for creative music video-like sequences for children. (This would be separate job, but let me know if do this.)

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Project For Imszone. Convert 10 PSDs To CSS/XHTML

This project is for IMSZONE thank you.

Convert 10 PSDs to CSS/XHTML. Cross-browser compatible IE7, IE8, IE9, FF3, FF4, Safari (last version), Chrome (last version)

Files required are HTML, CSS, all images and PSD sliced for each design.

*******You can not post any of these designs/PSDs or any part of this project in your portfolio or history of work. All credits and rights are property of our company**********

Funds will be put in escrow. 50% released after successful and verified receipt of first 5 designs. Final 50% will released after reception of all verified files corresponding to 2nd batch of 5 PSD designs.

Thank you!

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Talented Web Designers Needed

Searching For talented designers with killer portfolio … please bid so i can give you more details

Please dont bid if you dont have a portfolio

long term relationship with the selected bidder (please write revolution in your bid to let me know that you read the whole project ) is the goal of this project

happy bidding

03/22/2011 at 8:28 EDT:

original designs is a must … dont use templates .. i could do that myself .. please show me your original designs

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2 Shirt Designs PRIVATE

As discussed – another 2 t shirt designs. this time i might want names on the back of one or both (not sure if that is a big deal for extra time? just names, no design). PRIVATE project for hash

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Website Design And Build – Interactive Shop Site

I am looking for someone suitably qualified to design and build my new ecommerce website from scratch.

My business provides personalized printed wedding stationery (ie. Invitations, RSVP cards, save the date, thank you cards etc).

The way my business works is:
1. Customers choose a design they like from a range of

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Magazine Page Designer And Cover Designer Needed ASAP

Seeking someone to do our magazine cover design and inner page designs. We are needing someone that would be able to work on projects right away and meet deadlines. The magazine is for Girls and Sports magazine and looking to get someone to start asap.

Looking for people who have past experience with working in books and magazine designs.

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Business Card / Letterhead / Banner Designs

Please place your bid. I have the logo file i just need a modern looking banner/ letterhead / business card

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Website Image Banners & Flash Xml Banners, Design + Dev

= Our Need
We currently have a need someone who can design good looking banners for our website.
We will need both static image banners, animated gifs, and flash files.

= Our Expectations
We will leave you up to your design skills, but expect your designs to fit in with our image and market.
We expect you to take specification into consideration and go from initial ideas through to final designed images – and then transfer these designs into xml reading product promo flash banners.

= The Initial Design Work
Initially we require all the usual sized banners, skyscraper, leaderboard, mpu – just images, static and animated for all.
We will then need custom sized designed banners made aswell.

= The Actionscript / XML Work
Once the designs have been completed, we can discuss how we can use our xml feeds(we produce) for each flash banner to add some real time interactivity.

The work will be on an ongoing basis.
We expect you to be professional, highly skilled, english speaking with creative talent.

= About Us
You can visit ourwebsite at:
Our logos can be downloaded from:

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CafePress Store Item Designer

Im looking for a designer to help me create my ideas. I need a designer that understands the image guidelines for each item in the CafePress shop. The products are shirts, hats, bags, buttons. Being familiar with CafePress is a plus. Please send me your past designs for t-shirts, caps etc. Make sure you have watermarks on all your designs. I will need designs of cartoons, logos, and fonts. My ideas include a penguin, cartoon characters, multiple slogans, and logo parodies. Further information will be available as we communicate here. Thank you.

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Designs – Drawings #6

This is a private project for Sather.. for the shirt designs we discussed earlier.

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