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Customize With A PSD A PHP Script

I have a PHP script that needs a redesign. I already have PSD of desired look and feel. Please write PM to let you know URL and PSD desired.

Also need PHP customization.

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600 Permanent Backlinks From PR 6,7,8,9

If want this job you will provide:

600 backlinks with the desired anchor text to the desired URL.

Of these 600 backlinks at least 50 must come from a page which is PR7, 10 from a page with PR8, and 2 from a page with PR9. The rest may be PR6 or higher.

Remember, the PR is for the page that links to the desired URL, not the homepages PR.

If you do the job properly I will:

1 – pay you the agreed amount
2 – give you excellent feedback
3 – give you the chance for more work soon
4 – tell others about your great work

Please note:

– All links will be checked for fake PR.
– The pages containing the link must be indexed and cached by Google, MSN and Yahoo
– Pages with the link must be relevant to the URLs content.
– All backlinks must be DO FOLLOW
– All links must be static, permanent HTML links
– All links will be checked
– only one link per domain
– all links must be on different IPs
– text Links only, no graphics
– A Link from websites that already contain a link to the desired URL will not be counted.
– You may not link from torrent sites, ping sites, file sharing forums, guestbooks, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, under construction pages, gambling, adult or black hat sites or newsgroups.
– No spam blog comments or forum links
– No reciprocal or paid links
– Page with link should not be excluded by robots.txt
– White hat links only. Do not use blackhat links or methods.
– No Angela/Paul type profile links accepted.
– You must build links manually at 10 per day and spread over 30 days

– You will be paid 7 days after completion to be sure that the links are not removed and have been placed correctly.

– You agree to replace any links that are removed or do not meet the qualifications mentioned here.

In your bid, tell me 3 pages that will post my link so I know that you understand what to do.

Finally, create a spreadsheet report listing:

1. URL where link was placed
2. Anchor Text Used
3. Google Page Rank of the page
4. IP address of page

I look forward to hiring you.

03/04/2011 at 1:00 EST:

-The page where you will put my link may not have more than 100 external links

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UAW Writer Wanted

*** Each article will be rewritten 3 times each to work with UAW ***

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Long-Term SEO For Adult Site (Full Time)

I need an experienced Adult SEO specialist to get first page rankings for my adult website, for some rather competitive keywords. The site already ranks well for some of the desired keywords in Yahoo & Bing (but not in Google).

This will be a long-term project, and I will hire you and pay you on a monthly basis if you can provide good results that proves it is worth hiring you for further work.

Send weekly reports.
Keyword research for the site.
You must have experience with adult seo.
Must provide proven samples of achieved results, preferably other adult sites.
Links must include the desired keywords as anchor.
Must give me a description of what methods you intend to use.

IMPORTANT: If bidding, please bid with the amount you expect to be paid on a monthly basis. If I want to hire you for work, I should know what you expect to be paid each month. Even if the desired rankings are achieved, I still wish for you to continue your work relationship with me so I can keep those rankings.

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Infomercial Movie And Product Demo Movie

I like to create a 30 sec video commercial for our software for physician practice.
A team with marketing and creative movie creation experience in flash, powerpoint or
animation is desired. Informational text to give you background and differentiators of
our product will be shared. We are looking for creativity for a catchy 30-40 sec commercial.

To follow up this a 3-5 minutes demo of our product in movie format is desired. You can use
any tool to make this movie. We will show you the product demo and the trial product for recording.
We can incorporate voice if that is an issue. We will however want you to provide the text
and a short movie covering the product features in the desired time.

Please submit samples for us to pick you as freelancer for our project.

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Experienced Clickbank Expert

I am currently seeking an experienced clickbank expert who can make at least $1,000.00 daily in sales. You should be competent using this process as I will be requiring your services for a couple months and once everything goes well we can make it into a long term arrangement.

1. Should the necessary skills and apparattus to provide my desired results.
2. Should be able to begin working immediately.
3. Should be able to communicate via instant messaging.
4. Please include a short detailed plan as to how you can achieve earning $1,000.00 in clickbank sales daily when bidding.



Good Luck.

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Facebook Application Development


Highly skilled developer to create three Facebook applications. All three applications are of the similar nature.


The first application is to whiten the teeth of everyone in an uploaded picture.

1. User uploads a picture
2. User identifies all smiles and teeth in picture
3. User chooses desired shade of white
4. Application automatically whitens all teeth in the picture

The second and third applications are very similar, however they are directed at different markets. Both applications will have the same features. The application automatically removes skin blemishes, and changes the color pigmentation of the skin.

1.User uploads a picture
2. User can choose to airbrush personally or automatically
3. User chooses desired color of the skin
4. If automatic is chosen, application changes skin to desired color

More details will be provided once project is awarded. I have completed mock-ups of what I would like designed. I will also provide logos to be implemented into the applications.


Application #1: $300.00
Application #2: $100.00
Application #3: $100.00

Note: The second and third applications described are virtually the same application, hence the lower budget. The budget is negotiable.

Our company is looking to work with experienced individuals. Bid only if you have past experience and reviews.

Please include a portfolio of your previous work, along with a list of Facebook applications which you have worked on.

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PHP / HTML Experts

Wanted php / html expert who can work on project by project basis.
Please reply back with your portfolios that you have worked on. Budget is not very big but assure regular work for the right freelancer.
Again if you are wanting lot of money in little time. then do no apply.

Individuals preferred over companies as the budget is small…. wouldnt want to waste anyones time…

Some of the necessary skills I am looking for:
1. Drop-in, slide-in, pop-up, footer, static opt-in forms.
2. Scrolling, scrollbar widgets, to showcase list of products.
3. A widget to show last 5 tweets from a twitter account.
4. has some idea of the moods and tastes of people, and be able to quickly churn out sites like |

Basically things which can increase the conversion rate( no of users taking a desired action/ total no of traffic visitors)
If you have desired skills then bid.

There will be plenty of work, so looking for reasonable priced long term candidate.

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Pinnacle Cart Theme (Web 2.0 Style)

Problem: Pinnacle Cart ( v3.7 is ugly "out of the box". And the folder structure for customizing templates is redundant and confusing. I need assistance updating the look of my Pinnacle Cart installation.

Desired Qualifications: Someone with recent Pinnacle Cart experience is prefered. (Due to the non-intuitive templating, someone who know what they are looking at/for will be able to work most efficiently.) Deployment of a pre-designed template would be ideal.

Specifics: A primarily white background is desired. Two column layout. "Placeholder graphics" for things like logos or products are ok. W3C compliant code is required.

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Desktop Screenshot Program (Windows/Mac)

Im looking for a developer that can create a screenshot program with automated actions. The primary purpose of the script is to take screenshots of the contents of a particular website when prompted. For example, it will be prompted to screenshot in Opera. The script will read these variables and initiate a script that will take a PNG image of all the contents on and return them to the user. I have found the following program which functions is a way that Im looking for…Its written in Objective C, but it may help (they have the source available for download) –

The desired flow would be:

1) Request for screenshot (variables will be url of desired webpage, and desired browser). The program will need to work with IE, Firefox, and Opera.
2) Run automated actions. Its important the script that will capture from all three sources, depending on which is requested by the user.
3) Write image to hard disk and return location of file back.

Please give me a quote which includes the following:

1) TIme & cost for you to accomplish the project.
2) A few examples of your past work/past experience.
3) Any suggestions/questions you have about the project.


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Multicast Program

My requirement are divided into two parts.
1. Server Part
2. Client Part

Server Part:

It should be a GUI based program where we can enter the different client hostname in the network.Browse a file location and then should be able to send the file content to all the desired clients. Please note only desired client waiting to receive the file should receive the file contents.

Client Part:
A simple batch file or exe which should open a socket to recieve the file from the server.

1. All GUI screenshots has to be decided before actual development
2. Daily status update

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Joomla Component – Financial Simulator

The project goal is to create a Joomla Component capable of present several options about financial products from different institutions. This component, on phase 1, is basically a comparator of financial products that will provide simulations and real data systematized by the user and defined according each product characteristics.

The major features from this product are:

Public Area of the Site (FrontEnd) :

Support for multiple languages;
Support for multiple currencies;
Simulator financial products that has the desired results across the board to institutions, characteristics of products, better market price, etc …
Print, e-mail &  access full product information of the results;
Select results from desired partners.
Integration with joomla user feature to allow registered users to save the simulations;

Management Area – Partners / Our Team

Support for multiple languages;
Support for multiple currencies;
Management priviliges according to the type of user account;
Possibility of unlimited number of categories and products per partner;
Creation, management, updating and disposal of products that our partners sell, for an unlimited number of products;

There are four main user groups, which are:
Regular User
Registered User
Product Manager
Super User

This simulator is a component that compares financial products from the same pattern (family) and presents the results to the user sorted by default by the lowest price/value , but also capable of display the results according to user desired/selected options.

Users should have the following options available:

Select desired product family(ies) (categories) to run the simulator, which means that only products from that family(ies) will be compared;
Select desired institutions to run the simulator, which means that only products from those partners will be compared;
Display results sorted by best price (default option), partner or interest;
Possibility of select desired products from the simulation results and compare only those selected again;
Possibility of select desired products from the simulation results and request a contact from our services;
Possibility of email and/or print desired products from the simulation results;
Possibility of consult previous simulations done by user.

There are 2 individual steps on the user interface in order to run the simulator tools and achieve the products list output.

Users can do simulations without providing any personal information or as registered users. All simulation executed by registered users should be store for later access.

On the first step, the user selects the type(s) of product(s) to compare and inserts the necessary data to run the simulation. On almost every situations, the data to insert are the amount, the length, grace period and last payment option of the product. Amount and length are mandatory fields and grace period and last payment option are product specific fields.

On step two, the users as already the table with products simulation results and is has the option to choose from several ways to proceed as mentioned above (3.1.1). If none of the available options is selected, then the process ends.

The output table results should allow the user to order them from several options (Institution Name (Partner); Amount; Length; Interest; Best Price (Revenue/Loan)) By default the user will get the data by best price ordered for each product type.

On the backend that manages the financial products, products families (categories) and product manager users, the following options should be available (according to their profiles):

Manage (add / delete / update / publish unpublish) their institution desired products, categories, users and partners;

When a product manager user access to the backend it should only have access to their institution products and exchange messages with our staff, however those users must be able to perform all necessary actions on their products.

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Concierge Doc

I am wanting a 3-4 page website that is informative for the services of a "concierge medical doctor" and also allows prospective patients to select desired services and then pay for them with Paypal. I would also like a connected email address to the website that sends automated confirmations to patients for purchases and appointments.

Photos, logos and all verbage will be supplied for each page, maybe some artwork as well. However, a few custom banners for the pages may be desired.

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Mysql DB Cleanup

I have a set of tables in a MySql database.
I need to re-organize the information of the columns and do some
re-formatting of the information in the columns.

I will provide exported data to be reformatted.

Part of the need, is to have the DB analyzed, to help define what information is there so that
it can be re-organized properly.

The end result is:
A portion of the task is to determine the state of the disorder.

In this problem, there are columns named:
optional_field_1 thru optional_field_2 , etc through to 20

The information in these columns is scattered.
That is, the Size information and the Bedroom information is not consistent amongst the rows of
data. Theres no order to what column has what.

Here is the desired end column assignments and formatting notes.

optional_field_1 :== Property Number, simple text string single line.
sample current: Property+%2323129
sample desired: 23129
sample current: MLS%23%3A+486562
sample desired: MLS486562
optional_field_2 :== Number of Baths, decimal, {full}.{half}
sample current: Bathrooms%3A%09+4
sample desired: 4.0
sample current: Baths+%28full%2Fhalf%29%3A++%095+%2F+1
sample desired: 5.1
optional_field_3 :== Number of Bedrooms, integer
sample current: Bedrooms%3A%09+3
sample desired: 3
optional_field_4 :== "size", urlencoded string, single line, example readable: "450 m²/ 4,844 ft"
sample current: Size%3A+450+m%C2%B2%2F+4%2C844+ft%C2%B2
sample desired: 450+m%C2%B2%2F+4%2C844+ft%C2%B2
optional_field_5 :== square feet, integer
sample current: Sq.+ft.%3A+++%093907
sample desired: 3907
optional_field_6 :== construction area, decimal representing Feet-Squared, sample: 3324.84
sample current: Construction+Area%3A%09309+M2%2F3%2C324.84+Feet2
sample desired: 3324.84
optional_field_7 :== Lot/Land Area, decimal representing sqyare feet.
sample current: Lot%2FLand+Area%3A%09240.00
sample desired: 240.00
optional_field_8 :== Parkings
sample current: Parkings%3A%09+2
sample desired: 2
optional_field_9 :== Lot Size in Square Feet, decimal
sample current: Lot+Size%3A+++7750+sq.+ft.+++
sample desired: 7750
sample current: Lot+Size%3A++%0959X157
sample desired: 9263
sample current: Lot+Size%3A++%0948X217X165X132X191
sample desired: 0
optional_field_10 :== Construction Year, integer
sample current: Year+Built%3A++%092005
sample desired: 2005
optional_field_11 :== External URL, simple text string single line.
sample current:
sample desired:
optional_field_12 :== feature specification, conventional string, single line.
{not yet implemented}
optional_field_13 :== Subdivision, simple text string single line.
sample current: Subdivision%3A+++SEASIDE+10+
sample desired: SEASIDE+10
optional_field_14 :== unused.
optional_field_15 :== unused.
optional_field_16 :== unused.
optional_field_17 :== unused.
optional_field_18 :== unused.
optional_field_19 :== unused.
optional_field_20 :== unused.

I would expect to have the consultant provide further analysis of data found in these 20 columns that is
not re-assigned and report back.

The arrangement of the columns and formatting my be revised before work begins.

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Point Of Sale (POS) Integration

I need someone to build an adapter package that will integrate between a Point of Sale (POS) vendor and my companys system.

We need the ability to send print jobs / sales through the POS. The desired behavior may be charging for products or simply printing a receipt. Optional/Desireable: ability to print coupons and queue jobs to be printed in the future.

Preference will be given to candidates who can do this in Python. We may consider a Java solution as well.

We need a number of these adapter classes. they will all have to conform to the same API.

Desired vendors:
– Radiant Systems
– RTS (Ready Ticket Systems)
– Titan Technology Group
– (others)


In your reply, please include:
– the POS vendor you integrated with.
– the language in which it was written and a short description of the task.
– can you do the job in Python? If not, which language do you prefer?
– the words "spectacular dartboard" so I know you have read through this post in full.

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Medical Transcriptionist Required

Medical transcriptionist required. Rate INR 1.50 per line. Online work on Direct Client Submission Basis. with the accuracy desired by the end client. Capacity to produce Minimum 5000 lines for companies and 500 lines for individuals per day on eScription platform.Company/Individual who can independently complete the work within given TAT with desired accuracy should only bid.

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Toyota Accelerator Research

Research desired for accelerator problem and applied to a known case of unintended acceleration in US. This is a project for serious research technician, including collection of US NTSHA documents. Only persons with demonstrated expertise in automobile research and writing will be considered. Project results should include names of experts qualified to testify in US courts is desired but not critical.

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Directory Project + Possible Long Term Partnership



My name is Paul and I represent a web development company located in Europe. We are currently looking for web developers which possess the following skills:
– Zend Framework [MANDATORY]
– jQuery [DESIRED]
– Joomla / Drupal / TYPO3 [DESIRED]

I would like to mention that we are not interested in any other frameworks except Zend. Also, excellent English skills are mandatory.

We have a directory project ready to start. Here are some of the features:
– events
– banner ads
– listings
– internal messaging between users
– invitations
– coupons

Thank you for your time!


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Improve The Appearance Of A Training Course Presentation

What I need:
Create an attractive and original design (including diagrams/pictures) for the presentation of a training course on Agile Management Methods. The presentation has been created in Prezi (, and the new design can either be done directly in Prezi or as a high resolution PDF.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:
Training content and text will be provided. No writing/editing/typing required.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:
A designer with an understanding of Agile development methodology desired. Experience with Prezi is also desired, though Powerpoint design experience will be accepted. I will require to see a small portfolio before selecting.

Timeframe for delivery:
Please deliver assets specified within 2 weeks of selection.

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Theme design for blog

For my small company website I have created a blog and I need someone to come up with a theme/design that matches the design (style/look) of my homepage

The desired outcome should be a collection of HTML, settings and instructions on how I should apply the theme to my blog.

Access to my blog account is not available, instead you create a temporary blog with the desired design and then I can copy it over to my blog.

This is a pretty simple task.

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Article essayist desired

Need a team member to write articles for long term.

The requirement is simple:
1.) Original write-ups
2.) Work on time

Initially per article $0.50.

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Online Gaming Development – Immediate

Need to create online games.
Example website to refer:

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