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Website Video

We need a video to discribe a website. We have the voice over completed. Actually the previous freelancer has disappeared of the face of the earth thus leaving us with a problem as this is actually a project for one of our clients.

Here is what he has done so far.

We want it to be like this video

This is the voice over

The website is
There will be some changes being made to it over the next week or so , so please make sure you can change some of the images of the video.

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Web Site Design / Quickbooks Database Dev

Using exported data from quickbooks to compare data inputed in excel quickly on a weekly basis. Being proficient in Web development, Quickbooks databases will lead to further projects, or even a rewarding career.

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ExtJS Theme Development

We are looking for an experienced individual that could develop a custom theme for the extJs framework. The theme should resemble the design of Apple Mac OS/X (silver/grey, clean design). All elements of the extJS library shall be adpated (see

The design must be tested to work on all major browsers (IE 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera).

You must be proficient in CSS styling and Photoshop. You must provide us with samples of previous work and credentials.

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Web Designer Needed (design, HTML And CSS Work)


I need a web designer that knows how to do a nice looking template and have the skills to code it into HTML+CSS.

The website is already done but I need someone to rewrite CSS to match the DIV structure in place so the design fits ok on 1024×768 resolution. Also the design needs to be beautified.

You can take a look here : (user : dev, pass : dev)

The current website have 2 CSS files loaded (they are exactly the same but one is compressed and the other one isnt).
The good one (if you would like to take a look) is :

More details will be given on request.


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New Website Project

Ive a new website project I want to source out to an established company or very talented individual. I am looking for another company to partner with, so perhaps an opportunity to show me what your company is capable of for more projects?

This project is not a difficult one, however I expect HIGH standards of UI / coding and a UI that converts, your work will be checked for quality and I will expect this project to be done on time and on budget. The site will be for a new mobile app development company, therefore UI needs to be of high calibre, if you dont have a strong portfolio do not apply, I may also seek references. The following applies

– Communication / planning / execution and completion are important
– English needs to be of good standard
– Only companies or talented individuals with a proven track record and at least 5 freelancer feedbacks
– Technical documentation will need to be completed and scope mapped out before commencing work on this project
– MAXIMUM Budget is less than $500 USD
– NO UPFRONT PAYMENTS – payment on signoff
– Mockups to be done until the UI is right
– Companies experienced in designing strong converting sites will be given preference
– Companies based in China will be given preference

The site will consist of the following;

– Home page
– Services area
– iphone dev
– ipad dev
– android dev
– BB dev
– Portfolio page (AJAX display for the mobile app portfolio)
– Company info
– News
– Contact page

The site should be developed in PHP/MySQL, Im not keen on using a Open Source CMS, however will consider using a Custom CMS your company may have pre-developed…… A new company logo will need to be designed to

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PHP Pro Dev

Need someone who is quick, who can check their own work, quick, professional, a hard worker and did I say quick?

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Looking for a devlopment specialist that can develop or has developd a flash/flex meeting confernce platform. Needed for Social Media project. Complete with , text, chat, VoIP, whiteboard ect.

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Mobile Dev

Looking for a developer who assists with mobile streaming issues.

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ExtJS Theme Design

Custom ExtJS theme design ( Change the classic ExtJS theme ( in order to look&feel similar to Microsoft Office 2010. Its very important that the ribbon ( be very very close to the Microsoft Word 2010 one.

Please provide details of some of the previous work in regards ExtJS.

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Design/Dev Project For Aamir … Fe 6, 2011

Design/Dev project for Aamir … Feb 6, 2011

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IPhone Dev Video Tutorials Creation


I am looking for someone who is an iPhone App and Game developer to record several interesting video tutorials for newbies who want to learn how to create games and apps for iPhone. Based on your experience with samples. Step-by-step tutorials. Easy to understand. Native english voice.

Get back to me with sample of your vid. tutorial and quote please. I need several.

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Iphone Phonegap App Dev


I am looking for someone with some basic experience with phonegap to develop a very simple/minimalistic phonegap app for some prototyping purposes. you have to mainly include this plugin ( to develop this app and deploy it using your appstore account

App details :
Step 1. At launch, prompt the user to login; data posted to remote url
(if successful it will return JSON reply as below
retval = "success"
Profiles = {"name1", "name2", …}
retval = "fail" )

Step 2: scanning the data : (a) using the barcode scanner (through plugin) or (b) User can manually enter the data (text string) in the input text box

Step 3. show the data/text from step 2, a drop down list profiles names retreived in step 1 and a send button, which when pressed sends the data along with the profile name selected

note: I will give the HTML/src and js files for the above steps as well, it will have all the screens and implementations for the above steps. your job will be mainly to integrate the src files, plugin and build them. the phonegap app so developed should be deployed through adhoc delivery from your appstore dev account. it should be targeted for 3.1.2 OS version.

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Need Business Dev Plan To Launch SaaS Division For Client

Need Business development plan for launching product in for existing company / open product

>> Creating a country CEO position, for an unpenetrated country.

Imagine taking a SugarCrm, Opencrm, Opentaps, and launching in in UK
Yes, open source product for consumers and businesses.

– End user branded deployment sales dev , and sales force
– Channel reseller sales force dev
– Training programs and meetups
– Brand awareness through viral/ ad networks/ trade shows , and meetups
– add on what you see fit….

Must be native english speaking, have samples of previous work.
Needs to be completed by Thursday this week, and we will respond back 10 times daily if need be..

looking for under $100 – thanks

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Looking For Part-time Ruby Dev

I am a New York City based website and digital marketing consultant who often has odd jobs here and there that require Ruby or other misc. dev work. Im looking for someone overseas who wont charge me an arm and a leg for code.

Must speak fluent English.
Must deliver projects on time.
Must be reachable via Skype or Gmail Chat
Must have a unique portfolio of past work

I am honest and pay well for good work so lets see what youve got!

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ExtJS Theme Design

We need an experimented ExtJS ( Designer with experience in making themes for ExtJS. The works consists in change the classic ExtJS theme ( and convert it in order to its look&feel is similar to Microsoft Office 2010. Its very important that the ribbon ( be very very close to the Microsoft Word 2010 one.

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Phase 1 Of Website Dev

Phase 1 of website development $200

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I wanted to download a remote ftp backup in plesk to download from my server and store on usb

on trying to do this /dev/sda1 became full and i get the error

Disk space usage has reached the specified threshold on host
Device name: /dev/sda1
Mount point: /
Capacity: 10403128 kilobytes
Used disk space: 10403128 kilobytes
Maximum number of files: 655360
Current number of files: 261213

I have deleted the backup from my plesk backups section but it has not deleted from disk partition.

I would like it deleted the space cleared, as well as other space that can be cleard while you are there, and a fix so i can create backups locally and download them to my usb stick to prevent this happening again.

Also i would if possible like a root ftp password and login configured.

Also i have zabbix installed i would like it removed. As i have munin which needs updating to a new version.

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IPhone Dev – Productivity Tool

I need someone to develop an iphone app for me. It should work on the ipad as well. It wil serve more as productivity tool than an entertainment one. The app will enhance the users workday and help to manage time.
I cannot pay an advance so please do not request it. I would prefer 80 % of the payment to be paid after apple stores approval.

Thank you

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Css Proj 1 For Ursoialex

Here are instructions


organize css file to have all items in one css file

there are 3 css files superfish-vertical.css, superfish-vertical.css, main.css

ADD COMMENTS TO CLARIFY WHAT IS FOR WHAT (header, top, navigation, body, etc…)

1. FIX top navigation to look like original (transparent url, with selected image on bottom), I believe it is shown in css file

2. Convert to left side navigation to display on left side

3. Page heading on right side

4. Page
a) change maine image width to be 560px
b) change border style to be the same as page
c) description to be larger font
d) for list items remove border color that goes around entire description area

5. Detail page
a) Changes need to be made as shown on image attached
b) Change style of css

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PHP Dev Wanted Longterm

Want a PHP dev to join me longterm on a variety of projects.
Lets get started right away.

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Create MOSS Dev Environment

Create SharePoint MOSS environment on development server

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Dev Needed***


I need an excellent developer experienced in auction website to fix increment value bug in the bidding flow ,beside few minor changes .

Please if you dont know the behavior of the bidding flow dont bid .

Budged is limited dont bid more than $50

Happy bidding.

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Need Drupal Expert

This project is for a not for profit organization. The specifications and initial Drupal installation is built as well as a few of the core modules needed. We need custom work with Organic Groups and civiCRM – must be willing to work EST hours. Looking for 20 hrs of work to work with Lead Drupal Dev and Junior Drupal Dev (me). Our Deadline is in 8 days so please provide me a schedule you will be online. Looking to establish long term relationship– have many more projects ahead

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Blackberry Dev – Project For SierraSoft Only

Project for SierraSoft Only

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Extract Data From Websites And Show In Another One

(Sorry for the ones that bidded at the project before. The requirements just got bigger, as the budget. Please bid here again)

Hello everyone again,

Id like you to develop a software that capture data from eleven (11) ebay-like sites and stores it in mine online database. Every page crawled have some images that should be upload to a server, too.

This software must have a interface, showing the progress of the crawl. The process can be resumed, so the software need to know where he stopped. But the most important is that this software needs to know what have been crawled already.

In the other hand, I need to display this data online. Id like you to develop too a webapp (PHP preferably) that show the data, much in the way the original sites does. I already have the html/css done, so all you need is to fill it with code.

I can provide much more details. Im a developer myself, looking for help with too much projects.

Here are the interfaces for my webpage:

You can count on me for the translations, as the pages are in brazilian portuguese.

The user is responsible to propose a solution in order to not getting the app blocked by the source sites, or a way to get around the block if this happens. Please let me know how do you pretend to do that at the time you bid.

The solution must be bug free, and to ensure it I need full suport with the app for the 5 days before the solution begins to act at the server. To ensure it Ill need to hold the payment till there. Let me know if you have a better idea.

I think this is it. Thanks for everybody.

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JW Player Custom Dev Work

1) Ability for the player to differentiate between onsite and
offsite contexts.

2) Ability to use our own flash vars, which include:

* id or hash
* width
* height
* autoStart
* startTime
* useHd

3) Ability to switch between HD and SD, including a javascript callback.

4) The player needs to notify us of a view via the API. The POST to the
API includes:

* URL on which the player is sitting
* HTTP Referrer
* Whether or not this is a re-play
* Some unique, arbitrary session identifier

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Create Mobile//PDA Version For Deal ADay Script


I would like to create a Mobile/PDA version for this script:

Like Agryia software.
See Agryia demonstration:
Script Version:
Mobile version:



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E-Commerce Site Consultant / Technical Specifications Writer

I am looking for a technical writer who can help me to streamline the content of my website
which currently is in the Dev phase but is about to get launched-
if you are interested, please provide the references of any websites where youve worked on the content
as well as your rates per project or hourly.

My Dev site is at

, so please visit it and provide a sample of work that will show your level of expertise for this type of work.

Looking forward hearing from you!

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