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Require custom study material for

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Web Design

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I Need Web Site

I need and HTML website.
It contains of 5 to 7 pages.You have to build it using html and css.(no tables)
It must be compatible to all browsers.
You have to develop the site in 5 days,each page a day approximately.
I will provide you the graphics, if you can slice psd then it is good.
I will give all the content to winning bidder.Show me your previous work.
If you are agree then write "AGREE" in start of your bid.
My Budget is $30.

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Trade Quoting And Advertising Dynamic Website

I am after a professional quality dynamic website with the functionality of sites like and plus extra requirements e.g. these website have 3 member types (registered/unregistered users and trade members) my site requires 4 membership types 3 of these will require an admin area.
I will design the page layouts and provide a PDF for each page; most pages for each membership section will be duplicated and can share the same kinds of functionality to save coding time.
Validation of all entry fields is required and some validation will be required against Google

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WEB Site Developement

Create a website to include about 10 static pages.
1. About us
2. Contact us
3. Therapy services offered
4. Research publications
5. Prevention services listing
6. Outcomes information pages

The person should know how javascript and should be familiar with CSS to standardize the formating. Should have expereince in designing websites.

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Design A Simple Web Page

I want to have a person or a team, who have experienced skill in html, javascript and css to help us to design a web page.
Programmers who has experienced in online soccer betting system is preferred.
I only need you have a good design and convert your design to html and css ( of cause, including javascript in your page). Thats enough.
Thanks for your reading

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Web Service That Collects End User HW Config And WEI

The focus of this project is the technology, i.e. get it to work. Only the simplest graphic design needed to show functionality is required.

I want a web site running on the web hotel that automatically (as far as possible) collects end users HW config and WEI (Windows Experience Index).

A user who has registered and provided his HW data is qualified to search/browse HW data for all other reported systems.

The collected data should be browsable for qualified users by make/model of computer and CPU, as well as WEI. All collected information on a specific system shall be displayed when it is selected from the browsing tree/catalog or search results.

It is important that the php code and mySQL data base are well documented for further development.

A user should be able to report data from more than one computer.

Information to be collected and stored:

– computer manufacturer
– computer model
– computer manufacturers partnumber or equivalent
– CPU manufacturer
– CPU model
– CPU clock speed
– FSB speed
– Installed RAM
– max RAM
– Graphics adapter manufacturer
– Graphics adapter model
– Graphics adapter manufacturers partnumber or equivalent
– Graphics adapter video memory
– Graphics adapter supports Direct3D 9, DirectX 9, and WDDM 9 y/n (for each)?
– Hard disk size
– Hard disk bandwidth (if possible)
– Hard disk type (IDE/ATA…)
– laptop/stationary…
– monitor size
– Windows Experience Index and subindecies (manually entered if necessary)

The website should be written in css/html/php, and use a MySQL database. I guess an activeX control or java-something will be needed too for the info collection.

As much as possible of the data collection should be done without user interaction, but if a discrepancy is found when comparing manufacturer partnumber to an already registered system the user should be asked if the scanned/reported data really is accurate. Any user-entered data should be "spell checked" against the data base in order to maintain data integrity.

The purpose of the site is to build a data base of WEI for computers systems of different kinds.

Any text that the user sees must be stored separately so it can be translated in to other languages.

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XHTML Splicing 3

Take two PSDs and convert into XHTML 1.1 to render the same in each of the following:

Chrome, Safari, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, FF1, FF3, Opera

Using CSS dropdowns not JS

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Develop Organiser For Android

**************Limited Budget 100$ Only*****************
Develope an analog script TRPPC ( platform Android.
Advanced Auto-sync to decide when connecting to a PC with Thinking Rock (
**************Limited Budget 100$ Only*****************

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Vicidial Support

Urgently require someone to log into a vicidial box and resolve a few issues: most important of which is when users pick up handsets and manually dial they are connected but then after approx 1min they are disconnected.

We are currently not using the interface as we are waiting for computers but would like agents to manually pick up handset and dial numbers.

Please advise asap.

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Web Design

Recreate existing site – 15 pages using standardized css and Javascript.

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Java/struts/hibernet – Web Development

Need development help – following skill set needed

Must have : Java 5+, struts, hibernate, eclipse, xml, tomcat, jquery, SQL, Junits, good communication skills

Nice to have: PL/SQL, Maven, HTML/CSS, XSLT, JMS, Web services

Location Preference: New Delhi

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Beginers Book About Magento

We are looking for a person who can write a book about Magento. The length should be about 100 pages. You can see what we imaginge buy downloading this file:

We expect that you are an fluently English speaker.

The book should be a beginers book to Magento and shop how a new Magento user can set up his first shop.

We will of course test the text using copyscape.

If it becomes a success you will be invited to other book writing projects.

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Web UI Design Using HTML/CSS/Javascript/images


Looking for WEB UI designers in HTML, Javascript, CSS and images.

Website will have around 25 pages. It should have menu.

Should be completed with in 1 month.

Need developers who live in Bangalore. Near HSR would be preferred for easy communications.

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Html/css Webdesign For Integration (iframe)

We have a website running under .
It is a classifieds website which is based on four main categories, each with a specific color. An important aspect of our site is simplicity and usability.

We want to offer integration of our content into other websites now via the iframe technology. What we are looking for is a design for such an integrated page. (html and css, no dynamic website needed)

The design should include the following things:

– THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE SITE DESIGN! We will only need a structured and practical design for the main content. No header, footer and so on, since these will be provided by the sites we are integrating our content in

– There should be the possibility to browse the main categories, the subcategories and the ads themselves

– Inside the ads we should have the same information as we have on, including pictures and so on

– Since the design will be integrated into different pages with different designs, it should be easily possible to adjust the design of the integration page to the host page. For example by using a design based on css mainly.

– The size of the page should be optimized for 580px width and 700px height

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200 Dofollow Blog Comments (niche – HTML, CSS, Javascript)

I am looking for a freelancer who can provide dofollow blog comments.


1. The page which is commented should be one of:
a. PR1+ and be about HTML, CSS, Javascript or other web-programming
b. PR0+ (no PR n/a) and be from .edu
c. In top 500 Google search results (web search or blog search) by queries “url decode”, “url encode”, “url decoder”, “url encoder” (Ill check in Google results for United States).

2. Comment should be related somehow (no spam)

3. The page should not have a lot of comments (i.e more than 50 external links)

4. The link has to be do-follow (keyword in anchor is preferred but not obligatory – natural linking is more important)

5. The comments has to be on unique IPs (i.e on different blogs)

6. The comments must be approved

7. Only trusted domain zones (com, net, org,, us, de, ca, gov, edu)

Reports and payments will be weekly.
I need 10-30 comments per week, total 200 comments.

Please include samples of your work.

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